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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

9 December 1966. Thought for the Week" ….we must practice the techniques of withdrawal. Never appear in the foreground; let our friends do the work. We must always remember that one sympathiser is generally worth more than a dozen militant Communists. A university professor, who without being a party member lends himself to the interests of the Soviet Union, is worth more than a hundred men with parry cards…"
Georgi Dimitrov, famous Communist leader and lecturer at the Lenin School of Political Warfare.


"… having thrown his hat into the ring, the former Spitfire pilot is likely to become as adamant as his most diehard Ministers. Britain's application to the UN Security Council for mandatory sanctions was a precondition of Rhodesia's rejection of the compromise agreement. The worst is ahead, and Rhodesia's 220,000 whites, who could fit comfortably into an English provincial town, have deliberately chosen to challenge the world." - "The Age" (Melbourne) December '7.

The above is an extract from an editorial, which is very similar to many other editorials and articles, which have appeared on the Rhodesian issue. The overwhelming majority of these have been biased against Rhodesia, and in many cases just as un-factual as the stream of reports from "Special correspondents" in London, Salisbury and Johannesburg. The Rhodesians have not "deliberately chosen to challenge the world". What they have challenged is the international revolutionary forces, which seek to destroy the peace, stability and Civilization of Rhodesia in their relentless strategy to conquer the whole of Africa.

With every step he takes, Socialist Harold Wilson emerges more and more clearly as the agent of these revolutionary forces. So far from Mr. Harold Wilson offering the Rhodesian Prime Minister any reasonable basis for a settlement of the dispute, it now emerges that he proposed a take-it-or-leave-it package deal to Mr. Smith, which was even rougher than anything, he had proposed in the past.

The basic proposal was that control of the armed forces of Rhodesia be turned over to a governor who would be given discretion to appoint ministers of the Crown. Mr. Wilson insisted that at least five of these must be from outside the Government Party, and at least two must be Africans. It is not surprising that Mr. Smith has declared that the Wilson proposals involved "departures of a major nature from the accepted principles of parliamentary government which have existed in this country for 43 years."
Speaking like a true totalitarian, Mr. Wilson has told of how he "warned" Mr. Smith.

Since the Rhodesian rejection of his demand for a surrender of the independent Government it has had for so long, the Socialist leader has said that he will now "crush" Rhodesia. No wonder his extreme Left-wing supporters cheered his brutal remarks in the House of Commons. Mr. Wilson knew in advance that his proposal would be rejected by the Rhodesian Government. His dramatic meeting with Mr. Smith on HMS Tiger was designed to further the impression that he was a reasonable man, prepared to make every endeavour to reach an honourable settlement with Rhodesia. But at no time has Mr. Wilson intended to reach any agreement with Rhodesia except on the basis of Rhodesia's complete surrender.

He now moves to the UNO to call for a policy, which he believes will "crush" Rhodesia. But as Rhodesia cannot be crushed without crushing South Africa and the Portuguese, then Mr. Wilson has now set in motion a policy which could lead to application of the Communists' long-term strategy of direct assault on the whole of Southern Africa, thus permitting them to reach one of their major objectives: dominating the great international water way around the Cape of Good Hope.

Australians and New Zealanders would be well advised to have a hard look at a map of the world at present, and consider their position if the whole of Africa is lost to the West. Rhodesia is the front-line for Australia and New Zealand. It is in fact the front line for the whole of the Civilized world.


Mr. Wilson is making much of the fact that he is now taking the Rhodesian question to the UNO in accordance with the agreement reached at the last Prime Ministers' Conference, held in London in September. We have the full text of the communiqué issued from this Conference, and it states clearly that Mr. Wilson would not ask the Security Council for mandatory sanctions against Rhodesia without the "full support" of Commonwealth nations. We realise that Mr. Wilson has been proved very careless with the truth, as witnessed by his version of what Mr. Smith allegedly agreed to on H.M.S. Tiger.
But Mr. Holt and Mr. Holyoake must be familiar with what was agreed to at the Prime Ministers' Conference.

The question therefore arises: Have they given their "full support" to Mr. Wilson's policy of aiding an international revolutionary strategy? And what about Dr. Hastings Banda of Malawi? He has bluntly opposed the Wilson policy.
Australia and New Zealand are now called upon to make the most important foreign decision, one that could be decisive in shaping their future.


Columnist for "The Sun" (Melbourne) and associated newspapers throughout Australia, Mr. Douglas Wilkie, continues his vicious campaign against Rhodesia. Like most of his breed, Mr. Wilkie does not apparently ever bother to get his facts correct, particularly when he can make what he believes to be a devastating smear. A typical example is provided in the Wilkie piece in "The Sun" of December 7:
"He (Mr. Wilson) must have seen the risk that Mr. Smith would be unable to 'sell' to his Cabinet colleagues - many of them Afrikaner extremists - that proposed four-month interim period in which Britain's Governor would control the Rhodesian Army and police."
" There are at the moment thirteen members of the Rhodesian Cabinet, and only one of these is even of Afrikaner descent".

From Mr. Ian Smith downwards, the Rhodesian Cabinet consists of men of British stock, many of them, like Lord Graham and Mr. W. Harper, born in Britain. Most of them like the Prime Minister, had distinguished war records fighting for the Civilization which Mr. Wilson, who had no war record at all, now threatens to "crush".


In the confusion of revolutionary propaganda concerning Rhodesia, the fact is overlooked that the Smith Government has stated time and time again that they accept the constitutional proposals, which Mr. Wilson has said are necessary to fulfill his six principles. The present Constitution is completely non-racial and makes provision for all Rhodesian citizens, irrespective of race, colour or creed, to participate in the political life of the country once they attain the qualifications necessary for a vote. Responsible government requires responsible electors.
This explains why there is a literacy test for New Guinea natives wishing to avail themselves of the opportunity of participating in the political development of New Guinea?

Those who are shouting for immediate "majority rule" in Rhodesia should be asked to name one African country to the north of the Zambesi which they believe is the model for Rhodesia. There are plenty of ignorant people about. But Mr. Wilson cannot be listed among them.
The only logical conclusion is therefore that he is consciously attempting to produce in Rhodesia the bloodletting, the chaos, and the tyranny now so rampant in "liberated" Africa. And this, of course, is in accordance with Communist strategy.


The following excellent letter by Mr. Edward Knox appeared in "The Age" (Melbourne) of December 7:
"The thought occurs: I'd sooner be Francis Chichester than any other man alive'. Alive is the operative word. So very much alive at 65! "Measure him against the so-called great of our age. The darlings of our mass-media system. The verbose politicians, the over-night wizards of finance, the exponents of the political sneer and smear, and the cinema and television kings in their world of tinsel and push-button applause.
"Measure Chichester against these and the result is sobering, and frightening", a plethora of dwarfs ... a dearth of men as they should, and could, be:
"Not really a man alone. But a man in great company. A companion, not of any glorified order, but a companion of Nature. A man unafraid of his own company, and the challenge of living wherever living is a challenge: A man unacquainted with craven fear; aware of his destiny, and determined to reach it.
"Oh for a few more Chichesters here in Australia: For just one in Canberra: For a man, or men, who can see and feel and meet the challenge of our vast, inherited horizons'. Yes, sir - oh for an Australian Chichester!"

There may be no Francis Chichester at Canberra, but there is one in Salisbury, Rhodesia, where the brave Ian Smith continues in the tradition of the great Cecil John Rhodes. Both in war and "peace" Ian Smith has shown that he is one of the greats of these craven and brainwashed times. A synthetic "world opinion" does not concern him as he battles to uphold the principles of Civilization. He has never boasted. He has expressed calm and dignity in the face of the most shocking taunts and insults from little men like Harold Wilson.
Ignoring even the advice of some of his own people, he fulfilled his promise to go anywhere to talk on the Rhodesian issue by traveling in a British RAF plane to Gibralta, by agreeing to meet Mr. Wilson in almost complete isolation on a British warship, where the British Socialist no doubt hoped that he could more successfully wage psychological warfare.
Ian Smith looked down the very barrel of the gun, which Harold Wilson pointed at him, and then returned to Salisbury to reject Mr. Wilson and all his threats. He did this with a smile, the smile of a man confident of the rightness of his cause and his destiny. Yes, the Francis Chichester spirit does live in one political leader of the Western world. And because it does, it is just possible that Civilization may withstand the mounting pressure of the forces, which threaten it.


An urgent rally at the Empire Room, the Federal Hotel, 547 Collins Street, Melbourne, on Sunday, December 11, at 8 p.m., to hear a special message from Mr. Eric Butler on "Rhodesia and Australia's future". Every reader who can must be present.

All election comment authorised by Eric D. Butler, Alma Road, Panton Hills, Victoria.


The Christian at Christmas looks at growing world disorder. This could well serve as an appropriate topic for discussion in what will probably be the final meeting of V.P.A.'s before Christmas. The chaos and confusion we are witnessing stems from the reversal of natural order, or the attempt by man to bring about such a reversal. There is a good reason why atheists, agnostics, rationalists, humanists, and others who reject the Christian message nearly always end up in the ranks of the Socialists. The Socialist always starts at the other end of the scale of society.

The individual is the important unit in society, all things grow from him. To the Christian therefore the individual is important. From the unit of one growth begins, therefore the individual must be defended from those forces which seek his destruction.
The Socialists concerned with people as a mass inevitably arrive at the stage, despite their protestations (as we see in Mr. Wilson at the moment) when they must destroy those who do not conform to the mass mind.

It has been well said by C . H . Douglas that the Mob is Atavistic - self destroying. Mr. Wilson cannot see the destruction and chaos the policies of his fellow socialists have brought about in the rest of Africa. He must hasten to continue the destruction and thus fulfill the demands of his philosophy.

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