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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 August 1983. Thought for the Week: "The race problem is not insoluble. But so long as it is not dealt with effectively on sound basic principles, it remains to act as a fertile breeding ground for revolutionary, socialistic, nihilistic movements now so widely and strongly entrenched. These movements are bent on the destruction of Western Christian Civilisation. The spoils can be divided later."
Sir Arthur Keith, in The Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilisation.


At the conclusion of a highly successful tour of New Zealand, Mr. Chas Pinwill Queensland State Director of The Australian League of Rights, filed the following informative and perceptive report:
With the Williamsburg Summit giving tentative support to an international form of currency to replace the (U.S.) Dollar in international deals, and 49 countries now endorsing the Common Fund, the New International Economic Order is coming closer to establishment. In this international environment, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Mr. Muldoon, is playing a surprisingly aggressive role in pushing the N.I.E.O. programme forward.

In repeated statements in the New Zealand Press, Mr. Muldoon has been calling for a new Bretton Woods Agreement to update the original one of 1948. It was at Bretton Woods that the International Monetary Fund and what is now called the World Bank were established. Obviously a new conference would only make sense if expanded functions and powers were intended for the I.M.F. and World Bank.

Mr. Muldoon has now clearly allied himself with the Socialist Government of France in calling for an international bureaucracy with increased powers to issue an international form of currency, and among other things to finance a Common Fund to control the volume and pricing of basic commodities worldwide. As an Australian, where very few people know much of Bretton Woods, I was surprised to see a major newspaper article in New Zealand on the history and controversy of this Conference of almost 40 years ago. Needless to say, no mention was made of the fact that the creative mind behind Bretton Woods was in fact that of Mr. Harry Dexter White, at that time an Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Mr. White later committed suicide when exposed as a Soviet agent, and to this day remains something of a mystery man, with his background and place of birth unproven.

New Zealand shows all the symptoms of a Nation preoccupied with its financial difficulties. A company increasing its profits, by say $5 million, which would rate a mention in the financial pages of Australian newspapers, may well be front-page news in major Kiwi newspapers. Mr. Muldoon's former Chairmanship of the I.M.F. and his recent attempt to apply pressure upon the Australian Government on behalf of the N.Z. National Bank (owned by Lloyds of London) to force its entry into Australia, indicate both where he stands and who stands behind him.

Mr. Muldoon's threat to expel either the A.N.Z. or the Westpac banking groups from New Zealand unless Australia agreed to all foreign banks entry into Australia was widely reported and produced considerable astonishment in N.Z. Both banks now threatened reacted with bemused tolerance, as one might expect from adults - clearly in a superior position - in observing the strange antics of a child.

With wages lower and prices much higher than in Australia (petrol at 71c per litre) only the massive social welfare programme is preventing a social explosion. Having imposed a wages and prices freeze, in my opinion the N.Z. Government is somewhat in the posture of the man with a tiger by the tail. Dare they let go before the next election? Just how angry the tiger is, is a matter of national conjecture. When the price and wage catch-ups are let loose no government can win.

The N.Z. immigration policy, which has brought a swift increase in the Polynesian population, especially in the north, is causing increasing concern. Auckland, with several suburbs with Polynesian majorities, has one of the highest levels of breaking-and-entry crimes in the world. Assault and rape crimes are continually reported in the press and the racial undertones of these crime are a subject for discussion privately, in every home. Open discussion is inhibited because of the country's Race Relations laws under which several prosecutions have been made. Nevertheless, race relations have slipped considerably in recent years; the Race Relations "Industry" notwithstanding.

New Zealand remains a most bountiful country, as a tour across the green acres will quickly affirm. New Zealanders will this year exceed their usual quota of 25% of the U.S.A.'s beef imports. Their frozen fat lamb in storage, if placed end to end, would reach from N.Z. to Sydney and back again four times. The Soviet has just consented to taking up to one hundred thousand tons (100,000) of shipments. The price has remained undisclosed, no doubt because of the subsidised rate and the possible political implications in N.Z.

Even in terms of orthodox economics it is hard to fathom the economic policies of the N.Z. Government. Coal, which is plentiful, has been deliberately increased in price by the Government to bring it closer to parity with oil. Oil substitution is being deliberately inhibited and the reason given is that the plant change-over capital cost is too high. Yet billions are then borrowed overseas for a motor spirit from a natural gas plant. New Zealand, like Europe, could easily produce its own sugar from sugar beet, thus limiting its now totally imported sugar. The Government shows no interest. The Social Credit Party, without any knowledge of Social Credit, continues to miss every opportunity for constructive suggestions, and has slipped from polling 21% last election to 10-12% now. It is a third rate third party.

From the meetings addressed during the 5-week tour, it is clear that the New Zealand League of Rights is fulfilling a role which no political party can match; has a solid core of support, and is well able to finance the tours of visiting speakers. Acting National Director (of the N.Z. League of Rights), Mr. Bill Daly, produces an excellent On Target and literature sales continue at a high level. An expanding base of support is gradually being won for future campaigns and activities. (Clearly little New Zealand offers a ray of hope for the future of Christian Civilisation.... Editor On Target)


The continuing powerful influence of the Political Zionists in the U.S.A. has once again been demonstrated by the Reagan administration's failure to force Israel to withdraw its troops from Southern Lebanon. In a press conference last week President Reagan said that he would express his concern to Israel Foreign and Defence Ministries about the failure of Israel to accede to American demands. But the Israelis are contemptuous of such expressions of "concern" while Zionist influence inside the U.S.A. ensures that American financial and military aid continues to flow to Israel. Not only are the Israelis defying the U.S.A. about Lebanon, they continue to harass the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, killing and wounding a number of people last week in an attack of a village. President Reagan's appeals for a halt to the establishment of Israeli settlements on the West Bank area are also treated with contempt. It is not surprising that American standing and influence continues to sink throughout the whole Arab world. Soviet strategists continue to be optimistic about the prospects to exploit the results of Political Zionist influence in the U.S.A.

We are not surprised to note that the latest public opinion polls show that, in spite of the Hawke Government's record, public support has actually increased since the March elections. One of the major factors in the current political situation is the lack of any parliamentary opposition. Andrew Peacock is perceived for what he is - a shallow politician trying to pretend that he is a statesman. His Deputy, John Howard, is remembered as a Treasurer who appeared regularly on television to make the most inane comments in his attempts to defend disastrous financial policies.


The Australian (26/7/83) gave this picture of the world's wheat situation:
"...The International Wheat Council (IWC) reckons this year's total wheat harvest will be 484 million tonnes, which is the same as last year's record. President Andropov of the Soviet Union will have a stroke of luck - a total grain harvest of over 200 million tonnes, the highest for five years. China's wheat crop looks like being a record 75 million tonnes (10 percent more than last year); India's a record 41.5 million tonnes (also up 10 percent).
As the crop year ended in June, about 100 million tonnes of wheat were piled up in silos round the world, and another 160 million tonnes of course grain (maize and barley). The IWC reckons that, wheat stocks will rise to 119 million tonnes by this time next year…"

A simple calculation shows that if current unsaleable stocks of grain in the world were distributed, every family of four on earth could be given 40 lbs of wheat and 65 lbs of maize and barley. It would keep the wolf from the door, at least until the next anticipated bumper crop rolls in. But the "Merchants of Grain" would probably miss out on their profits, wouldn't they?

Common Law Heritage

The following letter was published in The Chronicle (Toowoomba) on July 25th over the name of "George Cook", who is official spokesman, Australian Festival of Light, Community Standards Organisation (Queensland), Newmarket, Brisbane:
"Although it is now known that the United Kingdom will not ratify the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the reason why is not widely known in Australia. "We asked the National Festival of Light, England, to find out for us and they informed us that the reason is the United Kingdom Government has realised that ratifying the UN Convention would destroy the system of English Common Law built up over the centuries.
"Professor Jenks, quoted in 'Outline of Law in Australia', by John Baalman, published by the Law Book Company of Australia Ltd., states, 'Substantially speaking, the modern world acknowledges only two great original systems of law, the Roman and English'.
Mr. Baalman continues:
'the system in force throughout Australia is English law. We share that privilege with most of the English speaking peoples of the world'. "We, in Australia inherit our Common Law from England, and this is too precious a heritage to be thrown away by ratifying this U.N. Convention. Any government that would do so is un-Australia..."

The Right to Do Nothing
The following pithy letter was published in The Advertiser (Adelaide) July 12th. over the name of a "Mrs. K. A. Samuels, of Tasmore:
"Recently the Federal Attorney General, Senator Gareth Evans, referred to the preparation of a Bill of Rights for Australia. "A Bill of Rights is an emotional issue, especially so for those who believe we should have one. "However, such a Bill would remove far more rights than it could possibly confer. At present, what is not legislated against is lawful, but with a Bill of Rights the reverse would apply - anything not listed could be regarded as not a right and, therefore, unlawful by omission.
"It would be quite impossible and undesirable to list all 'rights' in any bill and therefore, in view of the very real dangers, I firmly believe the status quo should prevail."

Foreign Control?
To add weight to the above letters, the following was published in The Chronicle (Toowoomba) July 18th over the name of a "Joe Sherger", of Haden (Qld.):
"The present Federal Labor Government, following Labor Party policy, intends to legislate to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. "Should Australia ratify this convention, a committee of 23 'expert' nations could dictate our Australian laws, because, in 1975, Australia declared that it 'recognised as compulsory, ipso facto, the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice'. "Australia is not included among the 23. Only one is an English-speaking nation (Canada), and 10 are Communist countries, Russia and China included. "This could mean the removal of the Bible from State schools, our law courts, and in fact all public places.
"There are members of parliament who are prepared to vote for ratification of this Covenant without having read the document, as evident from an interview with Mrs. Roslyn Kelly, M.P. by Betty Hocking. Mrs. Kelly confessed, in a friendly but rather embarrassed manner, that she had never studied the convention in any detail. She also stated that the Government would ratify the convention as soon as possible..."

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