Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
13 July 1984. Thought for the Week: "One battle scarred warrior in his search for the truth declared, 'If I defend the whole Christian Faith at every point, but don't defend it at the point where it is presently being attacked, then I am a coward and a traitor'. "I believe the greatest enemy Christianity faces today is that which Jesus Christ referred to in His warning, 'Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees'. I hope to show that the religion He warned His disciples about is alive and well today, and that in fact it has been joined to Christianity in the most unusual of unions, forming what is known as Judeo-Christianity"
Malcolm Ross in "Christianity versus Judeo-Christianity"


A feature of the advancing totalitarianism of the twentieth century, has been the refinement of psycho-political warfare with a variety of terms being used, not to convey a picture of a part of reality, but to produce an emotional, knee-jerk reaction similar to that which the Russian scientist Pavlov produced in his experiments with dogs. Pavlov was no Bolshevik, but Bolshevik master Lenin appreciated the significance of Pavlov's work on conditioned reflexes, and felt that this could be used with human beings. Just as Pavlov's dogs had been conditioned to howl when they heard certain sounds, large numbers of humans react similarly, as witnessed by the attitude of many politicians when the smear term "anti-Semitism" is used.

Generally overlooked is that the "anti-Semitic" smear is used as much against the rank and file of Jews as it is used against non-Jews. There is a vast documentation of the fact that both the Soviet's KGB and Zionists have deliberately promoted "anti-Semitic" acts, such as the painting of swastikas on Synagogues.

The distinguished and courageous American anti-Zionist Jews Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, has observed that organised Jewish opposition to Zionism in the U.S.A. and the West has virtually collapsed because of a "blitz" "which has paralysed opposition voices. Lilienthal says, "Surveillance, harassment, character assassination, guilt by association, guilt by juxtaposition, suppression of free speech, repression of even minimal dissent - these are some of the basic tools employed by the plethora of Zionists' 'humanitarian', 'defence', and lobbying organisations, which are invariably aided by their Christian allies, including the fundamentalists and Evangelicals, silencing any and all opposition to the Israeli occupation and its methodology" (vide June issue of "Middle East Perspective").

Dr. Lilienthal observes that Arabs and Jews lived peacefully together for centuries before the advent of Zionism. The irony of the situation is that the great majority of modern Jews are not Semitic, but of Khazar origin, their forebears being converted to Judaism in the 7th century. The famous writer, the late Arthur Koestler, himself of Jewish background, dealt with this in "The Thirteenth Tribe", a book which soon became difficult if not impossible to obtain. The well-known American anti-Zionist Jew, Benjamin Freedman, dealt with the same subject in "Facts are Facts". The Zionists described such books as "anti-Semitic". The Palestinians, dispossessed of their homeland by the Zionist invasion after the Second World War, are true Semites, The Zionists are therefore the real anti-Semites!

Zionism desperately requires "anti-Semitism" in an endeavour to sustain an expansionist Zionist Israel. In a sane society, use of the swear word "anti-Semitism" against a Christian oriented organisation like the League of Rights, would be regarded as ridiculous. But we do not live in a sane world because the masters of psycho-political warfare do not want sanity. However, growing numbers are freeing themselves from this insanity and no longer react without thought when the "anti-Semitic" smear is used.


Irrespective of what Australians may think of the type of government operating in Indonesia, they have to face the reality that it is their biggest and closest neighbour. Master strategist Lenin described Indonesia, then known as the Dutch East Indies, as the bridge between Asia and Australia. It is vital that that bridge does not fall under the control of a Communist government, as it very nearly did in 1965. The attempted coup of 1965 was Peking orientated, with the Chinese population of Indonesia providing much of the support for the strong Communist movement. Australians concerned about the defence of their country might recall what nearly happened in Indonesia when an alien minority was used to stage an attempted Communist coup. So much for the multi-cultural society.

When the Portuguese Empire collapsed, the Communists were all set to use the Fretlin movement to seize control of East Timor. With vivid memories of what nearly happened in 1965, the Indonesian Government moved quickly and ruthlessly to annex East Timor. Even if the Whitlam Government had the will to move to prevent the threatened Communist takeover right on Australia's front door, it lacked the military capacity. Whitlam himself accepted the reality of the situation: either Indonesia moved in to East Timor or risked a Communist takeover. The Soviet does have the military capacity to take advantage of such developments, as demonstrated when the Portuguese collapse took place in Angola.

Whether the people of East Timor are any better off under the Indonesians compared with their lot under the Portuguese, can be debated. But Australia is in no position to do anything about what has happened, but if there is a constant "nagging" of the Indonesian Government by Australia, this can only be detrimental to Australia's long-term future. With growing disturbances right throughout the South East Asian and South Pacific regions, the most urgent question confronting Australia is the rapid development of an effective defence system. That requires an end to multiracialism and all other policies of fragmentation.


The only Gallup Poll we have seen on Aboriginal land rights were published by the Morgan Gallup poll on August 1st, 1983. The poll showed that seventy-two percent of Australians aged 14 and over thought at that time that Aborigines should have the same land rights as other Australians. Only 13 percent thought that Aborigines should have more land rights than other Australians, while 8 percent thought that Aborigines should have less, land rights, giving a total of 80 percent opposed to the policies of both the Fraser and Hawke governments. If a Gallup Poll were taken today we have no doubt that the majority against special land rights for less than 1.5 percent of the total population, would be even greater. But, as on the immigration issue, the politicians are out of touch with the big majority of Australians. The problem facing the majority is how to make their will prevail. They must seize the opportunity of the next Federal Elections to make their views known and to vote only for candidates prepared to heed the views of the electors.

We liked the recent pithy letter to "The Australian" stating "It is becoming obvious that Al Grassby and a few others cannot tell the difference between a racist and a patriot". No comment necessary.

We do not feel sufficiently informed to express a dogmatic opinion on the case of Father Gore. But we agree with the views expressed by Father Gore, when critically interviewed by the ABC: that the Philippines are threatened with bloody revolution. If President Marcos imposes the austerity programme ordered by the International Monetary Fund, this because of astronomical debt problems, all his strength cannot halt a revolutionary movement directed by the Marxists. The Marxist strategists welcome the harsh programme being imposed on the debt-ridden nations by the I.MF.

No longer can news about the Soviet's growing indebtedness to International Finance be suppressed. A recent report by the Bank of International Settlements reveals that the total Soviet debt has escalated to $28.7 billion. Total debt is certainly much bigger. As many of those engaged in International Finance are Zionist supporters, Mr. Isi Leibler and others might stop smearing The League of Rights for a change and tell Australians why their Zionist colleagues are financing "anti-Semitic" Soviet Russia.

A warning of Australia's low birthrate has been sounded by the Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. If the domestic birthrate falls, then the migrants increasingly take over. Is it not better for the descendents of the pioneers of this Nation to inherit the fruits of the toil of those who have gone before? These questions were raised by him. We must certainly agree with the Queensland Premier; "Radical influences have done much to erode family life through oppressive taxes, promotion of drug use, and social policies which work against family unity"... All very true. The very core of the tragedy is, of course, Finance (or rather, lack of it). Socialist, collectivist, policies, stripping the individual of the financial means whereby he/she (let's not be sexist) is unable to manage adequately.

More detail? Very well.
High taxation; high superannuation which will be eroded by inflation before it is gained. Inflation itself, which makes all goods and services more expensive, virtually, by the month: rent, education expenses, food, petrol - the list goes on and on and on. Now, on top of all this, we have the Humanists, like Senator Susan Ryan, and Senator Gareth Evans, who together with the radical Feminists, are mad keen to push as many women as possible into the joys of the work force. We'll even have their beloved Affirmative Action to discriminate against men. The kids can be rammed into Government crèches to be brainwashed by Big Brother. There is just one little thing the crazed Canberra ideologues have forgotten. Where will those "liberated" women work when the economy collapses?

A Newcastle actionist (N.S.W.) who works in the field of Education, in a letter to us speaks of educational standards in Communist countries. He says;
"It always makes me laugh (somewhat bitterly) that Communists here (the domestic variety!) always advocate 'soft' approaches and easy options in schooling, whereas in countries that are Communist (like Cuba), educational standards are impressive - along with the emphasis on respect for authority and one's parents...." We have seen the official instructions to teachers and students at schools in the Soviet Union. They are similar to the instructions that obtained in Australian schools (certainly in N.S.W. in the twenties and thirties of this century; but even stricter) Pupils in primary schools must present themselves for school, early, in a clean and neat condition. They must assist their parents with the chores involved in the rearing of their younger brothers and sisters. They must pay close attention to their schoolwork at all times. They must obey the rightful commands of their teachers.
Our actionist (above) comments truthfully there is no "New Education" in Communist countries. If students want a better life, then they have to work hard. They must master the principles of Marxism-Leninism; show that they are "good" Communists; that their unswerving loyalty is to the Party and the Nation. Then, if they have what it takes, they enter one of the many areas of advanced education for formal training. There are very few "repeats" of a year a training. If they "flunk" a year, they are normally "out". All education, of course, is paid for by the state, and Marxism-Leninism is part of ALL courses, whatever they are. The radical teachers who infest, now, the classrooms of the schools of the Western World could not exist in a Communist country; as such teachers would be classed as "enemies of the people" and severely punished.