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Edmund Burke
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On Target

10 June 1983. Thought for the Week: "The failure of the powerful and wealthy Jewish American community to launch one objective scholarly study of the causes of anti-semitism is significant. Neither the religious nor the lay leaders of the many Jewish organisations wish to lose this potent weapon. Remove prejudice and lose adherents to the faith....This is the conspiracy of the rabbinate, Jewish nationalists and other leaders of organised Jewry to keep the problems of prejudice alive."
Dr. Alfred Lilienthal in "The Other Side of The Coin"


Not even the generally pro-Zionist media has been able to suppress the news that growing numbers of the Israelis are revolting against the Begin Government's expansionist policies. The clear determination of the Israeli government not to withdraw from Lebanon, while at the same time pushing forward with its programme of Israeli colonisation of the West Bank, ensures that the Middle East crisis deepens. Soviet strategists must be delighted with developments.
From the time the Soviet backed the Zionist invasion of Palestine, its overall objective has been to destabilise the whole of the Middle East, irrespective of how this destabilisation is achieved. The Soviet exploitation of the dispossessed Palestinians, working towards removing all moderate Palestinian Liberation Organisation leadership, has little to do with legitimate rights for the Palestinians; they are seen as raw material to assist the Soviet strategy.

In his prophetic work, "There Goes the Middle East", Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, reflected the warnings of a number of distinguished fellow anti-Zionist Jews who had insisted from the beginning that Soviet penetration of the Middle East would inevitably follow if the West uncritically supported the Zionist programme. Western politicians and other public figures who fail to offer uncritical support for Israel, or who raise doubts about "the holocaust", are major targets for Zionist attacks.

The Western Canadian Provincial Government of Alberta has recently felt the Zionist terror because one of its Members, a lawyer, dared to suggest that there was some doubt about the truth of the story concerning the alleged gassing of six million Jews, while press reports from Canada carry incredible stories because the Mayor of one small Albertan town had, as a school teacher, also questioned the story of the "six million". We note that he had made use of Mr. Eric Butler's book, "Censored History". Former Canadian undercover agent, Mr. Patrick Walsh, expresses the view that the Zionist campaign of hysteria will reach a crescendo during the international League of Rights Seminar in October.

With the strong probability that Americans will elect a Democrat President next year, 1984, the Zionist machine is supporting liberal Walter Mondale for the Democrat nomination against astronaut hero Senator John Glenn who has been bluntly told by William Safiro, well known Jewish communist, that he has no chance of obtaining the nomination unless he can prove to the "Democratic power brokers that he is not anti-Israel". In spite of more recent pro-Israel statements, the Zionists recall past critical statements by Glenn. Matured American observers believe that Mondale, appealing for the homosexual vote, will be favoured ahead of Glenn for the Democratic nomination.

It is only when politicians are out of office that they tend to speak the truth on major questions. It is not surprising, although revealing, that early this year both former Presidents Ford and Carter issued a warning statement concerning the Zionist threat to the Middle East, charging that Israel was not "living up" to the Camp David agreement. The two former American Presidents continued: "It has shown little inclination to grant real autonomy to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza areas. It has continued to confiscate properties in occupied territories and to build settlements as if to create a de-facto Israeli ascendancy there...It has publicly repudiated the Reagan peace plan who calls for a freeze on Israeli settlements.... Arab leaders are prepared to live in peace with Israel. But, the evidence is convincing to the Arab world and beyond that the Israeli leaders have simply chosen to seize these lands and hold on to them by force. This policy is the major obstacle to any moderate Arab initiative for peace.

While verbally criticising Zionism, the Soviet relies upon Zionist policies to destroy the credibility of moderate Arab Leaders. The future of the world requires that the Zionist terror be exposed and opposed. The most courageous opposition is coming from non- Zionist Jews who have appealed to Christians to join forces with them. But the tragedy is that many Christians are the victims of Zionist brainwashing. However, the fog of censorship is starting to be penetrated by truth. It is vital that this penetration by the truth continues.

(Dr. Lilienthal's "There Goes the Middle East" and "The Other Side of the Coin" are out of print, but most of the material is contained in Lilienthal's great classic, 'The Zionist Connection". Zionist influence has to date prevented this book from being readily available. However, we learn that an updated paperback edition could be made available in the near future. We will report when we can obtain anything concrete concerning this book).


Last week at Canberra Brian Harridine of Tasmania provided a devastating answer to the tired old defeatist question, "But what can an Independent do in Parliament?" Senator Harridine was the decisive vote, which ensured that the Hawke Government cannot impose its retrospective tax legislation, allegedly designed to obtain $570 million from "bottom of the Harbour" schemes. The figure of $570 mission is, of course, merely a calculated guess and there is no reliable way of testing the reality of this figure. But what is beyond argument is that the proposed attempt to impose the proposed retrospective tax amendments would have bankrupted many struggling business organisations, with a further increase in unemployment.

It was highly significant that the Labor government was not prepared to support the relatively reasonable suggestion that the whole question be examined by an all-party committee. In one of silliest comments following the defeat of the tax legislation, Finance Minister Dawkins revealed the mentality of our political masters by saying that he was not moved by the argument that the attempted collection of the tax would cause hardships, comparing this with forcing a burglar to make good what he had stolen. Politicians should be told that it is those who are imposing crushing taxation who are engaged in burglary.

So far from being a crime to pay governments the minimum amount of taxation inside the law, much of it being used to service unnecessary debt, it is the duty of the taxpayer to pay the minimum. But Mr. Dawkins and his colleagues now bleat that because the Senate rejected their tax legislation, their "budget strategy" has been ruined and that they will have to increase taxes in the August budget. Or, failing this, horror of horrors, the deficit will not be reduced!

C. H. Douglas observed that in reality there is only one party in modern governments: the Finance Party. The Labor Socialists worship the Deficit God as much as the Liberal Socialists. The existence of a deficit merely confirms what Douglas first pointed out after the First World War: that the present finance economic system makes it increasingly impossible for industry to distribute sufficient purchasing power to enable consumers to buy what has been produced.

Every technological advance aggravates the problem. Creating new money - bank credit to finance capital expansion, either private or public, only misses the problem. Members of the Federal Parliament should be asked why is it necessary to increase taxation still further when the Government has the constitutional power to make new credit available as it is already doing with deficit financing. All that is necessary is to write black instead of red figures, the new credits carrying only the cost of administration, and to distribute direct to individuals in the form of tax REDUCTIONS, starting with Sales Tax, the re-introduction of Consumer Price subsidies, and adequate pensions for an earlier retirement programme.

It may be that instead of the $9,000 million now being created as a deficit, at least $15,000 million is required. What would happen if the Australian people gained access to a genuine increase in total purchasing power of $15,000 million without inflation? The production system would automatically meet the increased demand. We challenge anyone to dispute that the Australian production system has the capacity to meet such an increased demand.


The Williamsburg conference was another attempted step along the road to achieve the New International Economic Order. But as Mr. Hawke is going to find in the U.S.A., American primary producers are going to continue to force their way into the Middle East and other markets. The lowering of trade barriers is going to be difficult to achieve. For this reason we anticipate a growing global crisis, not an economic recovery, as necessary to force nations to phase out, or submit to international control, many major industries.

Assuming that the Thatcher government is re-elected in Britain, we predict that a continuation of present finance economic policies will ensure that Mrs. Thatcher will eventually go the same way as did Mr. Malcolm Fraser. Mrs. Thatcher s "recovery" will be seen for what it really is: a mirage following the mass wrecking of British industries and the creation of millions of unemployed.

Brief Comment

We present an actionist's letter, and after that the Editorial from Kimberley Echo on which his letter makes comment:

The Letter
"Congratulations on your Editorial (25/5). The Land Rights issue is surrounded by so much emotionalism and propaganda that the real policy is obscured, until one such as yourself winnows away the chaff to reveal the grain. "It seems the Caucasian people can't win. We are propagandised into a guilt complex designed to create in us the political torpor that will ultimately destroy us. "Our brothers in Southern Africa give them (the Bantu) separate development from which the swear word, "Apartheid", has been coined to denigrate them throughout the world. Here in Australia we used a different tack, but are abused for not giving them 'land rights'. If that is not separate development, what is it?
"Their goal of establishing a separate, black Marxist state in North Queensland is well documented by Geoff McDonald in his book, "Red Over Black"'.

The Editorial
Land-Rights - The Marxists Reward
"The State Labor Government's move on Land Rights came as no surprise to Kimberley residents. The Marxist Left of the Labor Party has been operating effectively within the aboriginal communities of W.A. for some years - mostly during the Liberal Government reign. "They now seek their reward for acquiring a 90% vote from the aboriginals - power through land rights. Ironically, few whites would wish to deny some sensible form of land allocation to aboriginals providing it did not create a separate benevolent society. Indeed, land has been bought and given to the aboriginals in W.A.
"In the East Kimberley, Dunham River Station was bought for them six or seven years ago, and more recently Lake Gregory. Billiluna, Noonkanbah, and an irrigation farm at Kununurra; these together with other smaller properties constitute an area of around 4 million acres in the Kimberley, alone. Unfortunately, only a handful of natives live on these properties.
"On the private side, the Ashton Joint Venture has done a great deal for the Glen Hill people, much to the displeasure of the white Marxists who missed out on the handouts. "Gradually, things were being done sensibly and with consideration to all parties concerned. Let us hope that the Burke Government is as it recently stated, a sensible and moderate government', and can keep rein on the half-baked Marxist radicals of the Left. If they cannot, it may well be that someone else will."

Israel's racial problems
Only a minority of Australians understand that there are deep racial tensions within the State of Israel. The main division is between the Eastern Jews (Ashkenazim) and the Jews of the West (Sephardim). They are racially, quite disparate. The situation is further complicated by the many varieties of races of the, Middle East which have embraced Judaism during differing historical periods. Then there are Asian Jews of India, Japan, Afganistan, etc., albeit small in number.
(on this point we refer readers to "The Thirteenth Tribe", by. Arthur Koestler. Price: $9.00 posted, and "The Iron Curtain Over America", by John Beaty, Price: $6.00 posted. From League bookshops).
In an interview published in The Guardian (U.K.) May 15th, YITZHAK NAVON the first Sephardi President of Israel, speaks frankly about Israel's racial problems
. "On the differences between Jew and Jew in Israel, Mr. Navon was more hopeful about the integration of orientals and westerners than about the religious-secular coexistence. "He put his trust in biology, illustrating the argument from his own family. Mr. Navon is the child of a Spanish father and Moroccan mother, his wife's parents came from Russia, his brother married 'a certain Zipora from Pinsk'. His sister married a man with a good Polish name. "This year, he said, marriages between Orientals and westerners represented 23% of marriages between Jews. A decade ago it was only 11%. In the middle class, almost one marriage in two was across the Ashkenazi-Sephardi line.
"Education, too, was bridging the gap, slowly but surely. "Today, 96% of all students finish elementary school. That wasn't the case 15 years ago. We still have a problem with secondary schools, where only half the Orientals finish twelfth grade. In the university it is still worse. Only half the students are Orientals...
"As for the religious-secular rift, Mr. Navon warned Israelis that if an effort was not made by both sides, it would lead to trouble. "You see what happens. They grow up separately, they go to separate kindergartens, separate schools. When do they meet? If things go on like that, we are going to witness harsher times."

Rev. Jerry Falwell and Christians for Israel
Most supporters have heard of Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority organisation of the U.S.A. He and some of his colleagues were in Australia not so long ago to participate in a combined function with the Festival of Light, of which body the Rev. Fred Nile is a leader. In "The Kingdom Herald" (May/June 1983) the Editor reprints a -"letter By Jerry Falwell" in full (we cannot do the same) to demonstrate the point made by the Editor in his introduction; I believe that it is very vital to understand the enemy even if this enemy comes from within the church. The time has now come when we must make a definite stand on those issues that separate truth and error. From what I have heard, the contents of this letter have already caused concern within the Moral Majority organisation in America. I believe, that here in Australia there are many ministers who are going to have to show just what side of the fence they stand on. We remind supporters that the Rev. Fred Nile has already launched an attack on the Australian League of Rights in the N.S.W. Parliament. We shall select only a few of the points in the Rev. Jerry Falwell's "Christians for Israel" letter, and supply the comments of the Editor:
"if you're the kind of Bible-believing American I believe you are, you'll do this immediately in support of Israel's right to remain a Jewish State...(i.e. send the "Christians for Israel" postcard to the President and the UN delegation).
Comment: Israel allows no citizenship to any Christian. Falwell approves.
"You see, I'm Jerry Falwell, a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, and a strong supporter of the Bible based plan of action (which) Christians for Israel is taking". No comment necessary.
"That's 'why America is blessed by God. ...our nation has always been a haven for the Jewish people and our leaders have always stood by Israel as an ally. Comment: Since 1948, America's slide downhill into corruption and disaster has increased dramatically. How much more of these "blessings" can we survive?
"How do you think God would view America's involvement in supplying advanced military weapons to an enemy of His nation, Israel?" (referring to sales of American fighter planes to Jordan) Comment: If He treats us the same way He has been since 1948, we are in for trouble.
"Please, don't delay in your reply. God's people need our help more now than ever and America needs to continue her support for Israel, if we are to remain a blessed nation." Comment: In 1948 the U.S.A. was comparatively free from poverty, disease, and crime. We were respected by all nations, even our defeated foes. Now, after 35 years of massive help to the Jews, the U.S. is headed for destruction. Yet Falwell insists "God is blessing America because we help the Jews." The very opposite is true: we need to reverse our course.
"Remember, Israel and the Jewish people are the apple of God's eye and He will take action against all nations who try to destroy his first love. Please mail your postcards and rush a special gift of $20 today. Comment: If God will "take action against all nations who try to destroy the Jews, then if Russia is really trying to destroy the Jews, God should destroy Russia, right? When then does Falwell worry about the Jews? The truth is that Falwell' s whole teaching that "the Jews are God's Chosen People" is false.

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