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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

21 May 1982. Thought for the Week: "Being in a minority, even a minority of one, does not make you mad. There is truth and there is untruth, and if you cling to the truth even against the whole world, you are not mad.... Sanity is not statistical."
George Orwell in "1984".


The League of Rights State weekend, May 28th-May 30th, is the most vital ever held. Be present. "few barren islands." The real issues are directly related to the struggle for the world. There is no doubt the British Government is under enormous international pressure to agree to a "solution" which would take the Falkland Islands out of the British control. What concerns Mr. Enoch Powell and his colleagues is that the Thatcher Government has already compromised. Originally Mrs. Thatcher said that the wishes of the Islanders must be "paramount". It is now feared that there has been a watering down of that pledge and an acceptance that there can be no return to British Administration. As we go to press, negotiations are still continuing without any major British military assault. Our concern is that irrespective of whether a major military assault is made or not, the end result will be a compromise agreement. Such an agreement will split the British Conservative government wide open. But if Mr. Enoch Powell and those who share his views can seize the opportunity to provide effective leadership for the regenerated British nationalism to emerge during the Falkland affair, there could yet be one of those unrehearsed events, which sometimes change the course of history.


Mr. Greg Harting, who is travelling with Prime Minister Fraser on his latest overseas trip, writes in The Australian of May 17th, that Mr. Fraser "delights in immersing himself in topical international themes such as the North- South dialogue themes which would bore the average Australian. He enjoys discussing world events with the leaders of other countries; it almost seems a welcome relief from the trivia and pressure of domestic politics."

On the eve of what can only be described as another Fraser flight into fantasy, the Prime Minister let it be known that he has a world recovery plan". Press reports state that Federal Cabinet debated the plan and authorised Mr. Fraser to embark on an international lobbying campaign to influence Western nations before the next economic "strategic summit", to be held in Europe next month. The fact that Mr. Fraser's reshuffled Cabinet can endorse proposals, which Mr. Fraser told travelling journalists were "unexpected, bold and imaginative", merely confirms that they have learned nothing about finance economic realities. Mr. Fraser cannot solve his own internal problems, which he now conveniently blames on other countries, but clearly feels that this qualifies him to solve the world's problems.

While all governments pursue financial policies, which force them to "fight" for export markets, the proposal to end export incentives and to lower tariffs, is an absurdity. Mr. Fraser may score a few political points with Australian primary producers by urging that Common Market countries stop subsidising their agricultural exports, but nothing but a change in DOMESTIC policies can halt the loss of electoral support.

Mr. Fraser's comments on the Tasmanian election result are but one more example of just how far Mr. Fraser is removed from reality. The Tasmania vote was one AGAINST the hopelessly divided Labor government, not FOR anything Mr. Fraser might be representing. If Mr. Malcolm Fraser enjoys strutting on the world stage, he would be well advised to make the best of it because he and his government are doomed with their present policies.


While the much-publicised Sino-Soviet "split" has been real, Western interpretations of the controversy between the Soviet and Chinese Marxists have been dangerously unreal. Commenting on the glee with which the "decadent capitalists" were welcoming the "split", a top Soviet Marxist said that it was not understood that the reality was merely a dialectical debate concerning how best to conduct the West's funeral arrangements. But over many years the West has harboured the illusion that differences between the two Communist powers were stronger than their common ideology of Marxism-Leninism. Generally ignored has been the close trading and economic relations between the Soviet Union and Communist China. There has been a tenfold increase over the past decade. As growing internal crises develop in both the Soviet Union and Communist China, younger Communists are insisting upon a return to basic Marxist principles. One result is signs of an open reapprochement between the two Communist powers. Both, however, require massive economic blood transfusions from the West to survive. This requires the provision of adequate credits by the International Money power, whose top officials should be tried for treachery against Western Civilisation.

The Falkland Islands crisis has tended to direct attention away from what is happening in Poland. An explosion of the greatest magnitude could take place at any time. The International Bankers are still attempting to sustain the Communist government, total Polish debts now having reached $29,000 million. The Soviet has left no doubt that it will not tolerate any effective Polish revolt against the Communist Government. Western European nations refuse to consider economic sanctions against the Soviet unless the Reagan administration stops providing the Soviet's most urgently required necessity - grain. But the Reagan administration fears that it would be politically disastrous, particularly with Congressional elections in November, because of the depressed state of the American economy. The harsh reality is that until there is a major change in internal financial policies, making it possible for the American people to get the full benefits of their own economic system, the American people are geared to working to sustain the Soviet and the Communist domination of Poland.

Generally unreported by the media is the fact that not only whites are streaming out of Zimbabwe as Comrade Robert Mugabe openly moves towards establishing the one party State, but that many blacks are also leaving. Mugabe has the full backing of the Soviet Union. Prime Minister Fraser and his liberal External Affairs officials continue to hail the Rhodesian "settlement" as one which checked the Soviet advance in Southern Africa!

A Soviet intelligence gathering ship was escorted through the Beagle Channel by Argentina, refueled in an Argentine port, and left in time to be in the Southern Atlantic when the British naval forces arrived. While attempting to deny any connection between the Soviet intelligence ship and the Soviet Embassy, the Argentine sources agree that the ship could decipher coded signals between British ships.

"In addition to seeing Ronald Reagan, the Prime Minister is having talks with the President's top economic advisers and with the big money men of Wall Street. What Malcolm Fraser hears about the likely course of the American economy and American interest rates will have a big effect on two important Australian decisions. They are the shape of the next Budget and the timing of the next Australian election." - Peter Costigan in "The Herald", Melbourne, May 14th, on the eve of Prime Minister Fraser's overseas trip.
Mr. Fraser will find that President Reagan's economic advisers are as unreliable as his own. Mr. Costigan does not comment on why an Australian Prime Minister should be concerned about what the money men of Wall Street - some of these involved in financing the Communist nations - or American economic experts have to do with the successful operations of the Australian economy. The rest of the world could sink beneath the sea tomorrow and 15 million Australians would be left with the vast productive capacity and natural resources more than sufficient to provide a high standard of living for everyone.

Bridge Finance Condemned
The following letter was published, under the underlined heading (above) in "Queensland Country Life", April 8th:
"If congratulations are in order for our Sydney Harbour Bridge on its 50th anniversary, condemnation must also be appropriate for the financial policies used to pay for this grand national asset. "It was built in 1932 at an approximate cost of $16 million. A toll was imposed on every person who crossed it in a vehicle. This personal inconvenience earned a net profit of $800,000 annually. "During 1975 an estimate of cost to date revealed the Bridge had then cost, including interest, $27.5 million. Despite the $800,000 annual profit, $13 million was still owing. "It was calculated it would be paid off by the year 2005. In considering all the relevant facts of the project we find -
*"Australia had a definite need for the Bridge."
*"Abundant material for construction was available."
*Dr. Bradfield could provide technology, and "
*Labour was available from the many thousands of unemployed."
All that was necessary to combine these four to make the Bridge an Australian asset was money - a permit to enable payment for goods and services involved in construction. "Treasury sources later revealed that taxpayers provided $45,000 for a Royal Commission on banking and Finance in 1937. "After the two-year study, the Commission Chairman advised that the Commonwealth Bank (Reserve) has constitutional power to create debt free money for national assets, such as the Bridge. "During the subsequent 45 years, leaders of all political parties have received sizeable salaries from taxpayers to faithfully represent them, but no genuine attempt has been made to put into practice the findings of the Royal Commission or to return to taxpayers the $45,000.
"How much longer will so-called developed nations tolerate the damaging effects of this pagan, socialist, witchcraft operating in our monetary system?" "Bankers, who originally were custodians of the wealth we create, are now permitted to control it, create new money from it, then condescend to loan it back to us at excessive profit, while millions suffer homelessness, hunger, torture, oppression and death, as a result. "Will Australian leaders ever display enough moral fibre to correct this immoral evil, instead of always claiming that their policies are 'working'?"
This letter appeared above the name of an "A.A.Pinwill", of Gayndah, Qld.

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