Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

11 November 1966. Thought for the Week: "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason within...For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the warrior of the plague."


The decision by Mr. Keith Chambers, former Mayor of Mosman, to stand as an Independent Liberal in the Sydney electorate of Warringah, against the endorsed Liberal candidate, Mr. Edward St. John, Q.C., is one of the highlights of the Federal Elections.
The decision by Mr. Chambers brings to a head the festering dissatisfaction amongst large numbers of Liberal Party supporters about the nomination of Mr. St John to this "blue-ribbon" Liberal electorate.

One of the most disturbing features of Mr. St John's public activities is his support of the South African Defence and Aid Fund, of which he is President. The fact that Communists advocate financial support for this organisation does not make it Communist. Mr. St John claims that no Communist can join the organisation in Australia, but he would find it hard to make the same claim about the Fund in Britain, where there has been obvious Communist influence. The Fund purports to collect funds to assist the "victims" of apartheid in South Africa. Many of these "victims" are in fact guilty of participating in Communist activities against South Africa. Others are dupes of the Communists.

Recently in Australia was Mr. Robert Resha, African National Congress leader. Mr. Resha was alleged to be in Australia to tell Australians about the "horrors" of apartheid, and to collect funds to help victims of the South African "police state". Now it is beyond dispute that it was the Australian Communists and the extreme Left wing, which gave Mr. Resha most support. The Communists never support any project unless it is serves their purposes. Although Mr. St John was made familiar with the pro-Communist background of Mr. Resha, he and his organisation's Secretary, Mr. Garth Nettheim, not only doggedly refused to withdraw the South African Defence and Aid Fund's sponsorship of the Resha tour of Australia, but attempted to smear the National Director of the Australian League of Rights, Mr. Eric Butler, because he pointed out that Mr. Resha was attempting to dispute that his African National Congress was Communist-influenced.

Following an attempted whitewash of Mr. St John's organisation in "The Bulletin" of October 8 by Mr. Sam Lipski, Mr. Butler wrote as follows in "The Bulletin" of October 22;
"At the Rivonia trial in South Africa Mr. Nelson Mandella admitted that he was deputy-general of the African National Congress, that the ANC and the South African Communist Party co-operated closely, and that he had drafted the document 'How to be a good Communist.'

"Giving evidence under oath at the Rivonia trial, Mr. Walter Sisulu, former secretary-general of the ANC, admitted that he had traveled extensively behind the Iron Curtain while he was at the same time a member of the national executive of the A.NC. He said that the ANC and the Communist Party were closely affiliated and that their aims were the same. Sisulu told the court that the Communist Party had assisted the ANC with sabotage."
"Abmed Kathadra admitted at the Rivonia trial that he was an active member of the banned Communist Party and that he had worked closely with the ANC. Mr. Lionel Bernstein told the court that he was a leading Communist, and that the Communist Party was closely allied with the ANC. "Much more evidence could be submitted, including the fact that Moses Kotane had been secretary-general of the Communist Party while at the same time being on the national executive of the ANC, but an examination of the proceedings of the Rivonia trial reveals the absolute falsity of Mr. Resha's claim that the ANC is not Communist-influenced at all."

"The Bulletin" immediately submitted Mr. Butler's letter to Mr. Garth Nettheim, who desperately claimed that Mr. Butler's facts were "taken entirely out of context".
No attempt was made whatever to dispute the facts, or to provide even one example of quoting out of context. This was blatant dishonesty.

But even more revealing was the attempt to cloud the issue by introducing K. D. Gott's little hate booklet, "Voices of Hate". As Mr. St John also recommended "Voices of Hate" in a letter to the local paper, "The Daily News-Pictorial", this is clear evidence of conscious intent to use this publication as a smear weapon. And it raises more disturbing questions about Mr. St John's associations.

The Communist background of Mr. K. Gott must first be studied in assessing this smear booklet. Mr. Gott left Australia immediately after it was printed. After doing an interview with Mr. Butler for "The Australian", Mr. Gott's material could not be used because, in the words of the editor, Mr. Kommer, it was not only unfair, but also libelous. Such is the authority recommended by Mr. St John. Gott's booklet was immediately featured in the Communist press after publication. It is recommended by the Australian Communist Party. It was published by the "Dissent" group in Melbourne, whose journal has received favourable mention in the Melbourne Communist weekly, "The Guardian".

"Dissent" itself admitted that it had considerable difficulty in getting this filth published. But eventually it was helped out by a printery at Greensborough, Victoria. This printery is owned by a group of well-known Melbourne leftists, the principal one being Mr. Gordon Bryant, MHR
We are sure that these facts will be of great interest to Warringah electors who wish to elect a responsible Liberal.
While on the subject of Gott's little hate booklet, Mr. St John might care to explain how he came to read the manuscript before the booklet was published!

If Mr. St John were as well-informed on Communism as he is rather feverishly attempting to prove, he would know that Africa is one of the major strategic targets of International Communism. Lenin said that Western Europe without Africa would be like the plucked fowl ready for the pot.

Western military strategists have stressed the vital necessity of the West maintaining control of the great international waterway around the Cape of Good Hope. The loss of Africa could prove a mortal blow to the West. Both Soviet and Chinese Communist penetration has developed in the wake of the growing chaos and bloodshed following the European retreat in Africa. Only the gallant stand of the Rhodesians stopped the retreat and provided a firm front line for the West in Southern Africa. It is at this critical moment in history that Mr. St John sponsors a visit to Australia by Mr. Robert Resha, who early this year attended the Tri-Continental Congress in Cuba, at which top Communists from both the Soviet Union and Red China agreed on broad revolutionary strategy for completing the task of conquering the world.

In their authoritative and carefully documented work, "The Puppeteers", Soref and Grieg conclude,
"It was also proved conclusively (at the Rivonia trial) that the African National Congress had long ceased to be an indigenous and autonomous body but is a willing tool of the Communists having the avowed aim to massacre the 3,OOO,OOO whites in South Africa and destroy their property."

Mr. Robert Resha represents the ANC and Mr. St John must accept responsibility for sponsoring this revolutionary in Australia.
All he did was spread hate of the European in Southern Africa.

Every country has its internal problems, but can Australians afford to support the Communists in their campaign to destroy South African and Rhodesia?

It would be instructive to hear from Mr. St John and his friends which country in Africa they hold up as the model for South Africa and Rhodesia to follow.

We conclude by observing that the St John affair is yet one more frightening example of soft Western Liberals acting as unconscious useful innocents for a criminal conspiracy against Civilization. There are too many St Johns in Western Parliaments already.
Australia can do without Mr. Edward St John QC at Canberra.


"How long will the American people tolerate a situation in which their young men go to their death to so little avail?"
Hansen W. Baldwin, military editor of "New York Times" in November issue of "The Reader's Digest".

The above question might well be put to all candidates at the Australian Federal Elections. The deadly no-win policy in Vietnam, which suggests that the best that can be accomplished is to prevent a Viet Cong military victory leaves the Communists in the position where they can dictate the course of the struggle. American military leaders are becoming increasing critical of the conduct of the war. General Curtis LeMay, former USAF Chief of Staff, said recently that to win in Vietnam
"We need only go after the economic jugular vein instead of yapping at logistic legs."
But this would mean an economic war against Soviet Russia, the main supplier of military and economic aid for the Viet Cong.

Both Australia and the USA have recently boasted of their increased trade with the Soviet bloc!
Trading with the enemy is no longer treason - but good business!

Election comment authorised by Eric D. Butler, Alma Road, Panton Hill.


The race factor has been made such an explosive element in the world-wide revolutionary movement, that it is essential counter-revolutionaries fully grasp the basic aspects of the question. According to the dictionary, a "racist" is one who fosters hatred and friction between races. True "racists" are, therefore, revolutionaries. They are certainly not conservatives, as is often claimed.

Race relations can only be harmonious when they are based upon the correct principles of association. The many jokes about mother-in-laws do reflect a basic reality: that no matter how deep the affection, there is often a degree of friction when in-laws have to live together for too long.

It is generally admitted now that large-scale coloured immigration in Britain has produced bitter feeling against coloured people amongst the British workers, who have been forced to live closer to the non-British migrants. The habits of these coloured migrants are so different from those of the British workers that there is friction and feeling where none existed before.

It is often said that Australians are extremely tolerant concerning non-European races. This is true, primarily because Australians do not have to live with large numbers of non-Europeans. Harmony between races with completely different backgrounds is most easily attained when they can live apart.

Even amongst the same race there is a form of natural segregation, those with similar backgrounds and interests being attracted together. Segregation is a natural law, and those who seek to compulsorily force people of completely different backgrounds to live together are either the conscious or unconscious agents of revolution.

Question: Does pride in one's own race and its culture mean that one is insulting towards the other races and cultures?

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159