Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

8 October 1982. Thought for the Week: "We are taxed in our bread and wine, in our income and our investments, on our land and on our property not only for base creatures who do not deserve the name of men, but for foreign nations, complaisant nations who will bow to us and accept our largesse and promise us to assist in the keeping of peace - these mendicant nations who will destroy us when we show a moment of weakness or our treasury is bare, and surely it is becoming bare!… "When a government becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honourable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate itself."
Marcus Tullius Cicero, celebrated Roman orator, statesman and philosopher, in the First Century, B.C.


Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, the famous American Jewish authority on the Middle East, is reported to have said following his recent visit to Lebanon, that Zionist terrorist activities have set the Zionist cause back 100 years. There is undoubtedly a great deal of truth in this observation. But it is also true that the Soviet strategists are shrewdly continuing to exploit the situation, presenting themselves to the Palestinian refugees and other Arabs as their only friends.

Time and time again throughout history, Jewish leaders, victims of the "chosen" madness, have so overdone their campaigns and policies that there have been massive backlashes. Unfortunately, the rank and file of the Jewish people are generally the main victims of the backlash, their leaders escaping the brunt of the vengeance sought by outraged people.

"The Herald", Melbourne, of October 4th, carried a story from Beirut, published first in the "London Times", aptly entitled, THE LESSONS ISRAEL WILL NEVER LEARN. Correspondent Robert Fisk makes the following comments: "The Israelis never learn, even after the horror of Ahatila. Every night was the same, up to the eve of their departure from West Beirut. Around 7 o'clock, when the last sunlight had disappeared over the Mediterranean, the sky over the city would be lit by a cold yellow glow. The flares would hang, incandescent and golden, over the slums, ruins, and Palestinian camps....There would be no shell fire this time, just a crackling radio in a blacked out street, a Hebrew voice that issued orders to lonely, frightened soldiers. The Israelis would be hunting for 'terrorists' again. It was - and is - an obsession for them, an unclear military objective with neither end nor meaning ….
"Thus when Israeli troops did move into the Moslem sector of the capital, they sent the Falange into Shatila to kill the 'terrorists', gunmen who were largely imaginary since most of the guerrillas had sailed out of Beirut two weeks earlier. The real terrorists turned out to be Israel's Christian allies, and therein lies the ghastly irony of the whole ghastly affair. For Israel armed the Falange and Major Shad Haddad's militia.
"The Moslems have been effectively disarmed and their surrender was made palpable when the Moslem politicians voted for Amin Gemayel's presidency. The Israelis have not disarmed their Falangist friends. Having thus upset the balance of power in Beirut, the Israelis are now leaving."

Correspondent Fisk goes on to observe that there are dark times ahead for Lebanon, stating that "All this will be Israel's doing and she will have gained no advantage from it by invading Lebanon."

As Douglas Reed points out in his great classic, "The Controversy of Zion", the madness flowing from the "chosen" idea will continue until the Jewish people join the mainstream of mankind and free themselves from the collectivism which Christ condemned in robust language when He confronted the Pharisees. Far too many Jews have been recruited to the Communist cause because Marxism also offers its own version of the "chosen" idea. Karl Marx said that it was the "proletariat" which had been "chosen", not by God, but by history.

What has happened recently in Lebanon has opened up discussion on the whole "Jewish question" in a way which can no longer be suppressed by smearing. We wait with interest to see how those Christians who have supported Zionism and the "chosen" concept react to recent events. The realities have been harsh, but this is, regrettably, the way in which many people learn. The Middle East situation may yet produce that deeper understanding if there is to be genuine peace in the Middle East, this denying the Soviets the opportunity to further their long-term strategy.

C.H. Douglas said that the establishment of the State of Israel would prove in the long run to be a major mistake by the Zionist leaders, leading to situations, which would bring the basic "Jewish question" into the open for comment. Christians have a special responsibility to ensure that the growing backlash against the Zionists is used to free Jews as well as non-Jews from the threat of totalitarianism collectivism.


"It's time, surely, for the Government's statisticians to take a clean sheet of paper, think of a number, and work out a new set of figures properly weighted to massive tax evasion." Mr. Douglas Wilkie, in The Sun (Melbourne) October 4th.

The thrust of Mr. Wilkie's searching article in the Melbourne daily (above) is that it is impossible to calculate exactly just what volume of "money" is bypassing the coffers of the Treasurer. (Mr. John Howard). The "pollies" (as Mr. Wilkie detractingly refers to our politicians) are largely guessing. Similarly for our "G.D.P." (Gross Domestic Product): the figures which appear in Government Year Books are prepared by government statisticians who do the best they can with figures which are probably well cooked. And what about standards of living, and wages and salaries? Those who are geared to the P.A.Y.E. system of tax payments (tax stamps and tax certificates) can't play the tax fiddle but there are many thousands who can, in the form of 'swindle sheets' (expense accounts); low-interest company loans, flats and units at merely nominal rentals, company cars, family overseas trips, and multifarious goodies. Then there is the "underground cash economy", with some "guestimates" soaring as high as $10 Billion (who knows?).

As Mr. Wilkie comments - "Real average earnings may be 30% higher, after allowing for tax cheating, moonlighting, and cash-on-the-nail deals. "All this is being fostered by a fallacious finance economic system with further distortions being added by the essential immorality (universally misunderstood) of taxation systems. In reality, all taxation is legalised robbery.
Mr. Wilkie comments: "Our consumer spending power is hidden in the murk of immorality engendered by a taxation system that favours big time cheats, and incites the little man to come in for his chop."
We would re-write that comment thus "Our consumer spending power is being forced into concealment by the immorality of the taxation system which some wealthier taxpayers find easier to avoid than some small, who trys."

Mr. Wilkie's final sally is against the politicians who use "the fallibility of statistics" to support their own political programmes. Such a programme, we ourselves assert, as Malcolm Fraser's retrospective legislation.


"Nearly every aspect of society where money is important is permeated with the same selfish and, at the same time, anti-social principles... The above extract is from a letter, which was published in The Age, (Melbourne) October 4th. This letter over the name of a "F.J.R. Bird", was given a prominent heading - "Organised Deception Is Exploiting Us Daily."

The writer points out that deception is everywhere; e.g. television advertising being "so much psychological deception taken to the extremes of noise, colour, and absence of meaning". Even our own language has lost much of its meaning. Many words now have altered meanings. 'Comrade' was an excellent word, but now means a Communist. 'Gay' was an excellent word, but now means homosexual. There are many other examples. The writer observes that the population in general is losing faith in our institutions, this embracing governments, unions etc.; others are schools, universities (education), churches, and professions. The point is more than adequately made.

Our political leaders are now speaking of 'organised deception' by certain wealthy taxpayers in the field of taxation; but then again the politicians themselves, are just as culpable for organised deception as those they accuse, as they are "fiddling" with statistics to endeavour to condone their own immoral legislation. We feel that so long as the individual is being squeezed of his substance to feed ever more voracious governments, then so long will the individual be forced into some measures of self-protection, even if these are basically against his honest nature. At the same time, such forced less-than-honest practices are erosive of decency and confidence, and are highly infectious: the erosion spreads rapidly throughout the community, and must deepen.

Ultimately, any society operates on faith. Would one board a train, or a bus, if one knew that the driver of both was drunk, or incompetent? Many thousands of parents are now discovering that their children are not receiving an adequate education from the schools and colleges to which they are sent in good faith. The fallacies of the finance economic system are destroying Faith, and Faith is the undergirding principle of a society; a society without such Faith will not endure. Our enemies know this all too well.


In his TV address to the nation on retrospective tax legislation, Prime Minister Fraser produced two examples of what he claimed were British precedents for retrospectivity. But he did not point out that his 1978 example concerned legislation introduced by the Callaghan Socialist government. Neither did he point out - for obvious reasons that the end result of the Callaghan's retrospective legislation was the defeat of the Government by Margaret Thatcher. There is not the slightest doubt that if Hayden Government is elected, Mr. Hayden's more dogmatic Socialists will be pressing that retrospective legislation be used to the maximum.

Red Pedigree
The following article is from The Enfilade (October 1982), a monthly journal of the "Gippsland Industrial Committee", Morwell, Vic:
"The pedigree of the current Peace movement can be traced back to the original post war movement, the Australian Peace Council, which was condemned by the Labor Party of that era as 'a' subsidiary organisation of the Communist Party', and as 'an instrument of Soviet imperialism'. (Quadrant, September 1982)
"In 1949, in Paris and Prague, there were two conferences organised by the Cominform. Following these conferences the World Peace Council was formed in 1950.
"Lance Sharkey, leader of the Australian Communist Party, then announced that his Party had a tremendous responsibility (to organise a corresponding Peace movement and peace settlement throughout Australia). This was formed and became the local affiliate of the pro-Soviet World Peace Council.
"The Australian Peace Council failed to condemn the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. Today no condemnation of Soviet action in Afghanistan and Poland is forthcoming. The Peace movement maintains that these Soviet 'initiatives' are absolutely necessary for the preservation of 'peace'.
"In Stockholm in 1958, a conference called 'The World Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament' was organised by the pro- Soviet World Peace Council. "National Committees, were setup and in 1959 the 'Australian and New Zealand Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament' was held in Melbourne. In 1964 another national congress was held.
"The 1959 and 1964 congresses spawned the current Melbourne based Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament (C.I.C.D.) and the Sydney based Association for International Co-operation and Disarmament (A.I.C.D.). "Names such as W. Gollan, W.J. Brown, Sam Goldbloom, Pat Clancy, Ernie Boatswain, Andrew Hewett, all either members or close supporters of the various Communist Parties, plus A.L.P. Senator George Georges and Dr. Keith Suter of the Uniting Church have been prominent in each of the evolutionary stages of the Peace Movement. They are now the guiding lights of a new coalition called People for Nuclear Disarmament.
"The A.I.C.D., the C.I.C.D., and the Australian Peace Committee, together with the United Nations Association of Australia, are the major organisations of the Peace Movement today, although their initiative is sponsored by a variety of other organisations. "These include the Communist Party of Australia, the Socialist Party of Australia, the Australia-U.S.S.R. Society, the Australia-Vietnam Society; Communist dominated unions such as the A.M.W.S.U. and B.W.T.U., and a number of church and community organisations.
"The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, and the Uniting Church are the most prominent supporters of the Peace movement among the Church groups…"

From Hansard
Mr. W.M. Hodgman (Lib.-Tas.), Minister for the A.C.T. speaks on the Nugan Hand Bank and the Australian Labor Party (Representatives September 14th):
" I will refer to later, the Labor Party links, now being exposed publicly for the first time, with the nefarious Nugan Hand Bank..." "...There is clear prima facie case that the criminally motivated Nugan Hand merchant bank made substantial cash donations to the A.L.P. in N.S.W. prior to the 1976 State election campaign at which Mr. Wran was elected to power... ". .I simply contain my remarks to the Nugan Hand Bank and place on record that at that very time rumours were rife in Sydney that Nugan Hand was 'backing Wran' ... "It has been freely stated that there were many relieved people within the ranks of the Labor Party when news of Frank Nugan's death reached Sydney... "I refer to the Hon. Frank Walker, the Attorney General of New South Wales, who has publicly stated that persons associated with the collapsed Nugan Hand merchant bank used the New South Wales Labor Party machine to put pressure on him because of his investigations of the Bank's criminal activities....
"He (Hon. Frank Walker) said: Immediately I started that investigation I inherited trouble. All I know is that the violent political opposition to me started immediately I investigated the Nugans. There was no strong opposition to me before.
"...The Nugan Hand case demonstrates the power these white collar criminals can have over politicians... "Those companies that by and large donate to political parties have the ability to exert influence within the political party..."

The Anglo-Saxon-Keltic Society has sent us the current copy of its monthly "Review". It presents the main points made by former Tasmanian Attorney General, Mr. Brian Miller, at his address to the Society of May 3rd. "..The Morgan Gallup Poll found in 1981 that 59% of Australians still supported remaining a monarchy as opposed to 28% wanting to become a republic (13% undecided).

"In Tasmania, reference must be made to the Australian Courts Act, 1850, which conferred legislative councils on several States, including Tasmania. It also gave powers to those councils to legislate as to qualifications for electors and members and power to establish Houses of Representatives. Nowhere is there a specific power to abolish the office of Governor, nor to confer his powers on some other person or body. Indeed if any inference is to be drawn for the statutes originally conferring legislative power, it is one strongly supporting the view that Parliament cannot abolish the office of Governor.
"It is also necessary to take into account the functions conferred on State Governors by the Commonwealth Constitution. These include, for example, the issue of writs for the election of senators from each State. "There is now power for any person or body other than the Governor to discharge this function and it would seem that without an amendment to the Australian Constitution, it would be impossible for any State which abolished the office of Governor to elect Senators representing that State. The State Governors also perform other functions in relation to Senate elections, but I suggest that the example I have given suffices to show that the abolition of the office of Governor by State Parliament unilaterally would create grave constitutional problems. "In addition the abolition of the office of Governor would create grave uncertainty as to the status of Tasmania.
As a sovereign State, Tasmania would undoubtedly be regarded as a republic, yet as a member of the Commonwealth of Australia; Tasmania would be part of a Dominion owing allegiance to the Crown. This is plainly incongruous. "..the serious would be dictator encounters a nuisance. "The monarch owes nothing to popular election: nor, though in a very different sense, does her representative. "The politician can refer endlessly to the 'popular will' for his rule or to his 'mandate' to assume total powers. "But so far as law and permanence are concerned, he cannot securely assume those powers so long as the monarch or her representative functions.

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