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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

6 August 1982. Thought for the Week: "In a world of wolves one must be a fox
Niccolo Machiavelli


On the eve of his Australian tour, Mr. Patrick Walsh, former Canadian undercover intelligence agent with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and one of the world's leading authorities on Communist espionage and subversion, has sent the following chilling report:
"Nearly ten thousand delegates came to Regina, Canada, in mid July 1982 for a so-called World Assembly of First Nations. They came from Lapland and Central American countries, from far off Australia and New Zealand, from darkest Africa and Asian countries, and, of course, from all across Canada and the U.S.A. "These delegates claimed to represent the 'native' peoples of the five continents, the so-called 'invisible' people who have been the prime target of skillful Communist agitators in recent years, especially in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Latin-American countries.

"On this agenda of this 'world assembly' are the usual 'native land claims', but the prime target is spelled out in the program as getting top priority; the Commonwealth Games this September in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. "Already, printed circulars have been sent to the mass media outlining the plans drawn up to disrupt the Commonwealth Games in the host city of Brisbane, under the title "AUSTRALIA'S ABORIGINES GIRD FOR BATTLE'. This is based on a news dispatch from Canberra, Australia, by Pamela Hollie, of the New York Times Service. This article is a smear attempt against the 'various States in Australia in general, and Queensland in particular. This also appeared, in abridged form, in the Toronto Globe and Mail, dated July 6th, 1982.

Much also is made about Queensland's refusal to follow the example of South Australia and the Federal Government in 'returning' territory to the aboriginal population, and even accuses the Queensland Government of 'encroaching on Aboriginal strongholds', in order to control the new mineral deposits discovered on 'aboriginal' territory.

"Who was responsible for the funding of the considerable cost of this 'World Assembly of First Nations'? From the accumulation of documentation sent to us by reliable reginal sources, it is now certain that the United Nations, the World Council of Churches, and the Ottowa Federal Government, provided most of the financing for the expensive air tickets. However, the Soviet Union and Castro Cuba were able to channel funds through the various camouflaged 'fronts'.
We will report further on the proceedings of this 'World Assembly of First Nations'".


Following Mr. Bob Hawke's failure to topple Mr. Bill Hayden as leader of the Federal Labor Party, one headline read that Mr. Hawke "was down but not out". Irrespective of whether Labor wins or loses the next Federal Elections, Mr. Hawke, backed by the Zionist power machine, is a man convinced that he should be at the top.

As much more is going to be heard about Mr. Bob Hawke, Australians would do well to understand what Mr. Hawke is about. Although his Boyer lectures did not reveal Mr. Hawke's alleged brilliance, they spelt out clearly what Mr. Hawke visualises as "democratic socialism" in Australia; a completely centralised political system with the abolition of the States.

In "The Bulletin" of July 27th, an in-depth interview with Mr. Hawke sheds more revealing light on his views. In an introduction to the interview, conducted by "The Bulletin's" Editor-in-Chief, Trevor Kennedy, it is pointed out "curiously little is known about Mr. Hawke's views on economic issues. Mr. Hawke's stated views leave no doubt that he has nothing to offer that is basically different from what the Fraser government is offering.

In answer to the question of what he thinks "are the most important things that need to be done to get the economy moving", the man whose first trade union business venture, Burke's Store, ended in disaster, talked about the necessity "to get a sense of understanding in the community about the very real problems facing us..." The best that Mr. Hawke can suggest is that he and his party is prepared to take "a little more risk in the inflation area...to deal with the unemployment problems.
No where does Mr. Hawke indicate any basic approach to the question of how "full employment can be maintained in a society where technology makes it increasingly easier for a smaller number of people in the production system to provide adequate for all. He offers no answer to the most basic subversive factor in Australia, inflation, except to suggest that inflation may have to increase in order to reduce unemployment. Mr. Hawke repeats his support for a capital gains tax.

It was on the subject of interest rates that Mr. Hawke left no doubt that he spells out clearly that he is an internationalist and offers exactly what Mr. John Howard is offering. In answer to the question of what he would do to control interest rates, Mr. Hawke replied: "The first thing is to say quite honestly, if you are part of an international community, you don't have absolute autonomy in regard to the level of interest rates. And it would be dishonest for us to say that we can act independently, or totally independently of what's happening in the rest of the world." Which means that if the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs and others who run the international banking consortiums, decide to keep interest rates in the U.S.A. at the present usurious level, Australians must suffer the same rates.

Australians have no excuse for not understanding where the ambitious Mr. Bob Hawke stands. The former top Communist, Mr. Frank Hardy, who still maintains a Marxist stance, is the latest to support the scenario of an economic crisis of such proportions that neither a Fraser or a Hayden government could resolve it, the result being the emergence of a national "consensus" government headed by Mr. Hawke and Mr. Andrew Peacock.
It is certain that the current economic crisis is going to deepen and that along with other Western nations; Australia is on the brink of developments, which only recently would have been generally dismissed, as unthinkable.


Jeremy Lee reports from Queensland
"The recently completed State Conference of Queensland's National Party was like something from Alice In Wonderland. The Red Queen, or alternatively Don Quixote, in the form of the State President, Sir Robert Sparkes, slaughtered a few imaginary windmills and raced into the breech once more crying "Off with their heads!"
Obviously upset by the thought that there might be a leadership challenge to his hitherto impregnable position, he sallied forth bravely against The Australian League of Rights, which he claimed was attempting to drive a wedge between himself and the Premier! His thunderous oratory drew, it appears, rapturous applause from a Convention, which must have felt the League's hot breath upon their very necks by the time Sir Robert's performance, was over.

Echoes of the drama have sounded in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age, the Brisbane Telegraph and, of course, the ever-faithful A.B.C. Not one of them has bothered to check its facts by contacting the League itself - which matters little to the League beyond the fact that Sir Robert has, for some time, quelled any genuine debate or inquiry within his own Party by heavy handed use of the "guilt-by-association" technique.

"They're a timid lot, the Nationals. Victorian National Party leader Peter Ross-Edwards, and Senator Flo Bjelke-Petersen have officially appeared on League platforms. Glen Sheil has been guest-of- honour at a League dinner. Why on earth Sir Robert never demanded their expulsion from the Party we'll never know.

The rank-and-file are usually paralysed with fear when the League's name is mentioned - even though many know the League's position is right on many of the issues that concern them. So the price they pay for being "non-controversial" is enforced evasion of essential issues, now often threatening their homes and livelihood.

If Queensland can't find rural leaders with the courage of their own convictions it will, soon be in as sorry a position as the rest of Australia. Economic dislocation is enormous, and increasing every day. Local Government is shuddering to a standstill. Cane farmers are being decimated in crisis. Grain growers, homeowners and small businesses are faring little better.
Unless and until the all-important issues of banking, credit and money are faced squarely and dealt with, the disaster will deepen rapidly.

Sir Robert was forced to give ground on the State Bank. It's still National Party policy, although it has been tacitly implied that nothing can be done until the Savings Bank Agreement with the Commonwealth expires in 1985. The argument is so much nonsense. Sir Robert, with this little charade now over, is under a deep obligation to provide answers to the current crisis. All the rhetoric in the world won't ultimately save him if he fails to do so.


Notes from Charles Pinwill, Queensland State Director of the Australian League of Rights
"A biological phenomenon has been revealed in the latest official Commonwealth Census printout on the Queensland Aboriginal population figures: "1966....19,003....1971....31,900.....1981. .. .44,698. "This is a population explosion of unusual proportions, in fact an increase of 135% in 15 years, and in view of adverse publicity over the handling of Aboriginal Affairs by the Queensland Government, it is hard to account for.

"Most people, upon hearing these figures, suppose that many Aboriginals must be among the population shift from southern states to Queensland. However, though there is only one set of figures from another State to hand at the moment, they do not confirm this. "Victorian Aboriginal population: 1966.. .1,790.. .1971.. .5,656.
"Explanations involving natural increase and migrations obviously account for little of this 'statistical' explosion. "Being an Aboriginal has obviously become very popular and profitable in the last 15 years.

The following is the real explanation
"There is hardly a single Australian who is opposed to some form of preferential treatment for Aboriginals, but the efforts and resources placed towards helping genuine Aboriginals are now being diluted by increasing numbers hurriedly joining the queue. "The question as to 'Who Is An Aboriginal?' shall have to be answered before the whole business becomes so ludicrous as to prejudice genuine help for genuine Aboriginals.

"When governments persist in folly only divergent common practice can often stop the nonsense. In a sense, the common practice of referring to part-European, part-Aboriginal people as 'Aboriginals' is the problem. "This mistake is not made with European-Asians, commonly referred to as Eurasians. There sometimes comes a time in a language when only a new word can give a new meaning. "Until 'EURINGAL' is established in common practice, no sensible definition of the word Aboriginal is likely to be forthcoming.

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