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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

19 November 1982. Thought for the Week: "The West has been crippled by a corrosive and corrupt ideology-morality that causes our political-intellectual elite to declare themselves in sympathy with, and in support of, the very elements that boldly proclaim their goal to be the destruction of the West."
Richard Clark, "Technological Terrorism".


"Sunday Press", Melbourne, of November 14th reports that Victorian police are calling for better training to handle growing violence as unemployment grows. Commenting on the second violent attack on the Melbourne Club, "Sunday Press" comments, "Police, social workers and politicians yesterday forecast an increase in mass violence as unemployment grows.
They say there will be more ugly scenes like that at the exclusive Melbourne Club on Friday night as the young unemployed vent their frustration."
Senior police spokesmen are quoted as saying that unemployment-marches and demonstrations were bound to get out of hand when large groups of unemployed people, mainly young, were whipped into a frenzy by radicals.

The Marxist revolutionaries of all kinds are delighted with developments. The Federal Government's policy makers are presenting them with a classical revolutionary situation. The Marxists were responsible for the recent storming of Parliament House at Canberra, successfully mobilising desperate miners and others from the N.S.W. South Coast, and then carrying through a carefully planned programme of violence.

The number of trained Marxists amongst Australian trade unionists is relatively small. But these trained revolutionaries are being provided with a growing army of unemployed to manipulate. And, as we have persistently warned, the developing revolutionary situation was inevitable under present financial policies.

Orthodox finance economic policies make it mathematically certain that the burden of financial debt escalates. Escalating debt is a major factor in generating inflation. While it is true that the Marxists skillfully foster the myth that the employees can only maintain or better their position by higher wages, they also know that by fostering campaigns for higher wages they are contributing to a progressive breakdown in the economic system, higher wages must be financed out of new debt finance, which employers must attempt to recover through greater efficiency or by increasing prices. An increasing part of the increased wages go to the Taxation Monopoly.

Federal Treasurer John Howard has provided further evidence of an invincible stupidity by opening the Flinders by-election with a call for wage "restraint" by the Trade Union movement, which is allegedly responsible, along with overseas conditions, for growing unemployment. Urging wage earners to practice "restraint", even suggesting that wages should be "frozen" for twelve months, while the Government continues to pursue financial policies which force financial costs even higher some of the tax increases from the last budget have yet to flow through into higher prices - is like pouring petrol on a fire already out of control.

Mr. Howard still insists that he is dedicated to "fighting" inflation, in spite of the fact that no progress has been made in the seven years the Fraser Government has been in office. Perhaps Mr. Howard is punch drunk from excessive fighting!
He flatly refuses to consider any increased expenditure to ease the unemployment problem, particularly amongst the young, repeating like a cracked record that this would increase the deficit.

The inflation rate has been forced down, but inflation still continues, in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom and West Germany. But unemployment figures are a post Second World War record. Ugly demonstrations are taking place in West Germany.
Every industrialised nation, including Japan, is now reeling under the impact of what can only be described as policies of revolution.

What is urgently required in Australia is an increase in effective purchasing power this in turn generating an increased demand for houses and other production. With a genuine increase in total purchasing power, free enterprise, which has unused productive capacity, can quickly start to absorb many of those now unemployed.

Mr. Bob Hawke and the Labor Party offer nothing that is basically different from what the Government is now starting to consider - the artificial creation of work. Large numbers of the young unemployed would be prepared to consider at least a period of basic training in the armed services. But the official answer to this suggestion is that this would also affect the cursed deficit.

The reality is, of course that Australia has all the physical capacity, including adequate food supplies, to handle an increase in the armed services. All that is lacking is finance. If a military conflict broke out even John Howard would have to ensure that much more finance was created.

We challenge anyone to dispute that Australia's actual and potential productive capacity is such that it could easily meet an increase in effective purchasing power of, to take a moderate figure, at least $7000 million. In answer to those who ask, "well what kind of a limited programme would you put forward", we suggest:
1. The Government to direct the Reserve Bank to make available $7000 million, free of debt and at the cost of administration, this to be made available to a specially created National Credit Authority.
2. Sales Tax to be completely abolished, the loss in government revenue to be financed out of the $7000 million. This might require $3000million.
3. $3000 to be allocated to financing the re-introduction of the Consumer Price subsidy system used during the Second World War, this immediately further reducing consumer prices. Steps 2 and 3 would completely eliminate the necessity for wage increases, as the $6000 million would be used to LOWER prices. The Cost of Living Index would reflect.
4. The remaining $1000 million to be used to finance a retiring allowance for all those prepared to leave the work force at an earlier age, say, 55. An offer of $10,000 a year, completely tax free, with no means test of any kind, would be highly attractive to many. $1000 million would finance the earlier retirement of 100,000, this also helping to make places available in the production system for the young.

Those who argue that the creation of $7000 million a year to finance this type of programme is impossible, might explain why, if something like this is not done, financing orthodoxy will require the creation of even bigger sums of money - with disastrous results. The essence of the situation is that Australia either makes finance available to make what is physically possible also financially possible, or the revolution will rapidly increase in tempo.


Unreported in the Australian media is the revelation by an American journalist that many American mercenaries, most of them Jews who claim that their first loyalty is to the Zionist State of Israel, were operating in the "Christian" militia, headed by the Israeli agent, "Major" Sa'ad Haddad, responsible for the cold blooded massacre of the Palestinian refugees in Beirut. No wonder Prime Minister Begin's Defence Minister Sharon has tried to desperately cover up the truth about the massacre, requesting on several occasions that his testimony before the investigating commission be heard in private. The Red Cross estimate is that 1500 refugees were massacred. Operation Whitewash is being attempted, but large numbers of Jews both in Israel and around the world are so incensed, that the Zionist maniacs may at last have overstretched themselves.

The South African journal, "The Citizen", in its issue of October 25, reports that when the crew of the aircraft of the Queen's flight went to Zimbabwe on a familiarisation flight in preparation for Princess Anne's visit to Zimbabwe for the Save the Children Fund, they were held for six hours by the National Army's North Korean Fifth Brigade. The report said, "It is likely that a protest will be lodged with the Zimbabwe Government". At the Brisbane Commonwealth Games, Prime Minister Fraser, in a little noted comment, praised Zimbabwe as an outstanding representative of the Commonwealth!

We have received a letter from Queensland commenting on the recent acts of Vietnamese refugees, one group attempting to hack a bus driver to death, while others have been taking domestic dogs and eating them. Our correspondent writes, "I presume that these and similar activities are a manifestation of that multicultural spirit Mr. Grassby and his friends are always eulogising."

Several people have asked for our opinion on a "State of National Economic Emergency" plan put forward by Mr. B.S. Santamaria and, according to one report, at least partly endorsed by Prime Minister Fraser. With the greatest respect to Mr. Santamaria, who has provided some brilliant word pictures of the plight of the world without dealing with basic causes, the essence of his proposals display a complete ignorance of finance economic realities. Mr. Santamaria proposes a wage freeze, the financing of an increased housing programme out of deferred payments (compulsory savings from the wages of juvenile wage earners, with not one reference to credit policies). We are told, "Interest rates are not controllable within Australia". The adoption of this type of programme by the Fraser Government will delight the Communists and make Mr. Hayden's election to power absolutely certain.

A senior officer has said (Sunday Press Melbourne, November 14th) that the Victorian Government actually encouraged the street violence in Melbourne on Friday, November 12th, by paying for the public transport fares of some of the demonstrators, who were not unemployed but well known political activists.

Retrospective Legislation and Marxism
The following letter was published in "Kyabram Free Press on November 9th. The correspondent was a "John Devine" on Tongala, Vic:
"With regard to the current retrospective tax legislation before the House of Representatives in Federal Parliament it is very instructive to remember that in 1975 the Whitlam-Hayden Labor Budget had increased total taxation over a period of three years from eight billion dollars to a record of seventeen billion dollars. This precipitated the controversial double dissolution of Federal Parliament etc, as Malcolm Fraser at that time pointed out that the adoption of that Budget would be a disaster for the Australian economy. Unfortunately all the wrist tapping was soon forgotten when Mr. Fraser became Prime Minister, and the Budget he so rightfully condemned was adopted by the new Fraser Cabinet; and over the years since has been increased to a staggering 45 billion dollars, an increase of over 150%.
Before we get too carried away with tax evasion and avoidance it should be obvious that the present graduated increased tax Laws are a form of legalised robbery on a grand scale that not only precipitate inflation to unprecedented levels, but breed the distrust of big government, and the tax avoidance industry that we hear so much about today. It has been said quite prophetically that the only thing left at the bottom of the harbour is rocks and at the top, gaping jaws. If the retrospective legislation before Federal Parliament passes both Houses Australians will face a horrendous situation that what was legal yesterday is illegal tomorrow. The mind boggles at such a totalitarian concept.
"The tragic Polish crisis surely illustrates the truths of crushing taxation, where they have reached the situation where 100% of G.N.P. is used to service their enormous debts, most of it owed to Western bankers with a result that their own production is exported out in an endeavour to service their enormous debt structure. West German shops are stuffed full of Polish food lines etc, while at the same time desperate Poles are queuing up for half a sausage.
"Surely the answer lays in a gradual reduction of total taxation not an increase. The Marxist concept of socialising a country lies in a graduated increased income tax scale. Will Australians learn from history, or are we destined to repeat the mistakes that have brought other countries under totalitarian control.
"The great Jewish English Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, observed that the world is governed by very different personages than that imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. This graphically illustrates the fact that changing politicians does not change the source of real power, the unelected hidden bureaucratic government.
"Australia's future clearly lies in the Upper House of the States (Senate), where sufficient politicians of integrity will block the destructive legislation coming from the Party controlled Lower House. A letter of support to Senators sitting on the fence re the retrospective tax issue could save us from one more unnecessary and destructive precedent..."

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