Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
30 March 1984. Thought for the Week: "...a centralised system of totalitarianism requires, even if it could be made to work, a completely selfless integrity which is not only unknown, but is not Christian. 'Thy neighbour as thyself', presumably means what it says. So far as I understand Christianity it is the easy (not necessarily the immediately easy) way e.g. the proper way to do things - 'my yoke is easy, my burden, light'. It is not a pathetic and everlasting effort to do the undoable. The Satanic ideology of work, employment, austerity, sacrifice, is not an ideology of achievement. Surely anyone can see that. It is an ideology of sabotage, destruction, corruption and decay."
C. H. Douglas in "The Big Idea"


At the end of a week of widespread discussion and controversy, triggered by what has been described as historian Geoffrey Blainey's lighting of the "racial fuse", External Affairs Minister Hayden made a statement which could haunt the Hawke Government from now until the next elections. Melbourne's morning newspaper, "The Sun", of Saturday, March 24th, carried a front page story under the headline 50 MILLION AUSSIES - HAYDEN AIM". The opening paragraph in the story read:
"Australia's future lies in becoming a multiracial country with a population of 50 million, according to a radical view detailed yesterday by the Foreign Minister, Mr. Hayden. He predicted an upsurge in migration from Polynesian island nations, which he described as 'well and truly over populated'. Mr. Hayden said Australia could no longer look nostalgically to Europe, but would have to carve out a future in its own region.
In a radio interview to discuss the controversy sparked by Prof. Geoffrey Blainey about Asian migration, Mr. Hayden said, 'Apart from the obvious Asian populations round us, we have large Polynesian and Melanesian populations in our near region."

Echoing the shallow views of the Al Grassbys', Mr. Hayden commented on the obvious truth "by and large they (Asians) are very good quality people, and then went on to say, "Let's get something in clear perspective. With the exception of the Aboriginal people in this country, we all have a foreign background. We're a country of immigration. We've done well. Our forbears, and I trust us, have worked hard to make this country the splendid country it is."

Mr. Hayden did not mention that the island continent known as Australia was relatively unpopulated when occupied by the British; that people of British stock, Scots, English, Welsh and Irish, were primarily responsible for the pioneering and development of the country, whose institutions are British and whose culture has been predominantly British, undergirded by Christianity.
There has been relatively little friction as a result of the post Second World War migration programme associated with the late Mr. Arthur Calwell, who stressed the obvious: that Western European peoples like the Germans, Dutch and others, readily assimilated because of their background. All parties agreed, and all migrants understood this, that Australia's immigration policy was designed to maintain a basically homogeneous people.

Non-British migrants learned to speak English and to respect traditional Australian institutions. But now all this has been changed - without the slightest attempt to consult the Australian people. Even Professor Blainey, who started to sound apologetic for his original statements, was appalled by Mr. Hayden's announced policy, aptly describing it as the "Surrender Australia" policy. Australians who fought the Japanese in the jungles north of Australia, and families who lost sons and daughters in repulsing the Japanese, might well ask if they didn't make a mistake; that they should have let the Japanese in to help develop the nation.

Of course, there are excellent people of all races, but a sickly humanitarianism cannot mask realities. If large numbers of non-Europeans are permitted or encouraged to come to Australia, then how is the distinctly Australian way of life, with its basic roots in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom, to be sustained. Those like Mr. Hayden, who are now openly advocating a "Surrender Australia", presumably do not care much about the heritage their forebears evolved over a thousand or more years. Mr. Hayden, is, of course, a Fabian Socialist and a secular humanist.

A survey of the discussions which have erupted into the open since the first Blainey statement illuminates the mental poverty of many of those who support the present policy of multiracialism, as well as the cowardly attitude of those who are attempting to stay on the fence. Shadow Minister for Immigration, Mr. Michael Hodgman, is typical of the political fence sitters. He does not completely agree with Professor Blainey, but congratulates him for articulating what growing numbers of Australians have been feeling.
Mr. Hodgman leaves little doubt that he is a devotee of the fad known as multiculturalism. He is right when he says there is an anti-British bias in the present Government's immigration policy. But Mr. Hodgman is a member of the party, which pioneered the breakdown of Australia's traditional immigration policy. The sincerity of the Opposition can easily be tested: Are they in favour of the Australian people having a direct say on immigration at a national referendum?

At bottom, of course, the drive to create multiracial societies is a manifestation of the programme to create some type of a World State. Such a programme requires the breaking down of homogeneous nations. There is considerable evidence that one of its major targets is the Anglo-Saxon and his culture, which is seen as a major barrier to the grand design.

Australians who insist on maintaining their traditional way of life, and only inviting to the country those whom they feel will help to sustain that way of life, are threatened with that dreadful "world opinion", something which all are expected to cower before. That is the view of Melbourne "Herald's" Canberra correspondent, Mr. Peter Costigan, who in his contribution to the immigration debate, who wrote in his "Herald" column of March 24th, that "any attempt to return to the racism of the old White Australia policy, or even any attempt to put up new barriers simply because we like the cosy size of our current population on this huge continent, would attract the condemnation of practically everybody else in the world".

Mr. Costigan should be thanked for spelling it out. Australia must agree on a surrender policy, or the manipulators of "world opinion", and the Communists, will damn Australia as they have damned South Africa.


The return of the Wran Labor government in N.S.W. with a greatly reduced majority was not surprising. But it will be surprising if Premier Wran's lavish pre-election promises are all kept. As usual, the political leaders all saw the election results as favourable with Mr. Andrew Peacock seeing the N.S.W. election result as evidence that he will lead the Federal Liberal party to victory at the next Federal Elections. Mr. Peacock should wake up and face the reality that his chances of victory at the next elections are practically nil - not unless he and his party can present the Australian electors with genuine policy alternatives.

The statement has been attributed to Hitler, but never documented, that if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough, large numbers of people will accept it uncritically. Large figures, such as the alleged six million Jews gassed during the Second World War, are always suspect and difficult for the mind to comprehend. An example of this has been provided by a speaker at a Canberra Seminar last Friday. The seminar was sponsored by the Institute of Criminology. Mr. Ian Elliott of Melbourne University Law School said that the 1980 Williams Royal Commission's estimates on the extent of Australia's heroin trade were so extravagant that they defied belief. The Commission estimated that Australia has between 14,200 and 20,000 hardcore heroin addicts and that the market value of the heroin figures meant that an addict would spend more than $70,000 a year on the drug, or approximately $200 a day. Like Mr. Elliott we agree that the figures "were so large as almost to defy comprehension". This does not mean that we doubt that there is a serious drug problem.

Modern governments have increasingly used their near monopoly of finance to allocate money to those electorates in which their Members may be in electoral difficulties. Genuine economic requirements are ignored. A most blatant example of what was once called pork barreling, has been quietly practised by Prime Minister Hawke, who has handed $19 million to his good friend Mr. Wran, in order to build grain handling facilities at Port Kembla for wheat from the Riverina. This generous gift has been provided under the assistance plan for N.S.W. steel cities. No doubt the gift to N.S.W. will help generate construction jobs at Port Kembla, where unemployment has been high. But Riverina wheat could be shipped more efficiently through Geelong, Victoria.

Senator Walsh, Minister for Resources and Energy, announced last week that Australia could be almost self-sufficient in crude oil within ten years. This claim was made after the release of new production estimates by the Bureau of Mineral Resources. Remember those hysterical claims of a few years back about the energy crisis, of the world's oil supplies running out? The League of Rights challenged the claims, pointing out that the real purpose of the alleged crisis was to increase taxation revenues for governments and to further the strategy for international control of energy. In April 1980, the League issued Jeremy Lee's book, "The World Wide Oil Scandal". Events have confirmed what was said. Those who would like to check on one of the League's many accurate assessments, made in opposition to all the "experts", may still obtain a copy of "The World Wide Oil Scandal". Price $1.50 posted from all League addresses.


(Of particular interest to supporters in Local Government). The following letter was published in the (Sydney) Western Districts Guardian, January 11th, over the name of a "David S. Bannerman", of Blacktown, N.S.W.;
"As a citizen living in the Blacktown municipality, I would like to express my disapproval of the decision by the Blacktown Council to join the programme to promote solidarity of cities towards the total abolition of nuclear weapons. "I believe that the Council has no mandate for accepting the invitation from the Chairman of the Nuclear Free Zone Secretariat and that when Council aligns itself with such a body it runs the risk of giving the impression that all of the citizens in this municipality hold the same fearful attitudes of the anti-nuclear lobby.
"The biased attitude of the anti-nuclear lobby is clearly demonstrated in their little slogans - 'no more Hiroshimas'. "Hiroshima certainly was devastated by a nuclear bomb, but how often do they tell you that today the two huge cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the original recipients of nuclear holocaust, have most of their electricity generated by nuclear power stations. "So this proves that, used for war, nuclear power is devastating, but used for peace, it can light up and energise a mighty city. "They also never mention the amount of people healed through nuclear medicine and that fact that at the moment 40 different countries of all different languages and political persuasions have nuclear power stations either installed or in the course of erection.
"The stance which the Blacktown Council has taken indicates that a majority of them presume to have a greater knowledge of nuclear science than the scientific communities of 40 nations around the world, thus this stance makes the Council the laughing stock of educated, informed people as they have no mandate from the electors of Blacktown for their anti-nuclear stance.
"Independent citizens must speak out so that we all do not become branded as a lot of ignorant, fearful people...."