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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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17 June 1966. Thought for the Week: "For myself, I was never so much enticed with the glorious name of a King, or royal authority of a Queen, as delighted that God hath made me this instrument to maintain His truth and glory, and to defend this kingdom from peril, dishonour, tyranny and oppression.
Queen Elizabeth 1: on dissolving Parliament in 1601.


The Queen's birthday celebration held last Monday 13th June was the signal for a deluge of anti-Monarchist propaganda throughout Australia. One may think it remarkable that press and television, in the latter case, both private and government controlled, should spontaneously arrange programmes which were not designed to honour Her Majesty on her birthday, but which sought to degenerate, ridicule, and supplant our loyalty to the Crown and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
However it is far from remarkable.

This campaign demonstrates those seeking to control the destiny of peoples comprising the Commonwealth see in the Monarchial institution a severe stumbling block to their ambitions. Was it just coincidence that Mr. Geoffrey Dutton who has spearheaded this campaign was also recently the guest speaker at a Fabian Symposium in Melbourne. Mr. Dutton's edited book Australia and the Monarchy was the peg on which the press and T.V. campaign was hung.


In a moving ceremony in Salisbury last Saturday 11th June a tanker of petrol bought by funds subscribed by Australians and New Zealanders, was handed over to Rhodesia's Minister for Defence, Lord Graham by Mr. Eric D. Butler, National Director of the Australian League of Rights. Mr. Butler's son, Phillip, who is on a working tour in Africa, drove the 3O00 gallon tanker up from South Africa. The presentation was a high water mark in Salisbury's many welcomes to similar presentations since U.D.I. This was the first time Australians & New Zealanders had been able to demonstrate their faith in Rhodesia's cause.
The sides of the tanker were decorated with the sign "The Anzacs are here", and a Kangaroo and Kiwi displayed. A battery of press, radio and television commentators covered the ceremony. It will be interesting to see whether the "free" press of the world will make use of the tapes and film available depicting this historic event.


After a strenuous tour covering 3000 miles in Rhodesia, over 30 meetings addressed, most of them with record attendances, radio, television and press interviews given, Mr. Butler addressed final meeting in Salisbury on Friday June 10th. The whole tour has been a tremendous success and it was stated that next to Mr. Ian Smith the Prime Minister, Mr. Butler was the best-known person in Rhodesia.

One of the outstanding features of the rally on June 10th was the number of inspiring messages, which came from all parts of the English-speaking world, including the USA. These messages demonstrated to those present at the rally that the Candour League of Rhodesia which sponsored the tour, was an influential member of the growing number of non-party grass-roots movements around the world, which are the advance forces of the first genuine international campaign against the forces of World Revolution.
We are pleased to report that messages for the Rhodesian rally were received from all States of Australia. We wish to thank all those who took the trouble to send messages, because in this way they demonstrated that spirit of co-operation which is so essential in the struggle in which we are engaged.


Mr. Eric Butler at his final Rhodesian rally said that he was making a donation of 25 dollars on behalf of the Australian League of Rights to the fund for the children of the young Rhodesian couple who were recently murdered by Chinese-Communist trained and equipped terrorists. He also announced that one tenth of the collection from the rally was being donated to the fund.


The "un-reason" coined by satirical novelists is much in evidence in the U.S.S.R. It presents itself in the Supreme Soviet elections being held in Russia this week. With only one chosen candidate standing in each electoral division the only uncertainty is how much over 9O% of the electorate will approve the 1517 deputies.
Since failure to vote is looked upon by the gang of criminals who rule by total terror, as a crime against the state (i.e. against the above gang) the results may reach the 99.47% of the last election in 1962.

Sane people should remember that the representatives of this gang lead the anti-colonial groups who currently are using the UN to denounce the "undemocratic" governments of South Africa, Portugal, South Vietnam and Rhodesia. It is fitting in face of this to question just who do these autocrats represent save themselves. Certainly not the people of Russia!

Mr. Kosygin one of the new "liberal" communist hierarchy is quoted in The Australian 10.6.66, "Our socialist democracy is moving into a new stage." He promised that the Government "would continue to use methods of persuasion and education, although it could not do away with measures of coercion."
Starry eyed "liberal" democrats please note!


The only references to Goldwater and the conservative section of the Republican Party, which he headed at the last election, which have appeared in the Australian dailies, have been to regard them as dead and buried. It comes as a surprise therefore, that those who rely on the daily propagandists for their political guidance to find that Mr.Ronald Reagan, a former actor and described as "a Goldwater style conservative", has won Republican nomination for the Governorship of California by a 2 to 1 majority over his "liberal" opponent Mr. George Christopher.
Mr. Reagan is now conceded as likely to win the Governorship in November. This is the first step on the road to possible Presidential nomination at the next election. We are not fully informed on the character and political beliefs of Mr. Reagan but if he is a representative choice of the grass roots movement, which thrust Goldwater to the fore in the Republican Party we look to future U.S. elections with considerable interest.


Following the November blackout in the U.S.A., which plunged 30 million people into darkness, an increasing number of Americans disbelieve the official line that it was merely an accident. The relay trouble, which brought about the blackout, occurred at the Sir Adam Beck-Niagara Station No.2. According to a report in the March edition of Canadian Intelligence Service (Editor, Ron Gostick, who will be touring Australia this year under the auspices of the Australian League of Rights) a meeting of Communist guerilla agents from Africa, Asia and the Southern Americas, together with a contingent of Castro supporters from Canada met in Havana in the following January after the blackout.
The leaders of the Canadian contingent representing the so-called Fair Play for Cuba Committee, were Anne and Vernel Olson. It will be remembered that Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy's slayer was a member of the same committee. Anne Olson manages the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and distributes the Communist revolutionary publication, The Crusader. Her husband, Vernel Olson, is Chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee - and incidentally is a technical engineer in the Electrical Research Division of the Ontario Hydro Power Commission, which operates the Sir Adam Beck-Niagara Station No.2.

Now comes a report from the President of the Defenders of The American Constitution, retired U.S. General P.A. de Valle, who points out that Mr. Joseph Charles Swidler, who headed the investigation of the "Big Blackout" was exposed in the Dies Committee Report (p.743-744) as "sympathetic" to the Communists in the T.V.A. (Tennessee Valley Authority) and can therefore not be trusted to make an impartial investigation.

The General reminded Americans that in 1934 a professor from the University of Colorado, in presenting a plan to a communist cell in Denver - Colorado for seizing control of the U.S.A., said, "The T.V.A. is not a reality and I am happy to tell you that we have some of our party members planted there. We must have more Valley Authorities. There must be a M.V.A. and C.V.A. and so on until the nation's light and power is controlled from a central force. We are not interested in cheaper power for the people. What we want is to get our members planted in vital spots where at a given signal by merely pushing a button or pulling a lever they can plunge the country into darkness and disaster."

In this connection the recent conviction of U.S. Lieutenant Thompson, is a major interest. Thompson, who was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for spying for the Soviets, declared in court that his task was not to gather military or atomic information, but merely to procure plans of gas, water, electricity and sewerage installations of the greater New York and Long Island areas.


Have you noticed that Thich Tri Quang who has urged Buddhist nuns to burn themselves, and followers to throw themselves under American trucks, has been so weakened after l.5 days fast, which he vowed would last until American assistance for the Ky government was withdrawn, that he has had to enter hospital where doubtless food will be "forced" on him against his will, thus saving him from a similar fate to that of his drugged followers.
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