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Edmund Burke
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On Target

23 September 1983. Thought for the Week: "As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities.'


Mr. Eric Butler reports from New Zealand
New Zealand primary producers have demonstrated over a long period of time that they are some of the most innovative farmers in the whole world. They have, of course, been favoured by an environment which is almost perfect for many types of production. Under the whip of inflation, production has been driven progressively upwards. And, as even with realistic financial policies, New Zealanders could not possibly consume all this production, they have been conditioned to believe that they must "export or perish".
"How are we going to pay for oil imports if we don't export?" is a question I am often asked. In order to answer this question, one needs to ask another question: "How much oil has to be imported in order to grow enough food which in turn has to be exported merely to try to overcome a shortage of domestic purchasing power, or to service the massive external debt which has been imposed upon the unfortunate New Zealand people?" The truth is that present financial policies force all nations to overdrive their economies. An enormous amount of production is both unnecessary and wasteful.

Some years back enterprising New Zealanders discovered that many parts of New Zealand were almost ideal for producing that exotic gooseberry which became known as kiwi fruit. And when it was discovered that kiwi fruit could be sold for high prices in the Northern Hemisphere, the kiwi fruit industry exploded into what became know as New Zealand's glamour crop of horticulture. Land prices were forced up and growing numbers went heavily into debt convinced that New Zealand had struck a goldmine. But the goldmine soon attracted the attention of people in Australia, South American countries, Italy, France, Greece and Israel.

The end result was inevitable. World production has quickly escalated, with an estimate that within eight years, the current New Zealand kiwi fruit production will have exploded by eight to nine times. Already major markets like Germany are glutted to the point where prices have seriously declined. No wonder a spokesman for the New Zealand Kiwi fruit industry says that the future is "daunting", and that large numbers of growers will become bankrupt. One cynic has suggested that the only hope for the industry is for the Soviet leaders to encourage a taste for kiwi fruit amongst the Russians and offer to buy large quantities at low prices subsidised by the New Zealand taxpayers. After all, this has already been done with the cheap New Zealand meat sent to the Soviet.

Unfortunately the innovation of New Zealanders has not yet been extended to regarding consumption as the true purpose of production, with consumer discounts used to ensure that New Zealanders can consume the maximum of their own high quality production. But the idea is starting to grow as desperate New Zealanders contemplate worse disasters ahead.


"Any move to implement a national treaty between the Federal Government and the Aboriginal people should be done by way of a referendum, a Senate committee has found. The Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs said the best way of achieving such a treaty, or makarrata, would be by way of inserting a clause in the Constitution, which would require referendum. However, the committee's two-year inquiry has thrown up some legal obstacles to the negotiation of a compact, a major one being who should represent the Aboriginal people in working out such a treaty..." Australian (14/9/83)

The Makarrata Committee, which has been pushing the treaty idea for some time, is headed by the former Reserve Bank head, and prominent Fabian, Dr. "Nugget" Coombs. Its another of those ideas which sounds nice and reasonable at first appearance, but which has highly dangerous implications. Such a treaty would be regarded under international law as a treaty between two sovereign nations; - the implications being that sovereign nations are entitled to sovereign territory. This is the first surreptitious step towards the communist objective - so well exposed in Geoff McDonald's blockbuster "Red Over Black", of splitting off large slices of Australia into separate aboriginal sovereignties, which could then be exploited for deeper revolutionary purposes. Aborigines already have representatives like all Australians, they may vote for candidates to represent them in the Federal parliament.


The Australian (14/9/83) carried a government advertisement, announcing an "Attorney General's Department Review of the Racial Discrimination Act". It went on:
"Major issues for consideration include:
(i) Dealing with race hatred propaganda;
(ii) the operation of enforcement mechanism;
(iii) The relationship between the Act and Aboriginal land rights legislation.

The indefatigable Senator Gareth Evans and his department are wasting no time in molding Australia's morals with new legislation. There's always a noble and high-sounding motive for banning free speech. There will always, in a free society, be views published which some may find objectionable. But nothing could be more dangerous or objectionable than a government appointed board with powers to suppress political, social or racial views.
The confiscation of literature and the burning of books are the obvious nazi-like corollaries... It is worth reflecting on the fact that men like former Labor leader Arthur Caldwell, who once said that "Two Wongs don't make a White"; or Sir Billy Snedden, who, a few years ago, warned strongly of the dangers of Asian immigration, may well have been silenced in the sort of society that Gareth Evans would inflict on Australians with the aid of his "Task Force For Human Rights".

It doesn't take much second sight to foresee that the League of Rights would be a major target for such legislation, and that the reality behind "human rights" would be a multitude of human wrongs, including intimidation and harassment, as is currently happening in Canada. It's marvellous how liberal the "small l's" can be - until they meet someone who disagrees with them, when they become humourless, puritanical sober sides. They can't defend their views, so they must silence their critics by force if necessary.


Another of the many interminable "crisis" conferences is coming up - The Annual World Bank and IMF Conference, due to be held in Washington. The Capitalists and the Communists take "turn about" with this one, last year it was held in Belgrade. They have a brilliant new answer to the Latin American debt crisis - create some more SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), which they will lend to the bankrupts to pay their debts!


Dr. George Shaw, a senior lecturer in history at Queensland University, has made some valid points on the ineffectualness of contemporary historians. He contends:
"...Since 1914 nothing has grown so dramatically as the influence of the State. Whereas its international activities once mauled communities and sometimes devastated nations, they now threaten the existence of civilisation itself. The historical background to these changes demand priority of treatment in historical investigation..."

Dr. Shaw suggests that historians are dealing with peripheral issues as a means of evading this huge threat to civilisation, and that it is time they really dealt with history. (Australian, 14/9/83) The only trouble is - they'd soon run foul of Gareth Evan's "Task Force On Human Rights" if they did!


Mr. Ian Macphee, former Immigration Minister in the Fraser Coalition Government, is now not only supporting Susan Ryan's Sex Discrimination Bill but also attacking the National Party, which is opposing it. The Rev. David McDougall recently addressed the Melbourne Conservative Speakers' Club on the implications of Senator Susan Ryan's Bill reading from the Bill, and then, logically, outlining the various implications there from.
By the gales of waffle blowing from the politicians at Canberra, one does wonder if many of the politicians have even read the Bill. Concentration is put upon the role of the woman in the home etc., but the implications run much, much, more deeply than that. For example, there are the provisions of the Bill affecting Industry. No politician has mentioned that business principals will be expected, as the Bill's provisions come to be applied, to ensure that the labour force is evenly divided. That is, that a proprietor of a factory employing 30 men and 5 women, will be expected (and the Bill can compel this) to dispense with 16 men, and replace these with women! This is in the Bill. This type of legislation is now in force in the U.S.A., and it is causing all manner of unheralded problems, as could be imagined by anyone with a smidgeon of common sense.

Stupid Man can pass all manner of laws, and make regulations to declare that black is white, but Reality and Truth are still out there in God's world. God's natural and moral laws still apply, in spite of all the Gareth Evanses and Susan Ryans; and it makes not the slightest difference that Senators Gareth Evans and Susan Ryan almost certainly to not believe in God's laws. Again Stupid Man can "believe in absurdities" (as Voltaire said) but he will, as a result, commit (social) atrocities. Unfortunately, it will be the man and woman in the street who will be called upon to pay the price! Future historians will shake their heads in disbelief as they chronicle the "exploits" of those whose minds were crazed with false political ideologies.

Christians Speak Out
Until recently, most church leaders have been silent on the finance economic crisis gripping the world today. It looked as if they had nothing to offer in placing the crisis in the terms of the teachings of Christ. Then we have seen a rush of statements from various church leaders. The first was by Bishop Remi de Roo on behalf of the Canadian Conference of Catholic bishops. Their report sounded like a policy document from the socialists at prayer. Next came the World Council of Churches meeting in Vancouver, where their solution was the full implementation of the New International Economic Order, which couldn't be further from Christ's teachings.
If these church leaders had first read this 1983 edition of WEALTH -A CHRISTIAN VIEW, which is a report to the Congregational Union of Scotland, then we may not have seen these Marxist-Socialist policies being presented as Christian doctrine. This book is right now available from all League bookshops. Price: $3.50 posted.

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