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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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18 March 1966. Thought for the Week: "Because Freedom is for everybody or nobody. Because every man is entitled to hold an opinion and voice it. Or soon nobody is. Because they cannot intimidate one man without making all men a little bit afraid!"
Henry Denker - A Case of Libel.


Much is being made of the decision of the Commonwealth Government to send National Service Trainees to Vietnam with re-enforcements releasing regular troops, as well as augmenting those that are already serving there. Those forces of perversion and subversion which have made such great inroads into Church and Education on behalf of the Communist conspiracy has resulted in the deepest political division ever to exist in Australia. The same can be said for all Western nations. In this country the issue of conscription, already existing in America, can be counted as a turning point in Government policy. It means that there is a great possibility that this country may be counted upon to so organise itself to take a more vigorous part in the fight against Communism. The Communists know this and they can be counted upon to use all their front organisations to fight this issue out to the finish.

As well as any other body of opinion we know the value of freedom of choice, and the dangers of dictatorial action. But above all we know also there comes times of crisis when these cherished rights have to be temporarily set aside. There is a time and place for everything, and now is the time for strength and leadership. In every society, leadership must be provided by those who have maturity and experience in commensurate measure with responsibility. If government leadership fails in this regard the whole country suffers. The youth of our country are still fundamentally loyal and patriotic, and will follow when correct leadership is given. This has been demonstrated by the almost unanimous acceptance by Trainees of the Government's decision. The grave responsibility, which the rest of us have, is to ensure that those who fight in the physical war against Communism for their country, are not let down by those who stay at home enjoying the freedom of a country not torn asunder by the anti-Christian conspiracy of Communism. Such policies still being pursued by our Government, such as trade with China, which aid the enemy must be fought until they are reversed.
Those who pose themselves as shepherds of the flock, and prate and prattle about the morality of those doing our fighting, such as the imprecations, which are being used against General Ky's character, should look more closely at their own immorality.


According to a report from "The Times" special correspondent, Prince Sihanouk in a recent address on Cambodian "neutrality" listed Red China, France, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia as his "nearest and dearest". "Another Country following not far behind would be Australia." On the face of it we seem to be in undesirable company.


We are being favoured by yet another emissary of cloud cuckoo-land where all that is wonderful is born or invented. In this case it is the Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko who is visiting Australia to take part in the Adelaide Festival of Arts. Mr. Yevtushenko comes from a closed state. No man likely to cause embarrassment to the Red dictatorship is ever granted an exit visa. With this in mind the statements in the press that he is an "outspoken critic" of the Soviet regime cannot be attributed to naivety on the part of the papers. The recent arrest of several Soviet writers and their savage punishment for what was regarded by the Soviet courts as subversive statements adds further ridicule to this blatant hypocrisy.

When the fact is considered that the most violent statements of the convicted writers pale to insignificance before even our most subtle subversionists like Lippmann and Wilkie, let alone the more outspoken Dr. Cairns, we are not led to expect any comments from Yevtushenko this side of neutral. Even this would be a refreshing surprise.
Professor Jock Marshall, who claims to have instigated the visit, certainly takes a position far to the left of neutrality, which in reverse, would have been sufficient in Russia to ensure his detention in one of the more inaccessible Siberian slave labour camps.


It has become traditional that any Speech from the Throne in any country of which the Queen is Head of State is written by those representing the State and is not necessarily the views of the Monarch. Nevertheless it must be disturbing for the people of Rhodesia battling for survival against the double talk used on the race question to inflame revolutionary activity against them, to read the speech given at the opening of parliament in Jamaica by Her Majesty. If reported correctly there is no doubt that these remarks were specifically designed to embarrass the Rhodesian Government.
Reports we have received from Rhodesia see the speech as an endorsement of the principle of force being used against Rhodesia. This suggestion we reject completely, but realise that Mr. Wilson and the Afro-Asian block will seize upon it to make the utmost capital from it that they possibly can.

The relevant passage was as follows.
"My Government in Jamaica fully supports the United Nations and the principles in its Charter. It deplores the actions of those governments, which deny the fundamental principles of human rights to their people and is totally opposed to all forms of racial discrimination. It supports all measures which may be used to put an end to the illegal Government in Rhodesia."

In the final analysis the Queen is a responsible individual. We don't know what pressure is operated against her. We don't know how much she is "protected" from direct contact with her people. We do know that on the Rhodesian question the British Government has ensured that she is cut off from any direct communication with her loyal subjects in Rhodesia and that all statements issued in her name have been in fact those of the Labour Government.
We hope and pray that sufficient support and strength will come to her from her subjects to enable her personal views to be known. If the Monarchy is completely emasculated then the road to dictatorship is almost completed.


Taiwan, the Chinese name for the island of Formosa which houses the central government of free Nationalist China, stands as a stable and prosperous object lesson in a vast area of Communist and near Communist chaos and misery. Its 12.5 million people by means of a system of private enterprise have been able to convert an undeveloped and dependent economy into a flourishing and self-reliant one in the 16 years from 1949 until June 30th 1965 when U.S. aid was discontinued as unnecessary.
Eighty five percent of its farmers now own their own land and have achieved the highest unit productivity in the world.
Private Individuals and companies now run 24 mills, producing cotton, woollen and synthetic fabrics. There are over 200 garment and knitwear factories, 10 cement manufacturers, 400 privately owned sawmills, 34 flour mills, together with a motor manufacturer and a myriad factories producing most of the other amenities of life.

Economics Minister, Mr. K. T. Li, cites the fact that "between 1952 and 1964 the output of private industry from factories and mines increased seven times at an annual rate of 18.8%, against only 7.6% registered by state enterprises." Those enterprises, which are still under government control, sugar, petroleum refining, power production, fertiliser and aluminum manufacture, are destined by government policy for eventual private ownership.

V. K. Wellington Koo, Formosan Ambassador to the U.S.A. said in a letter to the U.S. State Department in 1949,
"The communists have made great promises to the people of China, pledging greater abundance for all. They simply cannot deliver on those promises. Communism cannot rule without its stifling bureaucracy, the terror of its secret policy and the degradation of its slave labor.... we will demonstrate that any area of freedom can beat Communism in production, education, welfare and happy living."

We are indebted to Keyes Beech and Clarence W. Hall for the above figures.
A factual and refreshing study in a sea of socialist confusion and double talk.


Recent press reports throughout the world tell us that Senator Edward Kennedy has joined with his brother Robert in advocating recognition of the Viet Cong at any conference on the future of South Vietnam. This of course is tantamount to giving the Communists what they want. Experience has shown that they will only come to the conference table for that purpose. Any western leader who does not recognise this basic principle of Communist tactics is either a fool or a traitor.

Bearing this in mind, there is a strong possibility that Robert will be the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidential election in either 1968 or 1972 according to overseas reports. Should he be successful, judging on past performances of the Kennedy clan, Edward will move into a more influential position. By that time we may well be witnessing the mopping up operations of the Communists conspiracy's bid for complete world domination and such acceptable negotiators will make the job much easier.

While this may be classified as idle speculation, there is no doubt that the present disastrous position in Vietnam can be traced to elder brother John Kennedy the Late President of U.S.A. When he deserted President Diem at a time when Diem was beating the Communists, President Kennedy gave the green light to Diem's assassins. The position in Vietnam deteriorated disastrously from that time.
Now that Robert and Edward have joined their brother in a tripartite policy on Vietnam, this makes the circle complete and no doubt affords wonderful ammunition to those apologists for Communist policies ever to found in our midst.


Letters to the press supporting the Government's stand on Vietnam, stressing the need to support our troops by every possible means.
The pressure that the government is under at the present time affords a wonderful opportunity to press the subject of trading with Red China. It is ironic that the Leader of the Opposition Mr. A. A. Calwell one of the greatest apologists for Communist aggression in Vietnam, is rubbing it into the Government because of their policy of sending troops to Vietnam to fight Communism on the one hand, and on the other sending valuable minerals like rutile which is a source of titanium, essential for aircraft and rocket engines.
Letters should be sent not only to the provincial, local, and city press, but directed also to parliamentarians.

The speech in the house by Mr. Calwell on the 15th March and reported in the following days press contains some valuable figures of Australian exports to China and Russia. It would be useful to ask our parliamentarians whether these figures of Mr. Calwell's are authentic, and if so, what are we receiving in exchange for the goods sent. Would this be a continuous one-way traffic, increasing all the time, and in effect were we being turned into a work force simply to prop up the inefficient Communist economies while they made war on us.

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