Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

25 November 1983. Thought for the Week: "A failure to conform with the will of successful politicians is habitually referred to as 'reaction' or resistance to 'change' which, we are commonly told, is the real cause of conflict or violence. There are, of course, two sorts of change, and it is true that failure to adjust to one of them, namely natural change, such as growth and maturation and ageing, is fruitful of disaster; but reaction against the other, destructive, sort of change - the kind which is imposed by violence, or by political intrigue and propaganda, and which violates the essential nature of the things changed, is not only the reverse of harmful or obstructive to progress, it is essential and vital for the survival of the status quo and its continuity, without which all further progress is impossible..."
Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs, in The Shape of Priests to Come.


"The Victorian Liberal Party has abandoned any commitment to Aboriginal Land Rights policies". - The Age (Melbourne) November 21st.

Now this is the first major "breakthrough" on the Aboriginal Land Rights issue to date, and let us be thankful for it. There is much ferment of a political nature "working" in the non-Socialist Australian body politic on this and other issues, such as the attack on the Australian Constitution, and it is now "spilling over" at a central level. Delegates to the Victorian Liberal Party's State Council at the weekend past overwhelmingly supported a motion condemning special privileges on land tenure and mineral rights for Aborigines despite strong criticism from Senator Missen. Of course, Senator Missen would oppose the Victorian Liberals, because he is a neo-Socialist, in general supporting the Hawke Government's policies, and who should never have been in the Liberal Party.

Let us repeat Senator Missen's comments on the Australian League of Rights, Mr. Jeremy Lee, and the recent decisions of the High Court re the Constitution:
" I do not usually bother to comment on material of the League of Rights which I regard as a generally despicable organisation and one which is thoroughly un-Australian. I have read the nonsensical article by Mr. Jeremy Lee (on the Attack on the Constitution). I believe that the interpretations which the High Court has made of our Constitution have generally been very desirable and in accordance with the best interest of the Australian people."

Letter to a League supporter
That tells us where Senator Alan Missen stands! However, despite the opposition of Senator Missen, the motion was carried. There was one strong voice; that of a Mrs. Sandra Francis, who stated that Federal and State Land Rights legislation could create a separate, powerful nation within Australia. Mrs. Francis said the separation of one group that had unique land and mineral ownership rights would create a form of apartheid in Australia. Senator Missen said this was "ludicrous". Others spoke of "outside groups" stirring up trouble among Aboriginal groups. The State Council unanimously endorsed a motion reaffirming the Party's strong support for uranium mining. So it's getting through in the South!

Mr. Jeff Kennett, the Leader of the Opposition in Victoria (Liberal) has challenged the National Party to stand candidates in every State seat. We think this would be a very good idea. Mr. Kennett added; "If the National Party wants to be taken seriously and develop policies for all Victorians I invite them to learn from the Premier of Queensland, Mr. Bjelke-Petersen, and stand a candidate in every seat". Non-Victorian supporters must bear in mind that there has been a long political history of antagonism between the Liberal and the National Parties within Victoria. We can't go into the political history of this here and now; be it sufficient to say that this type of antagonism between the two non-Socialist parties does not exist to anywhere near the same extent in other States, nor indeed, Federally.

Mr. Jeff Kennett correctly stated that the Labor Party was "no longer the party of the people, but the party of the bureaucrat". Calling a spade a spade, the "Labor Party" in the Socialist/Communist Party, as there are, behind the outright Socialist objectives of the Hawke Government, the hard steel of Marxist ideology, and Marxists. Mr. Kennett said that he would sack every Ministerial adviser in the Cain (Labor/Socialist/Communist) Government (Victoria) if the Liberals won power at the next (State) election. We think he should also have a good, long, hard look at some of the advisers to his Liberal Party!

There seems to be little doubt that the Nationals around Australia are stirring. Mr. Bjelke-Petersen now has his "launching pad" in Queensland for a counter attack against the Federal Socialists. The Queensland State Director for the League, Mr. Chas. Pinwill, has correctly stated that conservative people (and most Australians are still basically conservative) will not vote for the trendies if they have a genuine alternative. Many such voters gave their vote to the "Chippocrats" as a form of protest against the trendyism of the Liberal Party. But many of the Chippocrats (Australian Democrats) are not sound. Senator Janine Haines of South Australia thinks that the Sex Discrimination Bill "does not go far enough". Senator Michael Macklin of Queensland is all for homosexuals teaching in the schools!

We are not the greatest admirers of Senator Don Chipp, We think it more than likely that if the Nationals come out strongly with good conservative policies FOR the defence of the Constitution, AGAINST the United Nations legislation that undermines the sovereignty of the individual (Sex Discrimination Bill, Bill of Rights, etc.) AGAINST the Aboriginal Land Rights danger (and "how" it is a danger! Read "Red Over Black") then many, if not most of the votes that drifted to the Chippocrats will drift back to the Nationals.

This is the scenario of political life we can envisage in the intermediate future for Australia. It won't happen tomorrow, but is quite on the cards for this decade. A realignment of political allegiances must happen before we are able to put the Australian ship of state back into safe waters: if we can.


"Federal and State education Ministers may tighten up supervision of private schools and ensure that appropriate teaching standards are being met". A recent Newsletter received by us from Canaan College (Mr. Barry Tattersall, Principal) tells us that re-registration of the College is likely, and we are generally pleased to read of this. However, we have advised Mr. Tattersall that we consider that the most likely reason for the probable re-registration of Canaan College is the continued control that the Victorian Education Department (riddled with a powerful Red Network) would have over the College.

Now, the Australian Education Council has come up with a way around the "problem" of independent schools slipping out of control. Theoretically, Canaan College should have been closed a year or more ago. That it hasn't is something of a miracle, and Mr. Tattersall knows the reasons for this. The Report of the Australian Educational Council argues that all non-government schools should be registered before they start enrolling students. It further recommends that the responsible authorities should draw up new requirements covering number of enrollments, curriculum, teacher qualifications, etc. What about this? Non-government schools to produce evidence that general learning programmes and organisational practices adopted by the school discourage discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, or ethnic origin. This "pressure" will be applied via the United Nations based Sex Discrimination Bill, which until now only became law because of the ruling of the High Court of Australia! The Australian people were not consulted. Senator Gareth Evans, and Senator Alan Missen are delighted.

Now for the propaganda, the second type of "change" of which Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs writes in this issue's "Thought for the Week" imposed "by political intrigue and propaganda". The Report urges that discrimination provisions be incorporated into the new registration procedures because "the issues are of such concern to citizens of Australia" and "legislation outlawing discrimination is being enacted in several States". These are blatant lies! Yes, such discrimination legislation is being enacted in several States, but not with the approval of Australians, who were not consulted, and are still generally ignorant, or hazy about just what is going on.

It's all a great political confidence trick, being palmed off onto a dazed electorate, which just might save itself before the trap is sprung. Above matters will be enforced by bureaucrats; natural justice will not be allowed to prevail. So Mr. Jeff Kennett, the Victorian Leader of the Opposition, is quite right - "the Labor Party was no longer the Party of the people, but the Party of the bureaucrat".


Professor John Bennett, of Sydney University, has produced figures to show that the new technology is creating new jobs at twice the rate at which it was estimated it would make them obsolete. Really! The Government Minister concerned has admitted that unemployment in Australia will hit 12% early next year (1984): We shall be impressed by Professor Bennett's figures if the rate halved, say, in five years. We expect the unemployment rate to further increase as the new technology "bites"; but we hope we are wrong, and Professor Bennett is right.


The following letter is from Mrs. Jackie Butler, Cleveland, Qld. Mrs. Butler is Queensland Co-ordinator of "Women Who Want To be Women":
"Professor Lumb, A Bill of Wrongs (30/10) argues strongly against the proposed use of external affairs powers to enact Australia's Bill of Rights based on the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
"Actually, the whole concept of a Bill of Rights is nonsense, dangerous nonsense. At best it is adolescent thought. "If natural rights exist, it would be the utmost folly to detail them on any Bill of Rights committed to the statute book, for then they would immediately cease to be rights: they would become mere political concessions, subject to alteration by any parliament.
"Natural rights must always be kept beyond the reach of governments; otherwise, even in a democracy, the country's leaders tend to become God like in their edicts. "Much more important than 'rights' are our responsibilities. A Bill of Rights treats a man as a serf by defining the limits of his freedom. "If you don't believe me, check how many totalitarian nations - like the U.S.S.R. - have a Bill of Rights.
"As with the Sex Discrimination Bill, we are being forced to trade our freedom of choice for defined rights in line with our Communist/ Totalitarian treaty partners. Let's forget the Bill of Rights, and instead develop a charter of responsibilities, which would leave a man free in all things except responsibilities. These are long overdue for recognition and enforcement.
"We could do worse than base it on the 10 Commandments, sacred to Jew and Christian, and similar to the laws of all the great religions of the world."
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159