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1 July 1966. Thought for the Week: "These days I live, talk and dream Rhodesia. I don't know when I have ever been involved in such a loving and inspiring project."
A correspondent from California U.S.A. to Rhodesian Commentary 13.6.66.

"It is the belief of many that the spirit which made England great, seems now to have become embodied in a small country called Rhodesia."
A correspondent from London to Rhodesian Commentary. 13.6.66.


All press services carry the news this week that the talks between officials of the British and Rhodesian Governments are in a deadlock. As we go to press there is news over the radio that talks will be resumed at a "summit" meeting in London on the 6th September. We fail to see how talks between officials who have no power to decide anything can "deadlock". These people can only clear the way for decisions on a political level.
It was significant that Mr. Oliver Wright returned to London to report to Mr. Wilson before the talks finalised. The little Fabian, described as the slipperiest politician since Lloyd George, must be finding it frustrating that the "rebels" of Rhodesia have not collapsed within the matter of weeks which he originally predicted.

As each week goes by and Rhodesia not only survives, but consolidates her position, the worries of Mr. Wilson increase. Should Rhodesia despite her problems, gradually move into the position similar to South Africa, forced to become self reliant, rebuilding her economy to suit the changed circumstances. Mr. Wilson will be a two time loser, and the international cabal for which he is merely a runner will no doubt award him appropriately. They have no time for failures.


The current splurge of sensationalism being whipped up by the press on the Negro "freedom" march in Mississippi is in line with classical communist revolutionary tactics. As such the world press is more than irresponsible. It shows that the communist conspiracy has so penetrated this medium of mind conditioning as to exert powerful influence over policies conducted by the so-called free press. We may observe that this outbreak of Negro demonstrations in America is in line with the climatic conditions. Therefore we can expect as the weather becomes finer the demonstrations will be staged all complete with some gimmick.
Just what has happened to the gentleman who put some birdseed into James Meredith's backside anyway? Perhaps it is not important, not to the press anyway, they got their story. However the undertones to this present campaign are not a matter for cynicism.

The leaders of the Negroes are obviously moving into the stage of premeditated violence. "White folk must go," and cries of "black power" are calculated to promote the necessary conditions for civil war dear to the heart of the revolutionary. None of these tactics could be successful without the co-operation of those supplying cheap worldwide publicity.


There is little doubt that the internationalists are having a tough time even with everything in their favour to destroy any reserves of nationalism. One of their prize showpieces in this war to destroy national independence is the United Nations. We have been treated to some remarkably tearful predictions of what would become of us if we lost the services of this modern tower of Babel. But to top all this is the campaign to keep U Thant in his position as Secretary-General. It seems that the Burmese Socialist threatened not to stand for the next election to his position when his term expires. It seems he is frustrated over Vietnam.

Nothing more convincing could be evident that everything is not going well for the internationalists than the report in the Melbourne Herald 25.6.66. U Thant let it be known to a number of diplomats, including the Australian Ambassador that he considers no price is too high to pay for an end to hostilities in Vietnam - not excluding a Communist take-over of South Vietnam. The report goes on to say that there is talk in the UN that the Secretary General is "compromising his duty of neutrality."
We have never had any illusions about the "neutrality" of either U Thant or the organisation he represents, but reports increasingly indicate that the Communists may resort to the conference table to bring about a "settlement", and undoubtedly in their favour if it can be arranged.

Nor does it surprise us that the Canadian Government of Lester Pearson is to the forefront in these moves. The Melbourne Herald again on 27.6.66 reported through their correspondent Don Peterson, in New York that Mr. Chester Ronning, described as Canada's "veteran Asian expert" (all the "experts" side with Uncle Ho) has been sent by Mr. Pearson and Mr. Martin to sound out Hanoi. From the report it seems that Hanoi is willing to listen.

After Air Marshal Ky's handling of the subversive elements among the Buddhists and increasing military defeats of the Viet Cong, plus increasing pressure on the American Government to adopt a more realistic bombing policy in regard to Haiphong and other important installations in North Vietnam, the position has definitely deteriorated for the Communists in Vietnam. They must now rely more heavily on the conspiracy in the international sphere to change the situation. Hence Mr. U. Thant.
Let us hope that his open endorsement of Communist objectives in Vietnam will awaken some of the more alert politicians in the West. It is amazing how seemingly normal men depart from reality when the hallowed name of the UN is mentioned.


While General de Gaulle has been helping along the dangerous myth that the Soviet Union is now mellowing and that Western Europe should seek closer links with the Soviet, the world's press has been significantly silent about the intensification of Soviet global subversion, directed from Cuba in association with the Chinese Communists.
One of the most important, but least reported, international Communist conferences in recent years was the tri-continental gathering in Cuba this year.

Speaking at this Cuba conference, the Soviet delegate, Sharaf Rashidov, urged the creation of a "united front against the common enemy, international imperialism, headed by the United States", and said that Russia is " responding to movements of liberation in Latin America." This statement was no surprise to students of international subversion, as twelve months previously, on January 18 1965 the Soviet issued a communiqué directing the Communist Parties of the Western Hemisphere to push "on an ever greater scale in the movement of solidarity with Cuba on the entire continent."
The communiqué promised "active aid" to terrorists operating in selected countries in Latin America. Since then Cuba's guerrilla training camps have grown from 30 to 43.
The Chinese Communists are co-operating in guerrilla training in Cuba.
So much for the Sino-Soviet "split".

There is little doubt that Cuba is being developed as a general headquarters for the planning and directing of wars of subversion in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These are the three major strategic target areas now being concentrated upon by Moscow and Peking.


As expected, the delivery of a big tanker of Australian and New Zealand petrol to Rhodesia on June 10th has enraged the revolutionaries everywhere. When the Australian League of Rights sponsored the fund to buy petrol for Rhodesia the Leftists lost no time in attacking this proposal in the Federal Parliament. This attack reflected the openly expressed attitude of the Communists.
Under Leftist pressure External Affairs Minister Paul Martin said that the Government would prevent any fund from being transferred to South Africa to buy petrol for Rhodesia. But in spite of all the official barriers, the "Anzac" petrol was safely brought to Salisbury, greeted by cheering crowds, and handed to Lord Graham by Mr. Eric Butler.

During his Rhodesian tour Mr. Butler said that if the Australian Government wanted to take action, he would be pleased to defend himself when he returned to Australia. Mr. Butler arrived in Perth last week and "The Australian" of January 24 carried a letter from a Mr. Terence G. Lowes, Secretary of the Labor Club of the University of Newcastle NSW, calling for a treason charge against Mr. Butler and his associates. Mr. Lowes claims that the organising of petrol for Rhodesia was "a case of deliberate and premeditated treason, for it is the supplying of vital assistance to open rebels against Her Majesty, to whom all Australians, including Mr. Butler, are bound by law to show allegiance."

Commenting from Perth, Western Australia, Mr. Butler states: "It is clear that the successful organising of the "Petrol for Rhodesia" project has been a major successful blow against the revolutionaries and their dupes. I would welcome any charge which the Government cares to bring against me. This would enable the despicable double talk of the Government's spokesmen to be exposed, and to show to the Australian people how real treason is being perpetrated.

The Rhodesian Government is far more legal and constitutional than many of the Governments accepted by the Australian Government. It is upholding the traditional British concept of Civilization, law and order, and constitutional Government, at a time when the British Socialists are betraying these concepts.

It is most sickening to hear Socialists talking about loyalty to the Crown. This is more double-talk. The revolutionaries are becoming desperate because they now realise that the magnificent stand by the Rhodesians has brought into existence an upsurge of international anti-Communist activity, which is the first real threat the revolutionaries have experienced for a long time.

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