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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

16 April 1982. Thought for the Week: "'Doublethink' means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. The Party intellectual knows in which direction his memories must be altered; he therefore knows that he is playing tricks with reality; but by the exercise of 'doublethink' he also satisfies himself that reality is not violated."
George Orwell in "1984".


"This week's TIME says that Rumania is also moving into a position of default, similar to Poland, with Czechoslovakia not far behind. The bankers are now anticipating a rash of defaults, precipitated no doubt by the fact that when Poland failed to pay, the U.S.A. picked up the bill. The U.S.A. has been half-heartedly trying to scuttle the trans Siberian gas pipeline for strategic reasons. West Germany's steel industry is currently tied up in Eastern bloc contracts, and 300,000 (three hundred thousand) West German workers are now directly dependent on jobs provided by the Soviet. Trudeau has stepped in and offered the U.S.S.R. a $600 Million loan at 10% interest, specifically for that pipeline. The gas fields in Siberia are being operated by Armand Hammer and Occidental. There is more and more talk now coming through the papers of a money crash, possibly this year. Thus it seems to me conceivable that we may be offered the cashless society concept as a last minute 'out' operated by the I.M.F. and the World Bank...."

Mr. Jeremy Lee has completed a two-week campaign in British Columbia, this including addresses to four Rotary Clubs and no less than nineteen radio and television programmes. This was followed by a two-week lecturing programme in Alberta, with heavy literature and journal subscription sales. At the time of going to press, Jeremy Lee was campaigning in Saskatchewan, to be followed by lectures and addresses in Manitoba, Ontaria, and Quebec before his return to Australia.


"It's a tribute to the ability of politicians to live one day at a time, that Andrew Peacock, having spent the past year trying to overthrow Malcolm Fraser, could say after Thursday's Party meeting that he believed the two could work together in Cabinet." - Michelle Grattan, in The Age (Melbourne), April 10th.

What is sickening many Australians is the spectacle of a ruthless grab for power by a handful of Liberal politicians, none of whom are world-beaters with respect to ability. In fact, the mettle of our politicians overall, is plain mediocre. Could it be that the best brains, and most certainly these, combined with integrity, are not attracted to politics, as now performed?

We are sick and tired of reading and hearing about the "strategies" of the principals of the recent power play. These ruthlessly ambitious men, hungry for power, do not have any real power anyway. They merely think that they do. The real power of government lies in the expertise of the permanent bureaucracy. What would John Howard know about the mumbo-jumbo of modern economics? A less than inspiring suburban lawyer!

How long would Malcolm Fraser last if he didn't have the successful politician's cunning to "know and feel" what issues are likely to propel him (for a time only) onto the stage where "world opinion" would bathe him in a flattering light? His slavish devotion to the United Nations; his cultivated "hatred" of Apartheid and the present South African Administration; his toadying to "Third World" demagogues, many holding onto their power via the machinegun and the torture chamber!
What Mr. Fraser has yet to find out is that politicians are most expendable. When they have performed their allotted tasks, they can then be swept into history, to be replaced by another set, and so on. Meanwhile the programme of the One Worlders goes on.

Anyone who closely reads the history of the Communist Party in any country becomes utterly convinced of at least one fact; viz, that the programme of the Party goes ahead despite the changes in the personnel of the Party. Leonid Brezhnev has referred to Communist Party ideology as the "secret weapon" of Communism. He stated that every piece of Communist ideology is a programme of action. The point we are making is that Western politicians in a sense follow an ideology and a programme of action imposed on them by that Impotent Monster, World Opinion: just as a Communist politician accepts the discipline of Communist ideology (it is really a religion). Our point is that the Peacocks and Frasers and Howards, and all the rest of the sorry crew, wouldn't be where they are if they had not made it loud and clear that they are ready and willing to serve the dictates of "world opinion" as interpreted by the mass media.

We have named "world opinion" an impotent monster: it is. Its only power lies in deception. It's bluff can be called; but it takes courage. We believe that Premier Bjelke-Petersen, in Queensland, has done this more than once -and he has so far survived. The time has come when future statesmen (who aren't around at the present time) speak the truth about the major issues in world affairs; and ignore so-called "world Opinion", and expose it for the Chimera that it is; the propaganda of a virtual handful of newspaper editorialists of the West's major newspapers, and the "superstars" of the electronic media, all of who are serving the programme of their largely unknown masters.

Sir Philip Lynch, although as ambitious a politician as any, isn't a fighter, and is prepared to rest on his "laurels". He has done very nicely in those years since he left his "profession" of management consultant/business adviser for politics. It is strange how politicians do often speak the truth AFTER they have retired from politics, or when their political careers are close to an end. They don't speak out whilst they are on the ladder! No way. Not if they want to stay on the ladder.

In the Sunday Telegraph (Sydney), April 11th is reported just such a statement from Sir Philip Lynch: "Politicians ought to be more intent on forming policies that are right for the country as distinct from policies which advance their own self interest."
We couldn't agree more.
"One of the compelling beliefs I have is that the average person in Australia is sick and tired of the scoring of cheap political points across the chamber…there is contempt of the parliamentary institution today".
We are not so sure that there IS contempt for the parliamentary institution: we ARE sure that there is a generalised contempt for politicians. And deservedly so; how can people have respect for power hungry, greedy, self opinionated and largely ignorant go getters?!


We have not observed any of the gaggle of economists remark upon the sudden blossoming into existence of what will amount to BILLIONS of dollars in Britain for the defence of the Falkland Islands. We have been reading, since the close of the Second World War, of "poor old Britain" and her interminable economic plight. Now, overnight, the British Treasury has created all the money that may be necessary for the Falklands operation! Where does the money come from? No money for housing, no money for the 10% unemployed; no money for this; no money for that.

We do not single out Britain. What about Argentina? We read that a bankrupt regime is seeking a "diversion" for the masses, and historically, there is nothing like a war to unify a nation (danger always makes strange bedfellows). Our point is that "bankrupt Argentina" has, overnight, found its millions of dollars to stay in the Falklands that they have grabbed from Britain. Where does the money come from? It's there, and it has always been there; but insidious propaganda has deceived men and women for centuries, as it still deceives them.

For centuries men and women have been encouraged into the belief that money is a mysterious commodity; almost sacred - as it is worshipped in what are virtual temples (enormous bank buildings), especially constructed to overawe the mob. That it is nothing of the sort - is knowledge, which is only painfully slowly becoming understood by the man in the street. Until this true knowledge is as well known and understood, as say, the knowledge that the earth is a sphere, there appears small hope that the hypnotically deceitful power of money can be broken.

"Money" is the monetisation of real credit, this latter being what is capable of being done, performed, by a person, number of persons, or a nation. The real credit of a nation lies in its capacity (an intangible) to deliver goods and services as, when and where required. It has nothing to do with gold, silver, or any other metal. Gold is a comparatively useless metal; its uses confined generally to ornamentation, and the filling of teeth.

What Britain and Argentina have recently done is just to monetise their real credit into financial credits by which the "goods and services" (planes, aircraft carriers, tanks, etc.) are being "delivered, as, when and where are necessary". The horrific fallacy is that all this financial credit under the present rules of the game, comes into existence as a financial debt, bearing an interest burden, and is paid for by successive generations by way of taxation and inflation. We are not hearing our economists shouting "wildly inflationary" at the moment.

Millions of "debt" dollars can be, and are, written off with the stroke of a pen. Meanwhile, unfortunate girls with a baby to support exist on a pittance pension, and old people, who have made their contribution, over a lifetime, to their country, similarly are kept alive on a pittance pension. Is there any hope for Mankind? Yes, there is: but the human being is the slowest learner on earth, it seems, in spite of wonderful technology.
Satan's influence? Almost certainly, the hand of the Master of Deception is at work among Mankind.


We read in The Weekend Australian April 10-11th that one hospital patient in four (25%) is hospitalised because of "misuse" of prescribed medicines. "Misused" is a nice turn of euphemism: it presupposes that 25% of doctors' patients are rather stupid, as they are poisoning themselves by disregarding printed and/or verbal instructions. Even if this were true (which it isn't) - surely by this time our doctors would have thought up some more reliable method of instructing patiently in the self administration of medicines. The fact of the matter is that many, if indeed not most, of the hospitalised patients are where they are because of faulty prescribing by doctors, or patient reaction, or allergy to prescribed drugs. It is well known that doctors generally over prescribe, particularly with antibiotics. Perhaps the doctors can't be blamed for this: it is a fact that many patients want to take their pills and potions; and that there is a belief that "the doctor is no good" if he/she doesn't prescribe plenty of medicine. The problem can be traced, like so many "problems" afflicting our society, back to "money".

Letter From Combined Electors' Associations
The following letter, from T. Fielder, Hon. Sec., Combined Electors' Associations, was sent to various newspapers in Victoria just prior to the recent Victorian elections, which Labor won in a landslide - after 27 years in Opposition:
"Over the last few weeks there has been a very intensive campaign to divide the people of the State of Victoria into several conflicting groups. "Anyone who imagines that by counting noses via the ballot box on April 3rd we will have better Government is in for a rude awakening. "The apparent detachment of the party leaders from the needs and wishes of the people is astonishing; and the inability of the people to get any relief from the simplest of political ailment is a matter of history. Accordingly, the sigh of relief when one government is voted out of office is only equaled when its successor shares the same fate.
"Out of the confusion of thought and opinion on things political one thing is clear: the party system is too costly a 'luxury', even for the wealthiest country. That we have been able to carry it so long shows that we must have mighty reserves of wealth and endurance, for the waste of human effort has been gigantic.
"It is usual to say that in a democratic country political sovereignty rests with the people, and that legal sovereignty rests in parliament. In other words, the power to make laws, to tax, rests not with the people, but with the majority party in parliament; or to be more precise, it rests with a small group of men who control the 'Caucus'. Therefore, the supreme legal power over a country rests with a few men, and not with the people.
"In theory, the people are supposed to have a free choice of candidates; and candidates when elected, are supposed to represent the people in parliament. These representatives are supposed to discuss problems in open debate in parliament, and then to vote on them as their electorates wish them to vote. "What does happen is that the party candidates are selected before the election, and they depend on the backing of the party machine for their success. When elected, they also depend on their party bosses for promotion, for the right to sit on committees, and for other perquisites of office. For any representative to vote against his party would be, in all but a minority of cases, to commit political suicide.
"Armed with these powers of coercion, the party bosses experience little trouble from rebels, and decide beforehand how the voting shall go in parliament. Parliament, therefore, is no longer the place where laws of the country are made; even the debates therein are unheard and unread by the public. For all effective purposes, parliament has almost ceased to exist.
"The change-round of parties, however, serves a very definite purpose. When it is decided to tax and to regiment the lower income groups, a 'Labor Government', or 'Labor' leaders, can do this much more easily than a 'Liberal' government; when the whole social structure is to be undermined by so-called socialistic legislation, the country accepts it less painfully from a 'Liberal' government. It seems, therefore, that the two names, Liberal and Labor, are part and parcel of the great game of politics; they are used merely to deceive.
"Which party the people vote for at elections makes very little difference to the course of events. After April 3rd the deception will continue. We will be told that one party or the other now has a 'mandate' to do what they like for three years.
"What thinking people should consider is how to put the brakes on government. Fortunately, the government is only part of the parliament, and by taking the broader view we can see some light.
"The party system is an essentially corrupt form of government. By toeing the party line the member does not, and cannot consider the people whom he represents, or his own conscience.
"An independent in the Upper House can be a very valuable asset. Being free of party shackles he can at least examine the issue and vote according to his conscience. A few members able to do this could save us from 'government out of control'. "However, it is up to the people on April 3rd. An unthinking donkey vote for either party in both Houses will bring Australia to the point of crisis in the near future, and we will only have ourselves to blame.
"Contact and talk with your Independent candidate for the Upper House soon…and vote for him on April 3rd…

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