Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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16 December 1983. Thought for the Week: "Communism begins with the liberal and Capitalistic error that man is economic, and, instead of correcting it, merely intensifies it until man becomes a robot in a vast economic machine".
Bishop Fulton Sheen in "Communism and the Conscience of the West."


As correctly predicted by former Communist Mr. Geoff McDonald, author of the best seller "Red Over Black", the Aboriginal land rights issue would eventually emerge as one of the most explosive in Australia's relatively short history. In a foreword to Mr. Geoff McDonald's companion work to "Red Over Black", "The Evidence" ($5 posted from all League bookshop shops) three distinguished RSL leaders, Mr. Bruce Ruxton of Victoria, Mr. Les Turner of Western Australia, and Sir Colin Hines of New South Wales, write:
"Having heard the author address the 1983 Annual Congress of the RSL, we are convinced that he should be taken seriously."

Mr. Geoff McDonald has consistently claimed that the Aboriginal land rights movement is directly related to the defence of Australia. In "The Evidence" Mr. McDonald has carefully documented from Communist sources the long-term Marxist strategy against Australia starting as far back as 1920. That strategy was given a tremendous impetus during the Whitlam era and the Fraser government carried on where the Whitlam Government left off. Now the Federal Socialist Government, aided by the four Socialist State governments, is making it clear that it is determined to advance the land rights programme as quickly as possible.

In a major statement in the Federal Parliament on December 7th, Mr. Clyde Holding, Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, said that the Federal Government was determined to use its full powers on Aboriginal affairs to carry through its programme on land rights and sacred sites. Mr. Holding made the ominous statement that the "human rights" of Aboriginals must take precedence over State rights.
The destruction of State rights would be the end result of a program aimed at concentrating all power in the hands of one central government. Such centralisation would result in the National Socialist totalitarian state.
Australians of Aboriginal background would be victims of this totalitarian State along with everyone else. As Mr. McDonald has stressed, the best interests of Australians of Aboriginal background are being sacrificed to advance a strategy for fragmenting Australia.

The Queensland Government has responded to the Holding threat with the promise of full blooded fight. Queensland's acting Premier, Mr. Gunn, said last week "If the Commonwealth is spoiling for a fight with the States, it will certainly get one from Queensland on this issue." Mr. Gunn also said, "The Hawke Government apparently is determined to place Aborigines above all other Australians by bequesting them rights which are not available to Australians generally. Such action will heighten differences between Aboriginals and other Australians rather than encourage racial harmony."

Mr. Gunn could have added that the aim of the revolutionaries is to produce disharmony which can then be further exploited to advance the revolutionary programme.
The saddest feature of this revolutionary programme is that the Aborigines are treated as a group to be exploited. The revolutionaries have no genuine interest in the long-term well being of the Aborigines, which will be best served in a genuinely free Australia. All Australians are indebted to the firm stand being taken on the Aboriginal land rights issue by the Queensland Government. A confrontation between Canberra and Queensland on this issue will help to highlight the real nature of the battle now being waged to save Australia.


It is reported from Washington that the US 1985 Federal Budget which President Reagan will present to Congress in January of next year, will show a budget deficit close to $190 billion, instead of the $170 billion projected by the Administration last July. But in spite of the Reagan Administration's addition of another $20 billion to a projected deficit which already stood at an all time high, the US Treasury Secretary, Mr. Donald Reagan, told a press conference in Brussels last week ("Australian" 12/12) that
"The international debt situation has improved during the last 22 months".

According to the witch doctors of the Black Magic known as "sound finance" the problem of expanding debt is solved by creating more debt!

In his Brussels statement Mr. Donald Reagan said, "The International Monetary Fund had been strengthened and that "There are several nations that are having current problems, but 33 of them have already been through IMF programmes in the 12 months and have renegotiated their debt as a "result of IMF programmes". In simple English, there has been no reduction in debt; it has been "renegotiated" under conditions imposed by the International Monetary Fund.

These conditions call for restrictive measures such as the abolition of any type of subsidy schemes that restrain the cost of living. This results in a lower standard of living and more fertile soil in which the Marxist revolutionaries can work. Political stability is impossible while harsh conditions are being imposed by the IMF to all major debtor nations. A classic example of the realities of the debt situation is provided by Brazil, whose debt situation resulted in the IMF being invited to solve the problem.

"The Age", Melbourne, of December 12th, quotes the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Jacques de Larosiere, as saying that he has assured banks which have lent to Brazil, that governments of member nations have committed themselves to providing $US2.5 billion in export credits to Brazil. These credits are part of a wider $US 31 billion financing programme for Brazil. In addition to supplying the export credits, the governments involved with the IMF in this programme, have already "rescheduled" over $US 2 billion of official Brazil debt.

What is emerging with the growing debt crisis is the "strengthening" of the International Monetary Fund in keeping with the general strategy for creating a New World Order. Under the present method of creating financial credit, it is mathematically impossible to ever halt the escalation of debt. Those responsible for creating those debts know that those debts can never be paid. But the debt merchants can use their power to impose their policies on the whole world. These policies cannot produce human harmony because they conflict with Truth.

The disasters afflicting the world are the result of the attempt to impose those policies. It is these disasters, which eventually will result in a backlash of outraged people. To be effected, such a backlash requires the type of knowledge the League of Rights makes available.

(Recommended reading on the debt question: "The Money Trick", Price $3.55 posted; "The Creation and Control of Money", Price $1 posted; "Money and The Price System", by C.H.Douglas, Price $1 posted; "Natural Cost and the Ownership of Money", Price $1.35 posted; "Southampton Chamber of Commerce Report", being the famous report exposing the glaring fault in the present monetary and pricing system, Price $1.35 posted).


The Victorian Chamber of Manufactures does not agree with the glowing optimism of the Hawke government concerning alleged economic recovery. The Chamber has issued a report in which it says "The recovery, in short, has not been strong enough to require any increases in land requirements. The labor market situation illustrates that the recovery being experienced is still tenuous". Increases in economic activity are primarily the result of greater government spending, much of this financed by further expansion of debt via the record deficit budget.

Mr. H. W. Herbert, the distinguished Queensland consulting economist, is not over enthusiastic about the economic recovery, pointing out in "The Sunday Mail" of December 4th, that apart from the internal deficit financing, Australia's money supply has been increased by heavy overseas borrowing and massive capital inflow. Mr. Herbert asks, "How is it that no political party is the slightest bit concerned that Australia is following the Latin American countries down the slippery slope of increasing overseas debt?" Australian overseas debts will eventually catch up and Australians will then learn the painful lesson now being learned in Latin America, Mr. Herbert points out that overseas borrowing could be stopped by making use of the Reserve Bank.

Ordinary Australians have got more common sense than their political masters, as witnessed by the fact that thousands ignored grim warnings about nuclear weapons and visited the British aircraft carrier when it visited Sydney. If the Hawke Government is going to refuse major allies the right to have their ships repaired in Australian ports because they might be carrying nuclear weapons, it should not be surprised if it finds itself regarded as unreliable in the defence field. We never cease to be amazed at the number of otherwise sensible people who believe in this "nuclear free zone" nonsense.

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