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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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29 July 1983. Thought for the Week: "As wealth can be defined as everything that contributes to the weal of man, the Christian should extend the term in his thinking far beyond its generally accepted reference to material resources and possessions, including money. Until that is done, we cannot see the problem in true perspective. Wealth must be spiritually discerned, that is, seen in the light of the purposes of God, before it can be seen aright. Here is the justification of the claim that the Church should have a word to say, and should say it, where the problems of wealth and its management are concerned."
From the Preamble to Wealth: A Christian View (1962)


As a number of distinguished Jews, like Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, author of the suppressed "Zionist Connection", and Mr. Moshe Menuhin, who wrote "The Decadence of Judaism in Our Times", have stressed, Political Zionism operates an international propaganda and terror movement which treat anti-Zionist Jews even more ruthlessly than it does other opponents.
Political Zionists have always believed that gullible or misled Christians were a powerful "secret weapon", used first to justify the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their home land by the Zionist terrorists in 1948, and subsequently to ensure that the Zionist State of Israel continued to receive American aid irrespective of its expansionist policies.

While Begin's Beirut holocaust was producing massive Israeli demonstrations against the Israeli government, Zionists once again turned to their "secret weapon" in the United States, to men like the Rev. Jerry Falwell, of Moral Majority fame. Mr.Falwell's continued support for his friend Begin has produced major convulsions in the ranks of Americas Christians, with a financial backlash resulting in a major drop in revenue for Falwell's television ministry. A major split has developed between those Moral Majority supporters who want to distance themselves from Zionist atrocities and those who, like Jerry Falwell, believe that the Zionists are "chosen" and can do no wrong.

In a sensational report on the convulsion amongst Christians, the hard-hitting Washington weekly, "Spotlight", in its issue of April 4th, states that a delegation of concerned Christians called upon Falwell and asked why the Moral Majority leadership had not condemned the holocaust caused by the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Falwell replied that the Jews were God's chosen people and Christians had no option but to support them in all things. He also added, somewhat as an afterthought that the Moral Majority could not operate without Jewish support. "When Falwell was asked by the stunned delegation whether he felt it was necessary to have Jewish approval to preach the Gospel, he whispered 'Yes'. The delegation informed Falwell that they regretfully would have to advise their members to send their contributions to preachers who do not require the permission of non-Christians to preach the Gospel.

"The Spotlight" report continued: "Another embarrassing confrontation occurred when a group of ministers asked Falwell whether he found it inconsistent to promote Zionism alongside such ardent Zionist fundraisers as Norman Lear, Al Goldstein and Hugh Hefner. All these are high-ranking operatives of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), Israel's unregistered alien lobby in the United States. "Producer Lear has been in charge of ridiculing Christian values on the television networks for the last 20 years, while porn peddlers Goldstein and Hefner have been insulting every face of Christian morality every day of the year. The trio often brag that they have ushered in 'the permissive society".
"....Falwell, who cited Lear's corrosion of morality as the reason for starting his Moral Majority movement, found it very difficult to explain how his close links with the ADL would benefit morality. All he could say was that it is the only way he could prove he was 'not anti-Semitic' and 'the only way I can stay on the air'.
"The ministers told Falwell he was compromising the very essence of Christianity, and they could no longer be a party to such 'moral shortsightedness'."

A former Falwell fundraiser is quoted as saying that Falwell was caught between the devil and ADL. If Falwell continues to support the Zionists his Christian support will continue to fall. But if he doesn't "the ADL is going to put him out of business". The Rev. Jerry Falwell is apparently in the same position as his Australian friend, the Rev. Fred Nile, who found it necessary to attack the League of Rights in the New South Wales Legislative Council on behalf of his Zionist friends.


The nauseating prospect of the compulsory acquisition of tax monies to pay for party propaganda at election time now hangs over Australians. The Australian (16/7/83} said: ".... It could result in party machine-men having their budgets boosted by hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars each year... Ironically, the Liberals - who say they are philosophically opposed to such funding - pressed the need for financing party secretariats harder than did the A.L.P. ...the Liberal proposal would provide annual payments to the national secretariats of the parties, to be used by those secretariats at their discretion...."

The Liberals' expediency is about par for the course. What a mockery they have made of their admirable platform - which pays lip service to individual choice, limited government, limited taxation; the federal system and a multitude of other worthy ideals which party hacks are gaily and gleefully tramping into the mud. One of the essential freedoms which steadily evolved through the British parliamentary system over hundreds of years was that of "taxation by consent" - the right of each taxpayer to the assurance that his taxes would not be squandered on projects of which he personally disapproved. Taxation by consent - and in fact a resurrection of the ideals of Magna Carta - are urgently required as Australian politicians drag this country to its lowest point in history.


New moves to have a single law of defamation in the hands of the Commonwealth are in progress. The chairman of the Australian Law Reform Commission, Mr. Justice Kirby, has claimed this is now possible as a result of the Tasmanian Dams decision. Mr. Justice Hunt, a noted defamation lawyer, told the Australian Legal Convention in Brisbane last week that such a move would be a fundamental error. The Age (15/7/83) described the contention thus: "....A crucial issue ... will be whether the model legislation will carry out an earlier decision by the trading committee of Attorney General that truth alone will not be a complete defence for defamation. In February 1982 the Attorney General decided that for a publisher to succeed he or she would have to prove that the publication was not only true, but was for the public benefit. Once we put courts in a position of deciding which truths are "pro bono publico" (in the public's interest), Heaven help us. Please note that this idea was introduced before the advent of the Hawke Government!


The revelation by a retired Oxford University don, Mrs. Jennifer Hart, that she was recruited as a "sleeper" by the Soviet before the Second World War, further confirms the successful Soviet penetration of the British security services. Mrs. Hart is the wife of Professor Herbert Hart, a former principal of Barsenose College, Oxford, and a senior MI5 officer during World War II. working alongside Anthony Blunt. Mrs. Hart had the same Soviet controllers as the traitors Burgess and Maclean. A Communist 'sleeper' is one who never becomes a member of a Communist Party and, having gained entry to sensitive positions, only starts leaking information after establishing an impeccable reputation. This may take years. How many Communist "sleepers" are there in influential positions in Western societies?

The High Court has recently made another far reaching decision, stating that the Taxation Commissioner can "break and enter" in order to obtain documents or evidence. This decision was the result of a case stemming from the Taxation Commissioner's complaint that the manager of a branch of the State Bank of Victoria had refused to open a document room door. The Commissioner took the matter to the High Court, which has ruled that the Commissioner can take "any steps necessary to remove any physical obstruction to gain access to information". Clearly legal privilege and confidentiality is finished in Australia. The Courts are increasingly becoming the instruments of the State, offering the hard-pressed citizen little or no protection against the demands of the State. What is urgently required is a revolt against the present oppressive levels of taxation. Now is the time to let all Federal parliamentarians know that a vote for increased taxation in the coming Budget will be carefully noted for future electoral action.


The Sunday Telegraph (July 10th) reported: State Governments may be asked to support moves by Federal Labor MPs for the reintroduction of death and gift taxes - and offered some of the spoils in return.... Senator Robert Ray, who has put forward the proposal, said ".... Approval for death duties to be collected by the Federal Government would come from a broader base if the States were given all or part of the revenue - estimated at $400 million a year...."
By far the most popular action ever taken by the Queensland Premier Joh Bejelke-Petersen was the elimination of death duties - a move which forced other State Governments and the Commonwealth to follow suit. Bob Hawke will certainly have a fight on his hands if he tries to re-introduce this one - but then the elimination of inheritance is a basic socialist platform - and Bob Hawke is a socialist first and last!


The following comment, which we take from the Canadian issue of On Target (July 4th) was in turn taken from "The Toronto Sun" (June 26th):
"On the surface the visit of Prince Charles and Princess Diana has just been spectacular fun to watch. "Thirty years ago every schoolchild in Canada had to make scrapbooks covering the visits of British royals. They oohed and aahed over the handsome Philip and admired the serenity of the Queen. "But there was never a fairytale princess like Diana.
"Watching the faces of schoolchildren as they looked up at Diana, wearing dresses that made her look like some swan princess, spun sugar veiled hats, and jewelry sparkling at her throat, was to see children thrown into a world where fantasies had a brief moment of reality. "Highlights had to include an embarrassed Richard Hatfield overcome with the wonder of it all, and an embarrassed Princess Di listening to her proud husband burble on about his hopes for more children.
"There is a side to the British monarchy though that is of a little more significance than tiaras and curtseys. "The British monarchy led the world in developing the responsible constitutional monarchy - one that relinquished politics and acknowledged the supremacy of the people through Parliament. "It was not developed without difficulties - and the odd beheading- but the principle of a constitutional monarchy is one the world owes England. "There are, of course, other ways to manage a state. It can be done as the Americans do, very successfully, without a royal family at all. "But our Royal Family gives us a living tie to the very best of our values. A symbol of the family, of civility, of duty and service, of respect for the law, of liberty. "And it is our Royal Family, loved by Canadians of every background, not just those of British descent.
"The British monarchy will probably outlive just about every other one because, in their development of a constitutional role, they have never lost sight - as perhaps some of the Scandinavian or surviving European royals have - of the importance of retaining some mystique. "British royals are accessible but a little distanced from the ordinary hurly burly. And as such, the values for which they stand remain as untarnished as is possible in a world that trashes so much that is good".
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