Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

25 March 1966. Thought for the Week: One view of conscription. "Volunteerism is the unprincipled dodge of cowardly politicians. It grinds up the choicest corn seed of the nation; it consumes the young, the brave and the generous, and wastes the best moral, social and political elements of the country and leaves the shirkers and the moneymakers to stay at home and pro-create their kind."
Abraham Lincoln.


The present election campaign in Britain is typical of the inroads, which the Fabians have made into the once-Conservative party. The British elector is faced with the "Buckley's" choice of nationalisation of all industry and the attempt to hand Rhodesia over to chaos, or on the other hand the entry by Britain into the European Common Market. Either way goes far to destroying the Commonwealth as laid down in the Marxist strategy. The so-called conservative policy would have the added effect of complete surrender of the sovereignty of the British Isles to a supranational government based in Brussels.

It is symptomatic of this day that such a devils choice completely eliminates honest and decent people from the selection of government representatives. The Fabian device has neutralised the true conservative, for it is now obvious that the Labour Party will join with the conservatives in betraying the sovereignty of Britain to the internationalists. In doing so they are only fulfilling the role of the socialist. It is the hypocrisy of the conservatives, which sickens the soul.
As was found in 1963, few of those people violently urging the admission of Britain to the European Market had ever taken the trouble to read the Treaty of Rome, the basic document governing entry. They were in effect victims of mass hypnosis. The only hope lies in a breakaway from the Heath leadership by the sound section of conservatives, which would allow the voter a clear-cut alternative.


Visiting First World War General Robert Wood Johnson is reported in The Melbourne Age, March 21st, as wishing to write a book defending colonialism because "I have seen it all my life, and seen it work," he said. "The elimination of colonialism has ruined some countries." "Colonialism now is a dirty word. Where is Africa, apart from South Africa going?"

As if in answer to his question an item in The Age 19th March, reports that the International Commission of Jurists from Geneva has found that all the elected members of both Houses of Parliament in Burundi have been executed over the last three months. Burundi is a former Belgian trust territory in Central Africa. This item of news was tucked away in a section devoted to light reading, and no doubt it was felt that it was hardly worth mentioning in the light of the horrors occurring in Rhodesia where revolutionaries like Nkommo and Sitholes are restricted from inciting bloodshed and sabotage!

There is little doubt that the calm, peace and stability of Rhodesia is almost driving the revolutionaries both black and white into a frenzy. This was reflected in a report in the same issue of The Age on March 19th, which was adequately headlined. Cries of "force first, talk later" were consistently chanted at an election speech of Sir Alex-Douglas Home by an organised group of hecklers.
The revolutionaries must have blood it is their symbol of progress.


The Rev. D. Pope's friend and adviser, and persistent smearer of the Australian League of Rights, Mr. Isi Leibler, has recently been in New York. Only recently the revolutionary organisation, the Anti-Defamation League, which specialises in smearing anti-Communists generally describing them as "anti-Semitic", issued a massive report on the John Birch Society, claiming that this organisation was also "anti-Semitic". Part of the "proof" was that Mr. Eric Butler had been "exposed" by the Rev. D. Pope at the 1965 Melbourne Anglican Synod as the leader of an "anti-Semitic" organisation secretly infiltrating the Churches. The ADL report, and the smearing of Mr. Butler, was carried in most of the major American newspapers.

The Australian League of Rights has no formal association with the John Birch Society, and would find itself in disagreement with some of the views expressed by the Society's director, Mr. Robert Welch. But the Birch Society has without doubt provided America with one of its most effective anti-Communist organisations. One of its most valuable activities is to make available at reasonable prices large numbers of important books on international affairs. The League of Rights has taken advantage of this Birch service, and recommends and helps to sell many of these books.

According to "The Jewish News", Melbourne, of March 4th this activity worries Mr. Leibler, who said in New York that the fact that the Birch Society has an avenue in Australia for the distribution of literature is of "concern" to Australia's 70,000 Jews. Mr. Leibler, of course, no more speaks for Australian Jews than does the Rev. D. Pope speak for members of the Church of England. So far from the Birch Society being "anti-Semitic", it has a special Jewish Chapter. And we have discovered that some of the Birch publications being recommended by the League of Rights, are by Jewish authors. One of these on the "Civil Rights" movement, "Its Very Simple," by Alan Stang, is strongly recommended. Another publication being recommended at present by the League of Rights, on the African situation and the Communist fronts, is "The Puppeteers", published in England. It so happens that one of the authors of this publication is a member of the British Jewish Board of Deputies! No doubt Mr. Soref is also "anti-Semitic"!

In his New York statement, Mr. Leibler also said "we are concerned" about "the coalescence of extreme rightwing and anti- Semitic groups in Australia around a right-wing journal disseminating propaganda and literature". Mr. Leibler is referring to the Australian International News Review. What interests Australian patriots is that Mr. Leibler's attempted smearing of the League of Rights runs parallel to the smearing by the Communists.


A recent statement by a spokesman for the forces of world revolution indicated that there was growing concern about the coalescing of various conservative groups around the free world. These groups are increasing their strength and effectiveness through co-operation at all levels. Further evidence of this mounting co-operation has been provided by the Rhodesian issue.
Following the recent launching of South African Australian and New Zealand "Oil for Rhodesia Funds", now comes the news of the launching of similar funds in Canada and the U.S.A. The Rhodesians report that they are being increasingly encouraged by the mounting evidence that they have large numbers of friends around the free world who are going into action to help them survive. As we predicted, the Rhodesian issue has acted like a catalyst in the free world, clarifying basic issues and compelling more and more people to take a definite stand.


Mr. Lester Pearson's minority Government in Canada has been coerced to agree to an inquiry into Canadian security. This will be the first such inquiry since the famous inquiry following the defection of Soviet clerk Igor Gouzenka at the end of the war. This dealt with the disclosure that Communist espionage agents had penetrated deeply into Canadian Administration. Since then there have been many allegations about subversion in Ottawa. Mr. Pearson himself has been regarded as, at the very best "soft" on Communism. He was closely involved in the famous Herbert Norman case. Norman was a top Canadian diplomat who allegedly committed suicide following American disclosures of his Communist affiliations. Mr. Pearson strongly defended Norman at the time.

Hitting back against their Conservative opponents, the Canadian Liberals have inferred that the Diefenbaker Government was also involved in sex-scandals and subversion. Another Profumo-type inquiry appears to be in the making. Whatever the outcome, and patriotic Canadians are praying for a real house-cleaning, irrespective of the political consequences, the Canadian situation once again pin points the moral corruption in the high places in the West, corruption which the conspirators against Civilisation exploit.


The military coup against Dr. Nkruma in Ghana clearly exposed what many had pointed out for a long time: that Nkruma was a Communist agent. The astonishing appointment of Nkruma as President of Guinea, with the agreement of the dictator of that country, also provided further striking confirmation of the penetration of the Communist conspiracy into Africa.
Now comes the news that Ghana's new ruling National Liberation Council has developed second thoughts on the original proposal to get rid of the 1000 Soviet Technicians and teachers Stationed in Ghana. The Russians are now being invited to stay. Amongst the technicians are nine Russian engineers working on the nearly completed atomic reactor near Accra. The Soviet Embassy has approved the request by the new Ghana regime, which has made no secret of its desire to win Moscow's recognition. It is now anticipated that Moscow will shortly recognise the new regime formally. This appears to be a classical dialectical step of one step backwards with a view to making a much more vigorous advance later.
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