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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

20 May 1966. Thought for the Week: "The family alone brings creative revolution - which is creative renewal. This is the true revolution of our time a revolution that is renaissance and renewal, a return to the root and so a restoration of the rose.
The family! - May it endure like the central and life-giving sun in heaven, around, which the fruitful planets revolve!
May it be the deathless root within the earth whence blossoms the immortal rose!
May it endure always like the central fire of earth that, as the foundation (under the granite) of our cities and our society, still keeps the heart of Earth a Star!
E. Merrill Root. In his essay, Integrity, and the Family.


Mr. Jim Killen M.P. in the Australian Parliament recently called for the realistic policy in the Vietnam War of "blowing out of the water" the port facilities in Haiphong Harbour. Air Vice- Marshal Ky warned President Johnson at their recent conference that they would eventually have to deal with the source of the aggression in Vietnam - China. Senator Barry Goldwater in Washington accused Senator J. William Fulbright who wants America out of Vietnam, of "giving aid and comfort to our enemies". Goldwater also labels Secretary of Defence Robert S. McNamara "the most irresponsible man in America" and asserts that ammunition and manpower shortages in Vietnam are reaching scandalous proportions. Do we read these things in the press?

Maybe if we look hard and long enough. We are more likely to read the general view being parroted by Mr. Calwell and his mentor Dr. Cairns that the Vietnam War is unwinnable. Or The Australian 11.5.66 reporting,
"The enemy in Vietnam continues to confound the experts of the United States". It points out that despite tremendous enemy losses and continuous bombing of the Ho Chi Minh trail, their numbers are increasing, and supplies continue to flow to the Viet Cong. Might we bring to the notice of the "confounded experts" the report from Saigon in The Australian 14.5.66
"Senior U.S. Air Force officers believe the Vietnam War cannot be won under present restrictions on North Vietnam Targets." These officers point out that frequently requests for permission to bomb the sanctuary airfields close to Hanoi and Haiphong have been refused. "No strikes against enemy airfields have been authorised."

As countless military experts have pointed out, the port of Haiphong is open to shipping and is the main source of supplies. We suspect that the above "confounded experts" may have a sneaking regard for the philosophy of dear Uncle Ho. However pressure against the "no-win" strategists is mounting. The real experts who actually do the fighting are beginning to be heard.


Now that Air Marshal Ky has taken the fight right up to the Communist infiltrated Buddhist groups in South Vietnam we can prepare ourselves for the great propaganda onslaught. It will be the anti-Diem campaign all over again.
One outstanding truth in both campaigns seems to escape the gullible. There was no evidence in the lifetime of the Diem regime of anti-Buddhist policies as was testified to be a U.N. investigation team. Nor has Air-Marshal Ky instigated such policies. But the Buddhists under the leadership of Thich Tri Quang boast of how they brought down eight governments in South Vietnam thus creating the base of confusion and chaos so necessary to the success of Communist revolution.

The Rev. Daniel Lyons S. J. in the May 1st issue of Our Sunday Visitor reports that two brothers of Thich Tri Quang live in North Vietnam and are prominent Communists there. Thich Tri Quang is continuously reported to have direct access to the NIF the political arm of the Viet Cong. The reality of the war in South Vietnam is political subversion, not military power.


Many people are listening to the interviews by Mr. Norman Banks on Radio 3AW, Melbourne of leading Rhodesians, (taped recordings of these interviews are available from the League tape librarian, Mr. Norman Keeble, Ladd Road, Emerald, Victoria) which are played on Wednesday evenings. Those listening are struck by the dignified clam and cultured outlook of these people. The warlike tribal barbarity of such opponents to their north as Mr. Kaunda of Zambia stands in sharp contrast.
While the talks are being organised between Rhodesia and Britain this hysterical savage is calling for force and violence. "Blood must be shed" is his reported solution to the problem. Are people of this outlook to form part of an organisation which claims to be but is not a civilised structure. This must be the most horrible joke of the century.


The Melbourne Communist Guardian 12.5.66 took great delight in reporting on the Women at Work conference recently held at the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne. While there was a most evident disagreement between the Guardian and those promoting the conference on what constituted "work" it was agreed by both parties that it was good that women must be got out of their homes and out to "work".
So far as we could ascertain neither the Communists or those promoting the conference were very interested in the one factor which forces women to leave their homes to go to either office or factory, economic pressure.


In the Melbourne Herald 11.9.63 their great authority on South East Asia, Mr. Denis Warner, wrote of "the red eyed, overworked Americans, who, having risked their lives fighting the Communist Viet Cong, are now on the death lists prepared by the gangster groups and special forces controlled by the supreme counselor Ngo Dinh Nhu, and his wife."

This type of reporting which history now reveals contained not one word of truth consistently marked the campaign to destroy the Diem regime at a time when they were making headway against the Communists. Warner harped upon the supposed anti-Buddhist campaign conducted by the Catholic Diem government thereby using one of the standard tactics of Communist divisionary innuendo. The truth was that the Buddhists had more than equal representation in the Diem government.
Today Warner is doing the same thing to discredit Air-Marshal Ky.

In his report in the Melbourne Herald l7.5.66 while acknowledging that Ky is getting on top of the situation he plays up the appointment of a Catholic General to command the South Vietnamese 1st Corps. The whole inference is that Ky is doing the same thing as Diem. There is no suggestion that Ky is desperately doing what is best for Vietnam to bring about the defeat of Communism.
Playing the divisive game suits the Communists fine, especially when they are being defeated in the military field. It is highly doubtful that a man of Warner's experience does not know this.


In the dispute with the Seamen's Union over loading ships taking supplies to Australian troops in Vietnam, the Government is again caught wrong-footed because of their weak attitude towards the Communist enemy. No formal declaration of war has been made therefore although we have troops fighting and dying for Australia's security, we are not legally at war. This false position enables the agents of the enemy residing in our midst to conduct treasonable activities. It is time the Government called a spade a spade and dealt with the Communist rabble forthwith.


A recent report from former F.B.I. undercover agent in the Communist Party, Herbert Philbrick reveals that their clerical dupes plan to control the forthcoming Geneva conference in July 1966. Preliminary organising is aimed at using the theme of the conference, "Church and Society" as a propaganda forum on the evils of "fascism, imperialism and anti-Communism".
It will be asserted that, "the cold war has come about through the crusading ideology of fanatical anti-Communism", to which "hundreds of thousands were sacrificed in the last months."
The dialectical line is clear. It is evil to fight Communism, and moral to promote it.

Christians must decide within the next few years whether it is moral to own property, choose your own vocation, retain national sovereign government, and retain family life as sacrosanct, with choice over the education and control of one's children. These are the bones of Christianity. To clothe them in flesh is another task.


The role of the socialists in bringing about the eventual world Communist State, is seen clearly in the recent statement by Mr. George Brown, Britain's Deputy Prime Minister reported in The Australian 16.5.66. Mr. Brown said,
"We want to be members of an expanded community which would include all kinds of other countries. We see no reason for example, why we should exclude Iron Curtain countries. Europe does not end at the Iron Curtain."

All this and E.C.M. too will ensure the destruction of Britain's independence and the submergence of her people along with other national European groups into the impersonal world collective state. Thomas Jefferson was reported to have said that, "disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God," It is more than time that there was an increase of disobedience in accepting the tyranny of the omnipotent state.

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