Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

4 November 1966. Thought for the Week: " all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare, and its triumphs have been due to minorities, that have prevailed by associating themselves with auxiliaries whose objects often differed from their own; and this association, which is always dangerous, has sometimes been disastrous."
Lord Acton.


"The U.N. General Assembly voted tonight to terminate South Africa's 50 year old mandate to administer South West Africa. It declared that the vast territory would become a direct U.N. responsibility." Melbourne "Herald" 28th October, 1966.

"A Swedish former commander of United Nations peace keeping forces today published a sweeping indictment of the world body, charging that it was riddled with espionage and corruption." Melbourne "Age" 1st November, 1966.

These two recent press reports tell in themselves the sorry tale of Australia casting her vote with those forces manipulating the United Nations as an instrument to further world revolution. Dr. Verwoerd made it clear that in regard to South West Africa that South Africa would "never tolerate a Cuba on her Western flank." The Australian vote is to our lasting shame and brings one step closer the possibility of an organised world military force, designed not to preserve anything like order or justice in South West Africa, but a force which will have as its endeavour the destruction of South Africa.

It is time Mr. Hasluck, as he goes about directing these policies of disaster, asked himself some realistic questions about the United Nations in which he places such great faith. If as Major-General Carl von Horn, the Swedish Commander quoted above is right; just what check has Australia on the number of active Communist agents in the U.N.? What positions of influence do they hold? How much is such influence responsible for formulating policy in the U.N.?
The answer to such questions, are of the utmost urgency if what remains of freedom in the world is to have a chance of surviving.


"I am sorry, and I am sure they will be sorry, that he has described Russia as our enemy," he said. "We don't recognise it as our enemy." Melbourne "Age" 27th October.
The speaker was Mr. McEwen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade. He was replying to a question in the House by Mr. Calwell relating to trade with Russia.
Mr. Calwell had referred to Russia as "the enemy".

Coupled with Mr. Hasluck's weakness in evaluating the real forces promoting Communism, this statement by Mr. McEwen reveals the tragic inadequacies of those who are mainly responsible for formulating Australia's Foreign Policy. Mr. McEwen was speaking in his capacity of Australia's Minister for Trade, and had been asked a question relating to the visit to Russia by the chairman of the Wool Board, Sir William Gunn. Mr. McEwen is so dominated by the problem of maintaining a "favourable balance of trade" that he has shut his eyes to the more immediate priority of maintaining Australia's freedom in the future.
The Russians are much more realistic about their relations with Australia.

On the same day as the above report the Tass news agency commenting on the communiqué issued by the Manila Conference said, "The communiqué...shows that the positions of the countries taking part in the aggression remain the same."
Australia is of course one of the aggressors in Vietnam opposed to the designs of the Communists in that country.

The Russians have no difficulty in lining up with the Afro-Asians on African policy, opposing South Africa, Rhodesia etc.
There is a coherent policy pursued by Communism based upon a world strategy, which takes into account all factors, whether it is Vietnam, Trade as a policy of war, or exploiting the colonial question in UN. It is time our leaders took the blinkers off.


Recent press reports refer to an agitation in Bermuda for "independence". Bermuda is only 19 square miles in size with a population of about 35,000. But the local Marxist Progressive Labour Party of Bermuda believes that Bermuda should have independence and, of course, a representative at the glass box on East River New York, which houses the "United" Nations.
There are to be talks in London next month on Bermuda.

The constitutional adviser to the Progressive Labour Party is one Mr. Geoffrey Bing. The history of Mr. Bing provides a classic example of the close relationship between the Communist conspiracy and Fabian Socialism.
When the military coup took place in Ghana, West Africa, early this year, it not only exposed to the light of day the truth that Dr. Nkrumah had established a Communist base in Ghana, and a brutal tyranny, but that Dr. Nkrumah had some interesting people working behind the scenes assisting him. The most important of these was his constitutional and legal adviser, Mr. Geoffrey Bing, a former Labour Member of the British Parliament and a well-known Fabian Socialist.
Nkrumah appointed Bing as his Attorney General in 1957, a position held by Bing for four years.

Geoffrey Bing was responsible for Nkrumah's Preventive Detention Act, which permitted "The Redeemer" - as he liked to be known - to throw all his opponents into prison without a trial. Some terrible things happened to those treated in this manner. The Fabian Socialists in London did not protest about Mr. Bing's activities, reserving their energies to protest against the "betrayal" of "democracy" in Rhodesia, where the Government only places in detention murderers and thugs masquerading as political activists.
Mr. Bing surrendered to the new Government in Ghana after the coup.

In London the Commonwealth Relations Office, which teams with Fabians, expressed no concern about Mr. Bing, obviously confident that no harm would be permitted to come to such an important man, even if he had served the Communist conspiracy in Ghana. Mr. Bing was allowed to leave Ghana and nothing was heard of him for some time. But now he emerges in Bermuda.
If the Progressive Labour Party is successful, and Bermuda becomes "independent", there is every possibility that another Cuba will result.
But this will not worry Mr. Geoffrey Bing, the Fabian Socialist conspirator.


The lists of names printed in the two paid advertisements in The Australian 21st October, 1966 protesting against the Australian and U.S.A. intervention in Vietnam reveal the ingredients of the usual Communist front technique. A scattered core of dedicated reds, the usual groups of left-wing camp followers, and the gulled, hazy idealists who do not realise the use to which they are put.
Rev. David Pope was evidently so eager to have his name inserted that it occurs three times in the two lists.

The main point of their demand is that the western powers stop fighting in Vietnam. No mention is made of the consequent advance of Communist forces in that unhappy country.

The "better red than dead" dogma of the Dean of Canterbury, Dr. Hewlett Johnson, who had died a day or so previously, is not a Christian doctrine; it is an advocacy of surrender to evil as anyone who cares to take the trouble to dispassionately regard the fruits of Communism can readily prove. Mr. Gollan, the Communist Party head in Great Britain said in an obituary on Dr. Johnson, "He believed that Communism and Christianity were synonymous terms.
Judging from the number of ministers of religion featured in the aforesaid mentioned advertisements, he is not alone in this view.


An article on the Chinese Red Guards in The Australian 28th October 1966, by Alice Erh-Soon Tay, the senior tutor of law at the Australian National University, is revealing of the inherent evil of Communism.
As a Chinese who understands her countrymen somewhat better than Western apologists and theoreticians her remarks have value.

She refuses to believe that these children who form the Red Guard movement are ideological Communists, but rather are the result of the undermining of tradition and morality by the Communists.
"They are probably being guided and used by men - who know why they are using them and what they hope to achieve."

"China has produced ...a race of children reared in dormitories, fed in canteens, watching adults cringe before power, to whom their parents are not parents."

"The first thing to recognise about the Red Guard movement is that it is evil, just as pack rapes and kicking old men to death is evil."

"It is difficult to explain to thoroughly ideologised Americans that I don't think the Chinese had gone Communist at all, that they didn't have an ideology - but had merely tried a change of air. They found out, a little too late, that they were doing more than changing the Government...they hadn't dreamt that anyone would try to reconstruct the universe."

"They are not, I suspect, shock troops of the revolution but rather the first generation lost in the desert of the new order."

"Prevented by power from becoming physical bandits disrupting the new order, they have been allowed to become spiritual (and also physical) bandits on its behalf."

Here lies the lesson for the ideological leftist. The fruits of socialist order reflect the inherent evil of the tree.


Make this an occasion to remember. Support Rhodesia's s gallant stand.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159