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Edmund Burke
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On Target

10 June 1966. Thought for the Week: We live at a time when man believes himself fabulously capable of creation, but he does not know what to create. Lord of all things, he is not lord of himself. He feels lost amid his own abundance.
Ortega y Gasset.


In spite of continued prognostications by the international press to the effect that sanctions are now "biting deep" into Rhodesia, those guiding British policy know the position to be quite different. The Rhodesians are overcoming their economic difficulties, and making nonsense of the sanctions policies. As quoted in last week's edition of On Target new industries are starting and the manufacturing index is down 5% only on last year's figures. In a country, which is a food exporter, the indigenous population cannot be starved. These things being as they are, the revolutionaries must intensify their activities to defeat the Rhodesians.
It is obvious that Rhodesia's northern neighbour Zambia is to be used in a twin role against Rhodesia, as a base for subversion and terrorism, and possibly invasion later on: but also as a sacrificial offering in the economic war before such activities can be stepped up.

All of this week the press has continuously reported that Zambia will shortly close her borders and cease all trade with Rhodesia. Such action will certainly not help the Zambians, Rhodesia being her nearest, friendliest and most economic supplier of manufactured goods. Additionally Zambia's most important industry, copper, production of which relies on bulk transport to seaports on the Rhodesian railways. Only a Zambian government completely dominated by forces outside her immediate interests could force such policies upon her. The main losers again, will be the African natives, for whom Mr. Wilson and the United Nations are supposedly chiefly concerned.


It was 1962 when the University of Mississipi was forced by the then Attorney-General, and now Senator Robert Kennedy, at the point of bayonets, to admit Negro student James Meredith. Although it was pointed out then by investigators that Meredith was not an ordinary student, but was a carefully chosen and trained revolutionary; the "liberal" press in America declared him a national hero, while those who opposed Meredith's admission were depicted as racists and bigots. This story was then disseminated and eagerly picked up by the press of the rest of the world.
(For a full coverage the reader is recommended "The Invasion of Mississipi" by Earl Lively, Jr.$l.07 postage paid from The Heritage Bookshop .Box 1226L, G.P.O. Melbourne.)

Having done his job as an agent provocateur at the Mississipi University, Meredith disappeared. However he is now back in the headlines, and the smell that exudes from his "shooting" has all the appearances of another carefully planned publicity stunt. How fortunate it was that both reporters and photographers just happened to be on the scene at the right time. Sharpeville all over again!
With Bobby Kennedy performing in South Africa and Meredith back on stage in America, those promoting racialism are having a field day. It is a pity they have not told us of Meredith's other activities. Perhaps they do not think these would make good headlines.

According to American Opinion, May 1966 edition, Meredith was recently in the Sudan where he was telling the Africans that they must destroy the government of the United States. He would be well at home in the Sudan where the civil war between the Africans and the Arabs has resulted in thousands of casualties. The press is not interested in this particular holocaust the combatants are not the right material for sensational headlines. After all who is interested in the Moslem Arabs wanting to destroy the Christian Africans. The latter are a mere carry over from the influence of the hated colonialists, and if Mr. Meredith can be of any assistance, then let it be. But when it comes to using Mr. Meredith in the propaganda war to destroy the white man in his own country, that is a different matter, let the headlines be bigger and better!


The New China news agency reports that Professor W. N. Christiansen of the Sydney University Electrical Engineering department has arrived in Peking this week at the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Science. Since the technical knowledge exchanged on such a visit must in view of the backwardness of the Red Chinese industry, be one way, it is a matter of some concern to peace loving countries. Prof. Christiansen is noted for his leadership of Communist causes in Australia. That he should be employed on public funds to veer between imparting assistance to the barbaric Mao Tse Tung regime and poisoning the minds of the Australian youth at home is disgraceful. "It is time that loyalty to culture and nation became a pre-requisite of teaching staff."


The first three monthly editions of the American magazine Science and Mechanics, this year present a series by an American Photographic expert who claims that the published pictures of the Russian space achievements are faked. Whether this is so the reader must judge for himself, but it is of interest to observe that the moon landing by the U.S. observation vehicle this week reveals entirely different conditions to that of the Soviet venture. The soft surface reported by the Communists was also what they would have expected to find from the predictions of many astronomical scientists.
Both reports need not be accepted as being conclusive, as local conditions could account for the contradictions. It is however another addition to the mounting suspicion that we have been subjected in the West to the greatest hoax of all time.

Many competent engineers have for some time expressed puzzlement that a nation incapable of making an efficient ballpoint pen could have achieved such finesse in the field of rocketry and electronics. It casts further suspicion when the recently published Penkovsky papers reveal that, during the early sixties when we were told by the press of the huge advances of Soviet missile strength, Russia was pitifully weak in armaments. Colonel Penkovsky even expressed doubts that they were strong enough to successfully resist an attack by West Germany. This was the pattern during the second world war, when without the vast quantities of aid pumped in by the Allies, the Russians would have been over-run by the Germans.

One further item is of interest. If Russia is so far advanced in the technology of the space race, why after the American success last week, was there an urgent call, "The Melbourne Age" 2.6.66 by the Russians demanding a UN treaty to prevent any country claiming sovereignty over the moon?


Before the atheistic left can implement their plan of global conquest they must, as they have often laid down in their strategic writings undermine the loyalty, faith and cultures of the British peoples. Like the boa constrictor they must cover their victim with slime before swallowing. Here are a few extracts from Peter Hastings in an article on the subject of British ties in "The Australian" 4.6.66.
"Love God, Honour the King." 'On the whole I found the King preferable to God and his ways a good deal more scrutable.'
'Bearded beneath pouchy Hanoveriean eyes, he was frequently pictured in Admiral's uniform opening things,'
'He was also pictured, together with Queen Mary…I…thought with detached irreverence how like he was "to some splendid bull, grazing, she like some splendid cow."

We could continue in this vein through his childhood reminiscences which include the parody on God Save the King, "hit him in the belly with a jam tin" and other such snide disparagement, but enough is enough. It is not peculiar that this peculiar warped creature should state, "Many of us, for instance would welcome our own flag, without the Union Jack, even if only for Asian consumption."
At least there is no doubt on whose side is Mr. Peter Hastings.


Additional to our remarks in the first item of this edition comes a letter from a Rhodesian lady writing to Mrs. Butler after having heard her husband, the National Director of the Australian League of Rights, Mr. Eric D. Butler address a meeting in her local town, Melsetter, 250 miles from Salisbury near the Portuguese border. The news on this letter makes it clear that sanctions are not affecting the Rhodesians to the extent that the press would like us to believe. We quote.
"My husband and I have managed the Chimanimani Hotel for six years now, it is solely dependent upon guests arriving in petrol driven vehicles, and we are up on last May. I would like Mr. Wilson to know that, and out of twelve months of our financial year we have known independence for six months and we are still up on last years figures, we would like our friends of Rhodesia to know this!!
... "We came to Rhodesia in 1958 when everyone was wondering what would happen to poor Southern Rhodesia if the Federation broke up, well it did break up and we did very well, and then everyone wondered what would happen if we took U.D.I. Well we took it and now we are still confident and thanks to our wonderful friends both near and far we are hoping we will soon be recognised...."


Few people could argue that Indonesia has made great strides since achieving independence, but most spokesmen for Indonesia would not agree. Evidently a little soul searching is now taking place and it is to be hoped the Indonesian people benefit. The enlightenment we speak of comes from former Vice President, Dr. Mohammad Hatta. "The Melbourne Age" 1.6.66 reports Dr. Hatta saying,
"The Indonesians were worse off now than they were under the Dutch".
"Independence" in this case, as in many others, only allowed a petty dictator to strut the world stage to promote revolution.


The League in pursuing the battle against Communism takes a fundamental stand. The first objective of the League states in the first five words "To promote loyalty to God"...other entities to which the individual should be loyal, "and to the Crown, and to the Country...." follows this, but these are necessarily subservient to the first loyalty. Loyalty to God. We realise this is a question of the first importance.
There is none more important.

In the third lecture of the League's basic anti-Communism School it is stated, "The Christian concept of freedom is not a type of free-for-all, but is perhaps best expressed in those beautiful words, "In whose service is perfect freedom." Perfect freedom might therefore be said to come through loyalty to God and His laws. Loyalty to God is the basis of all loyalties, and should be considered before other loyalties...we can consider this matter briefly by reference to a little catechism.... It goes like this:
"Is God Omnipotent? "Of course". "Then why does not God control human purpose? Loyalty to God would therefore demand that personal freedom of choice, the freedom to choose right or wrong, good or evil, are a part of God's purpose. Loyalty to God would therefore demand that personal freedom of choice, and the acceptance of personal responsibility for the choices made, must be defended and upheld against all attacks upon it."

Our reason for stressing these matters was a letter received from one of our readers, a convinced Christian whose mission in life is to convert others to the same belief. He took issue with the statement made in ON TARGET 20.5.66 under the heading WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES AND GENEVA CONFERENCE:
"Christians must decide within the next few years whether it is moral to own property, choose your own vocation, retain national sovereign government, and retain family life as sacrosanct, with choice over the education and control of one's children. These are the bones of Christianity. To clothe them in flesh is another task."

The latter emphasis was the words to which exception was taken. The point raised by our reader in effect poses to us the question, what action should a dedicated Christian take in the battle against Communism?

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