Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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7 October 1983. Thought for the Week: "Have moral qualities any real existence and justification, or as the Socialists contend, are they merely a trick to make the mob easier to control? Socialist politics, while only a few steps further on the road, are obviously not hampered by any doubts on this point - they are completely a-moral. Their objective is the supremacy of the bureaucrat so long as he obeys orders. Nothing else."


The central feature of the League of Rights' National Weekend was the stress on the constitutional battle now facing Australia. National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, said that the very future of Australia was now at stake. "It is futile to be concentrating upon trying to renovate a building when the foundations have been demolished," he said. "The first essential is for those foundations to be restored."

Both at "The New Times" Dinner and in opening the League's Seminar, Mr. Bruce Ruxton, State President of the RSL, stressed the role being played by the RSL in opposing every attack upon traditional society, including the UN Convention concerning the abolition of all forms of discrimination against women. The threat of Aboriginal Lands Rights was stressed, with particular reference to the Land Rights Bill before the Victorian Parliament.
Extra seating had to be brought in to seat the big attendance at the National Seminar. Book sales reached a new record level. The whole National Seminar was video taped and tapes will be made available later. There was tremendous demand for cassette tapes with the fast recording equipment being tested to the maximum. Many tapes will have to be posted.

There was a stir when Mrs. Babette Francis of "Women Who Want To Be Women" (the Four Ws) prefaced her Paper on the UN Anti-Discrimination Convention by stating her Jewish friends had attempted to persuade her not to attend the Seminar. She also said that she wished to disassociate herself from the view that there was no Holocaust during the Second World War and that Israel had the right to exist.

Following Mrs. Francis, League of Rights Assistant National Director, Mr. Jeremy Lee, said he regretted that Mrs. Francis had been subjected to pressure, pointing out that it was this type of pressure against free speech, which the League of Rights was against. Mr. Lee also pointed out that it was a media created fiction that the League of Rights did not believe that there had been concentration camps and a Holocaust during the Second World War, with many Jews as well as other suffering. But many aspects of the Holocaust were open to serious doubt and the League believed that there must be freedom of discussion concerning questions of history.
Mr. Lee also pointed out that the League of Rights had never disputed the right of an independent Israel to exist.

Representatives from all States were present at the League's National Action Seminar, and the large attendance heard reports from all parts of the battlefront. Following a report from Queensland State Director, Mr. Chas Pinwill, on the Queensland State Elections, in which he stressed that the constitutional question had to be made the major issue, it was agreed to convey best wishes to the Queensland Premier, Mr. Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

Bold plans were outlined at the Action Seminar for future activities by the League. It was stressed that as the basic constitutional crisis deepened, increasing numbers of people were turning to the League of Rights because it offered the only constructive programme to meet the deepening crisis. In closing the National Weekend, Mr. Eric Butler said that it reflected the high level of morale amongst supporters and their understanding of the decisive role they were playing in the battle for Australia.


One of the highlights of the League's National Weekend was the announcement that at long last an updated paperback edition of Dr. Alfred Lilienthal's great classic, "The Zionist Connection" was available. The book contains material on the Beirut holocaust. The initial limited supplies will be made available for $12 per copy, $15 posted. But this price will only be for the immediate future, after which the price will be $18 posted. This great book is available from all League bookshops.


"The West Australian Department of Education is giving wide publicity to a radical plan to rewrite school history books and end their "bias" towards "war and war heroes". The proposal is among several being put forward by one of the State's newest lobby groups, Teachers for Nuclear Disarmament ... The disarmament groups says it advocates the introduction of peace studies at all levels of education from kindergarten to high school..." The Weekend Australian (October 1-2, 1983).

It appears there has been little delay in the manifestation of activities from Mr. Richard Butler, erstwhile husband of Senator Susan Ryan, who was recently appointed to the position of "Ambassador For Peace" by the Hawke Government. The Disarmament Group has its origins in the propaganda activities of the biggest military power on Earth - the U.S.S.R. Evidence of the huge propaganda network behind the peace and disarmament campaign has been provided by many notable commentators, including Vladimir Bukovsky, the Soviet dissident.

The insidious nature of the campaign is designed to inject into the minds of our children the notion that valour in war is synonymous with approval of war and bloodshed. The truth is vastly different. Many of the heroes of two world wars in the English-speaking world abhorred conflict and have anxiously sought ways of eliminating violence and conflict. But they have also realised there is one evil worse than war - slavery. For this reason, they have given the best part of their lives, often in appalling conditions, without comfort and amenities, and in great danger, so that their fellows and their children could retain the chance of building a peaceful world. To attempt to eradicate or misconstrue their role and purpose is sickening.

Men like Douglas Bader, Douglas MacArthur, Sir John Monash, and Australia's V.C. winner Albert Jacka, and women like Nancy Wake and Violette Szabo are giants when compared to the miserable misfits now trying to indoctrinate our children in West Australia. It is only a short step to a government funded campaign to ridicule the Returned Servicemen of Australia, whose reputation reached such heights at Gallipoli and Tobruk, and in the islands to our north where the barriers against an occupied Australia were so desperately defended. Those servicemen were the real architects of peace and security. They deserve better of us than this insidious denigration.

Jeremy Lee reports from Launceston

"Discussions I had yesterday with a prominent member of the Tasmanian Government confirmed the fact that the Liberal Party on a national basis is massively split, and in danger of complete disintegration. The steady infusion, over a number of years, of an alien "trendy" element with international socialistic views has, in essence, produced two parties under the one label.

The split in South Australia a few years ago, between traditional Liberals with a conservative bent, and the Liberal Reform movement, resulted in a bad trouncing for the "trendies"; shaken by their exposure and defeat, the trendy element since then have avoided any separation which provides an open distinction of parasite and host. As a result, a silent battle, completely unobserved by the general public, has waged within the Liberal Party, between traditional Liberals keen to keep their Party on its basic philosophical track, and a well-organised minority of alien parasites who are determined to hi-jack the Party "by way of dispossession" a veteran observer Ivor Benson succinctly put it.

The Australian (September 21, '83) in a leading front-page article, described this struggle for power within the Party most aptly, when reporting the reaction on Senator Susan Ryan's U.N. based "Anti-Sex Discrimination Bill":
"... Mr. Macphee unmistakably signaled the growing tensions in the Liberal Party between the so-called progressives and those who yearn for a more conservative, traditional society. It is a philosophical chasm that has been widening for about a decade. The conflict between "conservative" and "trendy" Liberals can be seen in many other issues at both State and Federal level.... As government after government has fallen to Labor on the mainland, the recriminations appear to get worse.... Many believe the political cancer within the Liberal Party is so advanced, especially at Federal level that there is now no effective Opposition in Canberra, and the Party can never recover under existing leadership.
Certainly, the Liberal Party in Tasmania is a different Party to its Federal counterpart. But even in Tasmania the socialistic trendy parasite has a few footholds.

It is this internal paralysing sickness within the non-Labor forces, which has allowed the Labor Party, under Mr. Hawke, such unwarranted sway and such an image of invincibility. What it means for Australia in the near future only time will tell. One thing seems certain; current political party demarcations, which have prevailed for so long, seem destined for a huge upheaval before long. Whether this will result in a purging of the socialistic trendy cancer may determine the Australia of the future.

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