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Edmund Burke
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8 July 1983. Thought for the Week: "No method of procedure has ever been devised by which liberty could be divorced from self-government. No plan of centralisation has ever been adopted which did not result in bureaucracy, tyranny, inflexibility, reaction and decline…. Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted it breaks down representative Government, and overwhelms democracy. It is the one element in our institutions that sets up the pretence of having authority over everybody and being responsible to nobody."
U.S.A. President Calvin Coolidge (1926)


By Eric D. Butler
By a narrow majority of 4-3, the High Court of Australia, following the precedent established in the Koowarta case last year, has said in effect that the Federal system of government in Australia can be destroyed without the Australian people being consulted. A constitutional revolution is now well advanced and there is little time left in which to reverse that revolution.

It is nearly 50 years now since Australia's Attorney General, Dr. H.V.Evatt, friend and admirer of the famous Marxist theoretician, Dr.Harold Laski, suggested that it was possible to extend the power of the Federal Government over the States by using the Charter of the United Nations. Backed by the Communists and many "useful innocents" Dr. Evatt had made his first major bid for centralised power during the Second World War. With the exception of the servicemen's vote, influenced by the Communist domination of the Army "educational" services, there was a massive NO vote in all parts of Australia at the 1944 referendum. Dr. Laski lamented the defeat of his friend Evatt's bid to tear up the Federal Constitution. Dr. Evatt made another, more limited attempt in 1946, but again did not achieve his objective.

Needless to say, Dr. Evatt s spiritual successor, Senator Gareth Evans with substantial support from another Evatt devotee, Mr. Justice Lionel Murphy, is delighted with the High Court decision. In typical Orwellian manner, the man who has worked to tear up a constitution, which sought to protect the individual against centralised power, now says he will bring down a Bill of Rights!

Not surprisingly, in the individual judgments of the High Court decision last week, the strongest support for the Federal power came from Mr. Justice Murphy. Mr. Justice Murphy's 27-page statement is a classic exposition of the philosophy of the World State. Mr. Murphy claims that preservation of the "world heritage" should not be looked on in isolation but as a part of a co-operation between nations ''calculated to achieve intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind''. This would, according to the learned judge, reinforce "the bonds between people which promote 'peace' and displace those of narrow nationalism and alienation which promote war".
This type of language will produce gusts of applause from the masters of psychopolitical war in the Kremlin.

Mr. Murphy indicates the shape of things to come by going on to praise the work of the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organisation, under whose auspices the World Heritage Convention was created. UNESCO was encouraging people to think internationally, to regard the culture of their own country as part of world culture, to conceive a physical, spiritual and intellectual world heritage…
"Mr. Murphy then went on to join in the charge that Europeans have practised "genocide" against the Aboriginals. This will be now quoted internationally as part of the growing campaign at the United Nations to depict Australia as a "racist" nation, one which must be forced to concede separate nation status to all those who claim to be Aboriginals.

As the Nation reels under a revolution, which has opened the way for the progressive extension of centralised power, one might ask where are the so-called anti-Socialist party leaders?
Following in the footsteps of Mr. Bob Hawke, Federal Opposition Leader Mr. Andrew Peacock is in the U.S.A., where according to one report, he "rounded off an impressive performance" behaving "in a totally civilised and statesmanlike way". Mr. Peacock is a close friend of Senator Edward Kennedy whose staff, according to one report from Washington, regards Mr. Peacock as being to the Left of Mr. Hawke!

The first essential for the survival of an independent Australian Federation of Sovereign States, is that electors face the truth that there is no genuine anti-Socialist Opposition at Canberra and very little anywhere else. In his judgment last week, Mr. Justice Murphy confirmed the treacherous role of Mr. Malcolm Fraser in fostering the global programme for the World State. Mr. Murphy praised Mr. Fraser for having developed a ''national Conservation strategy which had adopted the three main objectives of 'living resource conservation' in the world conservation strategy. The Fraser Government played a major role in greasing the slip rails on which Mr. Gareth Evans, the Marxists, and other internationalists are now launching a major revolution against Australia.


The National Party State President in Queensland, Sir Robert Sparkes, has now issued an eleven-page statement giving his reasons for opposing a State Bank. Many would find his reasons far fetched and badly researched.
Among his claims are that the majority of State Bank advocates are motivated by the "funny money" social credit theories of the Australian League of Rights; that Government involvement with a State Bank would be synonymous with "socialist-communist philosophy", and that a State Bank would be an electoral disadvantage for the State Government.

The National Secretary of the Institute of Economic Democracy, Mr. Jeremy Lee, has now written a booklet replying to Sir Robert's arguments, point-by-point, which is expected off the printing press by the end of July. Mr. Lee points out that Sir Robert Sparkes was advocating the provision of loan funds to primary producers affected by drought, low prices and rising costs "below 3%" in 1971. He asks how Sir Robert aims to achieve this admirable target?

Mr. Lee will be conducting a statewide tour throughout Queensland in August, speaking on "The State Bank and the Constitution." Details of dates and venues will appear in On Target shortly.

Sir Robert has been joined by the State Treasurer, Dr. Edwards, who in a recent statement (Toowoomba Chronicle, 16/6/83) claimed: "No State Bank could be established in any State of Australia outside the Commonwealth Banking Act. It is quite incredible to find a State Treasurer and Party leader making such a claim.
A short perusal of the Constitution would be enough to show Dr. Edwards what nonsense he is talking. The wording is quite clear. It was clarified by the High Court in a case in 1947 in these words: "...The exception of State Banking means that a general law of the Commonwealth governing the business of banking cannot affect the operations of a State Bank within the State concerned. The express inclusion in the federal legislative power of State Banking extending beyond the limits of the State concerned gives added point to the exception. For it shows that State Banking was contemplated as a possible function of government which should be excluded from the operation of federal law within the territorial limits of the authority concerned... (City of Melbourne v Commonwealth of Australia, CLR Vol.74, pp 77-78)


It can hardly be claimed the Communists are in retreat under the Hawke Government. First comes the news that Mr. Elliott Johnson Q.C. has been made a judge of the South Australian Supreme Court. He will resign from the Communist Party to take this position. Those who remember the courageous Adelaide lady Mrs. Anne Neil, whose sensational exposures of the Communist Party rocked many audiences in the late sixties, will also recall that she worked closely with Elliott Johnson during her eight years inside the Party as an agent for Australian Security. Mrs. Neil set up several Communist Fronts in Adelaide, which operated under close Soviet liason.
So successful was Mrs. Neil that she was finally sent on a trip, with several Communists and fellow travelers, though the Soviet Union. She referred often to Elliott Johnson's selfless dedication to the Communist programme. Tapes of her addresses after finally completing her Security role, are still available.

Secondly, comes this item from The National Times (June 24-30, '83) "A decision of the Security Appeals Tribunal has held that membership of the Communist Party of Australia is not in itself enough to bar access by a public servant to documents classified as "secret" by the Federal Government ... ASIO argued that the Communist Party of Australia and the Young Communist Movement were "subversive organisations, as defined in sections of the ASIO Act of 1979, which had flowed from recommendations by Justice Hope in his previous Royal Commission on intelligence in 1977. The definition of subversion in the Act covers "activities that involve, will involve or lead to or are intended or likely ultimately to involve or lead to the use of force or violence or other unlawful acts (whether by those persons or by others) for the purpose of overthrowing or destroying the constitutional government of the Commonwealth or of a State or of a Territory".

ASIO's submissions ... were rejected by the tribunal, presided over by Justice Samuels of the NSW Supreme Court. The tribunal said it was not satisfied that the CPA was a subversive organisation within the meaning of the Act... Hard on this decision, the A.B.C.'s "Nationwide" ran a programme whitewashing Australian Communists as "different" to Communists elsewhere in the world. So presumably we're expected to believe the Communist Party of Australia now has repudiated its own bible, "The Communist Manifesto", which concludes with these words: "The Communists distain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win."

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