Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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9 December 1983. Thought for the Week: "If good books are not circulated among the masses, I do not know what is to become of us as a nation. The thought is one to cause solemn reflections on the part of every patriot and Christian. If truth be not diffused, error will be..."
Daniel Webster


As we have consistently pointed out over many years, economic activities are governed by financial policies. If the rate of credit creation is slowed down, in an endeavour to "control" inflation, large-scale unemployment and business bankruptcies are inevitable. If the rate of credit creation is increased in an endeavour to overcome depression conditions, an escalation of inflation is, under present methods of issuing new credit, mathematically certain.
The central reality of the worldwide crisis, economic, social and political, is that the debt system must either be drastically modified, or Civilisation is doomed. This does not mean that mankind is faced with a hopeless situation; what it does mean is that a process of regeneration is going to take place amidst enormous destruction.

Supporters of the League of Rights are in the forefront of the regeneration process. But it is essential in the critical period ahead that League supporters are not diverted from concentrating their attention on the basic features of the developing crisis. It is vital that we continue to stress that no genuine economic stability is possible under an immoral financial policy, which makes it mathematically certain that total debt must increase at a faster rate than it can be liquidated.

Mr. Tony Parkinson, writing in "The Herald", Melbourne, of December 3rd, states that "The latest available figures reveal the average debt for Australian workers is more than $5,700, about $600 greater than at this time last year". A financial counsellor is quoted as saying, I have seen cases where people are under so much financial stress they come to believe the only way out is suicide."
It is true that large numbers of people have been foolish in becoming so heavily indebted to various financial institutions. But with adequate production available, the attractions of the various forms of credit lending being made available are hard for many to resist. If the whole hire purchase system were halted completely, there would be a major economic collapse. The whole economic system is geared to the debt system.

It will be recalled how the Hawke Government's strategy was to ride to prosperity "on the coat tails of the American economic recovery. The much publicised American recovery has been partly "talked up", with a view to encouraging those who have savings to spend now while the inflation rate is relatively low, for individuals to take on more debt, and for business organisations to do likewise.
But the major factor in the American situation is the enormous expansion of the nation's money supply - this, of course, adding to the debt burden. Reports state that the Federal Reserve Board is already having to apply the conventional "credit squeeze" mechanisms. Not surprisingly, "The Australians" New York financial correspondent, Maxwell Newton, writes that the euphoria of the Reagan Administration concerning the alleged recovery cannot mask the reality that the situation is "less healthy than hoped". Newton projects a major American recession in 1985.

Every effort is also being made in Australia to "talk up" an economic recovery. Writing in "The Weekend Australian" of December 3-4th, Mr. Des Keegan, states that "There are as many danger signs as recovery indicators in the economy and a great deal of recent comment appears designed to talk activity up. Further out, the outlook is less rosy and late 1984 could bring a sharp downturn". Exactly.

We repeat: no genuine stability is possible under present finance economic policies. The overall crisis must deepen. The enemies of Civilisation are determined to make every endeavour to exploit that crisis to forge ahead with their grandiose schemes for re-organising the whole world. But the crisis also provides the supporters of Christian Civilisation with the opportunity to expose the real nature of Evil and to advance a programme for regeneration based on God.

The most decisive battle in the history of mankind is now taking shape. Quality, not quantity, is going to be the major factor in the battle. Every reader of League journals should be making every effort to equip himself or herself in depth, by taking full advantage of the many educational programmes being provided by the League of Rights.


The following report was written by Mr. Eric Butler just before he left Canada to return to Australia
Although my new book, "Censored History", listed opponents of Mr. Jim Keegstra, the Albertan schoolteacher sacked for allegedly teaching that the alleged gassing of six million Jews was a gigantic hoax, has been circulating for years, no one has yet come forward to challenge my documentation, particularly that showing the 1ink between Hitler's government and the Zionists. Now comes further evidence of this link, by Mr. Lenni Brenner, Jewish-American author of "Zionism in the Age of The Dictators".

Writing in the London based "Middle East International", Mr. Brenner provides some revealing information about the background of lsrael's new Prime Minister Mr. Yithak Shamir. Originally known as Yzertinsky, Shamir was a member of the notorious Jabotinsky's "Zionist-Revisionist" movement in his native Poland before arriving in Palestine in 1935. In 1940 Shamir joined with the anti-British Stern gang, which set out to seek a link with Hitler's Germany. The proposal to the Germans was handed to the German representative in Beirut, von Hentig, and discovered after the war in the German Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. It was published in the original German in 1974 by David Yisael in his book, "The Palestine Problem in German Politics, 1889 - 1945".

The essence of the Shamir proposal was that the Zionists co-operate with the Hitler Government in a mass shift of Jews out of Western Europe into Palestine. It was suggested that there could be "The establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the German Reich". Shamir and his fellow Zionists even suggested that Hitler allow them to provide military training for Polish Jews, a suggestion that endorsed the British view that members of the Stern group were completely divorced from reality.

Stern himself was killed by the British in 1942 and Yzertinsky, who had at this time taken the cover name of "Rabbi Shamir", became one of the leaders of the Stern gang. Shamir masterminded the murder of the British representative in the Middle East, Lord Moyne. Another leader of the Stern gang, Lehi, joined forces with Begin to butcher Palestinian civilians, their foulest crime being in the village of Deir Tassin, where 254 Palestinian civilians, including women and children were butchered and thrown down a well.

The same gang was responsible for the gunning down in cold blood of Count Folke Bernadotte, the UN' s special mediator in Palestine. This was too much even for the new Israeli government, when probably for tactical reasons the Stern gang was declared an illegal organisation. At this stage Shamir went into hiding, re-emerging in 1955 to join the Israeli secret police, the Mossad.

By 1965, when he retired, Shamir was head of Mossad's European operations. Shamir later joined Begin's party and subsequently became Foreign Minister under Begin. He has now taken over from his fellow terrorist and will no doubt follow the same fanatical policies. But Shamir will not want to be reminded of the time when he sought a close association with Hitler.

Perhaps some of the misled Christians, who still believe that Zionist Israel has been "chosen" by God, might care to reflect on the background of Israel's new leader. It has been well said that misled Christians are the Zionists main "secret weapon" always willing to be used for political purposes when it suits the Zionist leaders. ("Censored History" is available from all League bookshops. Price: $1.40 posted).


The news from the explosive Middle East confirms the recently expressed fears of Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, distinguished American Jewish expert on the Middle East, that the U.S.A. was in great danger of being drawn into a Vietnam type situation. Not only Saudi Arabia, but also President Mubarak of Egypt, has warned Washington that it is losing more Arab support with what is seen as closer relations between the U.S.A. and Zionist Israel. Israel now talks openly of partitioning Lebanon, a long-term Zionist objective.
King Hussein of Jordan warns, "Israel must choose between peace and territory. It cannot have both".

"The Zionist Connection", by Alfred Lilienthal, is essential reading on what could be another major explosion in the Middle East, Price: $15 posted from all League bookshops. This major work will have to be sold for $18 posted in the New Year. (Limited stocks still available).

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