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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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15 October 1982. Thought for the Week: "The only effective answer to concentrated money power on the one hand, and concentrated State power on the other, is a revival of vitality - physical, intellectual, and spiritual - in Western civilisation itself, for both money and State are essentially abstractions, deriving power from the passivity of the real. Their sterilising influence can, therefore, be countered only by a regeneration of the real."
Jerian Jenks in "From the Ground Up."


Although a survey of the world's media shows that the Aboriginal 'land rights' protests during the Brisbane Commonwealth Games were given extensive coverage, it is clear that the Marxist strategists seeking to exploit the Games, were unable to produce the violent confrontations for which they hoped. Blood did not run in the Brisbane streets, as Mr. Charles Perkins, Chairman of the Aboriginal Development Commission predicted.
The revolutionaries found themselves attempting to operate in a situation where there was wide spread understanding, rapidly growing, that the "land rights" question was but part of a long-term Marxist strategy.

Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen is to be congratulated on consistently warning that the Communists were the real promoters of the "land rights" issue. Then came the impact of ex-Communist Geoff McDonald's book, "Red Over Black", and widespread publicity for McDonald's warnings.
The League of Rights played a major role in the exposure campaign by first ensuring that "Red Over Black" would be published, by guaranteeing an interested publishing firm that it would take at least 1,000 copies. The League followed this up by producing and having distributed tens of thousands of a special issue of "The Electors Voice", and by promoting a series of meetings for Mr. Geoff McDonald to address.

Queensland authorities must also be congratulated on the manner in which first class security was provided for the Brisbane Games, with the Queensland police refusing to be drawn into any violent confrontation situation. The general euphoria generated by the Games also helped ensure a climate in which "land rights" protests appeared irrelevant. Any serious attempt to interfere with the Games would have been counter productive.

As genuine spokesmen for the Aborigines have insisted, the Aborigines do not want to be involved in protest movements concerning "land rights". There was wide division amongst the protest groups, with white agitators generally attempting to produce violent confrontation. Even Prime Minister Fraser has now openly supported the Queensland Government's Aboriginal land legislation. He is reported as having said on 4BC radio, Brisbane, that one of the tragedies of the situation "is the extent to which people outside the Aboriginal movement are involved in the issue - people from the south or whatever".
Mr. Fraser said that some of the people who demonstrated "have been involved in every kind of demonstration the country has had over the years". Mr. Fraser is now conceding that Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen was right all the time.

Sections of the Australian media attempted to "play up" the "land rights" movement, with the ABC almost schizophrenic. While Mr. Norman May, and those presenting the Games, were doing an excellent job, even if some critics found them overly nationalistic, the ABC public affairs programmes were openly attempting to create public opinion in favour of the "land rights" movement, some of the programmes being so blatantly dishonest that some investigation should take place.

But, even though the revolutionaries failed to achieve their objectives in Brisbane, the Marxist global strategy against Australia will be continued. Prime Minister Fraser may have been belatedly converted to a more realistic view on Aboriginal "Land rights", but unless soon converted to a more realistic view on finance economic realities, Mr. Fraser should begin packing now to leave The Lodge.
A Labor Government's approach will be rather different, including the acceptance of any UN directives made on Aboriginal affairs. The success of the Brisbane games must be seen as a welcome respite, but one of limited duration.


Treasurer John Howard has reacted to the latest unemployment figures by insisting that the Government is not going to change its financial policies. The number of jobless has passed 500,000 for the first time since the Great Depression of the thirties.
Without in any way minimising the human tragedy associated with unemployment, it must be remembered that the Australian population is now double what it was during the Great Depression. But even with the percentage of unemployment now currently being experienced in the USA (10 percent), Great Britain (13 percent) and Canada (12 percent) there are no shortages nor were there during the Great Depression.

If Mr. Howard and his "advisers" adhere to their current policies, it is as certain as the night follows the day, that Australian unemployment will climb upwards to that of the countries listed. But this will have relatively little effect on production, as witnessed by the increasingly frantic advertising seeking to persuade customers to buy.

Like the alcoholic, Mr. Howard and Mr. Fraser refuse to see the necessity of giving up drinking to solve their problem. Mr. Howard insists that in essence if he continues drinking the problem will eventually go away. "It will only be through consistently maintaining anti-inflationary policies that success will ultimately be achieved" Mr. Howard says. "A reversal of economic policy now will produce higher inflation and inevitably delay economic recovery in Australia. Such an outcome would prolong the present high level of unemployment."

Like a cracked record, Mr. Howard keeps on repeating what he has been saying for years. The policies being pursued have neither solved inflation nor have they prevented unemployment from steadily rising. As we have consistently predicted that the government was on a disaster course, we cannot be accused of being wise after the event. Mr. Howard and Mr. Fraser have insisted that they can "manage" the economy better than their Labor opponents, but events have continued to make nonsense of their budgets and predictions.

Growing unemployment automatically means an increased deficit to finance unemployment welfare payments. Financing a bigger deficit than planned for in the last Budget means that more new credit has to be created. The fact that the new credit money has to be created indicates that it is believed that there will still be adequate production on which to spend the money. Apart from the obvious fact that it would be politically impossible to allow hundreds of thousands of unemployed to starve to death, the creation of new money to pay them at least a sustenance is clear evidence that there is a shortage of purchasing power in the community to buy what is being produced at profitable prices.

If it were not for deficit financing, something Mr. Fraser and Mr. Howard used to scorn, the Australian economy would collapse even faster than it is. Mr. Howard is right when he warns that an "expansionary" money policy would further inflation, which would be mathematically certain under present financial policies. But if Mr. Howard and Mr. Fraser could free themselves of the influence of the financial witch doctors they should be able to grasp the truth that new credit money can be made available in a non-inflationary manner, starting with a drastic reduction of inflationary indirect taxes and the re-introduction of consumer price subsidies on basic items in the economy.

The physical reality is that the Australian production system can, even if the present unemployment figure doubles produce sufficient for every Australian family. What is required is some realistic financial bookkeeping to reflect the physical reality. Sooner or later there will have to be a major change in present financial policies, our present disasters will fade into insignificance compared with what is to come.


A press report states that legal opinion from the Attorney General's Department has "international responsibilities" to intervene to prevent the building of a dam on the Franklin River. Even more important than the argument about the proposed dam, is the claim that because Federal government has nominated South West Tasmania for the World Heritage List, it has the constitutional authority to interfere in State affairs. The decision by the High Court (4 to 3) that international agreements and conventions entered into by the Federal Government enables it to legislate on these agreements even if overriding the States has set in motion a constitutional revolution, one which all the Marxists and other centralisers have welcomed.

Sir Bruce Williams, Director of the Technical Change Centre, London in his second Boyer Lecture recently (on A.B.C.) said that technological changes during the past 200 years had not led to increased unemployment. He said that, "unemployment through technology had not increased because new labour-creating technology had been introduced at the same time as labour-saving technology."
We do not believe this to be the true picture at all, but a clever mask, which conceals the true situation. In his essay - 'The Last Chance: A Conspectus", the late Dr. B. Monahan comments: "The problem (of the Money Power) was (is)...how to provide an ever increasing volume of credit required to keep production up.... but at the same time prevent the people becoming 'rich' and thereby able to escape that economic control which is the basis of centralised govern. ... .The answer is the Welfare State, augmented by Aid to underdeveloped (now 'Developing') Countries, Armament Programmes, Space Research, Exports and Inflation..."
The Welfare State (30% of work force on government/local government payrolls. .On Target) so-called is only necessary because the vast majority of people are kept so poor that they are unable to make provision for themselves.... Poor does not mean poor in the sense of lack of material possessions; it means poor in the sense of lack of financial independence.... Tearing away the mask with which modern finance economics conceals social/industrial reality, we see "the tragedy of human effort"; viz. technological progress continually deflected away from true service to mankind by largely useless activities (bureaucracies), destructive activities (wars), social debt and catastrophe (breakdown of family life). Despite the opinions of Sir Bruce Williams, the fantastic progress of the technology is even now exposing his fallacy; the modern industrial system is collapsing, and with it the "technology makes-more-work hallucination.

From the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic Review (September 1982). The Anglo-Saxon Keltic Society may be contacted at "P.O.Box 186 SANDY BAY, Hobart, Tas., 7005. Write to the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic Society for information re the monthly "Review", and details of special Heritage stickers, as well as other interesting information. We quote:
"A Prime Minister with a well disciplined majority in Parliament, a clear personal following among the majority of electors, and a sufficiently unscrupulous ambition, could exercise in our system a power very like that of a dictator. Some would say that it has already happened in a mild way… he could be forced to displace the monarchy by physical means; and as our system now operates and foreseeably will, the mere hint of such a thing would destroy the conspirator. One could have no such faith in a president owing his place to the very popular will which is to be misused. "For the present, there is considerable satisfaction in knowing that the most powerful man in the land must give place and honour to a virtually powerless individual (the Monarch).
"In the Australian sense, it must be recognised that the monarchy here is by no means identical, let alone subordinate to that of Britain. The Queen is only part of our system, with Governors and the Governor-General having a more work-a-day importance in our arrangements...."

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