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Edmund Burke
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23 September 1966. Thought for the Week: "We have known what is in the mind of the Soviet for thirty years and we do not want to look at it - it is the extension of the Soviet Empire to the entire world".
Salvador de Madariaga.


"There was no mystery about Australia's involvement in Vietnam, as the Leader of the Federal Opposition (Mr. Calwell) had suggested, Captain S. Benson said yesterday." Melbourne "Age" 20.9.66
"Former United States President, General Dwight Eisenhower, said last night he was prepared to use nuclear weapons against China in 1953 to bring an end to the Korean War." Melbourne "Age" 20.9.66

Both reports are interesting when considering developments in Vietnam. Captain Benson did much in his address to the Melbourne Constitutional Club to clarify the double-speak which the opponents of Western commitment in Vietnam are forced to adopt. The tenor of his remarks were that unless the Communists are stopped in Vietnam, Australia will eventually become a victim after being put in "cold storage" until the rest of Asia was dealt with.
Eminent Australian authority Sir Raphael Cilento pointed this out when President Diem was assassinated.

We have not the space to comment upon the sincerity of the Eisenhower statement, but in view of the shameful armistice concluded with the Communists at Korea, after a succession of famous American Generals had been in the position on numerous occasions to defeat the Communists without recourse to nuclear weapons, but were stopped by orders of the U.S. administration through the State Department, we are forced to conclude that this report has been released for other reasons than to justify Eisenhower's weakness in prosecuting the Korean war against the Communists.
General Eisenhower claimed that he let his intention to use nuclear arms be leaked to the Chinese and so they "were ready to resume conversations about the armistice."

We may well ask, is this the formula we are to be handed in Vietnam, with a similar shameful armistice as we agreed to in Korea?


"Africa today was a continent in turmoil in which the red maggots of Marxism and Leninism were moving freely and fostering a barbaric nationalism which was not a natural phenomenon, a speaker at the Australian League of Rights seminar said at the weekend in Melbourne." Melbourne "Age" 19.9.66.
The speaker at the above seminar was Mr. Jeremy Lee, a third generation Kenyan who served as a field intelligence officer during the Mau Mau terror. The report went on to give a reasonable comprehensive cover of Mr. Lee's remarks and made informative reading for those interested in a matter of vital importance. Certainly those reading the report would have many questions answered regarding the collapse of the African "independent" states.
The question is would many people interested in such matters normally read the social page devoted to weddings and women's gossip where the report was printed?


"The South Vietnamese Government scored a crushing political victory over the Viet Cong in yesterday's election, United Press-International reported." Melbourne "Herald" 12.9.66
There is no better example of the fact that the war being fought to promote Communism is in the main a propaganda war, than these recent elections in Vietnam.

For years we have been told by all types of authorities that given the chance of free elections the Vietnamese would turn out in their thousands to vote for the Viet Cong and Ho Chi Minh. When the chips were down this election proved that the Viet Cong knew better than most where the real sympathies of the South Vietnamese people lay, to stop them from voting they indulged in their usual terrorist tactics. However a people who have been fighting Communist barbarism for so long showed they were determined to keep on with the fight, and even in strongly held communist territory turned out to vote against the orders of the Viet Cong.
A few days after the election the story has slipped out of the world press.

Had it been a Communist victory, we would never been allowed to forget it.
Dr. Cairns and Mr. Calwell both subscribed to the view that Ho Chi Minh had the only worthwhile following in the area, neither have had the graciousness to admit their error.


Mr. Jeremy Lee at the seminar mentioned previously showed how Mr. Kenyatta is being increasingly isolated in Kenya and no longer received the popular acclaim he did when he first assumed power with all the promises of African nationalism.
"Who sups with the devil needs a long spoon."
Mr. Kenyatta has cause to note the wisdom of this old adage.

Communist trained in subversion, he rose to power in Kenya by ruthlessly working with the Russians in the First stage of their plan to destroy the Western Colonial Empires. He naturally expected to be rewarded by being allowed to enjoy the fruits of his enterprise, but, like so many such puppets, finds that further stages in the plan exclude him. Several attempts to displace him internally have left his one party government rather jittery, and for some time harassing incidents have been occurring from the Somalian border.

Kenyatta's aide, Vice President Joseph Murumbi in a London interview to the Sunday Telepraph 18.9.66 made a virtue of his fear by warning that Russia was making a bid to secure the Suez Canal and Western oil interests in the Middle East. He warned that Somalia now had 20,000 men under arms - three times as many as Kenya, and possessed MIG fighters piloted by Russians and Russian trained Somali airmen. These matters are no news to students of the Communist conspiracy. Only fools regard their action in stirring up dissention chaos and blood-shed, by supporting African "independent" nations as the end of their plan.
Each is only a step in the dual strategy of weakening the opposition and preparing the way for their global conquest.
The Kenyatta's and Nkrumah's are temporary tools to be discarded when their purpose has been served.


The success of the newer Commonwealth leaders in changing the traditional dignified Commonwealth discussion into a tribal war council highlights the absurdity of theories which contend that primitives can be handed a say in the operation of a civilised cultural mechanism. Values, which are inbred and axiomatic to those with a long organic growth of Christian tradition behind them, are regarded as weak and stupid to the more backward or primitive group.
As Norman Lindsay the famous Australian artist and writer observes in his recently published "The Scribblings of an Idle Mind", observes:
"Of all the mass of imbecilities which have demoralised mankind, this of racial equality between all people, white, black, red and yellow, is the most inane."

Should the process be allowed to continue we would witness the tragic absurdity of a painfully achieved higher civilisation allowing itself to be voted out of existence by barbarians. Few of the propaganda approaches of the world socialist strategists have had less factual backing, or more effect in weakening the civilised elements for their eventual defeat, than this equality myth. The present state of horror, conflict and demoralisation and oppression in the world is the direct outcome of the application of this unChristian theory.


"The Australian Prime Minister (Mr. Holt) speaking on his return to Sydney, said the emergence of racially- biased caucus of African, Asian and Caribbean nations at the Conference could be dangerous;" Melbourne "Age" 20.9.66
Mr. Holt was speaking on his return from the Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference.
Similar views were expressed by Mr. Holyoake, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Mr. Holt will no doubt come in for some trenchant criticism from those sensitive to any criticism of our black brothers.

Already The Australian 21.9.66 has a vicious cartoon by Collette depicting Mr. Holt as an oppressor of the black races. It may be said in passing that this is not surprising coming from Collette who would make a worthwhile addition to the staff of the Communist Guardian or Tribune.

Mr. Max Harris in The Australian 17.9.66 has a caustic criticism of Norman Lindsay for writing the book mentioned previously, "The Scribblings of an Idle Mind". Mr. Lindsay, it is evident from excerpts criticised by Mr. Harris pulls no punches in expressing some plain truths on race relations.
Few public men would have the courage to write as Mr. Lindsay does, but then as an artist Mr. Lindsay has an advantage over his critics. Truth is a criterion of successful art and will remain long after the critic is forgotten.
Mr. Harris referred to Mr. Lindsay as the "national Sacred Bull." This childish petulance was prompted by the vigour with which Mr. Lindsay destroyed a number of Mr. Harris' sacred cows!

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