Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

11 March 1966. Thought for the Week: Conversation between Dr. Robert Henderson of Selma U.S.A. and Jonathan Daniels, theological student and "civil" rights worker in Selma during the racial protest marches of 1965:
Jon. Daniels, "I am not a member of the party. I am a Christian Marxist."
Dr. Henderson replied that he felt the two terms were "mutually inconclusive".
Jon. Daniels, "To explain it simply a Christian Marxist is one who believes that Karl Marx takes over where Jesus Christ left off."
Dr. Henderson then asked that if he meant to say that, with a belief such as he had just expressed in a year or two he would occupy a pulpit in the Episcopal Church.
Jon Daniels replied, "Myself and many more like me."

Article, "Jon" Daniels, Product of His Seminary. American Opinion January, 1966.


Many Christians have expressed fears about Communist influence inside the World Council of Churches. Their fears have been strengthened by the general secretary of the World Council, Dr. Eugene Carson Blake, who said in a recent address in the U.S.A. that Christians must continue pressing for negotiations in South Vietnam. "This means bringing not only the North and South Vietnamese to the table, but the Viet Cong", he said.

Close students of the developing situation in South Vietnam have noted with alarm that the American Administration, which had previously said that it refused to negotiate with the Viet Cong, was now shifting its stand on this issue. The Viet Cong is the military instrument of the International Communist conspiracy in South Vietnam. Acceptance of the Viet Cong at any conference would be a tacit agreement of the Communists' claim that the Viet Cong is an indigenous South Vietnamese organisation representing South Vietnamese people. It is alarming how often the World Council of Churches supports the Communist viewpoint.


Recognition of the legality of the new regime in Ghana as being the legal government by both Britain and Australia amongst fifteen other countries including U.S.A. constitutes the most blatant form of hypocrisy. We have no quarrel with the view that any change from the dictatorship of Dr.Nkrumah is a change for the better - for the moment at any rate - But the fact remains that all these countries that refuse to recognise the lawfully elected government of Rhodesia as the legal government of that country, now apply a different standard to Ghana.

The facts are that the administration headed by Nkrumah was recognised by these countries as the legal government of the country. There was no question of recognising the injustices the people of Ghana were labouring under as a basis for changing the government of the country. That these injustices could only be rectified by force and bloodshed seems to be the criterion, which dominates the thinking of our respective governments. Using this as their yardstick of measurement it appears that Rhodesia can never hope for recognition as the indigenous peoples, both black and white, are more than satisfied with their government and the violence which is hoped for in other quarters is non existent.


A large number of American and Canadian papers recently carried stories of an "exposure'' of the John Birch Society by the notorious Anti-Defamation League. The Society was charged with being "anti-Semitic". Most of the press reports linked Mr. Eric Butler and the League of Rights with the Birch Society, pointing out that Mr. Butler has been a regular feature writer for "American Opinion.

We have now seen a copy of the ADL report and notice with interest that "proof" of the "anti-Semitism" of the Australian League of Rights was the allegations of the Rev. D. Pope at the 1965 Melbourne Anglican Synod.
The ADL report claims that Mr. Pope "exposed" the "anti-Semitic" activities of the League of Rights inside the Churches. The truth is that Mr. Pope has shown himself to be an instrument of a conspiracy against the League. Whether he was conscious of the purpose for which he lent himself, or knew of the ramifications of the organisation behind the people using him, is something only Mr. Pope could answer in his more honest moments.

The featuring of his false allegations in a widely publicised smear story in America and Canada provides further striking evidence that the Synod attack was part of a mounting international campaign to try to offset the growing influence and cohesion of the conservative anti-Communist groups around the English speaking world.


The international campaign against Rhodesia persistently seeks to confuse people about the basic facts concerning Rhodesia. It is essential to keep coming back to these basic facts.
Rhodesia did not "seize independence" on November 11, 1965, but extended the self-governing rights it had exercised since 1923 to cover external affairs. The Smith Government is not an "illegal government", having been elected with an overwhelming majority at free elections held under a constitution (1961), which Britain had endorsed. Mr. Harold Wilson has no more constitutional right to dismiss the Government of Rhodesia than he has to dismiss the Government of Tonga, the island Kingdom of the Pacific. The case of Tonga is similar to that of Rhodesia.

In 1960 a realistic king of Tonga looked at the international scene and decided to make an agreement with Britain. In return for British protection, Tonga gave Britain the right to supervise the external affairs of the tiny kingdom. The treaty gave Britain no right to interfere with the internal affairs of the people of Tonga or to levy taxes on the Tongan people. The agreement between the Rhodesians and the British Government also gave the British government the right to supervise Rhodesia's external affairs without any interference in the internal affairs of a self governing nation. But because the Rhodesians now wish to extend their sovereignty to external affairs, Mr. Wilson strives to interfere in the internal affairs of Rhodesia. He is acting in a most unconstitutional manner.

In proposing that the Smith Government should be replaced with one appointed by a British Government, Mr. Wilson is urging that Rhodesians accept a status they have never experienced in their history, that of a British colony. Should Tonga wish to terminate its international agreement with Britain, it is extremely unlikely that there would be an international campaign similar to that being promoted against Rhodesia for declaring an end to its agreement with Britain. But then Tonga does not threaten International Communism's global strategy.


The reports which have been featured in the press of the honorary presidency to be bestowed upon Dr. Nkrumah by the African state of Guinea, and neighbour to Ghana should not really surprise when one considers some of the more salient points of previous cooperation between Ghana and the rulers of Guinea.

It was Guinea and Ghana who supplied the troops comprising the UN force, which desecrated the Congo under the Communist thug, Lumumba.

Colonel Joseph Mobutu when trying to restore order following the carnage unleashed by Lumumba had to appeal to the UN to withdraw Guinean and Ghanian forces from the Congo as he found conclusive evidence through letters in Lumumbas's briefcase, which clearly linked these troops with the Communists.
Dr. Nkrumah had been advising Lumumba on how to handle the imperialists and colonialists, in a personal letter to Lumumba he wrote "the only colonialist and imperialist I trust is a dead one."

As Dr. Nkrumah went to Moscow from Peking before going to Guinea he undoubtedly received his orders on the Guinean maneuver, the objective being to establish a base from which to possible counter the elements deposed on him in Ghana. The action of one deposed dictator being arbitrarily appointed to a position in another country without any reference to the electorate should convince even the most gullible who continually excuse the excesses taking place in these "independent" African states, that there is a slight conspiratorial smell somewhere.


The famous British columnist for the Socialist "Daily Mirror", "Cassandra", has turned his vitriolic pen upon the Smith Government in Rhodesia because of its press censorship. "Cassandra" makes no reference to the censorship exercised by the press of the world, which often suppresses and distorts news of importance. He claims the right "to write and say what you think". And then abuses that right by a poisonous suggestion that by defying the Rhodesian Government's censorship regulations the editors of Rhodesia's two daily papers are spiritual comrades with the two Russian writers Sinyasky and Daniel recently banished to long years of imprisonment in Siberia.

"Cassandra" writes of the Rhodesian editors defying "the hatred of the new rulers in Salisbury", again trying to suggest that there is a comparison between Moscow and Salisbury. "The new rulers " are of course the same freely elected representatives of the Rhodesians who were the Government before the UDI on November 11.

Unlike Soviet Russia, there is a freely elected Opposition in Rhodesia, and it is criticising the Government without any fear of its members being imprisoned. Both the Bulawayo and Salisbury papers carry editorial comment concerning Government policy. The cause of the comparatively mild press censorship in Rhodesia is Mr. Harold Wilson's declaration of economic and psychological warfare against Rhodesia. Much of this warfare is directed against the Africans in an attempt to create conditions, which could lead to the overthrow of the Rhodesian Government. The Rhodesian Government has reluctantly had to take protective action against this form of warfare.

So far the editors of the Rhodesian press, owned by non-Rhodesian interests, being brave men, the truth is that they are the paid agents of those who have constantly campaigned against the present Rhodesian Government. And they have the freedom to leave Rhodesia any time they like if they do not like conditions. This is a basic freedom, which the Russian writers do not have.
"Cassandra" knows this - hut his concept of freedom is the right to pervert the truth.


In answer to query: Born 1916 Secondary education in Huddersfield and Wirral Grammar School. University education at Jesus College, Oxford, graduating in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. At the age of 21 became Lecturer in Economics at New College, Oxford, and Research Assistant to Lord Beveridge, famous Fabian Socialist author of the Beveridge Plan which was the blue print of the British welfare state ushered in during the war and when Labour took power in 1945. Wilson himself is a Fabian.
During the war he "was directed" to a civil job with the Ministry of Fuel and Power. After the war he became Praelector in Economics at University College, Oxford. Elected to Parliament in July 1945. He worked with Sir Stafford Cripps on the Board of Trade and headed the British delegations to the Food and Agricultural organisation in 1947. He alternated with the President of the Board of Trade in leading the British delegation to the United Nations preparatory trade conference at Geneva during Labour's reign.
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