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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

23 July 1982. Thought for the Week: "Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets."


The continuing leadership by the Victorian Branch of the RSL, headed by the outspoken Mr. Bruce Ruxton, is contributing to a nationwide stirring against the imposed policy of multiracialism. The Port Phillip District Council of the Victorian National Party has decided to support the Victorian RSL call for a referendum on immigration. "The Herald", Melbourne, of July 13, quotes the spokesman and senior Vice President, Mr. Alexander Psalti, as saying that the present policy was "the perfect recipe for national suicide." He said that the Port Phillip branch would be calling on all other branches of the National Party to back the Victorian RSL in seeking a referendum.
(All Victorian readers note that Mr. Psalti addresses the Melbourne Conservative Club on Thursday, August 5th).

After receiving a hostile reception at the Perth multicultural forum in Perth of July 12th, Immigration Minister Hodges arrogantly rejected the call for a national referendum on Immigration. Mr. Hodges said that Australia's immigration programme had started without a referendum and that there was no need for one now.
It is true that the drastic change in Australia's immigration policy was introduced without consulting the Australian people, and it is also true, as Mr. Hodges says, that the major parties have endorsed the change. He did not point out that not even the members of the political parties have been consulted about the change.

The pro-Communist President of Indonesia, Dr. Soekarno, used to talk about "guided democracy". That is what the Australian party politicians are practising. Mr. Hodges says that critics of the multiracial policy have the opportunity to speak at public forums on multiculturalism in the major cities. These are, of course, simply expensive propaganda exercises using taxpayers' money. What purpose is served when, if protests are made, Mr. Hodges says, in essence, that there will be no change in the dangerous direction in which Australia is being taken.

Bureaucrat J. L. Menadue of the Immigration and Ethnic Affairs Department also entered the debate on multiracialism last week, claiming that the present immigration intake should be continued because of "economic benefits". Migrants "spend more than Australian born people during the first years after they arrive...." Does this include those Asian "refugees", Mr. Menadue? And if they are being financed from Government funds, then why cannot native Australians also be financed in the same way?
Mr. Menadue's special pleading does not have any bearing on the dangers to Australia of a deliberate policy of destroying a relatively homogeneous society. The only answer to the growing controversy is a national referendum, irrespective of what the party politicians have to say.


When Mayor Watson of Nowra, N.S.W., pulled down an Aboriginal flag last week and burned it, he was overwhelmed with a torrent of nationwide support in the form of phone calls, telegrams and letters. Local coloured Australians, incorrectly described as Aboriginals, flew what Alderman Watson correctly termed a "revolutionary piece of a rag", defying the expressed wish of the Mayor that it not be flown.

In his explosive book, "Red Over Black", former Communist Geoff McDonald reveals that the red over black flag is a symbol of the Communist strategy of exploiting the "land rights" issue to ultimately establish Communist controlled bases in Australia. The media has quoted Miss Pat O'Shane, head of the N.S.W. Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, as saying that the office had been "flooded with complaints" and that there has "been enormous reaction to the outrageous act, which was obviously calculated to ensure continuing disunity in the community." The media made no mention of Miss O'Shane's long Marxist record, as exposed in Geoff McDoanld's book. As a student of Marxist dialectics, Miss O'Shane knows that there was little disunity in Australia until the Communist promoted "land rights" campaign was developed. She also knows that it was not Mayor Watson who was "provocative", but those responsible for flying the red over black flag on a council in defiance of the decision by the Council not to fly it. Mr. Watson was "dared" to remove the flag.

The Deputy Premier of N.S.W., Mr. Ferguson, reacted to the incident by boycotting a conference in Nowra, pointing out that the Aboriginal flag was flown from Parliament House in Sydney. The fact that an Australian government sees fit to fly a Communist promoted flag merely demonstrates how far the campaign has advanced to have a separate Aboriginal state created inside Australia. Mayor Watson correctly says that Australians should show allegiance to one flag, and that the action in flying the red over black flag "was an act of lawlessness and a desecration of the flagpole. They disgraced the Australian flag which was flying on the opposite flagpole."

Needless to say, there are to be the usual complaints to the Anti-Discrimination Board, and no doubt Mr. Al Grassby will eventually try to get into the act. Mayor Watson deserves the thanks of all Australians, irrespective of their background, for an act, which symbolises the rejection by the great majority of Australians of the programme to fragment Australia on the "land rights" question. The chilling facts about the real purpose of the "land rights" campaign are graphically outlined in Geoff McDonald's "Red Over Black" - $6 posted from League addresses.

Brief Comments

An actionist in Coonabarabran, N.S.W., writes to tell us of activities in the town which lead on from the article (above). He writes: "Mrs……. and I organised a little pressure on the Shire Council, which was going to hoist an Aboriginal Flag during 'Aboriginal Week'. "The Shire Secretary rang Canberra and was told that the Flag is not official, but merely the Flag of the Land Rights Lobby. They are not going to fly it now. "The aboriginals here did not know there was such a flag (our emphasis). They supposed it was something to do with 'those blokes in Sydney'. They (the local aboriginals) are not dumb. We have no doubt, ourselves, that real aboriginals are well aware that coloured radicals and militants have captured the Land Rights Movement, and are thrashing it for their own radical political ends. We only recently had a young technical college student in the Melbourne Headquarters. He said to us, concerning the above matters: "I have not once noticed a black aboriginal face in the photos of the newspapers, nor on the television screen, when Land Rights for Aborigines are being urged. They are always the faces of young coloured men and women, along with some whites. Never have I seen a didgeridoo on these programmes." No, and he won't see one either: the reason is obvious.

Mr. Al Grassby, mentioned above, will officially be out of a job from October 31st when his 7 year contract as Commissioner for Community Relations expires. Obviously angling for another contract (he likes the job: plenty of nice pleasing publicity, and other goodies, such as the $40,000 salary.) He says (The Age, Melbourne, July 19th) "any move by the Federal Government to reduce funding to the Office of Community Relations could lead to a massive racial and cultural backlash." We don't believe this, ourselves. So far from Mr. Grassby's scenario being effected, we consider that racial tensions (and these are greatly exaggerated) would lessen without Mr. Grassby and his official mischief making. Anyway, we don't think Al Grassby will be given another Canberra sinecure, as he was by Gough Whitlam (after he was kicked out of his electorate) some seven years ago. His "Office of Community-Relations" has been scaled down and absorbed into the Human Rights Commission (Mr. Grassby will no longer have his annual Report presented to Parliament, when the lefties of the mass media have a field day in blowing it up!) The Human Rights Commission legislation has a "sunset clause", and it automatically goes out of existence in 1986, unless prolonged by Parliament.

More on the Moonies
"Rev." Sun Myung Moon, the Korean evangelist and leader of the "Unification Church", has been sentenced to 18 months jail for tax evasion. He has appealed. Some supporters may not be aware that the majority of the "marriages" performed by the "Rev." Moon within his Cult, are between mixed races.

The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is still in turmoil. We well recall our comment in these pages at the time of Mao-Tse-tung' s death to the effect that Comrade Mao's memory, and all the millions of books of Mao's Thoughts would be phased out over a short period of time, and that this would have to occur in order that the "new" leadership of Communist China could demand the loyalty of the "toiling masses". Some of our own supporters did disagree with us at the time; that such a thing would happen. Well it did. We recall seeing a photo of Mr. Ted Hill, Chairman of the Australian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), meaning Peking oriented, holding aloft a book of the Thoughts of Mao-Tse-tung. We wonder what Ted is holding aloft now. The lesson, which jumps from the pages, at the reader of history of the various Communist parties, is that Communist leaders come and go, but the programme of the party goes on. All manner of shifts and reversals of policy are explained away by use of the Communist dialectic. The party is always right: individual Communists may be wrong. Kruschev denounced Stalin, listing Stalin's many abominations, but he stressed that Stalin was a good Communist.

The Naked Capitalist, by W. Cleon Skousen, which details the workings of the Financier-Marxist conspiracy to shove the nations of the world towards World Government, is now available in the Hungarian language. This was done for our colleagues in Canada, where there is a large Hungarian community. The price is $6.00 posted. A German edition is planned. Order from Melbourne, G.P.O. Box 1052-J, Melb. 3001.

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