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Edmund Burke
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25 NOVEMBER 1966. Thought for the Week: "A moment's rational reflection would make it clear to the simplest mind that racial equality is not a scientific truth but a political concept. It is in the nature of a political fiction introduced by agitators to facilitate a trend towards a gray and characterless cosmopolitanism".
H .B. Isherwood in "Racial Integration".


The following letter by B. Mercier appeared in "The Sydney Morning Herald" of November 23:
"As a Russian-born naturalised Australian who lived for 30 years in China up to 1952, and thus experienced three years of Communist rule there, I am appalled at the ignorance of some political groups and leaders here about China's intention to invade Australia. "Once Mao was in the saddle, any mention of Australia to the average Red Chinese official in Peking brought the claim that Communist China would settle big numbers of her people here. In 1952 the Communist Chinese propaganda department exhibited in Peking enormous posters bearing maps of Australia and words triumphantly claiming that China would invade Australia and settle 50 million of her people in the middle of the continent. The posters said Australia had adopted a 'dog-in-the manger' attitude about Central Australia, which she had failed to develop, yet had denied it to others who would develop it. 'We will irrigate this region so that it can support 50 million Chinese' declared the posters. When, in 1952, I applied to a police chief in Tientsin for an exit permit to Australia, he commented, when handing me the document: 'One day we will meet there'. "Australians who treat lightly the threat of Communist invasion are playing with fire."


"The Age" (Melbourne) of November 19 quotes the "Defend Australia Committee" as having described a recent booklet on Vietnam by academics of the University of N .S .W. as "the sheerest propaganda of a most misleading character." The committee said that the booklet "systematically ignored and suppressed evidence unfavourable to the Communist cause in Vietnam." Australia's Universities are today riddled with an element disseminating the most violent and blatantly biased left-wing propaganda, some of it closely bordering on treason.
If Australia were officially at war with North Vietnam, those issuing it would be charged with treason.

The left-wing element in the Universities skillfully masks its activities by constant hypocritical lip service to impartial truth seeking. But this "impartiality" does not extend to the presentation of two sides to any question involving conflict with extreme Socialism. Another example of this academic "impartiality" is the latest move by Lord Bertrand Russell in his endeavours to set up a "war crimes" tribunal to investigate American activities in Vietnam.

Long-term Fabian Socialist Lord Russell, a revered leader of the intellectual left, announced ("The Australian", November 18) that he was sending teams to North Vietnam and ports of South Vietnam controlled by the Viet Cong, where, he said, "victims and witnesses would be made available by the Communists".
Ignoring the readily available testimony of the hundreds of thousands of refugees from the horrors of the various Communist regimes, Lord Russell saves his moral indignation for the imagined atrocities of the anti-Communists.
If allowed to pursue his proposed investigation, we feel sure that a most impressive list of such atrocities will be produced by the "victims and witnesses" made available by the Communists.

Only political babies feel any surprise when a Fabian Socialist in his dotage reveals his hatred of the Christian West, his adoration for Atheistic Marxism, and his refusal to look at the satanic fruits of his beloved ideology.


Intensive questioning of Government candidates, including Ministers, by League of Rights supporters on the Government's double-standard foreign policy - economic war against friendly, anti-Communist Rhodesia but economic aid to Communist nations fighting Australians in Vietnam - has revealed that the Government is extremely "touchy" about this issue.
However, one Minister, Mr. Hubert Opperman, Minister for Immigration, has openly admitted one aspect of the truth about Vietnam, which we have been constantly warning about.
"The Age" (Melbourne) of November 22, carried the following report under the heading U.S. "FIGHTING WITH ONE ARM BEHIND BACK:
The United States was fighting the Vietnam war with one arm behind its back, the Minister for Immigration, Mr. Opperman, said yesterday. Mr. Opperman, speaking in support of the Liberal candidate for Corangamite, Mr. A. A. Street, said the U.S. could drive to Hanoi or cut all the Viet Cong communications 'tomorrow' if it wished. However, the U .S. was being influenced by world pressures against escalation of the war."

It is unfortunate that this explosive and revealing statement was hidden away in an obscure corner of "The Age". The essence of Mr. Opperman's statement is that the U.S. could end the war in Vietnam almost immediately, but was not doing so because it was afraid of those who create and manipulate "world opinion."
This "world opinion" is largely synthetic, as the Rhodesians have demonstrated, and is created and publicised by well-placed subversives in the international mass media. Only the Communist conspiracy draws any comfort from the continuing no-win policy in Vietnam. Australians must support the growing number of Americans who want this policy altered to a win policy.


Commenting on the recent American Elections, the "Wall Street Journal" of November 10 commented:
"It indicates, for one thing, a strong conservative mood in the nation. True, many of the Republican victors are liberals, but this fact may mean less than it seems; certainly there are generally more conservative than Great-Society Democrats ... Further corroboration is found in the surprisingly good showing of the New York State Conservative candidate for governor, Paul Adams. Unknown, inconspicuous, with little flair of personality, he nonetheless rivaled the big-name Liberal Party candidate, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. ... The chief evidence of a conservative trend is of course Ronald Reagan, an unabashed conservative. His smashing victory in the California gubernatorial contest cannot be ascribed solely to personal appeal or the effects of 'backlash' or other narrow factors. It shows that people will listen and respond not only to a Republican but to a conservative Republican."

Ronald Reagan played a prominent role in the 1964 Barry Goldwater campaign, and there is widespread speculation about whether Reagan may not get the Republican nomination for the 1968 Presidential Election. The Republicans won 47 seats in the House of Representatives, many more than President Johnson and his supporters anticipated. The overwhelming majority of these new Republican representatives openly advocated a stronger American military policy in Vietnam.
Being a total politician, President Johnson can be expected to at least create the impression of a much harder line in Vietnam in the immediate future.


"The Soviet Union had asked Indonesia to pay off its massive $A1070 million debt to Moscow immediately, Indonesia's Foreign Minister (Mr. Malik) said last night. Mr. Malik said the Russians made their demand during his visit to Moscow last month. "I was really ashamed", said Mr. Malik ... In Moscow today, informed sources said Indonesian experts now negotiating there hoped to stave off the Soviet demand for immediate repayment. The experts, who have been negotiating with the Russians for three weeks, were due to end their talks today and sign a protocol with the Soviet State committee for foreign economic relations". - "The Age" (Melbourne) November 23.
The master Communist strategists in the Kremlin are going to exploit to the utmost the enormous debt owed to them, mostly for military equipment, by Indonesia.

There has been considerable speculation about the Soviet joining with the U.S.A. in providing Indonesia with urgently required economic aid. But any aid given by the Soviet will be designed to ensure that Soviet influence replaces lost Red Chinese influence.
Latest reports from Indonesia leave no doubt that the Communists are still formidable, and are planning to make a major come back when the time is opportune. They are operating under the protection of Dr. Soekarno, who is now displaying increasing confidence in defying the military leaders. This is a most ominous sign of what could be ahead.


"A member of the Warren Commission today threw doubt on its finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Senator Richard Russell thus broke from other commission members who insist that their findings are unchallengeable… Also entering the debate today was Senate Democratic Whip Russell Long. Senator Long said he always suspected that someone beside Oswald was involved… Senator Russell said he did not feel assured that the Soviet Union had provided all available information on Oswald's stay there from 1959 to 1962. Nor was he satisfied that all the facts about Oswald's activities concerning Cuba had been brought to light." - The Herald" (Melbourne) November 23.

Senator Russell has brought into the open what many American experts on subversion have claimed: that every effort was made by the Warren Commission to bring in a finding that Oswald had not operated as part of the International Communist conspiracy, in face of the overwhelming evidence that he was trained as part of that conspiracy, and that he was assisted in the assassination of President John Kennedy. Only the arrest of Oswald prevented a campaign of destruction against the American Conservative anti-Communists - the "right-wing extremists" - who were blamed by Moscow for the assassination. In the meantime many of the principal witnesses associated with the Kennedy assassination have died under strange circumstances. And Jack Ruby, the man who shot Oswald before he might talk, is on the verge of getting his freedom.
Many believe that Ruby is a long-time Communist agent.

It is to be hoped that the statement by Senator Russell, protesting against the finding of the Commission of which he was a member, results in a thorough examination of many aspects of the Kennedy assassination, and Oswald's background and associations, which were never thoroughly probed.


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