Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
8 June 1984. Thought for the Week: "Genuine history, that is to say, the flow of events is just as unwritable as a spring morning. You can pick out certain facts about it, which you think are important, but there are infinitely more contemporaneous happenings than you can possibly mention. In other words, written history is five percent fact, and ninety-five percent historian, even at its best. What value it possesses, and that may be considerable, depends primarily on the historian, and secondarily, on the equipment of the reader - on his ability to see the related facts in their true perspective."
C. H. Douglas in "The Big Idea"


The Melbourne Zionist weekly, "The Australian Jewish News", in its issue of June 1st, reveals that the Zionist smearers of the League of rights, have now brought Sir Robert Sparkes, State President of the Queensland Branch of the National Party into a mounting anti-League campaign. Federal M.H.R. Steedman, a member of the more radical Victorian Socialists, is also quoted at length again, alleging that there are "neo-Nazis" inside the Liberal and National Parties. Steedman charges that the League of Rights is working closely with these "neo Nazis". No responsible journal would publish such ridiculous nonsense.

"The Australian Jewish News" reports that Sir Robert Sparkes "has assured Australian Jewish leaders that the National Party unequivocally condemns the anti-Semitic and extremist activities of the Australian League of Rights". The term "anti-Semitic" is a political swear word used to criticise those who do not agree with Zionist policies, even when the critics are Jews.

Obviously responding to an approach by Mr. Isi Leibler, President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Sir Robert is quoted as writing in a letter, "if the history of the National Party is researched it will be found that at both a State and Federal level, the Party has strongly condemned the League of Rights not only for its anti-Semitic activities, but also for some of its other philosophical and political extremities". Sir Robert is not quoted as saying what these "extremities" are. Perhaps Sir Robert does not like the League's strong support for practical Christianity, for a political, economic and financial system that serves the individual instead of being used to control him. The League's record in defence of the traditional values of the Australian nation is beyond dispute. Sir Robert does not speak for the National Party, either State or Federal.

As Sir Robert Sparkes now feels it necessary to grovel when Zionist smearers crack the whip, we remind Sir Robert that when the Federal National Party tried to circulate its scandalous attack on the League back in 1971, there was such an outcry from National Party members in Queensland that the Management Committee, of which he was chairman, examined the allegations and then publicly dissociated itself from the Federal smear. Would Sir Robert like to say just what activities the League has been engaged in since then which would justify comments, which contradict what was said in 1971?

Sir Robert is entitled to disagree with the League's financial policies, which in some respects are similar to those, which the Federal Country Party once had in its platform, but he is not morally entitled to make false allegations about "philosophical and political extremities." Not only do the Zionists attempt to influence Australian politics, always in the interests of Israel, as stated quite frankly in a recently published document, "Blueprint for Action", but they attempt to exert influence in the affairs of the Christian Church, as witnessed by the attempt to discourage Anglicans from selecting David Penman as the new Archbishop of Melbourne, the charge being that he was also "anti-Semitic".

Judging from his reported statements on South Africa and other issues, we would find ourselves disagreeing with Archbishop Penman. But his first hand experiences in the Middle East brought him face to face with realities, which the pro-Zionist propaganda machine has submerged. The Archbishop has seen the awful Palestinian refugee problem, and believes that justice should be done.
His balanced view appears to be reflected in the 1982 Melbourne Synod statement, which it is said David Penman drafted, in which it was said that Israel had the right to exist within secure boundaries while also noting "the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people..."
We endorse those sentiments, as do moderate Arab leaders. But the Zionist propaganda machine will have no such moderation. It seeks, amongst other objectives, to keep the rank and file of the unfortunate Jewish people in a state of tormented crisis.

As no one can produce any evidence that the League of Rights is advocating any type of policy which would destroy the legitimate rights of any individuals, it is appropriate to ask at this critical time why the concerted venomous campaign against the Australian League of Rights, a campaign in which the Zionists and the Marxists are now openly running in double harness. The truth is that the League has emerged as the only effective opposition to the radical programme threatening Australia today. The almost non-stop smearing of the League through the parliaments, through the media, and elsewhere, will be intensified - primarily because those promoting this campaign are so desperate that they have blinded themselves to the fact that it is not possible to fool the Australian people all of the time. By openly aligning himself with the Zionist smearers, Sir Robert Sparkes has merely hastened the arrival of the day when Queenslanders will see him for what he really is - a shallow, rootless man who has been on the wrong side on most of the major issues of the past decade.


Prime Minister Bob Hawke was the guest speaker at the Fabian Society's centenary dinner in Melbourne on May 18th. We can only speculate on why the Melbourne media did not publicise such an important and newsworthy event. We knew nothing of this event until it was brought to our attention in a relatively small report in "The Daily Telegraph" Sydney of May 19th. We have seen no other reports. Can it be that the Socialists inside the media do not want to have attention directed towards Fabian Socialism?
Mr. Hawke told his Fabian colleagues in Melbourne "For our reforms to endure, the whole mood and mind and attitudes of the nation must be permanently changed". This is an appeal for a programme of national social engineering.

In a recent statement in Perth, the former Governor of Uganda, Sir Walter Courts, warned that the Hawke Government is moving "covertly" to make Australia a Republic and could do this in less than four years, operating in what he called a "sneaky underhand way". The manner in which the National Anthem was changed, and the abolition of the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen, are symptoms of this Fabian programme of gradualness. New Australian passports have the Crown removed. Little by little, the abolition of the symbols reflecting the nation's history and traditions, are being quietly removed.

In his Melbourne address Mr. Hawke made it clear that he is committed to more than staying in power. The task of implementing party policy had to go hand-in-hand with a deeper and longer-range task. This was "The task of establishing, in the mood and the mind of this nation, permanent acceptance of the naturalness and inevitability of change and reform, as the authentic Australian way of life. And that, for the first time in our history, is what this Labor Government is attempting". While preaching the Fabian strategy of gradualness, Mr. Hawke also referred to the necessity to "strike hard", at the right time, as the great Roman Fabius did.

The Hawke Government is presenting a challenge to traditional Australia, which requires thorough exposure and opposition in depth. This is not going to come from the present Federal Opposition, whether led by Mr. Andrew Peacock or Mr. John Howard. At the same time that Mr. Hawke was outlining his Fabian strategy, Mr. Howard was saying in Sydney that the Liberal Party was prepared to offer reform even of a "radical" kind when necessary. Mr. Howard instanced how the Liberal Party and its predecessors had pioneered social welfare, abolished the White Australia policy, effected law reforms and protected the environment. Mr. Howard says what we know: that the Liberal Socialists prepared the way for the Labor Socialists and their Fabian programme. The salvation of Australia requires a repudiation of all politicians who talk like Mr. Howard.


In a desperate attempt to confuse the basic issue concerning Aboriginal land claims and the Muldoon affair in Victoria, Dr. Coghill, Secretary to the Victorian Cabinet, suggests that money being collected for the "Save Muldoons" campaign in more likely to go to the League of Rights than to the Muldoons. Dr. Coghill has also claimed that the Muldoons were being treated "scrupulously fairly". The Committee of Western Victorian Councillors responsible for the Muldoon campaign are not collecting money to give to the Muldoons, but to promote a campaign which has already stiffened the Liberal Party in Victorian to commit itself firmly to defeating the Cain Government's Land Claims legislation. With the National Party also committed to defeating the legislation, it is now certain that the Cain Government has suffered a disastrous defeat. Needless to say, the suggestion that the League of Rights is obtaining any finance from the Muldoon campaign is but another of Dr. Coghill's baseless and ridiculous statements.

The essence of the plan by the American Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank to rescue the American based international banks from the threat by Latin American countries to default on their huge debts is that the American people will be made responsible for the debts. Irrespective of the juggling of financial symbols, the underlying reality is that those who have the monopoly of creating money, almost costless, in the form of financial credit, are in the position to dictate how economics operate, and on what terms. The big threat now emerging with the threatened collapse of the internal debt system is that this will be exploited to advance the New International Economic Order, a feature of which is greater power for the International Monetary Fund.

From "First & Last" Sheet No. 6.
"Know Thyself": "We are like fish in the ocean. We can have no concept of a reality that is outside of our experience, so how can we ever know if we are enslaved?" "When Jesus told His listeners He would free them, they said: 'But we are not slaves'. 2000 years later we still fail to see that we are slaves because our environment does not give us a concept of enslavement, by control of belief. "One of the few people outside of the slave masters to come close to understanding this was Orwell. He set his discovery in fiction to escape the danger of presenting it to the authorities. Unfortunately his readers tend to concentrate on the dramatisation of the fiction and miss the significance of the practical methods of people control.
"We cannot understand our situation by looking at experience, we can only enter the secret garden through the passageway of logic. Logic is the only known key to situations outside our knowledge. "As Orwell's book demonstrated, it takes more than a mere telling to convey to people the realisation of mental enslavement. If we can find a way to make people aware of mental enslavement, the way can be won. "I suggest that a way to do this would be to explain to people that, in the day of the final judgment of the worth of our lives, we will gain no credit at all for faith and sincere service to a 'god' image that is not true. We should realise that dedication and faithful worship of our ego belief, places our belief as a barrier between ourselves and Truth. "If a person can understand that all the effort he has put into life will be worthless if that effort is not meaningful in life's true nature, then that person, if he is intelligent, will begin to seriously challenge his beliefs"
. "… Truth is a unity, people who realise that their only salvation is in Truth will work, naturally, to a unity. At present our Humanist educators are teaching that each person is a 'god' and that there is not truth outside of oneself. The result, as is plain to see, is that each person is becoming a unit of conflict among conflicting units. Clearly a paradise without pleasure..."

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An Artarmon actionist (N.S.W.) has sent us the May 16th issue of North Shore Times a Sydney suburban newspaper. In Jim Macdougall's regular column we read:
"My first passport was impressive. It bore the Australian coat-of-arms surmounted by the Crown, at the top was the word 'British', at the bottom was 'Australian'. I was proud: I was in the best of two worlds. Inside it said, Commonwealth of Australia', and over the signature of the Governor General was a message to the world of behalf of 'his Britannic Majesty' to offer me (the bearer) all courtesies and assistance. Later the words 'His Britannic Majesty' disappeared. I was still proud. Then 'British' disappeared from the cover. Not to worry, it still bore the Crown, the symbol of family. Inside the passport still said 'Commonwealth of Australia'. I liked that. It sounded beautifully egalitarian - the common wealth. Gough Whitlam came to power and 'Commonwealth' disappeared. Now the Crown has gone, and so has the Governor General's signature. The Australian coat-of-arms which once nestled in sprays of wattle, now sits on what look like two sprigs of New Zealand fern. Where once I was British and Australian I am now, by Al Grassby's definition, a Scottish-Irish ethnic. But the oddest quirk is that if I WAS British, I would now be an alien...."