Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

8 April 1966. Thought for the Week: "This is the strength of Communism: the power to turn decent young men and women into fanatics and martyrs for a wrong cause. And fanatics and martyrs for a wrong cause will never be conquered except by fanatics and martyrs for a right cause, who live not by N.A.A.F.I. alone, but by the rather uncomfortable words, which proceed out of the mouth of God.
Fanatics are not made by talking threadbare balderdash about 'the British Way of Life, which means anything from tarts on Piccadilly to the litany on Wednesdays and Fridays via football pools and the erudition of the 'New Statesman;' and martyrs are not mustered by a call to defend a Christianity in which leading national ecclesiastics themselves claim to have blown holes."
Page 192, "The White Rabbit," by Bruce Marshall, the story of the war exploits of Wing-Commander F.F.E. Yeo-Thomas, George Cross R.A.F.V.R. with the French Resistance, and of his heroism and sufferings as a prisoner of the Nazis, as told to the author by the hero.


There is little doubt that the present highly charged situation in South Vietnam is the result of intrigue and subversion by the International Communist movement operating through both sides of the protagonists and aided by the international sensational press. The truth is that even within the boundaries of the limited field of action the war was being fought, Air Vice Marshall Ky and his troops in conjunction with American and Australian forces, and advisers were getting on top of the situation. Field Marshall Ky has demonstrated the kind of strength which the communists fear. Not only has he shown he is prepared to deal with the external foe but he has made it clear that he can also deal with the internal enemy. Therefore it is essential from the International Communist conspiracy's viewpoint that he be separated from the support of American policy makers in Washington.
Internal agitation by Buddhists whose leaders have been consistent supporters of disruption whenever the military and civil situation has gone against the Communists indicates again the depth of subversion in this religious sect.

Air Vice Marshall Ky now faces the same situation, which was faced by President Kiem when he was successfully challenging the Communists. The same international forces of misrepresentation now operate against him as did operate against General Macarthur when he proposed to clean the Communists right out of Korea. The West is having the wool pulled over their eyes once again and it will be interesting to see the performance of the American Ambassador, Mr. Henry Cabot Lodge who in the time of President Diem's assassination gave aid and succour to the Buddhists.


The heart of the British lion is sick. This is obvious when one considers the performance of the Conservative Party in opposition to a group of men who have made it clear that their main loyalties do not lie with their country but with an international force whose main objective is the elimination of Britain as a force in the world.
Wilson and his fellow Fabians have at least made this clear, but the disease which white-ants the so-called Conservatives is not so apparent, and some people still cling to a belief that they may repent.

Keeping in mind that Mr. Edward Heath based his platform on the policy of abdicating British sovereignty to control centred in Europe, the following passage from Sir Roy Welensky's book, "Welensky's 4000 days puts the matter very clearly."

Next day (February 15, 1962) Duncan Sandys (British Minister for the Commonwealth) lunched with me. My other guests were Julian Greenfield (a member of the Federal Cabinet of the Central African Federation) and Lord Alport (British High Commissioner to the Federation). After lunch we all went back to my room in the Federal Parliament building, and were joined there by David Scott, the British Assistant High Commissioner, and A.D.Evans, Federal Secretary for External Affairs). We talked about Nyasaland. I said that with resolution and a firm exercise of authority it was not difficult to keep Nyasaland peacefully in the Federation.
"No, Roy', said the Commonwealth Secretary (Mr. Sandys). You see, we British have lost the will to govern.'
But we haven't, " snapped Greenfield before he could stop himself, "There was a stony look from Sandys, and a long silence. Then we began to talk of something else.

This revelation of a British Cabinet Minister's thinking affected two of us very strongly: I had a severe migraine that night and Lord Alport, I learned long afterwards, went home and vomited." 319
Explanatory words in brackets inserted.


The Rhodesian situation illustrates that conservatives the world over are shaky to say the least. In Australia the Liberal Party and the Country Party who represent the conservative element in Australia with their counterparts in New Zealand have sided with the international socialists in policies, which seek to destroy the only government of stability in the old Central African Federation. It is to be hoped that the following words of Sir Roy Welensky's will never fully apply to Anzacs, although the danger is great.
"In the early days we did not resent the challenge. We believed that what we were doing was right, and we understood its risks. A few years later, however, the Federation was destroyed, not by our avowed enemies but by those who called themselves our friends and said they believed in what we had built. They killed it slowly, in the dark and by stealth; and they wept hypocritical tears as they finished the deed. That is the measure of what happened to Britain between 1952 and 1959; what happened to us is almost of small account beside that tragedy."
Pages 45 "Welensky's 4000 days." (Order from Heritage Bookshop $ free).


The Youth Against Conscription organization, which has mushroomed into prominence since the campaign against the Government's Vietnam policy is an obvious Communist Front. Revelations in the House of Representatives last week revealed the military organisational techniques as are adopted by Communist organisations. Also the material printed by the organisation came from the Communist Party's printery, Coronation Press.

In December last year, according to "News Weekly" of Wednesday March 30th, this organisation combined with the "Save Our Sons" committee, the Communist Party's Eureka Youth League, Vietnam Action Committee, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and other well known fronts in a "emergency rally" in Sydney. Its post office box in Sydney is the same as that used by yet another Communist front, the Australian Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament.

In Melboume, The Age on the 31st March wrote up in the column News of the Day, Mr. Trevor Ashton the secretary of the Youth Campaign Against Conscription. He was presented in the column as an engaging sincere young idealist who should excite our sympathy, No word of any affiliation with Communist organisations!
As Dimitrov said, "let our friends do our work for us."!


The activities of the Rev. David Pope in the cause of various Communist Front organisations makes it clear that the Church of England is inadvertently subsidising activities which promote the policies of atheistic Communism. "Sanity" the monthly Journal of the Victorian Council for Nuclear Disarmament reports that the Rev. David Pope was an organiser of the demonstration in Melbourne on March 26th, which became a riot. The police had to issue an ultimatum to the Rev. Pope "either you clear it, or we'll clear it our way". The demonstration was against the Government's Vietnam policies.

In the same journal appears an advertisement for a car crawl to Stawell at Easter, those going to assemble at St. Matthais's Church where the Vicar is the Rev. Pope. A "Christian" 'Service for Peace' will be held at St. Matthais' on April 10th. Additionally Mr. Pope will join that well-known "democrat" Dr. J. Cairns on Wednesday April 5 at Morwell in speaking against the Government's Vietnam policies.


The statement by Senator Gorton the Acting Minister for External Affairs on the Australian Government's offer of 200,000 dollars worth of rice as a gift to Indonesia is interesting. The Senator said,
"To some Australians it may seem odd to make this offer while we help by arms to repel raids on Malaya."

It must represent the understatement of the year to use the word "odd". Some Australians are even liable to use the old-fashioned word "treasonable". This would also apply to the supply of basic materials to another totalitarian regime, Red China. While private enterprise continues to bolster the Government monopoly countries it serves only to conceal the deficiencies of this inefficient and inhuman ideology. Since, in order to become self reliant and prosperous these countries will have to revert finally to a system of private initiative it is a disservice to their peoples to postpone their disillusionment.

When considering the morality of the Government's action Senator Gorton should ponder on the policies adopted to Rhodesia whose people fought that he may have the freedom to underwrite totalitarianism in Indonesia and in China.
A simple question should be put to the Senator, why is the government prepared to help people we are fighting but not our friends?


Fifty years ago Lenin forecast that orthodox armies and orthodox military strategy would have very little meaning in the battle to conquer nations and bring them under Communist rule, "We shall have sufficiently corrupted our enemies before the conflict breaks out so that the military apparatus at their disposal cannot be used in the hour of need."

All around us today, in our own country and in every civilised country not directly under the control of the Communists we see evidence of turmoil and chaos. Old values and traditions are heavily under attack. Material progress is accompanied by a greater contempt for spiritual values. In a Christian nation it is conceivable to believe that material progress should not necessarily hamper spiritual development, but enhance it. But the facts are that the breakdown has occurred!

Where we differ from the views of so many clerics and others on the causes for this breakdown is that man is naturally sinful - bad - and we are only witnessing the result of his inability to be good. There is a lot of truth in the assertion, the doctrine of original sin seems beyond dispute. But the progress of Christian civilisation indicates that man is just as capable of ordering his affairs for the good of all, that he can bring about stability and progress because of the innate goodness that resides in him.

Lenin's prediction stated above was made on the basis of knowing that it was possible to subvert people, - as our thought for the week in this issue put it.
"This is the strength of Communism: the power to turn decent young men and women into fanatics and martyrs for a wrong cause...."

We suggest the SUBJECT FOR DISCUSSION this week should concentrate upon Chapter six of "None Dare Call It Treason" dealing with one aspect of Communist strategy for corrupting our society. This is the subject of education.

Questions What parallels between the American and Australian situations have you observed?
What constructive policies should we adopt in the educational structure to offset any gains made by the socialist-communist in education?

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