Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 July 1966. Thought for the Week: "Both my parents were hard-working, strong-minded, religious people, who brought up their children to strict obedience and respectability, in accordance with the ideas of domestic discipline that prevailed throughout Britain in the closing years of Queen Victoria's reign. In consequence we were an affectionate and united family with a happy home life,"
Page 16, "Sail Ho.!" Volume One of the autobiography of Sir James Bisset, Kt., C.B.E., R.D., R.N.R., Commander of the Legion of Merit (U.S.A.), Commodore (retired) of the Cunard- White Star Line and wartime Captain of the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.


Like the bellowing of opponents in professional wrestling, the Chinese and Russian branches of the Communist world conspiracy continue to hurl invectives at one another. Red China loses no opportunity to assure the world headlines that Russia has ratted on the true faith and become a stooge of the West. The intellectual pundits of the West lap it up like the gullible wrestling fans and speak of a mellowing Russia. So far has this clever dialectic maneuver succeeded, that the casual reading public sees no irony in the rush of Socialist leaders, Wilson, De Gaulle, Mrs. Ghandi and U.N. Chief U Thant to Moscow to urge co-operation from the Kremlin triplets in halting the Vietnamese War.
That Russia has this week demanded in the UN that Formosa be ejected and the influential seat filled by Mao's mob is overlooked.
That Russia is actively engaged in assistance to the North Vietnam Communist Government and to the Red Chinese military machine is like-wise ignored.

The danger to the free world, contrary to the warnings of Walter Lippman and his like, does not lie in the Chinese or Russian military threats. It lies in the surrender by Socialistic leaders of the West of their nation's sovereignties to a world government under direction of the backers of World Revolution.

With the military defeat of the Communist Ho Chi Minh certain as soon as the patriotic section of the U.S. can compel Johnson to really let his generals try, comes the need for haste. Hence the scurry of ideological brothers to the fountainhead. President Johnson can no longer be relied upon to hold the fort in the battle to "contain" the war. There is every indication that he may even heed the advice of Air Marshal Ky to deal with the source of Vietnam's problem.
The leaders of Asian anti-Communist forces must gain heart as American policy stiffens in Vietnam.

Increasingly the Communists must rely on the U.N., an organisation designed and staffed to the back teeth by Socialists, as the chosen instrument to achieve by guile, the world mastery, which their bureaucratic inefficiency could never have achieved by arms.


Last month the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Levi Eshkol, who leads a Leftist Coalition Government, appeared in Nairobi, Kenya, at the conclusion of a tour of seven African States, and issued a joint statement with Jomo Kenyatta, who will be remembered as the Marxist who managed the frightful Mau Mau terror in Kenya. The Eshkol-Kenyatta statement attacked "colonialism" with specific reference to Rhodesia.
No mention was made of the type of colonialism imposed by the Communists in Eastern Europe or in Tibet.

Over the past twelve months Israel has been making closer ties with Communist bloc nations. During this period Communist tactics have been modified in the vital Middle East area. Communist agent Nasser has astonished, and angered, many Arabs, with his current attitude of moderation towards Israel. Israel refuses to enter into diplomatic relations with South Vietnam, and consistently supports the Communist "line" on "Anti- Colonialism" at the UN.
Now Israel is starting to play an increasingly important role in Africa.

As Israel is almost completely dependent upon the flow of financial and economic aid organisad by International Political Zionism, it is therefore little more than an instrument of this international power group. Which raises the question: Why is this group aiding and abetting revolutionary activities, which suit the Communists current strategy?
Eminent anti-Zionist expert on the Middle East, Mr. Alfred Lilienthal, bluntly charge, that the policies of the Political Zionists are a major contribution to Communist strategy.


When Senator McManus rightly pointed out that Red China was getting Australian wheat at highly advantageous prices he unleashed the usual spate of apologia for the Communists. Correspondence to the press by those defending the Communists sought to belittle Chaing Kai Chek by quoting American Army General, Stilwell. There is little doubt that General Stilwell did the Western cause great damage by his antagonism to the Chinese anti-Communists.

Professor John Beatty on page 113 of his book "Iron Curtain Over America" remarks,
"Stilwell had formed many of his ideas on China amid a coterie of leftists led by Agnes Smedley as far back as 1938 when he, still a Colonel was a US military attaché in Hankow in China."

Stilwell who was noted for his vehemence, which earned him the nickname "Vinegar Joe", allowed his dislike of Chaing Kai Chek to go beyond the bounds of normal disagreement between personalities. This antagonism was seized upon by the strong Communist lobby in America and used as an entering wedge for vicious anti-Chaing and pro-communist activity which was designed to change completely the attitude of Western thought towards National China.
General Stilwell was almost childish in his efforts to belittle Chaing Kai Chek. This is indicated in a poem he composed on being appointed Commander in Chief with Chaing's forces under his command in the Burma area.

The following is taken from "The Stilwell Papers" page 328, and is an extract from Gen. Stilwell's diary. Throughout his diary he refers to Chaing as "the peanut".
"I've waited long for vengeance -At last I've got my chance,
"I've looked the peanut in the eye and kicked him in the pants.
Gen. Stilwell continues in this vein and finishes,
"At last I've had my innings and laid the peanut low.

One could hardly claim Stilwell as an impartial authority.


Although denied by the Wilson Government, it is no secret any longer that the BBC in general and the BBC's Overseas Service in particular is nothing else but a political arm of the Socialists in Britain. On top of the many lies and distortions about Rhodesia, which the BBC has spread in recent months, and on which we have been commenting in previous issues, our attention has been drawn to an advertisement in the Mauritian paper "ACTION" of March 17th. This advertisement appeared under the heading:
"The French Service of the BBC offers you a transistor radio set". It continued, "compose a letter in French to Mr. Ian Smith, head of the illegal regime in Rhodesia, or to Dr. Verwoerd, Prime Minister of South Africa, to convince him that he should renounce his policies, a letter which, it is understood, you will send to the French-language service of the BBC. The best letters will be broadcast on the wave length of the BBC not only in French but also in English."

This gives the lie to the British Government's protestations that the BBC does not interfere in the internal affairs of Rhodesia. In fact it goes further: it proves that the BBC also interferes with the government of South Africa, one of Britain's main trading partners, and a country with which Britain has still a defence agreement. It is little wonder that many Rhodesians say that BBC stands for "Brutal Beezelbub Calling".
Britons, on the other hand, are asking what is British about the BBC.


The practice of granting diplomatic privileges and fostering "cultural" exchanges with the Soviet has always been abused - or should we say, "used" - by the Communists. They have been shown time and time again as fostering espionage and subversive activities against their host. And yet we stupidly continue to accept their embassies, cultural groups etc on the same basis as any friendly country.
No doubt encouraged by the tone of our dailies, and the remote atmosphere of the University life, Dr. Lavrentiev who is here as a guest of the Australian National University is more blatant than most. President of the Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, he is quoted in the "Melbourne Age" 7.7.66 as inviting Australian scientists to assist Russia in her space program. He said he could pass on to the presidium of the Soviet Academy any wishes by Australians to work in the space program. Dr. Lavrentiev said the presidium would view such requests favourably.

No doubt; but we do not think that he will receive many volunteers to return with him to the "peoples democracy". The would be Klaus Fuch's we have prefer to work from the relative luxury of the capitalist cultures which they ideologically despise. The cultural exchange program is one way, as is the propaganda programme - against us. The trade programme is one way too - for them!

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