Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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21 October 1966. Thought for the Week: "Our religions and our moralities have been trimmed to flatter us, till they are all emasculate and sentimentalized, and only please and weaken. Truth is of tougher strain. In the harsh face of life, faith can read a bracing gospel."
Robert Louis Stevenson.

MR. HASLUCK AND S.W. AFRICA : "New York October 13"

The Australian External Affairs Minister (Mr. Hasluck) said yesterday the decision of the International Court of Justice on South West Africa was "regrettable". Melbourne "Age" 14th October, 1966.
On first reading, and knowing the facility of press reporting to highlight and distort, we examined the report carefully. It became evident that in using the term "regrettable" Mr. Hasluck equates the "material and moral well being" of the indigenous peoples of S.W. Africa with the points he made earlier in his speech to the U.N. These include acceptance of the principles of self-determination and majority rule under U.N. guidance and direction.

It is frightening that a man of integrity and intellect could only offer these same old worn-out clichés as a solution to the international war being waged by "world opinion" against South Africa and Rhodesia. Evidently when one enters the tower of babel in New York realities no longer prevail - the realities, which resulted under the self same principles of self determination and majority rule under U.N. guidance which produced the frightful disorders in the rest of Africa. Disorders, which both the South Africans, the Rhodesians and the Portuguese are determined not to let happen in their territories.

We must ask the question, is not Mr. Hasluck fanning the flames of world revolution by his unfortunate statements?


"Now, as in previous conflicts and crises during the last two decades, there are those who want to go all out - apply maximum power and get it over with. That would be a perilous course, which conceivably could escalate into the thermonuclear exchange which no rational man could want." Mr. Dean Rusk, American Secretary of State, in Washington policy statement on 13th October, and reported in The Sydney Morning Herald of 14th October.

This statement makes crystal clear the no-win policy of the present American Government. It adds to previous official statements by the American policy-makers that they are opposed to any invasion of North Vietnam and to any attempted destruction of the North Vietnam Government. Even much of the bombing has been almost useless, with the incredible result as announced recently, that America has now dropped more bombs in Vietnam than those dropped during the whole of the Pacific War against Japan. The clearly-defined no-win policy leaves the Communist conspirators in the position where they know for certain that their base is never going to be invaded or destroyed, that their opponents are never going to apply "maximum power."
Under these conditions, any negotiations entered into by the Communists would merely be a tactical move to advance their total strategy.

Mr. Rusk refers to those who urged the use of " maximum power" in past conflicts with the Communists, inferring that victories were obtained by refusing to listen to those advocating "maximum power". Has Mr. Rusk forgotten Korea? General Douglas MacArthur warned that unless a real victory was obtained in Korea, the price would be paid later somewhere else in Asia. MacArthur was right.

It has been said that those who do not learn from the past have no future. The real battle for Vietnam is not being fought in Vietnam; it is being fought in the U.S.A. and to a lesser extent, in Australia and New Zealand.
Communist strategy follows Lenin's teaching of undermining the civilian front of the Communists' enemies. The battle on this second front demands an end to the deadly "no-win" policy enunciated by Mr. Dean Rusk.


"Australia must either take immediate steps to form an Asian trade community or be reduced to begging associate membership of the European Common Market", Mr. R. B. Prowse, said yesterday..."Eventually I would like to see New Zealand joining the Commonwealth on exactly the same terms as any other State"... "Australia's position in an Asian common market would depend on its bargaining power. Social problems would also need to be overcome. A common market implies free movement of men and materials" he said. "If we maintain a rigid white Australia policy, inevitably it will be bent.""The Australian" 15th October.

The basis of genuine independence is economic independence. Australia's trading should therefore be geared to a policy, which is designed to ensure that Australia's independence is assured. There is no need for Australia to enter into any highly centralised political unit, which would make it impossible to maintain, for example, a homogeneous European community.

Those who have studied the Treaty of Rome know that the European Common Market is not merely a trading arrangement; it is a major step towards a centralised United States of Europe in which the British would lose their identity, their sovereignty and their institutions. The deeper student of world revolution, also know that it is producing a super-bureaucracy and is making Communist take-over of Western Europe easier.

Before New Zealanders throw away their national sovereignty to accept the advice of Mr. Prowse, they should have a careful look at the plight of the present Australian States, which are being increasingly strangled financially from Canberra. In any Asian Common Market Australia would have little of the bargaining power Mr. Prowse talks about. They would, for example, be completely outnumbered by the Japanese, who together with other Asians, could then "democratically" take over Australia.
Which raises the question of why then Australians lost so many valuable lives in preventing the Japanese from conquering Australia in the Pacific War if they are now to lose their identity in an Asian Common Market.

The problems of the world are not going to be solved by increasing centralisation of power, which invariably produce greater problems than that centralisation is allegedly designed to solve. This is the road towards the World Slave State.
Genuine decentralisation of all power is the only certain path to stability, genuine human progress, and individual freedom.


Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama has the "liberal" socialistic elements in both the Republican and Democratic parties worried by the suggestion that he may run for the Presidency in 1968 on a third party ticket. He staged a highly successful short campaign in the 1964 elections but withdrew in deference to Senator Goldwater. This time however he observes that, "nobody either party is talking about running now is acceptable to me."

There is little doubt that the climate of opinion on "Civil Rights" and the increasing use of violence by "black-power" is causing a wholesale shift in opinion about the seriousness of such a challenge from a man of Wallace's ability, and one who has been warning the USA for years that the Communists are agitating the race question for the purposes of revolutionary activity. Senator Robert Kennedy who has been using the race question for political advancement, warned his wealthy socialist friends not to regard the Wallace threat as insignificant. As Wallace sees it, if his entry - or threatened entry does nothing else it will force the two parties to backpedal a little on their support of the Communist approved measures which are reducing the country to a state of lawless disorder.
Part of his campaign is to expose the policies of the Warren dominated Supreme Court. Governor Wallace describes the court in blunt terms as "The Federal Judges who assert more power than claimed by King George III, more power than Hitler, Mussolini and Khrushchev ever had."


"There are tons upon tons of resolutions at the United Nations which have not been and never will be carried out, and the nations who propose them, particularly the African States only reveal their total ignorance...I don't want to be a hypocrite" Dr. Banda said. Melbourne "Age" 17th October, 1966.

Prime Minister Hastings Banda of Malawi injected a note of realism into the African scene by refusing to support any resolutions on Rhodesia or S.W. Africa by the UN, the Commonwealth Conference, or the O.A.U. because, he said, they could not be implemented. Dr. Banda said he preferred to be isolated than climb on the UN or OAU bandwagons "to buy cheap publicity".

A more potent reason was revealed in his further statement,
"I could not boycott Mozambique, Rhodesia or South Africa because there would be an economic breakdown and political chaos here if I do."

While finding it politic to howl down South Africa's apartheid policy Dr. Banda has no illusions as to the dangers of allowing UN forces to be based on his territory. The object lesson of the Congo where the terrorism was organised by UN agencies and troops is sufficiently clear in his memory. Dr. Banda knows he has nothing to fear military wise from either Rhodesia or South Africa - unless he makes his country available as a base from which aggressive forces can be launched against his peaceful neighbours.
The reality of what Dr. Banda said evidently impressed the editorial staff of the Melbourne "Age" as the edition of 19th October carried a leader on the matter.

While concurring with the realism of Dr. Banda the writer inferred that it was only from economic reasons that Dr. Banda was forced into this position. This may be so, but it demonstrates the poverty of thinking by the editorial writer that he cannot see any parallel between the material progress of both South Africa and Rhodesia, and the peace and stability residing there. Elements which if preserved must be of great benefit to not only Dr. Banda's Malawi, but also the rest of Africa.


Several of our supporters have complained that they did not understand the meaning of this important item in the last edition of ON TARGET. Therefore we will clarify the report for the interest of any others who may similarly be confused.

If a youth about to be called up for National Service does not wish to be conscripted (called up) he can join the C.M.F. (Citizens Military Forces) by doing so he will be automatically exempt from his call up for National Service. As the C.M.F. is a home based organisation in the Australian armed services he will not be called upon to serve overseas.
The official form presented to prospective servicemen has this para: - "Men who are required to register for national service may seek to serve as members of the Citizen Forces as an alternative to rendering national service in the Regular Army Supplement under conditions which are set out in detail in the Form attached to the National Service Registration Form."

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