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Edmund Burke
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On Target

13 May 1966. Thought for the Week: "A useful contact with the earth places man not as superior to nature but as a superior intelligence working in nature as a conscious and therefore as a responsible part in a plan of evolution which is a continuing creation."
Liberty Hyde Baily.


The London correspondent for the Melbourne Herald 10.5.66. Hr. Trevor Smith made what he no doubt considered a facetious observation on the talks between Rhodesian-British officials started in London last Monday.
"The Rhodesian-Britain talks began today with such top-secret treatment that you would have thought the future of the universe was at stake."
The old saying that "many a true word is spoken in jest" is most fitting in this case.

In the history of this century there have been many important watersheds. Points from which it could be said that if the free world had made a stand the forces driving towards the world collective state could have been halted. The point is that such a stand was never made - tentatively at Suez perhaps - until Rhodesia. Besides Rhodesia, Vietnam pales into insignificance. There the forces in the West which have always compromised are fighting the usual "no- win" war, "containment" is their policy against the uncontainable.
Rhodesia, Portugal and South Africa have come to the point of no-return and know the fatality of such a policy. This is what makes Rhodesia the melting pot of history, where it will be well and truly recognised in future history that this was the point when "the future of the universe was at stake."


All the press cables are carrying the Queen's speech in Brussels. One commentator interpreted the speech as a direct blessing on the proposal that Britain should enter the European Common Market. The key sentence in the speech was "We firmly look on interdependence as a matter of principle." Newspaper commentators on the whole have long since been divorced from the principles, which fashioned for them the birthright to make their fatuous observations that are so often pointed towards the destruction of such birthrights. "Interdependence" is impossible without sovereignty".
The Queen, nurtured in the understanding of her responsibilities is unlikely to use such terms lightly.

"Space" is the prevailing measurement today. Journalists are obsessed by it. The world is shrinking, space wise. Why shouldn't the British Monarch reflect this reality?

She does. She recognises that interdependence is therefore important, more important today than when Queen Boadaciea was running around in chariots. However, the Christians of her Christian kingdom know that "time" is the important measurement of reality and "sovereignty" does not change with time. It is a stable unit. If there is any deviation from this viewpoint by the present Monarch it is because she has been put under great pressure and strain. Those who should support her have not done their job adequately. All patriots should increasingly think of how they can support their Queen. On her twenty-first birthday, having regard to the tasks, which lay ahead, she said, "I cannot do the job alone".
The loyalty of her people allied to her faith is her only support.


After being treated to the highly edifying but nauseatingly depressing views expressed by "leading" citizens at last weeks Women at Work conference, we may well ask ourselves in this age of technocracy, who is the slave and who is the master. From Lady Casey down to spokesmen for the Government it is apparent that being a mother and raising a family should be a minor consideration to fitting women into the work-force.
Such considerations illustrate the upside down nature of our present society.

In the days when most work in the community was done as a hand-craft without the benefit of mechanical aids, sewing, cooking, home management; the arts, music, painting, needlework, were sought after as a means of advancing the greatest career a woman could have, to be a wife and a mother. Today when mechanical aids should make these objectives easier to obtain it seems that the laudable objective is to make women more and more a part of the machine. For what?


The Australian 5.5.66 reports the refusal of the Hanoi Government to make P.O.W. lists available or to allow the Red Cross to inspect P.O.W. camps. Even numbers of prisoners, let alone names are matters, which according to Red Cross officials are denied to them.
"The Communists have shown no sign of being prepared to comply with international war rules on prisoners, and secret Red Cross efforts to secure such compliance have fallen on deaf ears."

We wonder if Amnesty International will conduct world campaigns against such barbarity, or if they will be too busy concentrating on the release of legitimately convicted criminals, who also happen to be Communists in South Africa.


A fair commentary on the Communist claim to have the answer to the economic needs of the world is given by the official Red Chinese newspaper, "Liberation Army Daily". It is quoted in The Melbourne Age 9.5.66 as warning the Chinese that they face austerity indefinitely in the struggle against Socialism and Capitalism," several decades will not be enough. Anywhere from one to several centuries will be required for success. A delightful outlook for the "brave new worlders" who are trapped by this ideology of death and misery.


According to a U.P.I. report in The Australian 5.5.66 Mr. Walter P. McConaughy has been appointed the Government to fill the long vacant post of U.S. Ambassador to Formosa. One of his tasks will be to try to reconcile General Chiang Kai Shek to the New American policy aimed at admitting Red China to the U.N. The report mentions that Mr. McConaughy was, when ambassador to South Korea, rumoured to have endorsed the student revolt, which deposed the Korean patriot Sygman Rhee. It certainly appears that his appointment will be a sharp two-edged gift to Formosa.


The Australian 9.5.66 reports that the Labor Party's Federal election candidates will "go back to school" at Monash University, Melbourne, to study election organisation and policy. We may well ask why a public institution is being made available for this purpose. The answer is readily available when the strength of the Fabians is considered in the history and Political Science departments at Monash. Messrs. Hughes, Duncan, Playford, Glezer and Co, would be only too pleased to place the facilities of the University at the disposal of Messrs. Cairns, Crean and Co. It is evident that the Fabian influence is now so strong in the Labour Party as to almost displace the influence of traditional trade union representatives. Most of these airy fairy political theorists wouldn't know what it was to soil their hands except in research for the next symposium conducted by the Fabians, research which we have no doubt is largely done at the taxpayers expense.


We have no doubt that the freezing of funds by Britain for Australia and other Commonwealth countries are connected with the projected entry of Britain into the European Common Market. The Banking world is always a useful guide for ascertaining the way the wind is blowing and there is no doubt that the statement by Mr.R.W.Norman, General Manager of the Bank of New South Wales and widely reported in the press on the 11.5.66 forsees the possibility of Australia being wide open to stronger international banking investment not subject to control by the representatives of the Australian people.
The recent Japanese invasion of Australia is a case in point. There is no doubt that it is good politics for the Australian Government to back the Japanese economy and so help the Japanese to remain independent of the blandishments of Chinese Communist trade. However with the inroads of both Japanese and American interests in Australia exploiting our natural resources as well as entering into traditional markets it is most important that the Government should fashion a credit policy, which will ensure that the indigenous people of Australia should not become pawns in the manipulation of the credit structure.


The Australian 6.5.66 reports Mr. R.A. Gardner former director of the Melbourne City Development Association when addressing the National Council of Balanced Development, as saying,
"State Governments were a spent force, no longer capable of handling any of the major issues confronting Australia....."

This is the type of a statement one comes to expect from the theoretical doctrinaire socialist. Mr. Gardner is a past member of the Victorian State Parliament and should be only too well aware of the real difficulties, which face the States. In fact later on in the report it is obvious that he senses what these are even if he does not recognise them.
"The Federal Government which possessed most of the nation's financial resources, conveniently turned a blind eye to such power as it possessed and relied on an outdated Constitution to escape the responsibility...."

Financial power concentrated at Canberra has brought an equal concentration of political power to the Central Government. We have no doubt that once this stultifying grip was broken the States would not be so hamstrung, nor would local Government which in a very real sense is the springboard for progress at the government level. But the best authorities on development are ourselves. The individual has become so brainwashed by "experts" like Mr. Gardner that they have lost the capacity to recognise this basic fact of life. Everything must be left to that magical source of beneficence, the Government.

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