Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

16 December 1966. Thought for the Week: "So far and no further", said Mr. Ian Smith in his Independence speech, and the world has been waiting for those words for many, many years. The leaders of Rhodesia and South Africa, by opposing themselves to the sea of sorrows, which loomed, have not ended, but staved them off. The world is still a mad one, my masters, but it looks a little better now than it did a year ago".
Douglas Reed in "The Battle for Rhodesia"


In his address at the Rhodesian Rally in Melbourne last Sunday, December 11, League of Rights National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, revealed the brutal demands made by Socialist Harold Wilson on Rhodesian Prime Minister Mr. Ian Smith.
These were: - The present Rhodesian Government to go out of existence and to be replaced by a more "broadly based" Government in which African extremists would be represented.
The surrender to a British Government representative of Rhodesia 's armed forces.
The surrender also of control of the police and the maintenance of law and order.
British Government control of all Rhodesian Government executive positions, and the civil service.
British Government control of the Rhodesian Budget.
The permanent right for British troops to be based in Rhodesia if and when a new constitution was arranged.
Press censorship to be lifted and control of Rhodesian radio and television to be placed under British control.
Political terrorists to be released.

The essence of the Wilson concept of reaching an agreement with the Rhodesians is that the Rhodesians should first surrender control of their country for an indefinite period to Quisling Government while a new Constitution was negotiated. It is not surprising that following the rejection of the Wilson demands by the Rhodesian Government, Prime Minister Ian Smith said that those demands were "repugnant" to the Rhodesians.
He said that the Wilson proposals were a "departure of a major nature from the accepted principles of parliamentary democracy which has existed in this country for 43 years.

Mr. Smith also said that to expect his Government to abandon the present Rhodesian Constitution before a new constitution had been finally secured and put to the test of public opinion "is utterly irresponsible. ... The Rhodesian Government would be extremely foolish were they to abandon the substance of the present Constitution for the shadow of a mythical constitution yet to be evolved".

The "free" press of the world, which is so critical of press censorship in Rhodesia, has not seen fit to publicise the full truth about what really happened on H .M .S. Tiger. It has carried the Wilson propaganda line, which has projected a picture of the Socialist leader as a "moderate" man offering Mr. Smith honourable terms.

It has also been claimed that Mr. Smith agreed substantially with Mr. Wilson on H .M .S. Tiger and then allowed himself to be swayed by the "right-wing extremists" in his Cabinet. There is not a word of truth in this. Mr. Smith made it clear from the start that he had no power to reach a settlement. He did not agree to recommend the terms of Mr. Wilson's proposals to the Rhodesian Cabinet. All that he agreed to do was to place these proposals before his Cabinet colleagues and to provide the British Government with a "yes" or "no" answer within a certain time limit.

What happened on H .M .S. Tiger was that Mr. Wilson demanded complete capitulation to his demands backed by the threat of worldwide mandatory sanctions. He also said to Mr. Smith: "I ask you to make no assumptions on the use of military force."
Here was the real Harold Wilson, the Socialist totalitarian, serving the forces of world revolution.
He must have known that the Rhodesians would never accept his surrender demand.

The H .M .S. Tiger exercise was merely a smokescreen to mask his intention of placing the Rhodesian question under the control of the Communist-dominated UN.


While Mr. Wilson's Socialist colleagues, many of them strongly pro-Communist, cheered wildly in the House of Commons when their leader said that in furtherance of his policy to "crush" Rhodesia he was placing Rhodesia's future in the hands of the UN, one lone Labor M. P. provided an example of individual courage and integrity.
Mr. Pager, QC. a Labor M . P. for 21 years resigned his position as Labor Whip to cross the floor of the House of Commons to vote with the Conservatives in opposition to the Wilson policy.

Mr. Pager may have destroyed his future with the British Labor Party. But he obviously felt that his own and his country's honour were much more important. Mr. Pager has personally visited Rhodesia and thoroughly acquainted himself with the real situation. It is disturbing that not one Member of the Australian Government Parties has visited Rhodesia since November 11, 1965.
The time has arrived when the Holt Government must send its own fact-finding Committee instead of relying on Wilson double-talk and propaganda.


By 76 votes to 6 the UN Trusteeship Committee on December 9th called for independence for Fiji. The motion, introduced by Tanzania on December 7th, calls on Britain to hold immediate general elections on the basis of one man, one vote, the elected to draw up a "democratic constitution."
Australia's UN delegate, Mr. McCarthy, said he could not accept the motion.
In a U.P.I. report in "The Australian" of December 8th, he is quoted as saying:
"There is no struggle in Fiji against a colonial power."

The resolution on Fiji is an extension of Communist strategy, which has been successful in reducing a major part of the native populations of the world to a condition of utter chaos. With a solid block of coloured puppets to spearhead their attacks, the UN Trusteeship Committee is easily manipulated by the Communists to advance their revolutionary strategy.

Closely following the resolution on Fiji came a strong Soviet attack on Australia's wicked colonialism in Papua-New Guinea.

We have been warned. With able assistance from the daily retailers of Soviet policy the spotlight moves from the degradation and horrors of the already "liberated" areas to the remaining stable areas. We can expect the same misrepresentation and utter contempt for the interests of the indigenous peoples that we have witnessed in Africa and elsewhere. It is clear that the stage is being set for Papua-New Guinea to receive the full treatment. Perhaps when Australians find themselves subjected to the same vicious misrepresentation, which the Rhodesians, South Africans, and Portuguese have suffered, they may be shaken into a realisation that acquiescence with "world opinion" is no alternative to a firm and informed stand on principles.


"A United Nations resolution condemning all forms of intervention in the domestic affairs of states was yesterday passed unopposed by the main political committee. The resolution proposed by the Soviet Union, will now go to the General Assembly." - "The Australian", December 14th.

Here is a classical example of Communist double-talk. The Soviet Union has operated for over 40 years the biggest international conspiracy in the recorded history of man, spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually to subvert the internal affairs of those nations, which have not yet passed under Communist tyranny. And yet it initiates a resolution condemning exactly that which it is doing. This is, of course, all part of the diabolical programme of the conspirators against what remains of Civilization.


"Reports are in from London that Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda was in Ottawa this week soliciting more External Aid has just bought himself a personal turbo-prop plane in Britain for $1,050,000. The aircraft's a Hawker-Siddely 748, with lounge, galley, private cabins and room for a crew of four, similar to two planes used in the Queen's flight.
"The $1,050,000 it cost is nearly equal to the $1,272,000 Canada is spending this year in External Aid for Zambia.

This assistance comes in two forms, reports the Aid office: For the airlifting of oil to Zambia, $1,200,000. For transport and salaries and living allowances of 19 teachers and advisers in Zambian schools, $242,000.
"Commenting on President Kaunda's spending of the $1, 050,000 for the personal plane, an Air Office official said; "Well, he has to get around the world, doesn't he?" - Richard Jackson, in "The Ottawa Journal" (Canada), November 26th.

Kenneth Kaunda is one of the leaders of the campaign to destroy Rhodesia by force if necessary. His own economy is in a state of near-collapse, with very limited oil supplies. His country is used as a base by Communist-trained terrorists operating against Rhodesia. The intensified economic war against Rhodesia must hurt Zambia also - that is if Zambia stops buying Rhodesian coal from Wankie. Western nations will be expected to supply more massive economic aid to Zambia. Much of this will be squandered as President Kaunda is demonstrating with the purchase of his personal luxury plane.


U Thant is the Secretary-General of the UN and is well known for his pro-Communist attitude. But real executive power is exercised by those who advise him in the UN Secretariat. U Thant's personal assistant, for example, is a Soviet national.
The most important position in the UN Secretariat is the Under-Secretary for Political and Security Council Affairs, and is currently held by one Alexi E. Nesterenko. This Soviet representative controls services, secretariats and documentation for the Security Council and its subsidiary organs, the political committees of the General Assembly and numerous subcommittees. He also assists the Secretary-General in the discharge of political responsibilities, arranges for the provision to the Military Staff Committee of the services necessary for its functioning, and assists in the negotiating of any military agreements.
In other words, all the political and military decisions of the UN go through a department completely dominated by an agent of the International Communist conspiracy.

It would be instructive to know just how much Minister for External Affairs, Mr. Paul Hasluck, knows about the Communist control of the UN.

All election comment authorized by Eric D. Butler, Alma Road, Panton Hills, Victoria.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159