Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
20 January 1984. Thought for the Week: "... No one who holds the traditional Christian view of man and the Universe can possibly accept the view that disintegration is inevitable. What man has done, man can undo if he knows what he wants, and wants it strongly enough".
Sir David Kelly in "The Hungary Sheep" (1955)


1984 will be a vital year in the continuing battle for the future of Australia. It can be taken as certain that Prime Minister Hawke, basking in the adulation of much of the media, and having no effective Liberal Party opposition with which to contend, will decide on a double dissolution later this year. He will also bring forward the referenda proposals postponed late last year. Mr. Hawke hopes to kill, not merely two birds, but three, with the one political stone: To be re-elected in the House of Representatives and, if the referenda are carried, to then enjoy a further four years in office. Also to win a majority in the Senate, thus clearing the way for four years of complete political power.

Mr. Hawke is enjoying enormous political benefit from constant media reports that the recession is ending. The pain associated with a fatal disease can certainly be eased by the use of powerful drugs. But the easing of pain masks the reality that the drugs used may be adding to the intensification of the disease.

An examination of the facts concerning money creation (these have been published in the financial columns of much of the media) show that both in the U.S.A. and Australia there has been a substantial increase in the rate of credit-money creation, this having some slight stimulation effect in sectors of the American and Australian economies. For example, more money is being made available for building. But an increase in the rate of credit-money creation also means an increase in debt. Such a policy must inevitably result in an increase in the inflation rate.

The greater use of the "debt-drug" must inevitably lead to even greater disasters, the most serious of these being social. But Mr. Hawke hopes that if he can temporarily ease the pain of the malignancy undermining the Australian social structure, he can achieve all his major objectives at the end of 1984. It would then be too late for Australians to start protesting as the Hawke Government starts to use its almost unlimited powers.

The threat of 1984 demands that the growing constitutional crisis be highlighted, with a major national campaign to defeat the Hawke Government's referenda proposals. And that even if re-elected in the House of Representatives, that the Hawke Government be denied control of the Senate.

Another major feature of the developing situation is the Aboriginal "land rights" movement, now starting to openly confirm the warnings of former Communist official, Mr. Geoff McDonald, whose two books, "Red Over Black" and "The Evidence", must be rated as two of the most significant political books currently circulating in Australia. As on so many other fundamental questions, it was the League of Rights which initially grasped the explosive significance of what Geoff McDonald was warning about, and has urged full support for full exposure of and opposition to the subversive "land rights" campaign.

For a number of reasons, Australia is one of the major targets of the international revolutionaries. But the major threat to Australia is not EXTERNAL, but INTERNAL. That threat can be met with enough informed and dedicated Australians uniting to defend the very foundations of the nation.


With this issue of "On Target" the League of Rights can proudly point to twenty years of regular weekly publication. "On Target" was conceived early in the history of The Australian League of Rights as a necessary tactical service to assist with the overall strategy of the League. The Action Bulletin has proved an invaluable instrument for encouraging appropriate individual and group activities. In spite of astronomical increases in postal charges, apart from increases in printing costs, the few increases in subscription rates have lagged far behind inflated postal and other costs.

Further postal increases have placed an added strain on The League, and serious consideration was given to the suggestion that postal costs be reduced by 50 percent by issuing "On Target" on a fortnightly basis. But it is felt that this would be a retrograde step at a time when it is urgently essential that the League have weekly contact with all League actionists. It has therefore been decided that the subscription be increased by $3 per annum, this merely to help cover increased postal charges. The new subscription will therefore be $18 per annum, this to start immediately. Once again we remind readers that they make a major contribution to minimizing the postal burden by paying subscriptions immediately following receipt of the subscription notice. It is planned to issue more special Supplements with "On Target" as part of the League's service to actionists.


Mr. Eric Butler has related how when lecturing in New Zealand last year he was asked on several occasions what did he think would happen as a result of the Soviet shooting down of the South Korean civilian airliner. He had answered that nothing would happen, except a little harmless verbal wrist tapping. Technology and food would continue to flow from the Western nations, including New Zealand, to the Soviet. This is exactly what has happened.

While we have the greatest respect for a number of writers who have advanced the view that the Soviet deliberately planned to shoot down the South Korean airliner, using sophisticated technology to draw it off course, in order primarily to murder the distinguished American anti-Communist Congressman, Mr. Larry McDonald, we prefer to adopt, at least until more evidence is available, a reserved attitude.

However, the hypocritical attitude of the Western world's politicians has undoubtedly strengthened the position of the Soviet leaders. Their victims are well aware of the awesome capacity of the Soviet criminals to murder and terrorise when it suits their purpose. So when they see the West continuing to trade with the Soviet after the South Korean airliner was shot down, they are provided with what appears to be further convincing evidence to support the constant Soviet theme that the West never dares to stand up to the Soviet.

It has generally been overlooked that while the media and Western politicians at least expressed their outrage against the Soviet action against the South Korean airliner last year, other civilian airliners have been shot down in the past without undue fuss. Back on February 21st, 1973, a Libyan civilian airliner, with a French pilot, was shot down in daylight by an Israeli Phantom (provided by the U.S.A.) with over 100 people dying. This brutal killing was played down in the U.S.A. and elsewhere.
Then in 1978 a Rhodesian civilian airliner was shot down shortly after taking off from Kariba. Soviet supplied rockets were used. Adding to the horror, those who survived the crash were murdered in a most bestial manner. In his famous words at the funeral service for the victims of the Rhodesian terror, the Dean of Salisbury, the Very Reverend John da Costa, spoke of the worldwide "deafening silence".
The terrorists continued to receive financial and other support from the World Council of Churches. There was no international campaign of condemnation. Instead of the terrorists being condemned, they were ultimately imposed upon the people of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) as a legitimate government. Terrorism still continues, as vividly described by the British airmen falsely charged with having destroyed part of the Zimbabwe air force. Bestial torture was used against these men. But there is no suggestion that aid of all kinds be cut off from Comrade Mugabe. It is the hypocrisy of Western politicians that leaves a stench in the nostrils of decent civilised people. Such hypocrisy must be challenged.


On January 25th of last year, "The Bulletin" published an article, "United Church under threat from the Left", by Mr. Tim Duncan. The exposure confirmed the fears of many concerned United Church members. The Uniting Church spokesmen made a great show of righteous indignation and complaining to the Press Council. This Council has virtually dismissed the charges.

The military coup in Nigeria and the abolition of civilian government was allegedly necessary because of graft, bribery, and other forms of corruption. We seem to recall that it was Nigeria that played a major role in the destruction of Rhodesia. Nigeria, deeply in financial debt in spite of its oil production, will, of course, not be excluded from the Commonwealth because of its method of changing the government!

Any doubts we may have had about the value of Mr. Doug Anthony's judgments were removed with his claim that Prime Minister Fraser "was by far the most minister that this country has ever had. He is both a practical man and an intellectual man". We would be interested to hear of anything practical Malcolm Fraser did which was of any benefit to Australia. It was his years of treachery that paved the way for the Hawke government. Mr. Anthony reveals that Mr. Fraser "felt strongly" about the Aborigines. If Mr. Fraser is as intelligent as Mr. Anthony insists he is, then perhaps Mr. Fraser was a conscious agent of the revolutionary forces wrecking Australia, and his background should be studied more closely.