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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

2 July 1982. Thought for the Week: "Today is a troubled world, and likely to become even more troubled. Australia must, in the words of Henry Lawson, 'look to herself for strength in the storm that is to break'. "Strength will not be found by fragmenting the nation through divisive 'land rights, campaigns and the festering of multiculturalism".
Geoff McDonald in "Red Over Black."


In his prophetic book, "There Goes The Middle East", the distinguished American Jewish authority on the Middle East, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, warned that if American policy makers continued to insist on backing the Zionist State of Israel, irrespective of what it did, the overall result would be Soviet expansion into the whole of the vital Middle East.

Zionist propagandists conveniently neglect to mention that terrorism in Palestine started with the Zionists, one of the most bloody-minded killers being a man named Menchim Begin. Nor do they recall that Soviet strategists backed the Zionist terrorist campaign, which created the massive Palestinian refugee problem.
Having helped to create the problem the Soviet then cynically set out to exploit it, constantly portraying itself as a friend of the Arab world against "Western imperialism."

No civilised person supports acts of terrorism, particularly against innocent civilians. But typical of the attitude of so many Zionist supporters, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, awarded a gold medal by the notorious Anti-Defamation League, attempts to justify the Israeli invasion of Lebanon with the claim that they were "provoked". Presumably Palestinian attempts to regain control of their native country is justification for a major Israeli military invasion of a neighbouring country, and the indiscriminate killing of thousands of innocent civilians.
The massive bombing and shelling of Beirut, coupled with the demand that people should vacate their homes, is typical of the arrogance of the Zionists.

Reports reveal that even inside Israel, a growing number of Israelis are protesting against the murderous Begin-Sharon policy in Lebanon. Mr. Matitayu Peled, a general in the army reserve, has charged Begin and Sharon with furthering a plot to make the Christian leader, Mr. Bashir Jamayel, the new Lebanese President. It has been a long-term Zionist policy to finance a captive Christian movement in Lebanon.

Irrespective of what happens to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation's military forces, the Palestinian problem will continue to poison the Middle East until it is resolved on a constructive basis. Pope John Paul II has courageously added his voice to the growing demand that the Palestinians' rights be respected. Although the Pope has previously called for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian refugee problem, his statement last week was more specific, calling for a "just" recognition of Palestinian "rights".
Failing such a solution, the Soviet will continue to be successful in its strategy of destabilising the Middle East, one major objective being to deny the West access to oil supplies.

The most ominous news last week was the report that Saudi Arabia has threatened the U.S.A. that unless it takes action to restrain the Israelis, investment funds will be withdrawn from the U.S.A., oil sales stopped, and the Soviet permitted to open an embassy in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia is the last major pro-Western nation in the Middle East, and its loss would be catastrophic. The future of the world depends upon how the Middle East crisis is resolved.
The dialectical play between International Communism and International Zionism masks a chilling reality which both Communist and Zionist propaganda has masked. It is of the greatest urgency that a much more widespread exposure of that reality as possible be promoted.

Although the Zionist terror machine has until now been able to block the free distribution of Dr. Lilienthal's great classic, "The Zionist Connection", a small supply is now available. A massive work of 872 pages, meticulously documented and indexed, "The Zionist Connection" is the greatest in-depth study of Zionism ever written. Alfred Lilienthal writes with a moral authority, which few Christians can command. The price is $34 posted.

Also of the greatest importance is "Assault on the Liberty", by James M. Ennes, Jr., the suppressed story of how in the 1967 Middle East war, Israeli jet aircraft and motor torpedo boats brutally assaulted the American naval vessel, USS Liberty. Anyone who doubts the incredible influence of the Zionist movement should read this work. 288 pages of explosive material. $18 posted.

Also essential background reading on the Zionist issue is "The Iron Curtain Over America", by John Beaty, who served with American military intelligence during the Second World War. Senator William A. Langer, former chairman, US Judiciary Committee, said, "I think it ought to be compulsory reading in every public school in America". And finally, there are Douglas Reed's two chapters from "Far and Wide", the book that ended in the Zionist inspired campaign, which effectively suppressed Reed. "Behind The Scene", with a foreword by South African journalist Ivor Benson, deals with the common root of Zionism and Communism. $2.50 posted.


Treasurer John Howard presented the Premiers' Conference with a prepared statement on the state of the Australian economy. Mr. John Howard has at last discovered that Australia is in a depression! How different from the promises made before the last three elections. Taxation, interest rates, unemployment and inflation were all going to be reduced. They have in fact been increasing, with every sign of further increases.

Mr. Howard told the State Premiers that interest rates had risen to high levels "as a result of historically high interest rates overseas, stubborn inflationary expectations and strong demand for finance by both public and private sectors."
There is no need for high interest rates in Australia because the Rockefellers and other controllers of the Federal Reserve Banking system in the U.S.A. have imposed high interest rates on the Americans.
Mr. Howard claims that he is still dedicated to the "fight" against inflation. But Mr. Howard has been losing that "fight" for the past six years and will continue to do so while present financial policies are pursued.

Across the Tasman the Muldoon government is making a desperate attempt to solve inflation by a prices and wages "freeze". It can be predicted now that this policy will also end in complete failure, as it has failed whenever tried. Someone might tell Mr. Muldoon that the Romans tried this type of policy, with disastrous results, two thousand years ago when they were also "fighting" inflation.

As the starting point of inflation is the issue of all money as an interest bearing debt, it can be predicted with complete certainty as we have been doing for many years - that inflation will continue so long as present financial policies are followed. All interest charges add to financial costs. Increased interest charges therefore make further inflation inevitable.
Mr. Howard told the Premiers that one of the causes of the recession was that housing activity had been declining, but he did not explain that his government was primarily responsible for the decline because of high interest rates.

As Federal Treasurer, Mr. Howard is responsible for Australian interest rates not the American Federal Reserve. Mr. Howard must be challenged to say why, if there are adequate building materials in Australia, builders and people wanting houses, why there should be any financial problem. If long-term credits were made available at, for a start, half the current interest rates, building activities would be stimulated immediately. Members of Parliament should be asked why bank credit couldn't be made available for the cost of issue.

Most people would regard it as an insult to their intelligence if a railway organisation ran its trains half empty, turning would be passengers away because there was an alleged shortage of tickets. Even more insulting would be the suggestion that the printer of the tickets only loaned them to the railway organisation, plus an interest charge.

Money is a generalised form of ticket and to impose present interest rates on the community's ticket supply is sabotage of the economy and a major contribution to revolution. When enough electors stop being mesmerised by the black - or red - magic passing as sound finance, and demand that what is physically possible, and desired by individuals, is made financially possible, they will then insist that the John Howards change financial policy or make way for those who will.


Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam has not been noted for his support for Christianity, while Mr. Gary Foley, who has used money granted by the Australian Council of Churches to pay for Mr. Whitlam's fare to Africa, is on record as saying that Christianity must be destroyed. Mr. Foley, a pro-Marxist, has never withdrawn that statement. Mr. Whitlam is being used to help develop the mounting international revolutionary campaign against Australia on the Aboriginal "land rights" issue. It is ironical that Prime Minister Fraser is upset about the Whitlam mission to Africa, as Mr. Whitlam is merely urging international pressure to make Mr. Fraser do what he is attempting.

Only a few weeks after the Versailles economic summit, when there were outbursts of rhetoric concerning the harmony allegedly developing amongst the nations represented, relations between Western Europe and the U.S.A. have badly soured, the main cause being the Reagan Administration's decision to extend sanctions on the East-West natural gas pipeline. Thousands of jobs are threatened in Western Europe. In the meantime American wheat sales to the Soviet - on credit - continue.

Having survived the recent attempt to kill him, Comrade Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is making major efforts to round up renegade former fellow terrorists in Bulawayo. Tribal war is now well under way. We would be interested to know what Comrade Mugabe's friend, Mr. Malcolm Fraser, thinks of Zimbabwe now.

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