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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

18 November 1983. Thought for the Week: "What we are witnessing in every sphere of social life today is the deliberate, conscious and systematic transfer of the control of policy from the individual - where it still exists - to a central body. We see this happening in the sphere of government, where once but no longer civil servants, trained in the techniques of bureaucracy, decide either with the acquiescence or at the direction of their Ministers, how much of your income you may retain, how much you must surrender to the government's financial masters as tribute in the form of debt charges, how much and what you may produce, what imported goods you may or may not be permitted to buy, and how the money filched from you in taxes shall be spent - even to advance treason or to subsidise criminals...
L.Denis Byrne,O.B.E, in Centralisation - The Policy of Satanism


Comment from Chas. Pinwill, Queensland State League Director
"The Queensland Liberal Party has never been in such a mess since its formation. The former leader of the Brisbane Liberal Aldermanic team, Alderman Syd McDonald Senior Vice President for a decade, and life member, has resigned from the Party. This is just part of the growing disintegration. "In this context the win of Mr. Don Cameron in the Moreton By-Election for the Liberals is significant.

"In the last general election, Mr. Jim Killen, well known and with a personal following - thanks to a high vote from postal and absentee votes - managed to hold the seat. After the distribution of all preferences, his favourable margin was under 1.6%. "This time, Don Cameron's vote was 52% before preferences. An easy victory, and if the 750 odd votes for independents gave him half of their second preferences the margin over the A.L .P. would be comfortable. "The National Party had no candidate in this By-Election. The Liberals have only six seats in the state Parliament now, so they are not exactly the favourite conservative party in Queensland.

"The result of this By-Election shows clearly that the bread-and butter issues have begun to bite. Superannuation tax, petrol taxes, asset taxes, tests for pensioners and the like are beginning to hurt. "Mr. Robert Hawke is playing statistics in order to put the best media construction on the result. This changes nothing: the Federal A.L.P. is on the slide.

"As the League of Rights has always pointed out, Mr. Bob Hawke will be beaten by mathematics. His orthodox financial approach must, by its very mathematics, force him towards higher taxes. In the next surge of inflation, high interest rates and unemployment, personality will not be an acceptable currency. It won't buy votes! "Mr. Hawke must next year (1984) go for an election; whilst the going's good. If the electorate is silly enough to give him his 4-year parliamentary terms (by referendum); this won't mean less elections. It will guarantee another Federal election within six months.

"With the continuing role of governments being to carry the can for unsatisfactory policies of financial orthodoxy, a 4 year term really affords six safe years for newly elected governments. That is, two years during which they can successfully blame the preceding government; at the end of which time an election can be held; and four more years before they are 'get-at-able'. "The fruits of the Hawke Government are just beginning to hit the electoral market. The answer is a lemon."


"Australia's forecast economic recovery was likely to be short lived and may be followed by a further recession, according to the Victorian Chamber of Manufactures". - The Age (Melbourne), November 14th.

There are many reasons for the small spurt in the growth rate of the Australian economy, which we believe must be brief, as stated above. Politicians are always grasping at straws, so to Mr. Hawke, a marginal drop in the inflation rate, with a small upswing in loans to homebuilders, means a full turn around in the economy. With beady politicians' eyes ever sweeping Voterland, we hear outrageous claims of marvelous economic things to come: yes, even tax reductions!
All that is happening is that some consumers cannot put off any longer the purchase of this or that; the Hawke Government doesn't seem too bad and isn't waging what can be seen as a direct war on capitalism so that small expansion can now go ahead. That sort of thinking is now fairly common in the community; but it can come to a dead stop.

Unemployment is down, marginally, as the result of the foregoing; but will again sweep into double figures when many school leavers will flood onto the employment market from next January (1984). "The "greying" of Australia's population, and the ever increasing demand for social services, as the economy and the community at large both continue to fragment, these will put pressure on the Treasury for a high deficit; meaning high interest rates, and high inflation.

The Victorian Chamber of Manufactures acknowledges; "Unemployment is likely to remain high in 1984 and all the indications are that both unemployment and inflation will be increasing again in 1985". Quite so. We agree with this. This is what Chas, Pinwill means when he says, "Bob Hawke will be beaten by mathematics", He will. But there are other forces, of great power, directly ahead of our present position in the developments of political economies throughout the Western world. One of the most powerful is the acceleration of sophisticated technology.

We have it on good authority that the technology which is now fully understood and is the pipeline for implementation within this century will make redundant 90% of the current work force in Western countries. How will Mr. Bob Hawke's "charm", "leadership", and "charisma" solve this "problem", which isn't a problem at all, but only seems a problem because of the quite insane adherence to a perverse system of finance economics, controlled rigidly by international financial entrepreneurs who will not release control until forced to do so. This will happen: the only issue in doubt is the suffering the world must undergo in the process. We here recall our "Thought for the Week" of September 23rd; viz. "As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities (Voltaire).


"The referendum proposals are 'relatively modest compared to future alterations to be proposed', as he (Senator Gareth Evans) put it. How much of it will be dismantled if he gets his way?" - Letter in The Australian, November 14th.

We sincerely hope that Senator Gareth Evans, and his quite totalitarian ideology; will be swept away with the Socialist Government led by Mr. Hawke. We have already commented upon this issue (above) Mr. Peter Robinson, political commentator with the Sydney Sun-Herald observed earlier this year that Mr. Hawke could be in danger if he does not "curb his crazies". The Letter quoted above is from a N.S.W. correspondent, and we shall republish it in this On Target Bulletin. It indicates that more and more people are becoming aware that there is a full-scale attack on the Australian Constitution in progress, and we can only hope and pray that this awareness explodes before it is too late to save ourselves from the shackles that are now being forged for us.

Let us look at the Gareth Evans proposed changes to the Constitution:
(a) Simultaneous elections. Malcolm Fraser tried to work this "swifty", but failed. We well recall his reported following this rejection. One commentator remarked that no one could get near him on the Monday following the referendum. The ostensible purpose of this proposal is to "synchronise" the election of both Houses of Parliament (more efficient, less expensive, etc.) The real purpose is to bring the Senate more under the control of that Party in control of the Treasury benches in the Lower House (the Government of the day). "If you don't pass this (Socialistic) legislation, we will force you to an early election, and you Senators may well lose your seats. Pass it, and you'll be safe until the next general election must be held." It's the Big Stick!
(b) 4-Year Parliamentary Terms Not a shred of evidence that 4, or even 5-year terms foster better government, but the concept very popular with politicians (an extra year of goodies at the taxpayers' expense).
(c) Interchange of Powers Between Federal Government and the States: A bypassing of the Constitution, which would enable the Canberra centralists to grab powers from the States without consultation of Victorians, Queenslanders, etc. A Socialist State government could sell us out to Big Brother in Canberra.
(d) Allowing the High Court to Give Advisory Opinions: Dangerous! If only because Senator Gareth Evans wants it! The subtleties are that a central government could "influence" a High Court in the direction of its ideology by giving "advance notice" of that direction.
(e) The Removal of Obsolete Provisions of the Constitution We have no quarrel with the Constitution as it was framed by the Founding Fathers, who, for example, clearly foresaw the development of new States (horror of horror to the Socialists, who want NO States!) One provision, which no doubt Senator Gareth Evans has in mind for the earliest removal is the power of the Queen to veto legislation within a certain period. As long as that is there, his mind, in its ideological straight jacket, will never be at rest. Such a power which, at least on paper, the Queen does have for our protection, is "obsolete", of course!



Just a name to us also, but the letter from one of its officials seems well on the ball to us, and worthy of the attention of our supporters: It was published in the "Knox Sherbrooke News" (Vic.) on November 1st:
"In response to your article in the Lerwick column (Oct. 12th) I heartily concur with you as to the perilous condition of our country. "The Governor General and Federal Parliament have broken Clauses 4 and 5 of the Preamble of the Federal Constitution. They have broken Sections 2,44,58,61,72,73,76,80,100,106,107, 108 and 119. They have also violated Section 9 of the Statute of Westminster Adoptions Act, 1942 - which refers to the sovereign rights of the States. Section 9 (1) says that nothing in this Act shall be deemed to authorise Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia to make laws on any matter within the authority of the States of Australia - not being a matter within the authority of the Parliament or Government of the Commonwealth of Australia."
"Section 100 of the Constitution reads: 'The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of the State or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters or rivers for conservation or irrigation. "Could our law be any more explicit? "All these laws have been broken as a result of the recent High Court decision on the Franklin Dam in Tasmania. "What is this country coming to when a Federal Government treads on Australia through the Tasmanian decision and then will not interfere in the Wran Government. "As Mr. Hawke said on radio 3 AW: 'It would be sheer hypocrisy for the Commonwealth Government to interfere with the affairs of a State'; and the very next day is off to Queensland to campaign against Joh Bjelke-Petersen. What a blatant hypocrite! "Wake up Australia before it is too late."
This letter was published over the name of a "Jeff Foley, Research Analyst, Constitutional Law, Australian Unity Movement.


This letter (we shall republish what space will allow) appeared in The Australian November 14th over the name of an "F.J.Parker", of Avoca Beach, N.S.W.:
"It was interesting to read in the press on October 24th that the Attorney General, Senator Evans, proposes alteration to the Constitution "Much of his comments and the proposed timing disturbs me greatly. His strident call to party members to 'recommence the revolution', and 'the battle cannot be won without a major, systematic campaign with full scale party organisation', is, I find, sinister.
"The Constitution, once governments have removed the right of appeal to the Privy Council, is all that there will be to protect and state our basic rights against possible government excesses and indiscretions.
"The referendum proposals are 'relatively modest compared to future alterations to be proposed', as he put it. How much of it will be dismantled if he gets his way?
"Furthermore, the date proposed for the referendum is February 25 and 'notices will start going out by February 7th.' Allowing for delays and late deliveries there will be then, at the very most, two weeks for public discussion and for the voters to fully understand the changes and implications, which could mean a whittling away of our basic rights.
"Responsible and honest government would give adequate time and information for everybody to think about and make their decisions. If he knows now what he is going to propose to us, if he is to be honest about it, he would let us all know now. There is nearly four months to go to the proposal date, why doesn't he let us know now what his intentions are?….
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