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Edmund Burke
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On Target

25 February 1966. Thought for the Week: "If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."
Abraham Lincoln.


The modern weapons of war being used to destroy Christian civilisation are Propaganda, Perversion, Subversion and Infiltration. The success of the International Communist conspiracy in the use of these weapons is illustrated in the news this week of the visit of the "British" Prime Minister Mr. Harold Wilson to his spiritual home in Moscow. There he promises unstinted aid and trade to the Communists, nothing is too good for them. He abjectly pleads for talks "without conditions" on Vietnam.

At the same time as a dedicated International Fabian Socialist pledged to destroy National Sovereignty both at home and abroad, he imposes a complete economic and trade blockade on Rhodesia, declaring the Christian Government of Rhodesia as treasonable. Mr. Ian Smith recently after citing the pro-Communist policies of Mr. Wilson asked, "Is he a fellow traveller?" The answer was written in the blood of all those Britishers from the Commonwealth who gave their lives to uphold British freedoms and traditions now being betrayed by Mr. Wilson.


The Australian press pundits are having a bonanza with the so-called "split" between the right and left wings of the Socialist party over the issue of State aid for Church and private schools. Any struggle between groups in any of the present day political parties has of course only one basic motivation, the desire for complete power by one group or one individual at the expense of the others. In this case the sophisticated, doctrinaire Fabian Socialist - by far the most dangerous breed - Gough Whitlam is involved in a power struggle with the bitterly sectarian, trade union officials who dominate the Labour party executive. Whitlam the intellectual who understands the finer points of socialising (conforming all to one thought pattern) the Australian society, is prepared to throw a few shekels to private schools to speed up the process of gaining complete control of education through the financial mechanism. At the same time he sees the issue as popular enough to bring him to power. This may be so and it may not, it matters little. What is clear is that socialism is the two-way winner.


With his ascension to the role of Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Holt has lost no time in bowing to the pressures from the liberal left on the question of breaking down our Immigration Policy. The hot air generated by liberal commentators such as Dennis Warner of the Melbourne Herald for a "winds of change" Immigration Policy is being supported by every leftwing intellectual in the country, irrespective of the fact that seven hundred Asians were naturalised in 1965, and that Australia has a better percentage record than America in this regard. It is blatant dishonesty for these journalists and commentators to continually refer to Australia's White Australia policy. There is no such thing.


After the anti-Communist coup in Indonesia last year we warned that unless the West offered tangible support to those who thwarted the Communists, including Soekarno, it would be only short time before the International Communist movement regained lost ground. The sacking of General Nasution by Soekarno undoubtedly means that the international communist force behind Soekarno is doing this. Indonesian military equipment is predominantly Russian, as are the key technicians supplied to operate that equipment. "He who pays the piper calls the tune". Nasution has to go as he has demonstrated that he has an unfortunate trait of disliking Communists. Soekarno put it quite clearly, "If I change the composition of my assistants it is for no other reason than my assistants should help me carry on with the revolution. Melbourne "Age" Tuesday 22nd February.


Eighty odd Scribes and Pharisees lent their signatures to Dr. Jim Cairns M.P. in a quarter page advertisement in "The Australian" of February 19th to urge cessation of bombing of North Vietnam and the withdrawal of U.S. Military forces. The list of distinguished left-wingers and their dupes included those old favourites who crop up plumb on the Soviet line at regular intervals. To name just a few - Professors Alexander & Wright of Sydney; Prof. Munro and Dr. Playford of Monash, and Mrs. Christensen senior lecturer of Russian at Melbourne University.
The Pharisee line up includes the hardy annuals, Reverends, Matthais Pope, Walker and retired Bishop Moyes. We have lost count of the number of leftist organisations that this group has either sponsored or supported.

It might be fitting to quote the words of J. Edgar Hoover, American F.B.I. chief who has more knowledge of Communist front organisations than anyone outside the Communist party chiefs. "The small but highly vocal minority which is staging these anti Vietnam demonstrations is for the most part composed of halfway citizens who are neither morally, mentally, nor emotionally mature. This is true whether the demonstrator be the college professor or the beatnik."


The editorial in The Australian of February 19th admits widespread sympathy for the Rhodesian cause, "that is apparent from public discussion and letters to the Australian. The editors graciously admit their understanding of this sympathy, which they say is extended to Rhodesia for three reasons:
"its position as underdog against the censure of most of the world: the Rhodesian's record of pioneering, of their creation and development of a white man's civilisation in a black man's s area, and the prospect of an African governed Rhodesian caught up in the sort of turmoil which followed the emergence of other African states."

The editors however regard this sympathy as misplaced, and "find little to be enchanted with in Rhodesia's version of democracy." Figures are then quoted purporting to show that of the $31.25 million Rhodesian expenditure on education just over half is spent on education of the native African. This they say is just not good enough as there are more Africans than whites, and few get through secondary education. The fact that few are capable or even desirous of this is conveniently not mentioned. The editorial in its closing paragraphs reveals incredible stupidity or outright dishonesty by asserting "a Kenyan or Nigerian is much better off educationally and politically, and eventually economically, than his fellow in Rhodesia who is oppressed and discriminated against by the Rhodesian Government." Both these assertions are baseless and fanciful.
The British taxpayer is underpinning the "independent" states in Africa to the tune of £200 million annually, and both Nigeria and Kenya rely substantially on such handouts.

Politically the position in both countries is near tragic, especially Nigeria where the recent pogroms between warring tribal factions has made a farce of responsible government. Kenya is now suffering serious food shortages with widespread starvation rampant. Corruption and bungling in the government has reduced what was once a prosperous country to a shambles. "On Target" 25th February, 1966. Page 3.
In the face of evidence, which is widely known, such blatant falsehoods show the depth to which once respectable journalism has sunk.


We wish to correct the report in our issue of ON TARGET on February 11th entitled BANK OF CHINA OPERATES IN SYDNEY. Our information came from a most reliable source but has since been corrected. The bank operating in question is the Bank of Nationalist China whom we wish every success. We trust that trade between our two countries will go forward with greater momentum.


Mr. Selwyn Lloyd the British Conservative party's "shadow" Commonwealth Secretary who visited Rhodesia on a fact finding tour said on leaving Salisbury on February 16th that he had spoken to "hundreds of political leaders, clergymen, farmers, businessmen and Africans." Despite this his comment was that he found it "extremely difficult to ascertain African opinion." In view of this admission that he stressed everywhere he went that a white minority could not rule an African majority forever, and there must be a movement towards multiracialism, this failure to get substantial support from the Africans he questioned is significant. It can only mean that there is genuine agreement by the Africans, advanced enough to have an opinion, with the policies of the Smith Government; and that they can in fact work out their destiny in co-operation with the Europeans. The point Mr. Lloyd seems to have missed is that there is a genuine multiracial society in Rhodesia, and the Africans are very satisfied with their role.


Mr. Abdel Rhaman Bazzaz, Prime Minister of Irak commenting on the state to which past socialist governments had degraded Irak.
"Past regimes believed that rigid government restrictions and taxes would lead to a fairer distribution of the national wealth, but all they found left to distribute was poverty."


We find it intriguing that in the battle for the survival of Christian Rhodesia against the anti-Christian forces of International Communism the first gift petrol to reach Rhodesia from South Africa came from thirty farmers in Bethlehem, South Africa. Our report comes from the Sunday Mail 13.2.66.
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