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1 October 1982. Thought for the Week: "Doesn't any subject, whether poor or noble, have the legal right to dispose of his capital and income so as to attract upon himself the least amount of tax?
Lord Aitken in the Duke of Westminister case, House of Lords, 1925.


While large numbers of outraged Jews around the world are criticising the Begin Government because of the massacre of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Australian Zionist spokesman, Mr. Isi Leibler, is doing his best to try to whitewash Begin and his colleagues. Not surprisingly, Prime Minister Begin has thanked Mr. Leibler for his support. Mr. Leibler seeks to give the impression that it is unthinkable that Israelis could be involved in any massacres. The truth is that Begin and some of his closest colleagues have a long record of terrorist activities.

When the King David Hotel was bombed in Jerusalem on July 22nd, 1946, some 91 innocent people were killed. The bombing was personally ordered by Begin. Begin's Foreign Minister Shamir was also involved in cold-blooded killing of Britain's Minister of State in Cairo, Lord Moyne, in 1944. Shamir does not deny his role in this murder. His Stern gang also was responsible for the assassination of UN peace diplomat, Sweden's Count Folke Bernadotte.

Begin was born in Poland and joined the Soviet Red Army during the Second World War. The Soviet permitted Begin to leave the Red Army to go to Palestine to form the underground movement, which engaged in the terrorist campaign against the British. Soviet and Czechoslovakian aid was poured in to assist Begin's "Irgun" terrorists. Begin's record was so bad that the British offered a reward of the equivalent of $500,000 today for Begin's arrest, dead or alive.

Before the King David Hotel bombing, Begin's terrorists had assassinated several sleeping British soldiers in a military car park in Tel Aviv. In December of the same year three British sergeants were kidnapped and tortured. On March 1, 1947, a bomb was planted in the office of the officers' club in Jerusalem, killing 10. On April 20th the Red Cross convalescent hospital was bombed. On July 12th, two British sergeants, Paice and Martin, were kidnapped and tortured to death with wire. The bodies were then booby-trapped. In February, 1948, three wounded Police Officers were murdered in their beds in Jerusalem. On April 10th the dreadful massacre of unarmed villagers of Deir Yassin took place, the Red Cross later finding 150 women and children stuffed down a well. The total murdered was 254, including 25 pregnant women.

It was in 1977, the year when Begin became Prime Minister of Israel, that his airforce shot down an unarmed Libyan commercial airliner, with a loss of 109 lives. King Hussein of Jordan, a moderate pro-Western Arab leader whose co-operation is required for any genuine Middle East peace settlement has described Begin as a "master terrorist" with whom he would not enter into peace negotiations. Hussein has correctly charged that the U.S.A. has a "direct moral responsibility" for the Beirut massacre, and that it had created in Israel "a monster" by its massive military support.

Along with other moderate Arab leaders, King Hussein has welcomed the Middle East proposals advanced by President Reagan. Questioned by the "Washington Post" and the "Financial Times" of London, King Hussein said that the Arab proposals adopted at the recent Arab summit in Morocco, certainly amounted to Arab recognition of Israel, but an Israel, which withdrew from all lands it occupied in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war - the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Arab East Jerusalem.

President Reagan has the sanctions to force such a withdrawal, cutting off all further military and economic aid, without which Israel could not continue policies of expansionism, until Israel decides to agree with what is essential if there is to be any chance of peace in the Middle East. The sixty-four dollar question is whether Reagan can successfully use sanctions in the face of an international Zionist movement which has demonstrated that it is prepared to use terror and assassination to gain its objectives.


In their never ending search to find more ways of taxing people, the witch doctors of financial orthodoxy, the economic experts, persuade their political dupes to implement the most absurd, although destructive, policies. Remember the proposal to tax newsboys on their paper sales? Still smarting from their defeat on the proposal last year to tax books, which would have cost $50 million to provide an extra $5 million tax revenue, the witch doctors still itch to impose book tax. But in the meantime they have turned to the building industry, Treasurer John Howard announcing that from July 1st next year, he will be introducing a "withholding tax" on building contactors. If this tax can be collected, it must result in the destruction of a sub-contracting system, which is a major feature of the building industry. Treasurer John Howard probably neither knows nor cares about this. We are pleased to note that the Housing Industry Association is urging its members to phone, write or telegraph local Federal Members protesting.

As the international crisis deepens, reports are coming to hand of conflict between the top promoters of the One World concept. Some time back there was a major cleavage between the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller groups. Some of the American Trilateralists are in disagreement with their fellow Trilateralists in Japan, where efforts are being made to train Japanese leaders to accept 21st century responsibilities, which will involve helping to run the World State. There is also a cleavage between American and European Trilateralists, one European Trilateralist being reported as charging an American Trilateralist with being primarily a Zionist. The concept of World Government is, of course, that of madmen divorced from reality. The major threat to mankind is not that the World State will be established, but that the attempted programme could plunge the world into a New Dark Age.

Mr. Doug Anthony's prison friend, Mr. Harry Miller, serving a three-year sentence for aiding and abetting the fraudulent misappropriation of $728,127 by his booking agency, Computicket, has been moved from Sydney Long Bay Jail to a low security country prison where he can apply for day leave. Miller, a New Zealand Jew, has treated Long Bay Jail as if it were his office, even using the print shop to produce posters for a cattle sale. The NSW Minister for Corrective Services, Mr. Jackson, says that Miller was entitled to be moved, in spite of the print shop incident, which resulted in three days of solitary confinement. Perhaps Mr. Miller should be released immediately and his expertise made available to his political friends at Canberra! Some of them are much more guilty of fraudulent practices than Miller.

"The Herald", Melbourne, of September 24th, reports that five top officials of the central bank, the Federal Reserve, have said that a U.S. recovery was "in the offing". But officials stressed, in a meeting with a House of Representatives banking sub-committee that they did not propose to give up fighting inflation by relaxing its tight monetary policy. It was conceded by inference that the present recession was the result of that monetary policy, a curtailment of the rate of new credit creation. It was admitted that easing monetary policies now would temporarily help the economy, but that a less stringent monetary policy would mean higher interest rates and renewed inflation.
We can consistently point out that under present debt financial policies, it was mathematically impossible to have economic and social stability; that attempts to curb inflation by restricting credit must result in massive unemployment, with economic and social disintegration, while a higher rate of credit creation must result in higher inflation and the same end result. The scientific answer to the problem has been available now for over 60 years, when the British engineer, C.H. Douglas, analysed the basic defect in the orthodox finance economic system, and predicted accurately what would happen if it were not corrected. The fact that such a correction has been bitterly opposed in the face of a progressive revolutionary development is clear evidence that those ultimately responsible for operating the present debt system are determined to exploit a deepening crisis to further centralise power over the individual.

Not surprisingly, a Federal government inquiry has urged that Australia Post retain its monopoly over the sending of letters, one of the only four suggested exemptions being when a charge of $2 or more for a letter is levied. If Australia Post continues to increase its postal charges, it will not be long before all letters will be costing $2! Perhaps at this stage the monopoly will collapse! Needless to say, the Socialists all applaud the finding in favour of maintaining the Australia Post Monopoly.

In calling for a "job summit" conference between governments, trade unions, employers and welfare representatives, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Sir James Freeman, means well. With the greatest respect to the Cardinal, such a summit would prove yet another fiasco, simply because it would be dealing with the wrong question. The true purpose of the production system is not to provide "full employment", but to provide what consumers genuinely desire with the least possible human effort. Christians should more readily than others be able to see that the discovery and application of God's truths in the field of technology, has lifted the burden of human effort on to the automated machine. If the benefits of God's truths are not to be passed to the individual in more free time, starting with a shorter working life, the only logical thing to do is to get rid of all labour-saving technology and give men picks and shovels. This would provide "full employment".

From the Rockhampton Anti-Inflation Study Group
Answers to Arguments Against the State Bank. "We (R.A.S.G.) have been informed that at meetings of Branches of the National Party, and of the Liberal Party, seven arguments have been listed AGAINST the Parliamentary State Bank of Queensland. We list them separately hereunder, with the answer:
1) "The State Bank Means the Nationalisation of Banks."
Answer: The Parliamentary State Bank of Queensland is the very opposite of nationalisation. Its purpose is to finance public authorities to construct public works, such as the City and Shire Councils, main roads, railways, schools, hospitals, ambulance, etc. It is NOT its purpose to enter the personal and private industry fields. The Trading Banks will be free to continue to finance personal needs and private industry.
2) "The State Bank Stops Competition."
Answer: It will not stop private banks competing with each other. The money created by the State Bank will flow through industry, and either repay overdrafts to Trading Banks, or become deposits in Trading Banks. It will increase competition.
3) "The State Bank Will Hurt the Inflow of Overseas Funds."
Answer: Queensland will not need overseas funds. The assets to back the overseas funds are in Queensland. They are not overseas. The State Bank will create 'funds' against those assets. But if overseas investors wish to do business in Queensland, the State Bank will not place any obstacle in their way.
4) "The State Bank Will Socialise Queensland".
5) "The A.L.P. Will Abuse the State Bank".
Answer: Parliament will control the policy of the State Bank. As long as the people do not elect a majority of socialists the Parliament, it will NOT socialise Queensland. Quite the contrary - The State Bank will protect private industry from Socialism, by progressively reducing taxation, and by finally removing the need for any money taxes as a means of raising revenue. Taxation is the weapon by which a State is socialised. It should be noted that Australia has long had public monopolies in Telecom, electricity boards, railways, etc. They have not socialised private industry. The State Bank can make Queensland financially independent of a Socialistic Canberra.
6) "The State Bank Conflicts With Free Enterprise".
Answer: There is no need for any conflict. Money from the State Bank will buy materials for public works, and thus increase the market for the products of free enterprise.
7) "The State Bank Will Be Disastrously Inflationary".
Answer: This is a ridiculous statement. By making finance available to City and Shire Councils, to electricity boards, and other public bodies, at the actual cost of banking, (which is about one percent) and by taking over existing debts, it will REDUCE electricity charges city and shire rates, by up to 50%. The State Bank, used in the right way, REVERSES inflation, by reducing taxes, and by reducing city and shire rates. It will eventually END and prevent inflation.


From Hansard
Senate (19th August '82): Constitution Alterations (Fixed Term Parliaments) Bill: Senator MacGibbon (Lib.-Qld.)
There has been talk about life of Australian parliaments being too short. Australia has grown up since Federation with a statistical average life for a parliament of 2½ years. This has had certain effects on the country but we have coped with it. The suggestion that we would be better served by a longer running parliament has not been proven at all. The proposition that we go to a 4-year parliament, which is a different concept from the fixed term parliament, is a rather specious argument.
The populist theory that is put forward is that somehow or other we will get a courageous government, that the Budget in the first year of a 3-year parliament will do unpleasant things to the electorate, the Budget for the second year will do moderate things and the Budget for the third year will do things that ingratiate the government to the electorate. It is argued that if we have a 4-year parliament somehow or other we will get two years of hard labour, one-year moderate and one year easy. I do not believe that because the crucial issue here is courage of the parliament itself, and courage is a factor that is independent of time.
If we have a government that does not have the backbone to take a long term view of what needs to be done, particularly in relation to the economy, irrespective of how long - whether it is three, four, five or seven years - we will still have a non-courageous government. It is the quality of the character of the people in that government that determines whether the right thing is done for the country, not the period that government serves. "...I lived in Britain for quite a while and I have also lived in the United States of America. I am not aware that the performance of Britain, which has a 5-year parliament, has been any better than that of Australia"

Dictatorship By Taxation
Some extracts from this speech by C.H. Douglas, delivered in Belfast on November 24th, 1936. ($1.20 posted from all League offices):
"...It is no use realising that taxation is legalised robbery, is unnecessary, wasteful, and tyrannical. If you stop at that, not only will you have to pay the taxes that you now have to pay, but, as Sir Josiah Stamp, one of the Directors of the Bank of England, suggested a short time ago, with that engaging candour which we are beginning to expect from the Bank of England, "While a few years ago no one would have believed it possible that a scale of taxation such as that at present existing could be imposed upon the British public without revolution, I have every hope that with skilful education and propaganda this scale can be very considerably raised.'
Confusion Between Money and Real Wealth
Now the first of these fallacies - that the poor are poor because the not-so-poor are not-so-poor, and that the poor are made richer by making the richer poorer, arises out of the confusion between money and real wealth. It is assumed, in the first place, that the equality between real wealth and money is absolute, and that, therefore, if an individual has a large amount of money in comparison with his neighbour the whole community will be raised in its standard of living if the richer man is taxed, even though the poor man does not get the money - which, in fact, he rarely does. "The absurdity of this argument, as apart from other aspects of it, is evident if it be applied, say, to the question of the ability of a proportion of the population to buy Rolls-Royce cars. If one imagines all the purchasers of Rolls-Royce cars to be taxed so that they no longer can buy Rolls-Royce cars, it does not, of course, mean that the poorer portion of the population buys Rolls-Royce cars; it merely means that Rolls-Royce cars are not produced. This would be a perfectly satisfactory state of affairs if the production system were lacking in some production, which the freeing of men from making Rolls-Royce cars would enable them to produce.

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