Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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24 September 1982. Thought for the Week: "Modern revolutionaries are believers, no less committed and intense than were the Christians and Muslims of an earlier era. What is new is the belief that a perfect secular order will emerge from the forcible overthrow of traditional authority. This inherently implausible idea gave dynamism to Europe in the nineteenth century, and has become the most successful ideological export of the West to the world in the twentieth century."
James H. Billington in "Fire in the Minds of Man"


As we have constantly predicted, the Middle East crisis must continue to deepen, with disastrous side effects right around the world, until the madness called Political Zionism is faced. The latest massacre of Palestinians, refugees from the expansionist policies of the Zionists, is but one more chapter in the sickening chain of events since Begin and his fellows initiated terror tactics to force the Palestinians out of their own country.

Every civilised person must be sickened by what has happened in, the Palestinian refugee camps in West Beirut. But how many recall what Begin and his fellow criminals did, for example, in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassim in 1948, when 254 women, children and old men were butchered by the Zionists and their bodies thrown down a well. Begin and his fellow terrorists boasted of what they had done.
Those who have read the book "Israel's Sacred Terrorism" (not as yet available in Australia) are introduced to the real objectives of the Zionist fanatics, including the use of the "Christian" Lebanese military leader, Major Shad Raddad to establish Israel permanently in Southern Lebanon.

In his response to President Reagan's moderate proposals for the Middle East, proposals endorsed by Pope John Paul, now also being described as "anti-Semitic" by Zionist propagandists, Zionist Begin spelt out clearly what the Messianic madness of Zionism means. He charged that "For you, Mr. President", directing his remarks to the American President 6000 miles away, "this is a political matter. You need to get closer to Saudi Arabia. Maybe you need to shake hands with King Hussein (of Jordan) after he was on no speaking terms with your predecessor Mr. Carter." Then crashing his fist on the table, Begin shouted about "The land of our fathers and sons" continuing to reveal Israel's real objective: "Judea and Samaria will be for the Jewish people for generation upon generations". This means that the West Bank and occupied Southern Lebanon are to be permanently incorporated into Israel.

The formal Israeli annexation of the Gollan Heights is an indication of the shape of things to come. It can now be seen that the Israeli agreement with Egypt and the placing of an international force, in which Australia is represented, in the Sinai, has firmly secured Israel's southern frontiers from any future Egyptian or other attacks, while enabling the Zionist expansion policy to be adopted to the north and the west.

For most of its existence, Zionist Israel has been able to present itself as a small, peace-loving democracy struggling for survival against a combination of powerful Arab enemies. One of the greatest hoaxes of this century, the alleged gassing of six million Jews, aided by the phony Anne Frank Diary, has been successfully used to project a completely false picture of Israel. Now the prestigious International Institute for Strategic Studies, based in London, rates Israel as the fourth most powerful military State in the whole world, and as the world's seventh arms merchant. But the Israeli military build up has only been made possible by the massive financing of Israel by the International Zionist movement.
During the invasion of Lebanon and the destruction of West Beirut, Israel was blatantly using America's most sophisticated military equipment.

Irrespective of who actually conducted the latest slaughter of Palestinians, the Zionist leaders of Israel are responsible. This terrible event is sending further shock waves throughout the whole Moslem world, and will undoubtedly result in acts of vengeance by Palestinian terrorists against unfortunate Jews in many parts of the world. There will, of course, be a new wave of "anti-Semitism", much of this promoted by the Zionists themselves.

The Communists, delighted with what is happening, can also be relied upon to help foster terrorist attacks against the Jews. The greatest tragedy of all is the spectacle of Christians, many misled by the "Chosen Race" myth, or suffering from a guilt complex concerning the manner in which Christians have allegedly been responsible for the "persecution" of Jews over the centuries, blindly supporting Zionist Israel.

It is to the credit of Pope John Paul that he is courageously defying Zionist power and influence by insisting that the Palestinians, many of them also Christians, have rights. Also encouraging is the emergence of strong anti-Zionist amongst large numbers of Jews, previously afraid to speak but because of Zionist terror tactics. At long last it appears that the Zionist madmen have overreached themselves and that some sanity will prevail concerning the critical Middle East.


Some readers will recall how some years ago considerable media publicity was given to a small Australian town whose well meaning citizens argued that inflation could be defeated if they all practised self restraint and did a little extra. The project, of course, was not successful because it ignored the basic cause of inflation. We notice that now there are letters in the press suggesting that there should be 12-month wage and price "freeze". Those advocating the "freeze" policy are apparently unaware that it has been tried on several occasions since the end of the Second World War, and is currently being tried in New Zealand by Mr. Muldoon. The results have been disastrous, as the Americans found when they tried it. It is possible to tighten down the valve of a steam boiler for a short period. But if the heating of the boiler continues, there is either an explosion or, ultimately, when the valve has to be opened, there is an enormous blast of steam.

A much more realistic appraisal of the economic and social crisis is provided by Dr. John Dique of Brisbane, who is reported in "The Sydney Sun" of September 5th as saying that Australia's falling birth rate was due to high taxation and Government economic policies. In an address to a medical conference, Dr. Dique said that his studies had shown that it was the big increase in inflation since 1970, which had made it difficult for young people to get married. "It is the government's economic policy which is causing the great decline in births, not contraception or anything else. The same decrease was seen during the thirties when people didn't have the pill or government funded abortion. Inflation has meant that young people cannot afford a home to live in?"

A former New Zealand Prime Minister, Sir John Marshall, is urging New Zealanders to re-establish an Upper House to reduce the growing power of executive Government. Sir John says a special Senate is required to provide effective checks and balances. While Sir John and other New Zealanders are urging the establishment of an effective Senate, in Australia there is a major campaign to reduce the powers of the Senate. Australians should consider themselves extremely fortunate that their forbears had the foresight to create an effective Senate as a barrier to an excessive centralisation of power, and make every effort to retain it.

East European Communist sources report that a senior Soviet official will visit China early next month to hold preliminary talks on the resumption of normalisation talks, broken off in 1980. The Soviet official's visit will be part of a pattern of developments over recent years. Economic relations between the two Communist giants have been much more extensive than generally realised.

"The People's Weekly", Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) of July 7th, carries a front-page story headed, "Australia Gives Important Aid". A photo with the story shows a happy looking Mr. Chimidrai Sanyangare, Deputy Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, signing an Australian aid agreement. Well might the Minister look pleased, as the agreement provides $5 million for Comrade Mugabe. And the Minister also pointed out that there was more aid to come, that Australia had pledged over $20 million for the period of 1981 to 1984. Hard-pressed Australian taxpayers might drop a line to their paid servants (the politicians) stressing that they could do with the aid being given to Communists like Robert Mugabe.

The Phony debate concerning "tax avoidance" has almost completely overshadowed any discussion on the Budget. Well known Queensland economist, Mr. H. W. Herbert, summarises the Budget as follows; "Despite its good points, the Budget will not alleviate the worsening recession." H. W. Herbert ("The Sunday Mail", August 22nd.) points out that the increase in excise and Sales Tax will immediately increase prices. The man responsible for this "crazy" policy, Mr. John Howard, insists that he is still fighting inflation.


In a letter to "The Advertiser", Adelaide, of September 2nd, Mrs. Betty Luks provides an excellent outline of the case against retrospective legislation:
"Can you enlighten me as to when the Liberal Party shifted its philosophical base? In a statement of Liberal Party beliefs - which came into my hands not too many years ago, I can read: "No. 4 'We believe in the Rule of Law, under it, there is freedom for the nation, and all men and women. Democracy depends upon self-discipline, obedience to the law, the honest administration of the law. "No. 8 'We believe in liberty, not anarchy, but an individual and social liberty based upon and limited by a civilised conception of social justice.'
"Surely implicit in the very concept of the rule of law is the principle that 'Government in all its actions is bound by rules fixed and announced beforehand. Rules which make it possible to foresee with certainty how the authority will use its coercive powers in given circumstances, and to plan one's individual affairs on the basis of that knowledge.'
"The idea of retrospective tax legislation means that companies could be charged with breaking a law which does not exist when they (working within the letter of the law) implemented their 'bottom-of- the-harbor' schemes. "Should we be so foolish as to allow such arbitrary legislation to pass, we may as well throw away all the rule books because we will have passed from a free nation bound by the rule of law and will be well on the way to a despotic tyranny."
If Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser really means that "any Member of the Liberal Party involved in tax avoidance should leave the party", then the Liberal Party will be losing large numbers of members!
The desperate gimmick of retrospective legislation is a confession that present taxation policies have been a failure. If some taxpayers have sought to minimise their taxation (as is their right) illegally, then why aren't they prosecuted?

Governor-General's Criticism Unbecoming
Under this heading, the following letter was published by The Age (Sept. 16th) above the name of "Alexander N. Psalti. Mr. Psalti is President of the Eastern Metropolitan Branch of the National Party, Victoria:
"Sir Ninian Stephen's recent warning to the R.S.L. that it might pay a high price if it spoke out on controversial issues not related to defence, is quite extraordinary to say the least and quite unbecoming for an Australian Governor General. "His allusion to recent attacks by the Victorian R.S.L. on Australia's new Immigration policy, which in the name of multiculturalism allows all and sundry to come to Australia and thus fragment this country and destroy its cohesiveness, could be looked upon either as an inexcusable mistake or a statement calculated to discourage patriotism and endorse the follies and treachery of many of our politicians.
"Surely our Governor General must know that defence does not entail only weapons and strategy. In order to defend a country well, one must have above all a homogeneous society with people sharing a common loyalty to a common culture with a common heritage, rather than one fragmented by split loyalties of a radically different people forced together into one single community by evil international forces. "How can we defend our country properly if we have a Trojan Horse with potential fifth columnists sitting within the very country we wish to defend? It is sad to see that the comments of our Governor General reflect nothing but his country's general political rot and disintegration and the sickly torpor of our establishment that needs to wake up.
"The National President of the R.S.L., Sir William Keys, said that the R.S.L. 'has an image problem'. This may be true as far as the knaves and fools are concerned but it has no image problem with the patriots.
"Australia's great problem is that so far, apart from some individuals, only the Victorian R.S.L. had the courage, the wisdom and the patriotism to speak out against an evil social experiment which failed wherever it was tried."

Conference on Freedom of Expression and Racist Propaganda
(Human Rights Commission). We have been sent notice of the above Conference, which we reproduce without comment. This is the Human Rights Commission, headed by Dame Roma Mitchell, its Chairman. This Conference will be held at the University of Melbourne (old Arts Building) on the evening of Friday, 12th November, and during Saturday, 13th November. "The Friday will be devoted to addresses by a number of speakers from ethnic communities who will tell of their experience of racist propaganda. Saturday morning will be devoted to a discussion of the pros and cons of legislating to prevent racist propaganda, with an examination of legislation and practice in other countries. Saturday afternoon will be devoted to syndicate sessions in which the topics will include: *discussion of alternatives to legislation, e.g. conciliation and education. *if there is legislation, what behaviour should be proscribed? *consideration of the extent to which intent would be necessary in any legislative provisions. *discussion of what consequences, e.g. breach of the peace, should be required if the legislative provisions are to operate; and *review of whom the legislation, if any, should cover, e.g. individuals, groups, and if groups - how they would be defined. The Chairman of the Commission, Dame Roma Mitchell, will chair the Conference. Anyone interested in attending the Conference is invited to inquire from the Commission: - P.O.Box 629, Canberra City, A.C.T., 2601. Telephone: (062) 434122.

From Hansard
Constitution Alteration Fixed Term Parliaments) Bill. 1981: Senator MacGibbon (Lib.-Qld.); (August 19th.)
In an inarticulate way the average person in Australia knows that the Senate is his last buttress, the last bastion against the legislative excesses of a House of Representatives. While he cannot talk about the legalities of the Senate he knows intuitively that the Senate is an important part of his freedom as a citizen. This is why the people of Australia overwhelmingly support the retention of the Senate; with the powers it has at present. That is why this Bill will fail, why it will get nowhere and why it should not get anywhere.
"I am rather interested in the way Senator Evans has suddenly changed from a position of absolute aggressive opposition to the existence of the Senate, to a degree of deceit and deception in putting up this Bill. For the benefit of the chamber I quote a few Statements made by Senator Evans in the past, which I do not doubt he will not want to hear. An article appeared in the Canberra Times of 2nd July, 1978 headed: 'The way to abolish the Senate or at least muzzle it is to white ant it from within'.

Senator (Gareth) Evans
"I am a prisoner of my party, Senator, and we changed our policy".

Senator MacGibbon
"Yes, it has changed to a policy of deceit and deception in character. The article states: "If one believes as I do along with all good Labor men and women true, that the role of the Senate ought to be abolished or at least deprived of its capacity to destroy properly elected governments there is surely no better forum in which to promote these insidious heresies than the institution itself."
"What a hypocritical statement from someone who is prepared to sit here and accept the title of senator, to serve in this chamber, when those are his sincere and genuine beliefs. I again quote that the good Senator said:
'The Senate has by all accounts always been a silly and pompous institution but now it is obvious to most people that it has become a very dangerous one as well.'
"I can imagine people thinking it is a silly and pompons place if they have to listen to many of Senator Evans's speeches. With those views - views that I believe accurately reflect the views of the Australian Labor Party - it is no wonder that in my State (Qld.) for over 42 years the Australian Labor Party has never won a State election. At least in Queensland people have some common sense and can see through the deception and fraud that the Labor Party puts forward in saying on the one hand that it wants the Senate abolished and on the other hand that it wants people to vote for senators in the Labor Party. Let me go to Senator Evans's maiden speech lest it be thought, as Senator Evans was suggesting a little while ago, that the article in the Canberra Times was a temporary lapse, an aberration, of his suspect cerebral processes."

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