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Edmund Burke
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9 September 1966. Thought for the Week: "Once you admit that the individual is merely a means to serve the ends of the higher entity called society or the nation, most of those features of totalitarian regimes which horrify us follow of necessity. From the collectivist standpoint intolerance and brutal suppression of dissent, the complete disregard of the life and happiness of the individual, are essential and unavoidable consequences of this basic premise..."
A.Hayek in "The Road to Serfdom".


The Western world continues to lose the war with International Communism because Western policy makers refuse to face the reality of the type of war in which they are engaged. The revolutionary war being advanced by the Communists relies primarily upon subverting and eroding Western nations from within so that eventually the will to resist is broken.

The Communists are not only fighting the Americans, Australians and New Zealanders in Vietnam; they are also fighting them inside America, Australia, and New Zealand. Their agents and dupes, the most prominent of these being members of the clergy, are free to agitate against the military stand in Vietnam, and to circulate freely printed and other propaganda which is designed to confuse the civilian population.
A typical example of this propaganda is the pamphlet, "American Atrocities in Vietnam", which has received so much nation-wide free publicity this week following the confiscation of a number of copies by the Vice Squad of the Victorian Police.

The material in "American Atrocities in Vietnam" originally appeared in the February edition of the American magazine, "Liberation", which Customs officials passed for general readership in all States. The Communist-front organisation, The Vietnam Action Committee in Sydney, then reprinted a section of the American magazine as a pamphlet for general distribution throughout Australia. No action has been taken by the authorities in any State other than Victoria where last week, a number were seized by the Vice Squad from the Communist International Bookshop in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.
Those who have studied the pamphlet are at a loss to understand why the Vice Squad should have taken action against material which is no worse than much else being circulated on the war in Vietnam.

Immediately afterwards the Reverend D. Pope, Secretary of the Vietnam Day Committee, and his colleagues swung into action and were able to announce that on Monday, September 5, they would be selling the pamphlet in Elizabeth Street. Needless to say, this event received nationwide coverage by the mass media, which must have been encouraging news to the Viet Cong and their masters in Moscow, Peking and Hanoi.


There is plenty of criminal madness in Red China at present as the "great cultural revolution", to give this movement its official title, recalls the Stalin purges in the Soviet Union during the thirties. But behind the madness there is careful planning and purpose.
Closely associated with current developments in Red China is Lin Piao, Mao Tse-tung's Minister for Defence, who has now moved into number two position in the struggle for power amongst the Peking criminals as the ailing Mao in spite of famous swimming exploits! - nears the end of his reign. Lin Piao is shrewdly exploiting Mao Tse-tung and Mao is his willing ally.

Lin Piao is not only associating himself closely with the nationwide circulation of Mao Tse-tung's books, but is clearly engaged in a mass brainwashing campaign designed to prepare the Chinese for moves of the greatest importance. Lin Piao's famous address on current Communist global strategy, given late last year, was in fact a reiteration and expansion of Mao Tse-tung's Blue Print for World Conquest issued in 1953.

Lin Piao and his associates are setting the stage for a much tougher and more aggressive Red Chinese policy as developments in Vietnam move towards a new critical stage. As outlined in his address on Communist global strategy, Lin Piao's thinking leaves no doubt that he favours turning Vietnam into another Korea. To achieve this result, the International Communist conspiracy has got to exert greater influence through its agents in the West, to ensure that the West becomes progressively confused.

Coinciding with the activities of the Red Guards in China, a spate of reports, obviously inspired, have started to flow out of the Soviet's Eastern European satellites, bitterly criticising Red China. The charges made against Red China are the very same charges made by Peking against the Soviet Union: its actions are aiding and abetting the "imperialist capitalists"! All this is meat and drink for those superficial observers who take the Sino-Soviet "split" at its face value.

There is plenty of competition between the Communist criminals in Moscow and Peking. But the competition is carefully conducted so that irrespective of whether Moscow or Peking is exercising the most influence inside the Communist conspiracy, the position of the Free World is weakened. It was certainly most spectacular to read about the Red Guards in Peking organising mass demonstrations outside the Soviet Embassy. Generally overlooked was that those responsible for the demonstrations had also carefully provided elite Chinese troops to guard the Embassy. While this stage-play was taking place, the massive military and economic aid being provided to North Vietnam by the Soviet Union and the Eastern European satellites, continued to roll across Red China.


In a Meet-the-Press TV interview last weekend, Captain S. Benson, M.P., who was expelled from the ALP last week because he refused to resign from the "Defend Australia Day Committee" said, "I was numbered for execution even if I had resigned from the Defend Australia Committee."
Captain Benson charged that he had been "politically assassinated" by the Victorian Executive of the ALP.

He has courageously announced that he will contest his Federal seat of Batman as an independent in the Federal Elections in November. The re-election of Captain Benson would be one of the most encouraging developments in Australian politics for many a long year. By this stand on principle, Captain Benson has provided a challenge, which it now remains for his electorate to match. Voting in the Batman Electorate in November will help indicate just how much health there is amongst Australian electors.

One thing is certain: The Communists and their dupes will be making every effort to defeat Captain Benson.


Robert Williams, a Communist fugitive from a North Carolina kidnapping charge, in the May-June 1964 edition of his "Crusader", which he edits in Castro's Cuba, wrote:
"This year 1964 is going to be a violent one, the storm will reach hurricane proportions in 1965 and the eye of the hurricane will hover over America by 1966."
Williams, who openly advocates violence and revolution, is titular head of the Revolutionary Armed Movement (RAM), which is teaching tactics of terror and sabotage in American cities.

A former member of RAM has reported that the movement's directors plan to develop a form of guerrilla warfare suitable for American cities. Day by day the reports from America indicate that the revolution through race exploitation is gaining momentum. The world's press merely reports the effects of the Communists' long-term planning in the USA, never any information about the actual planning itself.

Those attending the League of Rights' Annual Seminar on Saturday, September 16, will have the privilege of hearing Canadian expert on Communist subversion, Mr. Ron Gostick deal exhaustively with exploitation of race by revolutionaries on the North American continent.


President de Gaulle's policy for Vietnam is practically the policy of the Communists. It is but one more example of de Gaulle's consistent support for the Communist conspiracy since World War II.
The French President's visit to South-East Asia, and his carefully announced policy for Vietnam, gave the Communists a tremendous psychological lift in the type of war they are fighting.

Following de Gaulle's visit to Cambodia, the French plan increasing contacts with the Viet Cong, which they believe would, if they came to power, adopt a neutral attitude towards North Vietnam and Red China. The lead given by President de Gaulle has been a new stimulus to the American defeatists like Senator Robert Kennedy and Senator Mansfield, who advocate that the Viet Cong be accepted into a South Vietnamese coalition Government.

There were two significant visitors to Phnom Penh, Cambodia at the time of the de Gaulle visit. The first was the representative of the North Vietnamese Communist dictator, Ho Chi Minh, Nguyen Thuong, who conferred with the French leader before his main address in Cambodia. The second visitor was Wilfred Burchett, the Australian Communist journalist, who for years has moved freely around all parts of the Communist Empire. He took the opportunity of the presence of a number of Western press correspondents in Cambodia for the de Gaulle visit, to make his contribution to the global Communist propaganda and psychological offensive.
Stating that he had just arrived from the Viet Cong areas, where he had talked personally with the chairman of the South Vietnamese National Liberation Front, Nguyen Huu Tho, Burchett said that the Viet Cong expected the war in Vietnam to last for years, and that planning in North Vietnam was based on this view.

Burchett claimed that he found the Viet Cong more confident than during his visit last November. He alleged that Tho had told him that the National Liberation Front was ready to form a broad coalition government embracing all political groupings in South Vietnam, except a few personalities like Premier Ky. This was a very shrewd propaganda thrust and one, which fitted in neatly with President de Gaulle's thesis.

In the meantime Asian expert Denis Warner writes of the "bleak prospect in Vietnam". The bleak prospects will continue until such time as the Washington policy makers decide that they must apply a realistic military strategy against Hanoi if they mean to win.

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