Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

2 October 1981. Thought for the Week: "There is nothing so powerful as truth".
Daniel Webster


President Kaunda, Zambia's President, was the first Commonwealth leader to arrive in Melbourne for the CHOGM Conference, and lost no time in calling for greater pressure on South Africa to retreat from South West Africa (Namibia). Speaking at a dinner given by Prime Minister Fraser, Kaunda waxed eloquent about the necessity for South Africa to stop ignoring "justice and freedom". Needless to say, Kaunda made no reference to the lack of justice and freedom in Zambia under his regime; of how he progressively tore up the Constitution negotiated with the British when the former Northern Rhodesia was granted independence; of his brutal mass killing of the inoffensive religious Lumpur sect; of his oppression of his political opponents; and of his ruining of the previous thriving economy, with the result that he depends upon the very South Africans he abuses, to help feed the Zambian people.

President Kaunda said the whites of South Africa had nothing to fear from "majority rule". He did not explain why the majority of whites have left Zambia under his form of "majority rule". It may be that Prime Minister Fraser is so ignorant of African realities that he is not familiar with what has happened in Zambia under Kenneth Kaunda. But presumably even Malcolm Fraser is aware of what has happened to all Indian minorities following the granting of "independence" to African countries like Kenya and Uganda. Has he given any thought to what would happen to the Indian minority in Natal if "majority rule" were introduced in South Africa?

The extravagance of Kaunda's language, typical of most African political leaders, can be judged by his reference to Prime Minister Fraser, stating, "The great people of Australia must be congratulated on their wise choice of a leader who commands so much international love, respect and admiration". This flowery eulogy comes at a time when Mr. Fraser is fighting desperately to survive against the growing number of critics inside his own party, and when the public opinion polls show that electoral support for him has reached a new all time low.
Prime Minister Fraser made what one report described as "a passionate appeal for Australians to understand that Namibia was a great and important issue." He followed up this theme at his "address to the nation" last weekend, again strongly attacking South Africa, which he said would be the dominant issue at the CHOGM Conference.

As pointed out by former Prime Minister, Sir William McMahon, in a carefully documented letter in "The Weekend Australian" of September 26-27, "The geographical position of South Africa is of vital importance. Namibia and South Africa are surrounded on the north by Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe with Tanzania and Mozambique on the outskirts. These are five of the frontline States that have been entrusted to enlist support for Black Nationalist movements in southern Africa. Angola and Mozambique are under communist control. The Zambian government is strongly influenced by the Soviet Ambassador to Lusake, and Zimbabwe is shedding any elements of democracy. The occupation of Namibia by hostile communists would threaten the security of South Africa."

As stressed by President Kaunda, Malcolm Fraser played a "special role" in the "settlement" in Zimbabwe. It was this "settlement" which brought Communist Mugabe to power, the man who now has invited in the North Koreans to train his armed forces. Having played his part in sacrificing the whites in Rhodesia, Malcolm Fraser now moves on to attempt to sacrifice the whites of South Africa. Whether he understands it or not, Prime Minister Fraser has proved himself to be one of the Greatest assets the Soviet has in its drive to remove all Western influence from Africa.


Many observers, particularly Christians, have been puzzled by the tragic events in the Lebanon, with the Zionist Israeli's apparently on the side of the Christians. But the publication in English of extracts from the diaries of former Israeli Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Minister for Defence, Moshe Sharett, provides a blinding insight into how the Zionists operate, and their ultimate objectives.

As even the works of distinguished anti-Zionist Jews like Dr. Alfred Lilienthal are almost completely suppressed; it is not surprising that the media generally have ignored the Sharett diaries. These were published in 1978, and written in Hebrew. But extracts have now been translated into English, and reveal that the Zionist leaders worked actively to subvert Lebanon by setting up a puppet Christian State.

Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion is quoted as suggesting that the Maronite Christians in Lebanon be pushed to "proclaim a Christian State". Sharett disagreed with this proposal, noting that the Christians in the Lebanon were divided and not likely to act as the Prime Minister suggested. Subsequently, in a letter to Sharett on February 27th, 1964, Prime Minister Ben-Gurion observed that "Lebanon is the weakest link in the Arab League", but that the Christians could be used to "bring about a radical change there".

The creation of a Christian State in Lebanon, Ben-Gurion wrote, "has historical roots and it will find support in wide circles in the Christian world, both Catholic and Protestant". He went on to state that "now is the time to bring about the creation of a Christian State in our neighbourhood. Without our initiative and our vigorous aid this will not be done. It seems to me that this is the central duty, or at least one of the central duties, of our foreign policy.... If money is necessary, no amount of dollars should be spared, although the money may be spent in vain..."

The Sharett diaries go on to reveal how it was suggested that if a Lebanese officer could be found, if necessary by bribing him, to declare himself the saviour of the Maronite population, the Israeli army could then occupy part of Lebanon, the territory from the Litani southwards being "totally annexed to Israel..."

Developments since Sharett's diaries were published confirm that the Israeli's are continuing with their strategy of attempting to exploit the Lebonese Christians as part of an on-going programme to expand Israel's borders northwards to the Litani River.


The prestigious International Institute for Strategic Studies provides sobering facts concerning the number of Communist troops on the African continent. Apart from the Soviet and East German troops, there are 19,000 Cuban troops in Angola, and 14,000 Cubans in Ethiopia. We confidently predict that in the anti-South African attacks at CHOGM, there will be no call for the Communist dominated nations to take their troops out of Africa.

Reports state there was an abundance of food and drinks at the welcoming banquet for President Kaunda of Zambia. Subsequent functions witnessed the same abundance. Tonight (October 2) the Commonwealth Heads of State fly to a "retreat" in Canberra, where they will stay at the Lakeside Hotel. On Saturday evening they will be entertained by Prime Minister Fraser at a champagne banquet at the Lodge. On Sunday the CHOGM team will face up again for a solid meal, this time a barbecue on a sheep station. We presume the lavish entertainment by Prime Minister Fraser is to ensure that he and his guests have sufficient strength to consider how they are going to work out their plans to feed the poor of the world!

"The eyes of the fool are on the ends of the earth." Prime Minister Fraser could profitably ponder on this piece of wisdom. While he, and fellow supporters of the New International Economic Order are attempting to plan the whole world; their own societies are threatened with internal collapse leading to open totalitarianism. In his third Boyer address on the A.B.C., Professor John Passmore warned that Australia could develop a society totally dependent upon, and at the mercy of the State. In such a society the general public would behave "like respectable Germans in Nazi Germany."

Professor Passmore warned that the present attitude towards youth unemployment and other problems was leading towards disaster. As we have constantly pointed out, it is physically possible in Australia for all the necessary production to take place with a lowering of the retirement age and the consequent greater opportunity for the youth of the nation to enter the production system. All that is required is a change of financial policy

Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen has continued to maintain his strong anti-CHOGM attitude. He deliberately declined an invitation by Prime Minister Fraser to attend a State dinner this week. The Premier has consistently criticised the Fraser anti-South African policy.

A New York policeman has been blinded by acid thrown by anti-South African demonstrators. Demonstrators at the Kennedy airport tossed jars of acid at a plane, which they erroneously believed was carrying the South African Springbok football team. While anti-South African demonstrators mouth slogans about upholding the "rights" of South African blacks, they brutally trample on the rights of their fellows. Many of them are criminal thugs masquerading as idealists. And they can claim certain respectability because of the constant anti- South African charges of the Malcolm Frasers of the world.

A Bellingen, (N.S.W.) actionist sends us a circular letter, which has been sent to customers by the "Self Reliance Seed Company", of P.O. Box 96, STANLEY, Tas., 7331. It is very much of interest to those supporters concerned with Plant Variety Rights legislation:
"This is to notify you of a disaster which has befallen the Self Reliance Seed Company in the form of an allegation by an American company of copyright infringement. We do not accept this allegation, but since we have no resources to conduct an international court action, and obviously cannot carry on under the possibility of litigation, we have been advised to cease trading. "We do this with the greatest regret, for our work has received wonderful support from a great many people such as yourselves, as a result of which we confidently expected to be well established and viable by the end of the coming season. We have expanded our range of open pollinated vegetables, and had many new food bearing trees in support of permaculture and the 1982 Year of the Tree Movement.
"There is no other seed company in Australia dedicated to fighting Plant Variety Rights legislation, protecting endangered plants, and increasing the diversity of food sources. These aims are now more important then they ever were, with P.V.R. legislation about to be decided by Parliament.
"We have been effectively stopped in our tracks, but we do not intend to abandon these aims, and are looking for ways in which they can be taken up again, either by ourselves, or others. This will depend on outside support; therefore, if you know of any responsible person or group prepared to help set up an operation with similar aims; either with funds or workers; please contact us urgently. There is much work to be done; many problems and monetary reward so far, but a great deal of satisfaction to be had working in this essential field."

The Bellingen actionist also sends us the following letter, which was published in the "National Farmer", August 20th last:
The Tax Hoax: "The controversial discussion on reforming the Australian taxation system is obscuring the basic question of why should total taxation be so high. "The greatest hoax being played on Australians today is that they are being led to believe that taxation is the only source of funds available to governments. "The truth is that governments are borrowing money at an increasing rate from private banks (national and international) whose function it is to create this money as a book entry, this all money (credit) comes into being as a debt to the private banks.
"Quote, Bank of New South Wales Review No. 27, October 1978 states:
"Today in Australia, as in most other modern economies, all money is a debt to the banking system "Note, all money, except approximately 9% of which is notes and coins minted by the Federal Government.
"In essence, it would appear that governments stand to financial institutions in the same way as do families to hire purchase organisations. Much government finance is by way of loan funds, the bulk of which comes from financial institutions: in consequence, an increasing proportion of taxation is to meet 'hire purchase' charges; and this is the real explanation of ever growing taxation.
"The current debate on the most desirable forms of taxation leaves entirely aside the all important fundamental question of credit creation and control. In five years the Fraser Government has doubled the highest taxation figure of the Whitlam Government, The issuing of credit through our own Reserve Bank (constitutionally legal and non-inflationary) would of itself make it possible to reduce taxation substantially (this was done up until 1924).
"A larger proportion of hard earned income each year goes to pay interest on the National Debt. I asked the Federal Treasurer in 1969 what percentage of my income tax went to pay interest on the National Debt. I am still, despite further requests through my local member, waiting for an answer. Perhaps it could be likened to the disgusting situation as in the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, where 52 cents in every rate dollar goes toward interest payments.
"Wake up, fellow Australians, before we end up with an empty quarry and a huge debt, impossible to repay.
Systems were made for Man, not Man for systems."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159