Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

9 October 1981. Thought for the Week: "(Christ's)...rebuke...was terse and clear: 'My Kingdom is not of this world...The Kingdom of God is within you.... Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth.. .but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.' Everything he said, in such simple words as these, was a quiet, but direct challenge to the most powerful men of his time and place, and a blow to the foundations of the creed which the sect had built up in the course of centuries."
Douglas Reed in "The Controversy of Zion."


While the Commonwealth leaders were in retreat" at Canberra on Saturday, October 3rd, acting in the main like the puppets they are, visiting South African journalist, author, and commentator, Mr. Ivor Benson was outlining in precise terms the reality behind the CHOGM charade. In a brilliant word picture of the African scene, Mr. Benson pointed out that there was no such "animal" as an "independent African State". When the European nations had started colonising Africa, bringing law and order into what David Livingstone had described as "a charnel house", boundaries had been drawn which divided tribal groups. There was no such thing as "black nationalism" emerging as the European powers withdrew, only the re-emergence of tribalism on a new scale. The so-called new nations were the creatures of a new invading imperialism, that of international finance.

Mr. Robert Mugabe and his fellows were the creatures of external powers, including that of Communism, itself linked with International Finance. But both at the United Nations and at CHOGM conferences these "independent" States all had votes. Some tiny tin pot State, completely dependent for survival upon international handouts, had a vote in the UN equal to that of the United States.

No doubt with his eye on the forthcoming New Zealand elections, Prime Minister Muldoon of Next Zealand, shed further light on the CHOGM circus: "We utter millions of words, fill reams of paper notes, reports, resolutions and communiqués, most of which have no subsequent impact, consume lavish meals, listen to flowery oratory, provide a reason for existence of that new prolifically breeding creature, the international public servant, enable the globe-trotting journalist to massage his ego and then go home, presumably with the feeling of a good job well done."

Mr. Muldoon's thrust at Mr. Fraser's special African friend, Marxist Robert Mugabe, to the effect that Mr. Mugabe spent so much time in the jungle killing people that he was out of touch with the world, could earn Mr. Muldoon some extra votes back in New Zealand. Not that Mr. Muldoon was quite correct: Robert Mugabe, the much publicised "guerrilla leader", never at any time underwent any type of military training. Never once did he lead any "guerrilla" forces, nor did he fire one shot. What he did was to provide the political leadership for Africans trained by Communists in the techniques of cold-blooded terrorism, the majority of his victims not being the whites of Rhodesia, but African civilians. It was Mugabe's terrorists who were responsible for the slaughter of missionaries and those who had given their lives to serve the simple African people.

Nothing has so highlighted the sickness of Western Civilisation when a murderous thug like Mugabe can be publicised at a GHOGM conference as if he were some type of new emerging African statesman. As pointed out by Mr. Ivor Benson, Robert Mugabe is a creature of the international forces which brought him to office in Zimbabwe, elevating him even over Mr. Joshua Nkomo, leading the Matebele, a proud people likely to give much more trouble than the Shona group, manipulated by Mugabe.

Prime Minister Fraser has, of course, successfully played his role in the GHOGM circus, ensuring that support is pledged to the continuation of "North-South Dialogue" and the advancement of the New International Economic Order. The Mugabes and others, rubbing their hands in keen anticipation of the flow of more international "aid", most of which will be used to ensure that the Mugabes can continue to live in the type of luxury to which they have become accustomed.

CHOGM has proved to be one of the most expensive political charades ever conducted in Australia. The financial cost will almost certainly exceed even the $20 million now estimated. The Victorian police have had a tremendous education in the ways and the habits of the Mugabes and their large entourages from Africa. Overtime payments to the Victorian police will be at least $5 million. Some of the Africans came with their own bodyguards, armed with high-powered pistols, which the local police were not permitted to remove. Large numbers of the delegates did not bother to stay in Melbourne but tripped off to visit Australia's better-known fleshpots. A constant stream of call girls - average charge $150 - visited the Wentworth Hotel and other places where CHOGM delegates were staying. Those servicing hotel rooms have some revealing stories to tell.

As the circus moved on to Canberra there was some fear amongst some of the delegates that their animal requirements might not be met as in Melbourne. But they were assured that they would be looked after. And so this expensive circus, financed in the main by the Australian taxpayer, will move on, the next part of the circus to be held in Mexico.

Many of the political leaders at the Australian part of the circus will, before long, be out of office, some as a result of physical coups. But those controlling the circus, the international money men, the Trilateralists and other Internationalists, will continue to step up their bid for complete world power. A much more important conference than CHOGM will shortly be held in Australia when Mr. David Rockefeller, Dr. Henry Kissinger and others arrive. The battle of the ages is fast moving to a tremendous climax.


Mr. Al Grassby, still the Commissioner for Community Relations, has the not remarkable ability to pluck "surveys" out of thin air whenever he needs them to fortify his propaganda. Mr. Grassby was the writer of a long letter, which was published in The Australian (October 3-4). In it he mentions many "surveys", one of which "demonstrates" that some 80% of Australians don't want any discrimination in Immigration and Refugee policy, etc. We would believe this if we saw it: we do wish that Mr. Grassby would give specific details of the "surveys" he quotes so that we may check the findings ourselves.
He refers to another "survey", this time in England, which "demonstrates" that the recent English riots were motivated by economic considerations, and not racial one. Again, what specific survey? Name, date, published in what newspapers, etc., etc. All our evidence is that such is not the case. For example, the Roy Morgan Research Centre issued "Finding Number 615" during the latter part of 1979 which demonstrates that Nine out of TEN people (90%) favour limiting or stopping the refugee (Vietnamese) inflow. This Finding was not published, which supports our belief that there is some sort of "deal" between the media and the Government to suppress the rising hostility of Australians to the "Asianisation" of our country.

With respect to the racial riots in the U.K., we notice that there was no rioting in Scotland and Wales, areas of which have even higher unemployment that London, and other English cities, where there was rioting. The proportion of coloured people in those areas happens to be low, too. We can also mention that there was no rioting in the U.K. during the dreadful years of the Great Depression, when the unemployment rate was at least three times what it is now. In Australia, during those same years, the unemployment rate was 26%.


We have been handed a Petition obtained at a Communist Party bookshop in the city of Melbourne. No doubt these Petition Forms are available at most Communist Party Bookshops throughout the nation. It is headed: "World Disarmament Campaign", and the wording follows thus: "To all Governments and to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Disarmament, 1982; - "We, the Peoples of the World demand:
1). The Abolition of all Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction.
2). The Abolition, by agreed stages, of Conventional Arms, leading to
3). General and Complete Disarmament.
4). Transference of Military Expenditure to end World Poverty.

This is smart Communist propaganda, of course, and it is, again, significant to note how neatly it dovetails with United Nations programmes. Students of Communism well know that Communists never yield up power once it has been won. The very last objective of International Communism is to abandon its position of power in the world; that power being based on the military, naval, and air might of the Soviet Union and its Satellites.

Item 1) above is aimed at the Western World; to prevent, if possible, the spread and development of nuclear weapons still further. The ultimate hope would be to see Socialist parties gain power in Western nations, which would hopefully abandon nuclear weapons altogether, thus leaving these nations defenceless.

Item 2) above would carry Western paralysis a stage further, if such were really needed. We think that Item 1) would be sufficient for the Soviet Union to issue a Surrender Ultimatum.

Item 2) means no defence at all against Communist domination.

Item 3) means general and complete disarmament of the West: the Soviet Union would still have its nuclear and conventional might - even more so.

Item 4) is nifty, and fits in snugly with the drive in the West (furthered by all of the Communist apparatus in the West) for the implementation of the New International Economic Order, or North-South Dialogue. Stripped down to the bones, this just means giving away the standard of living which we have taken centuries to attain, to the peoples of the Third World, who have demonstrated over the centuries, that whatever their other qualities are, they cannot attain the type of technologically based societies supported by the Western nations. They never have, and they never will. It's in the nature of things; and all the hypocritical waffling of the Malcolm Frasers, Mugabes, and Kaundas will make no difference at all.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159