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Edmund Burke
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On Target

7 October 1966. Thought for the Week: "I have never met a father and mother who did not want their children to grow up to be uncommon men and women. May it always be so."
The late Herbert Hoover, former U.S. President.


Last week's "On Target" was the first public exposure in Australia of the background of visiting leader of the banned African National Congress (South Africa.) Robert Resha. Already this exposure has had widespread repercussions and Mr. Resha and his Australian backers are finding it an embarrassment to have Mr. Resha's Communist associations publicised. But having heard Mr. Resha in action at the Assembly Hall meeting, Melbourne, on Friday, 30th September, we are satisfied that he is a most skilful political operator in avoiding difficult questions.
Members of the League of Rights attended the Assembly Hall meeting, handed out copies of last week's "On Target" to all those going in to the hall, including the Rev, D. Pope, Chairman, and asked Mr. Resha questions.
Mr. Pope arrived at the meeting after attempting to distribute pro-Communist Vietnam literature on Melbourne's streets.

Mr. Resha demonstrated his ability by opening his address with reference to "On Target". We record that Mr. Resha, in his opening address, and in answers to questions, made the following points: He was born in 1920, not in 1928, (We have subsequently discovered the error in dates resulted from a typographical mistake.) He joined the African National Congress in 1939, not 1950. (Mr. Resha therefore admits that he had a longer association with this Communist-influenced organisation than our records reveal.) He denied that he broadcast over the B.B.C. television in 1959. (We will check closer on this question.) He denied having attended a meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the U.S.S.R., but claimed that he was "in transit" when he visited Moscow. He agreed that he had attended the Tri-Continental Conference in Cuba early this year, but avoided any suggestion that this was a top International Communist Conference. He did not dispute the "On Target" extract from one of his revolutionary addresses at this Conference.

At a plenary session of the Tri-Continental Conference, the chief Soviet delegate, Sharaf Rashidovich Rashidov, an alternative member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the U.S.S.R., declared:
"The Soviet delegation came to this Conference to promote in every conceivable way the unity of anti-imperialist forces to the three continents, so as to unfold on a still greater scale our common struggle against imperialism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism...We support the proposal for creating a Tri-Continental solidarity organisation...The Soviet people support people's wars, and the armed struggle of oppressed peoples for freedom and independence."
Two days later, the Chinese Communist senior representative, Wu Hsueh-chien, expressed exactly the same sentiments as Rashidov.

Robert Resha's remarks at the International Communist conference in Cuba indicated that he warmly supported the Moscow-Peking global revolutionary strategy. His Australian addresses have all struck a revolutionary note. Mr. Resha has insisted that Australians will be engaged in a world-wide race conflict unless they help to destroy South Africa's present policies.
Mr. Resha states in an interview reported in "The Age" of the 5th October that "I am not a member of the Communist party."
We are not aware that anyone has charged Mr. Resha with being a member of the Communist party. Some of the most dangerous Communists in history have never been members of a Communist Party. The charge against Mr. Resha is that he has been associating with Communists and is supporting current Communist strategy.
Mr. Resha throws further doubt upon his activities when he claims that, "The ANC is not communist influenced at all." ("The Age", 5th October.)

Mr. Resha is no fool, and claims to be an educated man. He would therefore be familiar with the following facts: The convicted Communist revolutionary, Nelson Mandela, admitted at the 1964 Rivonia Trial in South Africa, that he had been Deputy-President of the African National Congress. Mandela admitted that the ANC and the South African Communist Party had co-operated closely.
The following are prominent Communists who have been openly associated with the African Nationalist Congress: Moses Kotane, Secretary-General of the Communist Party of South Africa, at the same time being on the National executive of the ANC. Daniel Tloome, a Communist Party member also on the national executive of the ANC. Mr. J. B, Marks, member of the Johannesburg District Committee of the Communist Party, who was at one time secretary-general of the ANC. David Bopape, Secretary of the East Rand District Committee of the Communist Party, and editorial board member of the Communist parties African language newspaper "Inkuleko", was at one time a member of the National Executive of the ANC. Walter Sisulu, convicted in the Rivonia Trial, was a former Secretary-General of the ANC.

Giving evidence under oath in the Rivonia Trial, Sisulu admitted that he had traveled extensively inside the Communist countries while a member of the ANC, that the ANC and the Communist Party were closely affiliated and that their aims were the same. Sisulu also said that the Communist Party had given the ANC assistance in sabotage.

We know that these and many similar facts will produce no change in the attitude of most of those sponsoring Mr. Resha's Australian tour. But given sufficient circulation, they will help ensure that Mr. Resha's mission is a failure.


Mr. John Paul's "Political Intelligence Weekly" of 23rd September reports that an "extraordinary intervention by Harold Wilson" prevented the Queen from sending any condolences to South Africa following Dr. Verwoerd's assassination. "They were in fact on the point of automatic dispatch, when the Prime Minister 'advised against.'" The reaction throughout the whole of Southern Africa was very strong, with many people, ill-versed in the subtleties of protocol, blaming the Queen personally.
The unfortunate incident increased the anti-British sentiment growing in Rhodesia, with growing pressure for the declaration of a Republic.

"Political Intelligence Weekly" comments: "Such a step would probably aid Ian Smith in many of his problems, and it says a lot for his basic loyalty to the Queen that he remains opposed to it. It will be ironical indeed if Rhodesia's struggle for independence is handicapped by loyalty and adherence to a monarchy, which is being misused by socialist politicians supported by a collection of power-hungry, African republicans."

In the October issue of "American Opinion", British correspondent Frank Macmillan states that the Queen sent a message to South Africa via Sir Humphrey Gibbs in Rhodesia. We trust that this report is correct, because we cannot imagine Her Majesty, who had her 21st birthday in South Africa, being happy about being forced to snub a former member of the British Commonwealth.

The utter hypocrisy of Harold Wilson is exposed when it is recalled that the Queen sent condolences to South Africa in 1960 when Dr. Verwoerd was shot. Condolences were sent to the Soviet Union on the death of Stalin, even though he was not the official head of State. Other heads of State, including President Johnson, sent their condolences to South Africa after the Verwoerd assassination. The conclusion is inescapable that Harold Wilson prevented the Queen from sending a message in order to help further his revolutionary programme towards the whole of Southern Africa.


It is clear that no tactic is too despicable for the British Socialist Government in its determination to destroy civilised Government in Rhodesia. The British Government has refused permission for the transfer of funds to the Rhodesia Freedom from Hunger Campaign for vehicles purchased in Rhodesia. The vehicles required, busses, land rovers and caravans, are essential for work among the hungry in Rhodesia, particularly in the remote areas. The United Kingdom Freedom from Hunger campaign had asked the British Government for permission to transfer £20,000 to the Rhodesian organisation. The Rhodesia Freedom from Hunger Campaign went ahead and bought the vehicles on the understanding that the money would be readily transferred. But Socialist Harold Wilson stepped in, and in pursuing his bitter campaign against the Rhodesian Government, showed that he has no real concern for the African people. They will be the main sufferers from his spiteful action.


From "The Age" (Melbourne) of the 4th October: "If communism succeeded in its aim of world domination. Christianity could again become a persecuted underground minority, the Rev. Sir Irving Benson said at Freemantle yesterday...Unless there was a united Christian front the Church could be thrust back into a pagan era."
Sir Irving returns to Melbourne after attending the World Methodist Conference in London. As Sir Irving Benson has not been noted in the past for any strong stand on the Communist menace, his views should awaken many Christians, particularly Methodists, to their peril.


"Massive emergency airlift was organised in Nigeria yesterday to rescue hunted Ibo tribesmen from widespread tribal violence...More than 1000 Ibos..have been killed in week-long rioting .. And the final death roll may exceed 2000" - "The Australian" 5th October, 1966.
It is developments like these, right throughout "liberated" Africa, which convince both Africans and Europeans in Rhodesia that responsible Government is preferable to anarchy resulting from "majority rule".
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159