Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

26 August 1966. Thought for the week: "The most important thing to stop the spread of Communism is not help for the underdeveloped countries in the East but help for underdeveloped minds in the West…"
Madame Suzanne Labin, world known author, observer and analyst, in her latest Book, "Red Foxes In the Chicken Coop".


If the Rhodesian stand against international gangsterdom has demonstrated anything it is that the manipulation of mass opinion must bow to economic and political realities. Even the gangsters must have the means to wage war, and when their access to vital minerals is threatened they are forced to think again.
The supplying of the world market with copper is proving the point.

Both the economic and political factors are proving to be very much in the hands of Rhodesia's political leaders.

In determination and sagacity they have shown themselves more than the equal of anything which can be thrown at them to date. It was hoped that Zambian copper would be the instrument to break Rhodesia's resistance. Alternative export facilities to those provided by Rhodesia failed and while Zambian copper was not finding its way onto the world market resulted in an increase of some 44% in price on the international market. Determination not to be blackmailed or bullied was again the factor when the Zambian Government was forced to realise that Rhodesia would accept nothing less than cash payment for freighting the copper to the coast.

Now it is reported, "The Australian" 22.8.66 that Rhodesia herself will benefit by the increased price of copper, as her own copper exports will add another estimated $600,000 to her export earnings.

An additional report which must rub salt into the wounds of those who measure wealth and national economic strength by a nations gold reserves is the announcement by the Rhodesian Government that they will now issue gold coins to the value of £5, £1, and lO/-.
Attack is undoubtedly proving Rhodesia's best form of defence.


"The Melbourne Age" 17.8.66 devoted a full page to books, either published or about to be published concerning the Kennedy Assassination and the simmering unrest in the U.S.A. with the official findings of the Warren Commission.
The mass of evidence, which has now been assembled to explode the Warren Commissions' finding, has become such a torrent as to breach the walls of unofficial censorship imposed by the world press. Such was the deliberate suppression of other lines of investigation, it is apparent from the evidence emerging that the Warren Commission had formulated the basis of the finding it was to hand to the world long before the evidence was heard and the data collated and presented.

Lee Harvey Oswald was to be found, the sole instigator, the lone assassin, and no conspiracy had operated to bring about the death of the President. Any other finding would have implicated a foreign power, and that power would have to be the U.S.S.R.
It is significant that the reviewer, a Mr. Anthony Howard, studiously ignores the obvious in his article and never mentions this alternative.

It seems that there are other fish to fry, big fish. Mr. Lyndon Baines Johnson is being prepared for an inglorious exit. He has played out his usefulness, a role he would never have achieved but for the untimely (?) death of Kennedy.
Johnson, like Kennedy, has not come up with a suitable "peace" formula for the Vietnam issue, and there are lines of resistance developing elsewhere, Rhodesia, South Africa. So it is being asked, why did Johnson pressurise the Warren Commission members.

According to Howard this is now well known. It is alleged that he bulldozed them into bringing down a decision before the 1964 elections to enable him to receive the sympathy vote. Such is the political dynamite in this sorry tale of violent political assassination. Oswald - never meant to be caught - killed by ex-Communist, Jack Rubinstein before he could talk. Rubinstein himself never put on the witness stand through one pretext or another, and so never any danger of being interrogated by experts on Communist conspiratorial methods.
While on the sidelines stands Robert Kennedy acknowledged as being much farther left than either brother John or Johnson. What greater gimmick could he have than that of a brother wronged by the man he wishes to displace?
Latest popularity polls indicate that this trend is going nicely with Robert Kennedy receiving 40% to Mr. Johnson 38% in the Democratic Party support.


South Africa is reported in a U.P.I. report dated 18.8.66 as handing a sharply worded rebuke to the U.S. Secretary of State Mr. George Ball. The rebuke refers to a note which the South African government received from the U.S. Department of State three days prior to the World Court decision of July 18th, announcing the U.S. intention to see the Courts' decision enforced.
The South African note continued, "Its whole tenor suggested that a judgment adverse to South Africa was expected by the U.S. Government." They then proceeded, to hope that Washington would now instruct its representatives at the U.N.
"to oppose any renewal of the vendetta against South Africa."
Hoisted as the saying has it, by their own petard!


In a particularly venomous article, the first installment of which appeared in the "Melbourne Herald" 20.8.66, Senator Robert Kennedy condemned the South African government's policy of separate development. His condemnations are tinged with the same contempt for objectivity displayed this month by his brother Senator Edward Kennedy, who said that although he had not read it; he accepted the Warren Commission report on the death of President John Kennedy as "conclusive". The emotional style of the Robert Kennedy article is set by the title, which arises from a quotation of him addressing a gathering at the University of Natal in Durban. "Suppose God Is Black". "What if we go to heaven and we all our lives, have treated the Negro as an inferior, and God is there, and we look up and He is not white."
This is of course the same intellectual level as saying that we should let our children run our affairs because God may turn out to have an undeveloped mind.

The Republic of South Africa has one method of peacefully dealing with the problem of the large undeveloped native people. It is the method of Dr. Albert Schweitzer whose love of the African native is unquestioned. It is like any man-made structure, not perfect, but while its problem is to cope with the influx of natives disenchanted by the "freedom" of black rule in other states to the north of South Africa, we may be excused for believing the actions of the natives themselves, rather than the assertions of a visiting politician with an eye on the American Negro vote.


On July 20th last, the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation cabled a request to Moscow that the Soviet Air Force be used to defend North Vietnam against American air raids. Mr. Kosygin replied on August 18th with a promise to provide "all our material and technical assistance, means of defence and precision of experts" if requested from Hanoi.
"The Guardian" London reported on August 18th that Mr. Kosygin instructed the Soviet Charge d'Affairs in London, Mr. Vassev to deliver the message personally to Lord Russell.
As a leading Fabian since its foundation days, Bertrand Russell has consistently furthered the aims of this group of socialist termites.

Pledged as they are to the aim of undermining the sovereignty of their native lands to the end of a sovietised world, the present action is no surprise to students of this subversive body. It is a fitting comment on Russell's "humanitarian" principles to observe his appeal to a regime, which finds it necessary to erect prison walls around the people under its control.
Although we look on the present U.S. government with much qualified regard, they have not yet had to resort to this type of barbarism to prevent being left with no one to govern.


The recent budget has again raised the crucial problem of State-Federal relationships in Australia. In this concept the States are the more important unit if we are to survive as a free society. The very possibility of answering the Communist challenge is inherent in the principle of self-government. Central control of financial credit has been the prime mechanism used to destroy individual credit and freedom. Those who would fasten this burden upon civilisation are to be found just as much in the ranks of those parties elected to defend freedom, property and enterprise as in the socialist parties.
Mr. Bolte and Mr. Askin, Premiers of Victoria and N.S.W. respectively are concerned to obtain more credit from the Federal Treasurer.
The whole question is related to whether there can be credit expansion without increasing costs, in this case, taxes.

This was no problem when we were at war. It was necessary to use the credit mechanism to subsidise basic items in the economy. It was credit, which did not come from the cost structure, such as taxes. This was a form of consumer credit, a distribution of a type of a dividend to the individual. We suggest that our business and professional leaders might study the consumer-credit principle with great profit.


Once again we have an example of the hypocrisy and double standard of the Western attitude towards the actions of our real enemies, the International Communist conspirators, while real friends like South Africa and Rhodesia are subjected to lying propaganda. Such propaganda is of course to weaken the resistance of Western governments towards doing anything about the real causes of tension.
Politicians continuously tend to reflect the "image" which is built up, and not the reality.

So brainwashed have we become that treason is now promoted in the open rather than secretly. The reply of Kosygin to Bertrand Russell illustrates our point. If the NATO alliance meant anything it would surely mean that U.S.A. and Britain were united in defence against a common enemy. The same should be said for SEATO. Bertrand Russell challenged the whole concept by asking the Russian leaders to use their Air Force against the Americans in Vietnam. To our knowledge this did not bring any protest from Britain.
Perhaps this was because it is tacitly acknowledged that the Russians are already doing this through their supply of missiles and technicians to North Vietnam.

In the context of the academic dispute over whether we are at war with the Communists, whether they be Russian or Chinese, Mr. Kosygin's reply to Bertrand Russell should be brought to the attention of our politicians and the question asked, how long are we going to ignore the reality of the aid being given to our enemies in Vietnam which is enabling the Viet Cong to more efficiently kill our soldiers fighting in Vietnam.


As against the British withdrawal East of Suez and the policy of economic sanctions imposed on Rhodesia, the recent offer by the Rhodesian Government to President Johnson to send troops to Vietnam should be brought to the attention of our government who should be asked why are we indulging in a policy of trying to destroy those whose only objective is to aid us in the common fight against Communism.

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