Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

4 March 1966. Thought for the Week: "...the mania for bureaucratic control, allied with a passion for mere enormity, represents a danger to our civilization itself. Many of those who are beset by these maladies profess to be the foes of Communism. Nevertheless, if they continue to move along present lines and go on building up an uncontrolled and arbitrary State with everything in its hands, they will create in this country the Communist system which they claim to oppose."
Captain Cyril Falls, Chichele Professor of the history of War, in "The Illustrated London News", March 31, 1951.


The rise of the intellectual socialist-humanist-atheist in our midst is a cancerous growth we have been forced to note for some time now. The infiltration of the State education system from primary state school, through secondary school to university level by those opposed to Christian standards and ethics has been deep and widespread. A sample of what we are now getting and can expect more of in the future was handed out to University freshers at the University of N.S.W. by Dr. Alex Carey, lecturer in applied science at the university. The"Australian"2.3.66 reported his remarks to the impressionable young students. He quoted Dr. Alex Comfort who, in a BBC Reith lecture in 1963 had said, "We may eventually come to realise that virginity is no more a virtue than malnutrition."
I agree with Alex Comfort said Dr. Carey "when he describes sex as an important recreation which is biologically well adapted to release residual anxieties of all kinds. It is the most important human sport."

It is to be hoped that some red-blooded Australian will let Dr. Carey know that the future happiness and wholeness of our young sons and daughters is more important than his conception of "sport". It is obvious that neither he nor Dr. Comfort have progressed beyond the farmyard when formulating their theories on sport.


The words of the former President of the American Agricultural Editors' Association will bear weighty consideration at this time:
"I'm for integrated schools for those who want them and segregated schools for those who don't. I favour the Federal Government leaving education to the States, as the Constitution intended, And - if Government is going to finance education - I'm for each State allocating to each student his pro rata share of tuition costs at the school of his parents' choice, public, private, segregated, integrated, Baptist, Catholic, Jewish."


The African demi-God, Kwame Nkrumah, of Ghana, has toppled from his pedestal. The developments that are likely to follow from the fall cannot be prophesied at this early stage. We can, however, predict that Mr. Wilson will NOT impose sanctions against Ghana, and that the United Nations Organization will NOT call for military operations against Ghana to restore legal and constitutional government. It does seem within the bounds of reason to us that dear Kwame, not having descended in the last shower, and realizing that for all his divinity that he is in one nasty spot, will play Peking against Moscow to regain his heavenly throne. Reports to hand suggest that his reception in Peking was cool, but that he was afforded the V.I.P. treatment in Moscow. If either Communist Colossus is successful in aiding his restoration to power, no comfort can be taken by the West. Nkrumah will then be even more a stooge of the International Communist Conspiracy.


The "Australian" of Feb, 26th, quotes a report from Rome: -"Thirteen Chinese Army officers at a secret camp at Obenamasi, in Ghana, have already sent scores of Negro saboteurs into Rhodesia to terrorise white farmers."

Perhaps the pudgy little doctrinaire Socialist will take heart that Communist-trained murderers are aiding his efforts to bring Rhodesia to its knees.


That ruthless egomaniac of cosmic ambitions, former Attorney-General of the U.S.A. Mr. Robert (Bobby) Kennedy, came into the news in Sydney on Feb. 23rd. An American Congressman, Mr. George Miller, there on a brief visit, when asked about the urgings of the now Senator Robert Kennedy that the Viet Cong be represented in coalition Vietnamese Government, replied: "Senator Kennedy has political ambitions. Do I have to draw you a clearer picture?"


John McEwen, the Deputy Prime Minister, is reported in the "Australian", of Feb. 26th to have said that "both he and the Government were hell-bent on developing Australia to a population of twenty-five millions."

We feel sure that Mr. McEwen means twenty-five millions of people with a common racial origin, religion, and culture. We could, however, think of other personalities on the political stage that would be overjoyed to introduce disintegrating millions of members of other races and cultures, to spell finish to the Australia we know and love.


We have to hand a most interesting letter from a Mr. A. Jones, of Umtali, Rhodesia. We haven't the space to quote the letter in full; nevertheless, some passages are germane at this time
. ...." the recent announcement of the actions and declared intentions of your League to organize support for Rhodesia, created tremendous interest and enthusiasm throughout the country. As an Australian, I feel that I can look my friends in the face again." ..."it is not the extent of your aid which is so important; the actions of your League have already done so much to restore the trust and faith and respect in which Australia was formerly held by all Rhodesians. Australia, and other countries will eventually recognize Rhodesian independent sovereignty. That is not enough. My sincere hope is that Australia will be the first to set an example to the rest of the world of decent, civilised behaviour." ..." Under the most stringent embargoes ever enacted this country is winning its war, although not easily. Our exports are expanding, the tobacco sales are under way, and the entire crop will be sold. There is only a trickle of oil at present and that is the killer.
Ironically, the hardest hit section of the community is the African population, the very people whom the sanctions were implemented to protect. The most severe drought in history has made their lot more unfortunate. Despite this, even the Government is astounded at the degree of support from the entire population for its action of Nov. 11th (U.D.I.)
Such people, simple perhaps, but with the guts to defy the harshest economic strictures ever imposed, deserve whatever support Australia can offer." ..." neither our Government nor the people will crack under hardships. Mr. Wilson's conceit will never let him admit defeat; eventually he will be left with force as his only effective weapon. Under some pretext or other, he will resort to force, unless he is restrained. His intentions are plainly indicated by the scurrilous incitements to riot broadcast by the Zambian transmitters financed by his Government." ..." it would require only one country with influence in world councils to call a halt to this disgraceful personal vendetta of Wilson's. Is Australia big enough to show the way?"


The Nalangil branch of the Country Party carried a resolution that Australia should drop all economic and trade sanctions against Rhodesia. A similar resolution is to be submitted for the agenda of the Country Party's annual conference in April. Speakers claimed that Australia lacked high principles in recognising and trading with all types of Communist and other tyrannical forms of government, yet discriminated against her own kith and kin; alongside whom we had soldiered in two world wars. White Rhodesia, in a practical way was trying to prevent itself from falling into the same chaos and eventual tyranny to which other emergent nations had moved, they said.


The "Australian" (Feb. 28th) carried a report from Rome that Fiat, Italy's largest carmakers, is about to conclude a major deal with Russia. The deal includes the building of a large Fiat designed plant in Russia, to manufacture tractors, and to "collaborate in many other industrial fields", but details are secret.

In 1931, Dmitri Manuilski, a leading Communist theoretician, made a most prophetic speech. He said that in twenty or thirty years from that time, that the decadent Western nation would leap to cooperate in their own destruction, and that when their guard was down we (the Communists) would smash them (the West) with an iron fist. This is yet another example of a Western nation being enmeshed in the Communist web.

As a nation such as Italy becomes more dependent upon trade with Russia so must she inevitably become drawn under the political influence of Russia. To the Communists trade is but a weapon of war, and the threatened withdrawal or abrogation of trade treaties can wreak havoc upon Capitalist nations whose economies are finely balanced.

As a further example Australia is playing a dangerous game trading with Communist China (wheat sales). The immediate result of this trade is a brighter balance of payment picture, which pleases the economists, but the long-term result could well be intimidation by Red China to adopt policies inimical to our vital interests (e.g. giving away our North) as a price for the continuance of wheat purchases, by that time perhaps indispensable to our economy. Let us beware of trade with the Communists!


RESPONSIBLE VOTING The Rhodesian issue highlights the necessity for a return to sanity in the use of the voting mechanism as a means of governing the country in the best interests of all its inhabitants. The use of the vote can be said to have had a very simple origin, it came into use when it was found to be more civilised to have a show of hands rather than to crack skulls with various forms of blunt instruments to decide a dispute.
With the advent of parliaments the subtleties of power through influencing the thinking of both those who elected the parliamentary representatives, and the latter, has evolved through various stages.
From that time when the vote was restricted to what was felt to be the most influential section of the population in Britain, this position was progressively changed and the power to vote has been widened to that point which we in Australia are assured is the most progressive - all persons over twenty one years of age unless criminals or mentally certifiable must vote under the pain of paying a fine for not doing so. The thinking, which argues that the latter is more responsible than the restricted vote, has clearly no virtues for those who believe that freedom and responsibility cannot be obtained by the use of arbitrary force.

QUESTIONS: Do you agree that we should return to a free responsible vote? If not, why not?

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159