Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 January 1982. Thought for the Week: "The changes in the conditions of war and world power make it more important than ever before to re-establish the traditional religious and moral limits in man's social activities, and to make the nations conscious of their responsibilities to God and their neighbour. The belief in the Law of Nature and Law of God is so ancient and so universal that it has been taken for granted and dismissed as a platitude, or else misinterpreted in accordance with the philosophical fashions of the moment, and thus denied. Today, however, it has become the vital principle on which the survival of civilisation and indeed of humanity depends".
Mr. Christopher Dawson, British historian, during a 1956 lecture.


1981 finished with the international stage being set for a rapid escalation of the revolutionary developments which dominated a year beginning with the attempted assassination of President Reagan, concluding with the assassination of President Sadat of Egypt, and the exploitation of the Polish crisis by the Zionist State of Israel to annex the Golden Heights and to thumb its nose at the whole of a shocked Western world, thus demonstrating once again the far reaching power and influence of International Zionism. Begin and his backers have done what many thought impossible: they have produced a major move towards Arab unity. And they have made further Soviet penetration of the Middle East much easier.

The attempted assassination of the Pope was a further graphic demonstration of the increasing use of violence and terror to advance political objectives, in this case linked directly with a Polish crisis, which has traumatically demonstrated the feebleness of the West. That feebleness can be traced directly to finance economic policies, which have been exploited by international banking groups to justify the provision of massive credits at relatively low interest rates - to the Soviet bloc, enabling it to obtain from the West and Japan the food and technology, which the Communist system cannot produce.
Credits for the Communists enabled Western and Japanese producers to solve some of their problems by exports to the Communist bloc.

For years the League of Rights was a voice in the wilderness attempting to draw attention to the realities of international politics, smeared even by those anti-Communists who charged that the League was an embarrassment to the anti-Communist cause by insisting that there was a direct link between International Finance and International Communism. But events have dramatically confirmed the League's warnings. No longer can the truth about the Soviet bloc's astronomical debts to International Finance be disputed.

Having ensured that the threatened Polish revolt was crushed, the Soviet then provided thousands of millions of credits for Poland, thus consolidating its grip. Reports suggest that the Polish authorities have been able to find sufficient acceptable credits to meet at least part of the interest payments on the Polish debt owing to the international bankers.

We have not the slightest doubt that once the Polish situation has been "stabilised", an agreement will be worked out between the Polish authorities and the international bankers concerning the foreign debts. And the Soviet will be satisfied. If the Soviet leaders ever had any doubts about the Polish situation possibly forcing the West and Japan to take more realistic steps against them, they were quickly dispelled when President Reagan made his dramatic call for international economic sanctions against the Soviet.
Chancellor Schmidt of West Germany took the lead in strongly rejecting this proposal. Schmidt knows that under orthodox financial rules, there would be a further major slump in the West German economy if the flood of exports to the Soviet were halted.

What would happen to the $8,000 million natural gas project from Siberia to Western Europe? And with the Japanese "economic miracle", like that of West Germany, now starting to crack up, it was not surprising that the Japanese have refused to heed the Reagan call and continue to provide credits and Japanese resources to assist the Soviet economy.

And where was that great anti-Communist Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, when the American President became the first Western political leader to at least call for a realistic policy against the Soviet? Surely the man who at the time of the Soviet move into Afghanistan rushed around the world claiming that the threat to world peace was greater than at any time since the end of the Second World War, would welcome the Reagan call to hit the Soviet with the economic weapon which Mr. Fraser supported against little Rhodesia?
But the sickening hypocrisy of the Fraser Government was revealed with a rejection of the Reagan policy. Mr. Fraser made the breathtaking suggestion that present restrictions against the Soviet were severe enough. The mind boggles contemplating the record of a Prime Minister who virtually accused Australians competing in the Moscow Olympic Games with treachery while at the same time he was aiding and abetting an increased flood of Australian exports to the Soviet. This flood has reached the stage where Australian exports, much of them on credit, are now FOUR TIMES GREATER than they were before Afghanistan!
The Kremlin criminals must laugh into their vodka as they consider the Frasers of the Western world, and recall Lenin's famous prediction about Western capitalists providing the rope for their own hanging.

The stage has now been reached where it is clear that Western Europe is not primarily in danger of a direct military attack by the Red Army. Why should the Soviet strategists want to produce resistance by sending in troops when it can send in vital energy in the form of natural gas, with the West and the Japanese financing the technology to make this possible? Why produce resistance amongst Western Europeans who are prepared, under debt finance, to work to sustain the Soviet economy? And, finally, why provoke a direct military confrontation, leading to the use of destructive nuclear weapons, when the economies of the non-Communist world are increasingly convulsed, with inevitable social disintegration, as unemployment grows worse, governments impose higher taxation, and inflation moves ever upwards?
It appears that even Treasurer John Howard is at last beginning to realise that the "strategy" he has been imposing, is doomed to failure.

Let us be as frank as possible: In the words of the classics, "we ain't seen nothin yet". Every attempt to alleviate the rapidly deepening financial and social crisis by still more centralisation, the ultimate being the attempt to centralise power on a global scale in the New International Economic Order, can only hasten the revolutionary process. Enormous damage has been done, and even greater disasters will have to be endured before there is a real turning of the tide.

Lenin and his backers were correct when they saw the British Empire as the great barrier to the establishment of a totalitarian World State. C.H.Douglas warned that it was not the disappearance of the British Empire as such which was the major threat to Civilisation but the corruption of British culture, a culture shared by the whole of the English speaking world.
There has been a progressively venomous attack on that culture, its enemies realising that it provides the basis for a constructive solving of the problems of society.

In their surveys of the outstanding events of 1981, most commentators mentioned the Royal Wedding. But the overwhelming majority missed the far-reaching significance of an event, which offers real hope in a dark world. The remarkable television coverage of the Royal Wedding and the reaction of the huge crowds were almost like the resurrection of a past golden age. It demonstrated that there is still a latent soundness in the character of the English-speaking world. The worldwide reaction to the Royal Wedding demonstrated beyond all argument that it was seen as the reflection of a better day, a glimpse of what could be. A people without a culture are a people without a soul.

Seen in retrospect, the Royal Wedding of 1981, taking place as the stage was being set for the final battle for Western, Christian Civilisation will stand out as one of those events, which in an indefinable manner acted like a catalyst in a process of regeneration, which itself was the product of decay and destruction.

And so, as the clouds darken further, our call is "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more". We have every faith that as the battle lines are more clearly drawn, men and women of goodwill will come together to demonstrate that, given sound advice and information, they are worthy heirs of a heritage reaching back for two thousand years. 1982 will be a year of momentous developments, a year of Destiny.


An inspiring feature of the battle for Australia is the organic emergence of a number of small newsletters, all of them with a distinctive character reflecting the faith, dedication and competence of the volunteers producing and distributing them. Over the holidays a number of these have arrived on our desk. Produced by The Concerned Parents Association, P.O.Box 1041, Geelong, Victoria, "Alert" impresses with its professional presentation. The December issue contains a brilliant Supplement, "Sex Education And Teenage Pregnancy". Politicians and would-be politicians will be hearing much about The Concerned Parents during the Victorian elections.

"Probe", published by the Committee to Raise Educational Standards", P.O.Box 32, Kaniva, Victoria, is a mine of carefully documented and objectively presented information on the education issue.

Mrs. Royna Joyner's newsletter, "Stop Press", P.O.Box 162, Margate, Queensland, is devoted to the defence of Christian oriented education. The latest issue has a wealth of information and some hard-hitting comment.

Dr. John Dique of Brisbane must be one of the most prolific letter writers in Australia. His little roneod publication, "News and Views", always provides carefully researched facts on immigration. Available from P.O. Box 172 Chermside, Qld.

The "Anglo-Saxon Society Review", P.0.Box 186, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, not only reports on the encouraging activities of the Society, but also carries some most valuable educational material.

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