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On Target

16 July 1982. Thought for the Week: "The lesson of politics is that government, which was set up for the protection and comfort of all good citizens, becomes the principal obstruction and nuisance with which we have to contend. The cheat and bully and malefactor we meet everywhere is the government."


Ignoring the smears by the media, and a plea by Federal President of the RSL Sir William Keys, the Victorian Branch of the RSL last week carried resolutions calling upon the Federal Government to take steps to ensure that Australia's European population was increased. Motions calling for a Referendum and an inquiry into large-scale illegal immigration by Asians were passed unanimously. Victorian President, Mr. Bruce Ruxton, gave a powerful opening address to the Conference, and the overwhelming majority he received to defeat a challenge to his leadership, confirmed Mr. Ruxton's claim that he is speaking for the overwhelming majority of RSL Members.
With the W.A. Branch of the RSL recently endorsing the Victorian stand at its annual Conference, and a grass roots upsurge in other States, particularly Queensland, there is increasing rejection of the pro-government policy of Sir William Keys.

With the greatest respect to Sir William Keys, who has adopted a most realistic stand on the question of South Africa, he is talking nonsense when he said that the Victorian Branch of the RSL was not helping the image of the RSL by re-endorsing its stand on immigration. Sir William said that "Increasingly we will depend on this (Asian) area for trade, commerce, security and defence."
Realistic trade is an exchange of genuine surpluses between nations to their mutual resources. But trade can take place without changing immigration policies. The Japanese, the Malaysians and the Indonesians have much tighter immigration controls that Australia had before changes were made.

As former Communist official Mr. Geoff McDonald, shows in his revealing book, "Red Over Black" (available from all League bookshops. $6 posted) the "White Australia" policy was always flexible and had provisions for the acceptance of certain non-Europeans, but this was attacked by the Communists who were the pioneers in the campaign to create a multiracial nation.

Contacted in Budapest, Communist Hungary, Mr. Al Grassby, Community Relations Commissioner, charged that Mr. Ruxton had used his public position to "preach racism". Mr. Ruxton told the Victorian conference that no one "has caused more racial disharmony in this country than Mr. Grassby." With a typical display of arrogance, Mr. Grassby warned "I will study Mr. Ruxton' s remarks when I return and if I think they are defamatory he can test them in the courts." It would be instructive to know why Mr. Grassby is on a world tour with his wife, and who is paying for it.

In his address to the Victorian RSL Conference, Mr. Ruxton also warned of the Communist influence behind the Aboriginal "land rights" campaign, this producing another charge that Mr. Ruxton was making "racist statements". This charge is attributed to Mr. Stewart Murray, administrator of the Dandenong Aborigines' Cooperative, described by "The Age", Melbourne, of July 9th, as "The man who will become Victoria's second Aboriginal magistrate next month..."

Mr. Murray is not an Aboriginal; he is an Australian of part Aboriginal and European ancestry. It is high time that an honest answer was given to a very simple but important question, "Who is an Aboriginal?" The majority of those calling themselves Aboriginals are furthering one of the greatest confidence tricks imposed upon the Australian people. There are relatively few genuine Aboriginals in Australia, and, except when they are required for decorative purposes; they are not involved in the revolutionary movement being master minded by Marxists.

If the Grassbys and the politicians are satisfied that the Australian people support their immigration policies, then why not put the question to a national referendum. It could be held in conjunction with the next Federal Elections. The Victorian RSL has given the lead; it is up to others to follow. Congratulations Mr. Bruce Ruxton. You are a great Australian.


Encouraged by the lead of the Victorian RSL on the necessity for a referendum on immigration, the League of Rights is preparing a new, updated brochure for mass distribution. Announcement shortly. In view of the growing public feeling on immigration, it is most appropriate that the speaker at the coming Melbourne Conservative Speakers' Club, Mr. Alex Psalti, should be critically examining the attempt to make Australia multiracial. We would rate Mr. Psalti as one of the best-informed men in Australia on immigration. A spokesman for the Melbourne Metropolitan Branch of the Victorian National Party, Mr. Psalti is a powerful and gifted speaker. We appeal to all supporters to make sure to be present, and to bring at least one other person. Date: Thursday, August 5th, 8 p.m. Venue: 49 White Avenue, East Kew. Supper afterwards and a chance to survey a wide range of League literature. Put the date in your diary NOW.


If it is true, as one Sunday newspaper claimed last weekend, that the Victorian Left-Wing of the ALP has decided to back Mr. Bob Hawke in his challenge to Labor leader Mr. Bill Hayden, the cynicism of party power politics is once again displayed. In spite of the fact that, primarily because of his pro-Israel stance, Mr. Hawke has been engaged in a bitter conflict with the Victorian Socialist Left for years. Members of this group are now prepared to be "pragmatic" arguing that, as Mr. Hayden is no closer to their views than Mr. Hawke, they might as well vote for the man most likely to leave them to government.
There will be the usual wheeling and dealing, with promises demanded of patronage in the future if support is given to one candidate in preference to another.
Former veteran Labor Member, Mr. Fred Daly, has shed some revealing light on the nature of the power struggle, recalling how when Dr. H.V. Evatt was challenged on the leadership, he jumped on to a chair demanding that a list be taken down of those who opposed Evatt. They were later victimised.

If Mr. Bob Hawke is successful in defeating Hayden, not because he supports basically different policies, it will be because of his media image. There has been a carefully orchestrated media campaign to build Hawke up and to destablise the Hayden supporters. It was instructive to see the ABC's "Nation Wide" bringing Sir Peter Abels on to support Hawke. Zionist influence has also been placed behind the Hawke bid. By the time readers receive this "On Target", the ALP decision will have been made. Probably no one will have pointed out that one of Mr. Hawke's most vaunted Trade Union enterprises, Burke's Store went "broke". Irrespective of who leads a Labor Government, it can do no better than the Fraser government under present financial policies.


Dr. Colin Clark, Queensland economist, is often quoted in, or contributes to, the columns of "News Weekly", a generally excellent journal in which, for example, Mr. B.A, Santamaria provides some brilliant descriptions of the state of the world - but without dealing with basic causes. Addressing the Queensland State Conference of the National Civic Council ("News Weekly", July 7th) Dr. Clark expressed the view that interest rates would fall in the U.S.A. consequent upon the fall in the rate of inflation. Dr. Clark ignores the fact that the basic cause of inflation is the creation of the bulk of a nation's money supply in the form of interest-bearing debt, as he has in the past ignored a public challenge by a League supporter to answer the simple question of who should own the nation's financial credit - the banking system or the individual's against whose real credit the financial credit is issued.

In "News Weekly" of June 2nd, Mr. Santamaria correctly describes interest rates as the "Achilles' Heel" of the Fraser Government, but says that "after earnest and wide ranging enquiries, I have not discovered a single person who even pretends to know" how to deal with the problem of interest rates "within the framework of the Western financial system." It is disturbing to know that Mr. Santamaria apparently does not know that the Federal Government has the constitutional power to reduce interest rates immediately if it so desires. Usurious interest rates in the U.S.A. are fixed by the international bankers through the Federal Reserve System, and will only be reduced by these power groups if it suits their purposes. Unlike Dr. Clark, we do not believe that there will be any realistic fall in American interest rates unless American public opinion forces such a reduction. On the contrary, we would not be surprised to see interest rates further INCREASED in the U.S.A.

N.S.W. Premier Neville Wran, often described as "Nifty", produced some revealing figures when, as Federal President, he opened the ALP conference in Canberra last week. He correctly charged that the Fraser government was a high taxing one, pointing out that the Federal tax rip off as a result of higher wages was so far in excess of the inflation rate that a tax cut of $7 a week would be an illusion, only restoring the percentage of tax deducted to that of several years back. There is no record that any of the ALP delegates asked "Nifty" about his own recent tax increases and other charges, and if these are one of the reasons he is considering a move to Canberra.

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